Friday, October 31, 2008

Your Weekly David Frost Trial Update

Neco Cockburn's coverage of the David Frost trial in Napanee, Ontario continues today with two more witnesses in the sexual exploitation trial. In the Ottawa Citizen article the former player under examination Thursday denied being under any control by Frost while Frost was the coach for the Quinte Hawks in 1997.

From the Cockburn piece...

"In testimony at Mr. Frost's sexual exploitation trial Thursday, both players contradicted evidence from several witnesses when they vehemently denied being controlled by Mr. Frost, seeing him assault other players or participating in three-way sex with their then-girlfriends and former coach."

That player had said previously that there had been a threesome with Mike Jefferson ((now Danton)) and the unnamed player's girlfiend at the time. The second former player testimony detailed an alleged three-way relationship with another player and his own brother, but not one with Frost and/or Jefferson ((Danton)). Both denied any kind of involvement or encouragement by Frost into that kind of activity.

Justice Geoffrey Griffin is expected to give his decision on Nov. 28.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moon over San Francisco

Dropping Trou!

Earlier this week, we showed you interim 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary's post game press conference/rant after his team lost to Seattle. Well, apparently, as good as the presser/rant was, the speech/rant he gave his team at halftime was better. I'm not sure that I can do it justice here, so check out this story from the Arizona Republic here .

I'm not sure exactly how to follow that up, but all that I can really say is "Good for you Coach". It's about damn time someone got into an NFL players face about the way the game is played. Should have happened sooner.
No, the video below is not of The Samurai dropping the kimono, but it is another example of how Da Niners Coach wants nothing but winners on his staff...
We agree...
((Thanks, and NBC Sports))

The Dirty Dozen Return (with Picks too!)

Starting to Settle

Well, as we approach the end of October and the beginning of November, things are finally beginning to shake out. We have some clarity as to who may be playing in Miami in December, who is just looking for Conference glory and also who probably will be looking for new coaches.

Just so you all know last week's picks I was 12-1 (with one future pick in the bottom that doesn't count yet). That makes us/me 26-8, not bad for an Internet geek, eh? Here's a look at Halloween Weekend:

1. Texas (Just look at how good Colt McCoy has been, that will answer any and all questions. Perhaps McCoy will dress as Superman this week. This Weeks Game: Texas 45, Texas Tech 31)
2. Alabammie (I'm pretty sure Nick Saban's costume will be the Devil...oh wait, I'm kidding...well not really. This Weeks Game: Alabammie 40, Arkansas St. 10) *how does this get on the schedule at this time of year?*
3. State Penn (Ok, so they beat Ohio State. It's the conference people, they are really bad. Gosh, there are so many jokes I could make about Joe Pa's costume, what ever should I do? This Week: State Penn 27, Iowa 14)
4. Oh..klahomer (These guys have been kind of quiet, but are sitting and waiting for an undefeated to lose. Perhaps Bob Stoops will be Batman this year? This Week: Oklahoma 41, Nebraska 23)
5. Florida (I'm still waiting to be convinced about this Track Team. Saturday should be interesting. I don't think they will counter-celebrate against Georgia, but you never know. Perhaps Urban Meyer could be The Joker? This Week: If they score 1st Florida 48, Georgia 27)
6. Georgia (Very good win at LSU last week. This is make or break week for there season and I think that they know it. Picture Mark Richt as Elvis Presley for Halloween! This Week: If they score first UGA 35, Florida 31)
7. Southern Callie (They are not as good as the pollsters think damn it! The PAC 10 may be worse than the big 10. Picture Pete Carroll dressed as Bo Derek in the movie 10! This Week: USC 51, Washington 10)
8. Texas Tech (A good team, not a great team. They will be exposed this week. They will end up with at least 2 losses. Perhaps Mike Leach can be Kenny Rogers as the Gambler? This Week: See #1)
9. Oklahoma State (I kind of like the Fighting Mike Gundy's. As a matter of fact all of OSG likes the Mike Gundy's. However, they weren't quite ready to beat Texas. Maybe Mike Gundy can go dressed up as J-Dub for Halloween? This Week: The Mike Gundy's 37, Iowa State 20)
10. Utah (How'd they get in here? Do they play football? They must be OK if they are undefeated, but like all WAC teams, they will lose eventually. Is it wrong that I don't know who the Coach is. If I did he could dress up like Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders-good one eh? This Week: Utah 41, New Mexico 12)
11. Boise State (The Fiesta Bowl win seems so long ago, yet Ian Johnson still plays here? Who is he trying to be, Freddy Weygand? Perhaps Chris Peterson can dress up as Ian Johnson? This Week: Boise State 24, New Mexico State 7)
12. Free Shoes University (I couldn't resist. The fighting Bowden's are back and I don't think they've stolen anything this year...have they? Perhaps Bobby can dress up as a Store Clerk this year. This Week: FSU 23, Ga.Tech 19)
The Bottom of the Barrel:
5. Meech-again (I just like the thought of this. Maybe they'll recover next year, but its fun while it lasts. Perhaps Rich Rodriguez can dress up as a guy with Regrets. This Week: Purdue 31, Michigan 21)
4. Syrie-Cyuuuse (Rumor has it the Bye Week beat them last week. Contractual obligations require me to repost this weeks score. Greg Robinson is rumored to be dressing as the invisible man. This Week: Louisville 31, Syracuse 10)
3. SMU (No truth to rumor that they were going to be renamed the Shmoo, cause that would mean they'd be a bad 70's cartoon. Though they are a bad football team. Maybe June Jones will dress as a coach for another team? This Week: Memphis 27, Shmoo 14)
2. Washington State (I just wanted to alternate them with Washington. I'm still waiting for them to announce they are the NAIA. Ooops, I put this game on last week board too, but don't change the pick. Again, I can't think of the Coaches name, but then again, does it matter? This Week: Stanford Tree 31, Washed State 3)
1t. Washington (Ty Willingham should just walk away. So should college football fans in Washington State. This is a bad football team without much hope. Perhaps Ty can dress up as a Horror Movie Victim this year. This Week: See the USC listing above)
*special sorry note* North Texas. Just look at the story earlier on the blog.

Welcome Home

We Want You!

Because we at the OSG love our pal #7 (Michael Vick to the rest of you) we feel compelled to report the latest in his never ending saga.

Our pal #7 is still serving his federal time in Leavenworth and his state charges are finally coming up to be dealt with in Virginia. Apparently rather than appear in front of a judge by video from Kansas, the judge would like to see Mr. #7 in person.
Check out the story from the Pilot Online here and the Richmond Times-Dispatch here .
Really, this doesn't change a whole lot of things, he's still going to plead guilty when he gets to his homestate. He's probably going to just get probation due to the fact he's already serving time for what he did. He may have some more time to serve away from the NFL after "All" of that and the Jolly Roger gets his opportunity to impose some suspension time.
All we can say is "Stay Tuned"
Mary Kay Mallonee reports... and it's a win for 7...???

Have Another Drink Mr. Daly

In what can only be described as a shock to well, no one. Occasional PGA Tour Golfer John Daly was found, well a bit intoxicated outside of a Hooters in Winston Salem, North Carolina this past Sunday.

Check out this story from the Winston Salem Journal right here

((thanks Journal, Splash News and others for the photo))

Unfortunately this isn't something new to Daly he just happened to do it somewhere where they can throw him in the drunk tank. It is somewhat amazing that Daly is still part of the PGA Tour, he hasn't been competitive in tournaments for years. However he remains popular even to this day because he has pretty much every vice that you can possibly have and still be called a professional.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Re-Lidge-ous Experience...

Congrats to the world champion Philadelphia Phillies and closer Brad Lidge (pictured, thanks The Phils won the first ever W.S. rain-delayed Game 5 by defeating the Tampa Bay ((don't say Devil)) Rays 4-3.

The Phils won the Series 4-1, and I'm sure were happy to shut the door on the Rays while still in Citizens Bank Park. The 28-year wait is over...

More coming...

Enjoy the champagne...

Hopefully, friend of OSG/Sports Anchor-Reporter Angela Jacobs can get some rest now...

Oh, yeah... we forgot... it's November Ratings Period now...
Stake your claim to Christmas and New Year's NOW, AJ!!!

Below is what happens when people in Philadelphia are pleased with themselves...

Note To Self: Keep Philadelphia Miserable on Principle...
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Putting the Green in Mean

Recreational Substances

Ok, I couldn't resist this when I saw the headline. Anyone who has followed the Bottom of the Barrel or the Bottom 10 here on the OSG will get a good laugh about the latest escapades of the North Texas Mean Green. It seems a few of the Football Players (15 to be exact) haven't exactly been...shall we say, free of illegal substances or as Coach Todd Dodge puts it "Recreational Substances".

Check out this article from the Denton Record-Chronicle right here

Considering how bad the "Mean Green" are this season one only can wonder if maybe some of Coach Dodge's players were looking to forget about there season. After all having the nations longest losing streak (9 games) will do that to you.

It does make one think about if maybe there was a little "Green" in what the Mean were smokin'. Just sayin'!

Theismann, Eat Your Heart Out...

This is why we don't have college football games on Tuesday nights...
Simply put, you run in to those wagons that hold band gear in the back of the endzones that hadn't been moved by the mid-way point of the third quarter...

See what happens...???

Wednesday Update: According to Fox 26 in Houston, the Edwards family is considering legal action against Marshall University. Patrick Edwards seems to be cool with the whole situation, but his momma is out for blood.

"I thought I didn't have a son anymore, the way he flipped," said Patricia Edwards, Patrick's mother told Fox 26. "I thought we had lost him. He could have been paralyzed or something."

Patrick's mother said she is considering legal action against Marshall.

"My family, we all talked about it and they are for it," Miss Edwards said. "We are going to talk with the Houston coaches and see what they think about it.

"It could have been prevented. He could have ended his career (Tuesday) night."

One call, that's all...

((HT: thebiglead/ESPN))

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

College Basketball: Missouri Valley Conference Predictions

Yes I know, we are in the middle of college football season but it’s time to start to look toward college hoops. Our college football predictions proved to be popular (and many of you are viewing them to this day) let’s forecast college basketball. We begin with the Mid-Majors and the Missouri Valley Conference.

Best Team In The MVC: Creighton Blue Jays
Though the Blue Jays are very young they are very good. Creighton returns the Valley’s reigning Newcomer & Freshman of the Year in P’Allen Stinnett and the reigning 6th man of the year in Booker Woodfox. Creighton has the best depth in the Valley and should win their first title since 2002.

Best Player In The MVC: Osiris Eldridge – Illinois State
Eldridge has size and skill, probably the best of that combo in the MVC. He led the league is scoring last year (17.1) and elevating his team to the most conference wins in 10 years and a post season berth (NIT)

Team That Could Surprise: Bradley: The Braves got valuable extra practice time playing in the College Basketball Invitational (remember that). Bradley lost their starting backcourt from last year but the extra practice time may pay dividends. If so the Braves might sneak in the post season picture.

Who Goes Dancing: Creighton & Southern Illinois

Who Plays For Number 66: Illinois State & Drake

Missouri Valley Views: Bradley finished 2nd in the first College Basketball Invitational. I’m sure that banner will have a prime spot in the rafters. As a proud graduate of Missouri State University it hurts to see the Bears at the cellar of the MVC. Cuonzo Martin has a rebuilding job in Springfield but with a brand new facility, the 11,000 seat JQH Arena, and a tremendous fan base, the Bears won’t be down long. I for one will miss the old Hammons Student Center.

Missouri Valley Conference Pre-Season Prediction:

1. Creighton
2. Southern Illinois
3. Illinois State
4. Drake
5. Bradley
6. Northern Iowa
7. Indiana State
8. Evansville
9. Wichita State
10. Missouri State

Photo Courtesy: Illinois State University/

How Do You Beat A School Record...???

If you're the Shorter Hawks tailback, AJ Cooley, you just get the ball handed to you...

The old record for touchdown from the line of scrimmage was 96 yards... Fabian Daniels...

A few weeks ago against Campbellsville University, Cooley goes for a 98-yard run...
Two weeks later, Cooley breaks it for 99 yards against the University of North Greenville...
Those of us here at OSG HQ don't think he can go any longer...
The video is from the "Shorter Hawks Sports Spotlight"
((HT: Eagle's Nest Productions, Shorter College, and us))

Monday, October 27, 2008

NAIA Football Poll #7 ((Week of October 26th))

1) Carroll College (Mont.) (17) 9-0 392
2) University of Sioux Falls (S.D.) 7-0 377
3) University of Saint Francis (Ind.) 7-0 361
4) Morningside College (Iowa) 7-0 345
5) MidAmerica Nazarene University (Kan.) 7-0 336
6) Friends University (Kan.) 7-0 316
7) Missouri Valley College 6-1 285
8) Northwestern College (Iowa) 7-1 281
9) Lindenwood University (Mo.) 6-1 280
10) University of Virginia's College at Wise 8-1 259
11) University of the Cumberlands (Ky.) 7-1 241
12) Saint Xavier University (Ill.) 6-2 222
13) Langston University (Okla.) 6-2 215
14) Bethel College (Kan.) 6-1 198
15) Northwestern Oklahoma State University 6-2 176
16) Malone University (Ohio) 5-1 157
17) Lambuth University (Tenn.) 6-2 128
18) Jamestown College (N.D.) 6-2 109
19) Ottawa University (Kan.) 6-1 106
20) Dickinson State University (N.D.) 5-3 104
21) Union College (Ky.) 6-2 83
22) Shorter College (Ga.) 6-2 79
23) Saint Ambrose University (Iowa) 5-3 71
24) Baker University (Kan.) 6-2 57
25) Ohio Dominican University 4-3 39

Others receiving votes:
Montana State University-Northern 32; University of St. Francis (Ill.) 14; Black Hills State University (S.D.) 11; Minot State University (N.D.) 5; William Penn University (Iowa) 4; Quincy University (Ill.) 3; Cumberland University (Tenn.) 1; Dakota Wesleyan University (S.D.) 1

Division II Poll ((Week of October 26th))

1. Grand Valley State Lakers (23) 7-0 646
2. Abilene Christian Wildcats (3) 7-0 625
3. Northwest Missouri State Bearcats 7-1 586
4. Bloomsburg Huskies 8-0 560
5. Delta State Statesmen 6-1 552
6t. California (PA) Vulcans 7-1 459
6t. Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs 8-0 459
8. North Alabama Lions 7-1 455
9. Valdosta State Blazers 6-1 450
10. Central Washington Wildcats 7-1 410
11. West Texas A&M Buffaloes 7-1 405
12. Tuskegee Golden Tigers 7-0 357
13t. Chadron State Eagles 7-1 345
13t. Pittsburg State Gorillas 7-1 345
15. Edinboro Fighting Scots 7-1 281
16. Tarleton State Texans 7-1 264
17. Carson-Newman Eagles 5-2 227
18. Central Missouri State Mules 6-2 168
19. American Intl Yellow Jackets 7-0 143
20. Wingate Bulldogs 7-1 127
21. Indiana (PA) Crimson Hawks 5-2 113
22. West Virginia State Yellow Jackets 6-1 86
23. Ashland Eagles 6-2 78
24. West Chester Golden Rams 6-2 61
25. Midwestern State Mustangs 5-2 45

Others receiving votes: Seton Hill, 44; Fayetteville St, 33; Michigan Tech, 25; Arkansas-Monticello, 22; Albany St, 20; Mesa St, 13; Newberry, 11; Colorado School of Mines, 10; North Carolina-Pembroke, 9; Wayne St (MI), 5; East Stroudsburg, 4; Washburn, 3; Catawba, 1; Charleston, 1; Elizabeth City St, 1; Hillsdale, 1.

Willingham To Go Away At UW

Ty Williingham has told the University of Washington he's had enough. Willingham will step as head coach of the Huskies after the 2008 season.

U-Dub is 0-7 this year following Saturday's loss to Notre Dame and has lost 9 in a row, tied with North Texas for the longest losing streak in the country. In 4 seasons Willingham has gone 11-32. Needless to say, he had to go.

"We didn't win enough football games. That's it," Willingham said. "Hopefully we've done all the other things right (and) it's a good strong program for someone to jump into and do things."

Washington athletic director Scott Woodward said he didn't want to change coaches in the middle of the year but today's annoucement ends any speculation about Willingham's status for 2009.

Who will the U-Dub go after. Gary Pinkel could be at the top of the list. Pinkel's mentor is Washington coaching legend Don James.
Photo Courtesy: Nick Doan/Icon SMI

L.J. Charged With Assault

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson punishes defenders and judging from his behavior off the field, treats women the same way.

Johnson has been charged with simple assault for spitting his drink in a women's face.

Kansas City Police spokesman Darin Snapp said Johnson was charged Monday and turned himself him. He was later released on $500 bond.

The incident happened October 10th at a Kansas City nightclub. The victum reported that Johnson threatened to kill her boyfriend before spitting his drink in her face. Really classy Larry.

It's the 4th time in 5 years Johnson has been accused of assaulting women.

Ladies, stay far away from this Johnson.... and Larry too.
Photo Courtesy: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Analyzing The Samurai

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It's Deion, Mooch, and Rich...
Apparently, it's good to know that Mike Singletary has an "expectancy..."
Listen in...

Singletary Wants His Niners To Hit People In The Mouth...

All those of us here at OSG HQ want to say is... go for it, dude...

You shoulda had a head coaching gig a long time ago..

Here's your evidence and we're only one press conference into his tenure...

If the 49ers don't give him a full-time gig... and we mean yesterday... someone, please grab this guy and give him the chance to lead...

((HT: Network))

BCS Standings ((Week of October 26th))

1) Texas .9981 1
2) Alabama .9499 2
3) Penn State .9257 3
4) Oklahoma .8270 4
5) USC .7822 5
6) Georgia .7703 7
7) Texas Tech .7431 8
8) Florida .7295 10
9) Oklahoma State .6746 6
10) Utah .6362 11
11) Boise State .6362 12
12) Ohio State .5373 9
13) TCU .5065 14
14) Missouri .4747 15
15) Florida State .3383 25
16) Ball State .3377 20
17) Minnesota .3057 24
18) Tulsa .2966 19
19) LSU .2917 13
20) BYU .2902 21
21) Michigan State .2117 NR
22) North Carolina .2098 NR
23) South Florida .0670 16
24) Oregon .0652 NR
25) UConn .0631 NR

AP Top 25 ((Week of October 26th))

1. Texas Longhorns (65) 8-0 1,625
2. Alabama Crimson Tide 8-0 1,542
3. Penn State Nittany Lions 9-0 1,503
4. Oklahoma Sooners 7-1 1,361
5. Florida Gators 6-1 1,337
6. Texas Tech Red Raiders 8-0 1,280
7. U-S-C Trojans 6-1 1,234
8. Georgia Bulldogs 7-1 1,212
9. Oklahoma State Cowboys 7-1 1,168
10. Utah Utes 8-0 1,027
11. Boise State Broncos 7-0 946
12. T-C-U Horned Frogs 8-1 848
13. Ohio State Buckeyes 7-2 834
14. Missouri Tigers 6-2 791
15. L-S-U Tigers 5-2 649
16. Florida State Seminoles 6-1 558
17. B-Y-U Cougars 7-1 553
18. Ball State Cardinals 8-0 542
19. Tulsa Golden Hurricane 7-0 527
20. Minnesota Golden Gophers 7-1 438
21. North Carolina Tar Heels 6-2 228
22. Michigan State Spartans 7-2 219
23. Oregon Ducks 6-2 188
24. South Florida Bulls 6-2 100
25. Maryland Terrapins 6-2 89

Others receiving votes: West Virginia 73, California 42, Kansas 40, Pittsburgh 33, Connecticut 30, Virginia 25, Georgia Tech 19, Louisville 15, Notre Dame 11, Oregon State 11, Virginia Tech 6, Troy 5, Northwestern 5, Boston College 4, Air Force 4, Navy 2, Arizona 1.

Heavy Weight Clean Hit

This is the age-old question where the National Hockey League is concerned...

A player lowers his head, an opposing player seeing an opening, lowers the boom...

This happened Saturday night in the Carolina/New York Islanders game. The Canes Brandon Sutter was skating into the Islanders zone with his eye on the puck. The Isles Doug Weight absolutely destroys Sutter with a shot to the upper body. Sutter goes unconscious and all hell breaks lose...

No surprises there...

But the hit was considered "clean" by NHL standards...
Here is the hit... thanks to FS Carolinas and the youtube...

TSN's Bob McKenzie raises the standard questions in black...

Remember, this isn't the first time the Canes have had heavy-check aftermath.
From the McKenzie piece... the key paragraph...

"The league should at least stop saying it's concerned with hits to the head, because it's not," Rutherford told "I've had four players - Erik Cole, Trevor Letowski, Matt Cullen and now Brandon Sutter - get badly injured on hits to the head and only one of the guys who hit them was suspended. So don't tell me the league is concerned about hits to the head because it's not."

Sutter remains in a Long Island hospital under observation...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You're Bumetanide-ing Me Out, Man...

In a story first reported by Josina Anderson of KDVR-TV/Fox 31 in Denver, upwards of 10 active NFL players have tested positive for a banned substance- three of them have been linked to the New Orleans Saints franchise... Deuce McAllister, Charles Grant, and Will Smith.

This release of information could not have come out at a worse time for The Shield with the Saints set to play San Diego in London Sunday. Chris Mortensen has added the name of Houston Texans' long-snapper Bryan Pittman to the list. Pittman has hired an attorney, David Cornwell, to represent him.

The illegal substance, bumetanide, is a weight-loss diuretic ((translation- water pill)) and has also been suspected to be a masking agent for steroids in an individual's system.

If the test is in fact positive, it may result in a four-game suspension for the three Saints players- the standard suspension length for a first-time violation.

Saints lineman Jamar Nesbit has just returned from a four-game suspension of his own. The drug linked to Nesbit was bumetanide, and it is unknown whether or not Nesbit's name is on the list released to the Denver television station for their story.

Teddy Kider from the New Orleans Times-Picayune got in touch with Dr. Don Catlin, president and CEO of Anti-Doping Research, Incorporated. Catlin explained what bumetanide can do in a person's system...

"Part of the reason (Bumetanides) are on the list of banned substances is that they create a lot of water excretion, lots of prewater, lots of urine, and that can lower the concentration of a drug, "Catlin said. "And, of course, we are always trying to find drugs in urine. If you have diluted urine, we are going to have more difficulty finding the drugs."

Catlin added: "That's one of the two reasons why it's on the list. The other reason is to make weight in sports such as boxing and wrestling, where athletes have to come in under a certain weight to stay in their category."

Initial coverage from ABC26 in New Orleans is below...

One final note that those of us at OSG HQ find somewhat amusing...
Cornwell issued another statement calling on the league to revoke Josina Anderson's "credentials and access to NFL games and other league events until she discloses her source."

We are amused by the paper trail of this paper tiger...

Zeke Throws Daughter Under The Bus... Allegedly...

So... whom do you believe...???

New York Knicks Special Consultant-Scout-All-Around-Franchise-Destroyer Isiah Thomas ((Pictured, thanks NYPost)), or the local sheriff in regards to the latest 911 call to the Thomas imitation-palatial estate...

If you believe Isiah you hear the following...

"...reached on his cell phone Friday, the 47-year-old NBA great told the New York Post that he had not been treated for a sleeping pill overdose, and that it was 17-year-old daughter Lauren who had a medical issue.

It "wasn't an overdose," he said. "My daughter is very down right now. None of us are OK."

If you believe Harrison, New York Police Chief David Hall you hear the following...

"My cops ... know the difference between a 47-year-old black male and a young black female," Hall said.

"These people should learn something from Richard Nixon - it's not the crime, it's the cover-up," he added.

Ya see... Thomas is now claiming that is was not he that had, apparently, too many Lunesta at bedtime Friday. His son is corroborating the Isiah version of the story...

The local police, however, are not...

According to the Post, an ambulance and two police officers responded to a 911 call that came in from the Thomas home a couple minutes after midnight, Hall said. The victim was taken about 5 miles from the home to White Plains Hospital Center, where officials declined to identify the overdose patient.

"It wasn't his daughter," Hall told The Associated Press. "And why they're throwing her under the bus is beyond my ability to understand."

Well, actually, we do have our answer... it's Isiah...

WABC-TV's coverage is below...

Palin Drops Puck, Goalie Injured

Friday night Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin dropped the ceremonial first puck before the Los Angeles Kings - St. Louis Blues game. (Video below: Thanks FS Midwest)

After Palin dropped the puck, Blues goalie Manny Legace was the first player on the ice. A team official pointed to the carpet but according to Legace, the official moved his own foot from the carpet just as Legace put his foot down causing the carpet to slide. Legace fell and gingerly made his way to the crease.

Legace ended up hurting his hip or he described it as a strained left hip flexor. It's not believed to be serious just very painful.

After Legace made his first save of the night the pain felt worse. He played the entire first period facing 12 shots and allowing 2 L.A. Kings goals.

Does Legace have hard feelings toward Palin? That answer would be no.

"She's been pretty good for our game," Legace said. "I'm starting to like her more and more. No grudge."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Shattering Hit

Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins crushes Mike Van Ryn of the Toronto Maple Leafs and shatters the glass.

Check out the video courtesy of TSN

"Houston Bowl" Comes To Fayetteville, Arkansas

There are many great college football games this weekend but the one I personally look forward to will kick off at Reynolds Razorback Stadium Saturday night. Ole Miss at Arkansas may not be on your list but it tops mine.

Saturday, Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt returns to Arkansas for the first time since he resigned last November as head coach of the Razorbacks. Nutt became a polarizing figure in the Razorback nation the last couple of years. From the Gus Malzahn experience to cell phone gate, blah, blah, blah, no sense rehashing the chain of events that led to Nutt's getting the heck out of dodge (or Fayetteville.) Nutt wasn't interested either when asked about it during his weekly press conference.

"I don’t want to get into all that. How did they know I was leaving or when I was leaving?" Nutt said. "All I know is that we gave a lot of effort and a lot of energy to that program for 10 years every single day from daylight to exhaustion."

There were many in the Razorback nation who wanted to see Nutt throw it a little more, to have a more entertaining offense. I thought it was pretty entertaining watching Darren McFadden and Felix Jones bust some long TD runs. I suspect Nutt knew he didn't have the type of quarterback that could sling it, and Hog fans, judging from this year Nutt might have been correct.
On the flipside, Bobby Petrino came to Arkansas in a storm of controversy that initially created a deeper divide among Razorback Nation. I've got to give Petrino credit, he practiced good P.R., showed a bit of personality and won over those Hog fans who had doubt. Petrino is taking a beat down this year but the track record is there for success.

Petrino is playing down the side story of Saturday's Ole Miss - Arkansas game.
"I understand the build up by the Razorback fans, that’s natural." Patrino said. "Our players understand that it’s our football team against their football team. Let’s take the coaches out of it, let’s take the past out of it and let’s just get ready to go out there and compete, play hard, play the game that we all love."

You bet Ole Miss and especially Arkansas (myself included) circled this date on their calendar. He didn't circle the date but Nutt thought about it.

"I don’t know an exact number, but off and on." Nutt said. "There have been several times when you think about what it’s going to be like when you’re coming from the opposite side, coming from the other dressing room. Now, you’re halfway through the season, you’re locked into Ole Miss, you’re locked into the players you have here and I’ve gotten very close to them. I’m looking forward to it, but I can’t give you an exact number of how many times. It’s definitely crossed my mind."

If anything, Saturday's Ole Miss - Arkansas game ramps up this rivalry.
"There will be a lot of people at the ball game, and it was probably an instant rival as soon as most of our staff came over here since there was so much talk about it." Nutt said.

What kind of reception will Houston Nutt get at the game? My guess it will be a mixture of polite applause and a cold reception. There still many wounds that haven't healed among the Hog fan base.
I can tell you this, Ole Miss will play hard, Arkansas will play hard. Nutt's Arkansas recruits will play hard. It should be an intense football game Saturday in the Ozarks.

You can read more from Wally Hall’s column in Friday’s Arkansas Democrat – Gazette.

More analysis from the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.
Houston Nutt Photo Courtesy: Getty Images
Bobby Petrino Photo Courtesy: Wesley Hitt/Arkansas

Lute Is Leaving Arizona

Lute Olson is retiring as head basketball coach at the University of Arizona.

"This was not a decision that was made lightly," Olson said. "I've had a wonderful run at The University of Arizona. I leave with a great sense of pride in what we have accomplished here."

"At this stage in my life, I want to devote my time to my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family and friends. I look forward to watching Wildcat basketball and visiting with my colleagues in the coaching profession. It is time to pass the program on to a younger staff, to transition the university to the next generation of basketball."

Olson legacy will loom large at U 0f A. in 25 season on the Arizona bench Olson led the Wildcats to 4 final fours and a national title in 1997 as well as 11 Pac-10 Championships, 4 Pac-10 Tournamemt titles. Most impressively, Olson led Arizona to 23 straight NCAA Tournament appearances, the longest active streak in the NCAA.

Paola Boivin of the Arizona Republic says it’s the end of a dynasty at UA.
Photo Courtesy: Xavier Gallegos/Tucson Citizen

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Willie Williams Is Alive

The only game in town Thursday was in Rome, Georgia...

You've caught our occasional musings about life on the road, and you get the chance to see the polls on a weekly basis in a world where scholarships aren't at the level of Division 1 life.

It was a short week for both the Union College ((Ky)) folks as well as the home team for OSG HQ, the Shorter Hawks. The second game in five days for both between two ranked teams in the Top 25 in the NAIA.

Barron Stadium holds 6,500 in a sell-out. It wasn't quite that many, but there was an interesting looking middle linebacker for the visitors- Willie Williams ((pictured, thanks to me)).

Yes, that Willie Williams...

The Willie Williams that was found out to have been brought up on eleven different charges as a juvenile. The Willie Williams that then-Miami Head Coach Larry Coker acknowledged he didn't know about all those warrants while he was being recruited. The Willie Williams who decided to empty fire extinguishers in a hotel during a recruiting trip.

Union is Williams' fifth school. Let's see if we can recall them- Miami, Louisville, West Los Angeles Junior College, Glenville State, and now Union College. Two D1's, a JuCo, a D2, and an NAIA school. And, yes, we know he never played at Glenville, but it still counts.

He's listed at 6-4, 220, but doesn't look the part. But, in the Mid-South Conference Williams is ridiculously dominant. He averages close to a dozen tackles a game, at least one of those per loss on average, and gets a sack per game as well. Safe to say the game plan with Shorter's option/veer offense was to block down, double team, and shade as far away from the middle of the field as possible. And the Hawks did a great job of that.

The only time he was mentioned was when the Hawks ran up the middle- which was only done to set up stud running back AJ Cooley ((and anyone else)) hitting the edge. And the Hawks got a signature win by avoidance therapy.


I asked AJ about what is was like going against Williams and that defense and he thought their approach was pretty sound- treat him just like everyone else. They did... and Williams looked just like every other guy wearing the number 13 on a football field.

Lesson learned... it will be interesting to see if Williams is the same way going through a town like Barbourville, Kentucky.

The Damn Dirty Dozen Again!

More Conference Fun Ahead...

This is like the greatest time of the year for College Football, isn't it? We are getting deep into the conference schedules and we are finding out, kinda like Santa Claus, who's been naughty and who's been nice (ok, so good and not so good might work better-chalk it up to the cooler weather).
Last Week 10-3, Overall 16-7. Expect the Dozen to shift further after this week:
1. Texas (Yes, they deserve it. If Colt McCoy keeps completing 81% of his passes, these guys may never lose. This Week: Texas 41, Ok. State 24)
2. Alabama (The best 1st Half team in the country. The 2nd half...not so much. This Week: Alabamie 16, Tennessee 9)
3. State Penn (Looks like they are here to stay. Win this week and they can coast. Maybe if they get to the BCS, JoePa will finally go away. This Week: State Penn 20, Ohio St. 13)
4. Oh..klahoma (Where the sweeps down the plains. Probably the best 1 loss team out there, can they stay that way? This Week: Oklahoma 47, K-State 27)
5. Oh..klahoma...State (The fighting Mike Gundy's are pretty good. Saying Mike Gundy mulitple times is good for OSG business. This Week: Poor Mike Gundy, See #1)
6. Florida (Not totally sold yet, the next couple of weeks will tell. I can't wait until next week in Jacksonville-((i'll be there)) This Week: Florida 23, Kentucky 13)
7. Texas Tech (Again, not buying this. They will lose, it's just a matter of when, they still have no "D". This Week: Texas Tech 41, Kansas 34)
8. Georgia (I'm still waiting for a breakout performance from these guys. They've underachieved, but they also have had a major injury bug hit them. This Week: Georgia 23, LSU 20)
9. USC (I don't know why they jumped so high after killing Wash. State, everyone smashes them. They are good, I don't think they are great+the PAC 10 sucks. This Week: USC 41, Arizona 20)
10. Ohio State (The most confusing team in the NCAA. They are never as good as they appear. That hasn't changed for the 59th year in a row. This Week: See #3)
11. LSU (The personnel turnover is finally catching up with LeSmiles. Beating South Carolina isn't all that great now, is it? This Week: See #8)
12. Georgia Tech (I don't know how, but they are 6-1. Don't sell these guys short. They aren't always pretty but they play hard and have a helluva "D". This Week: Ga.Tech 20, Virginia 6)

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5. SMU (Paging June Jones, June Jones, please pick up the white courtesy phone, it's last year in Hawaii calling. This Week: Navy 41, SMU 14)

4. Syrie-cuse (Will someone please put them out of their misery? Paging Dr. Kevorkian, Dr. Kevorkian? This Week: Louisville 35, Little Orange 10)

3. North Texas (Do we really need to say anything else. I'm suprised the State of Texas hasn't expelled them from the state. This Week: Troy 38, North Texas 6)

2. Washington (This kind of explains why they never get sunshine in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. Has anyone checked to see if there is a Shleprock on the roster? This Week: Notre Dame 27, Washington 17) ed. note-these guys must really suck if I pick ND to beat them

1. Washington State (USC's 4th team scored at will, Elon's 3rd team scored on them, Valdosta States 2nd team scored on them and Shorter's scout team scored on them. God they suck! This Week: Stanford 31, Wash.St. 3 ((bless the trees!))

That is all we've got. If you are a fan of the Bottom of the Barrel, well, Basketball season is on the way soon. Have a Great Day!

Bear Down Arizona, Lute Could Be Leaving

Rumors are flying around Tucson that Lute Olson is leaving as head basketball coach at Arizona. A source told the worldwide leader's Dick Vitale (never one to keep his mouth shut) that Olson is stepping down and associate coach Mike Dunlap will take over on an interim basis.

This is news to the Universities adminstration who say they have not been informed by Olson that he is stepping down. The 4-letter word quotes Arizona spokesman Tom Duddleston, "We're not making any announcement to that effect." At this moment there is nothing going on."

At this moment, eh.

The Arizona Daily Star reported that Olson missed practice yesterday and was unable to attend the Rotary Club of Tucson luncheon for health related issues.

So coach Olson calls in sick and appears to be never heard from again. Sounds like the way they used to get rid of Soviet dictators.

We will keep you posted.

More from the Arizona Republic

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Salute To The ((Don't Say Devil)) Rays

And, probably the only version we could find that wouldn't get any of you in trouble from any of the following: GE, NBC, and Lorne Michaels and his comedically-talented hammer-dropping, legal team from hay-ell...

Enjoy... and carry on...

More Cowbell!!! Baseball Championship Programming From Tampa

((HT: WTSP-TV and

We're going to try something... as long as this link lasts...
Occasionally, there should be some live television-type programming from Tampa surrounding that best-of-seven game series that starts today...

News, sports, features... this is live television, folks...
Check in during normal news broadcast hours east coast time...
We'll all see what happens...

Room For Another In The Horseshoe...?

Well, duh...

Globesports and TSN in Canada are bringing out the idea that some National Hockey League governors have informally ((emphasize the word- informally)) floated the thought of a second franchise in the Greater Toronto Area ((pictured, thanks NHL Images/Getty Images)).

Would the area support another franchise...?

Mental Note: What has Jim Balsillie been doing trying to bring a group to Hamilton and renovate the Copps Coliseum...?


Anyway... David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail brought up the idea after talking to some governors who suggest that one scenario is to give Balsillie an expansion franchise in the GTA after restoring financial stability to the Nashville Predators...

((Ed. note- Isn't that what got the Preds into this mess with Craig Leipold, AEG, and the Los Angeles Kings...? Just axin'))

From Shoalts... ahem... quote...

"Calgary Flames co-owner Harley Hotchkiss, a former chairman of the NHL board of governors, is also aware of the Balsillie movement.

“I've heard bits and pieces of this scenario, although not in that kind of detail,” he said. “Our priority is to have the existing franchises solid.”

“[It is] an interesting scenario,” Mr. Hotchkiss added, “ but I can only speak generally.”
Richard Peddie, president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, said the organization would not automatically reject the idea of a second team in Toronto.
“When and if the league brings expansion to the table, we'll listen and decide what is best [for hockey],” he said."

One governor told Shoalts that Balsillie would never get a team into Hamilton because "it's a minor-league town." There is also the thought that a team in Hamilton would put up a road block for anyone in the Golden Horsehoe ((the area from 12:00 to 6:00 hugging the western edge of Lake Ontario)) that, previously, would go catch a Buffalo Sabres game.

"We do not want to kill the Sabres,” the governor said. “But if there was a second team in Toronto, that would not hurt Buffalo.”

But another interviewee by Shoalts thought that asking Balsillie for a massive expansion fee would placate the Sabres financially...

Stephen Brunt likes the idea, but only if it's through relocation...
TSN's coverage is in black...
TSN's Dave Hodge waxes on the thought in black...

LeBatard Sides With Glazer in Favre Flap

Dan LeBatard of the Miami affiliate of four-letter radio went against company policy and interviewed Fox Sports' Jay Galzer about the whole Brett Favre-phone-call-to-Detroit thing.

There was an edict in Bristol not to address the matter on any level since Favre told Chris Mortensen that Glazer was fibbing about the whole "no-he-didn't-leak-info-to-anyone" phone call. Only when Favre addressed the matter at his Jets press conference did the four-letter acknowledge any actions at all...

LeBatard decided that Favre wasn't on the up-and-up and talked to Glazer about it anyway...
Here's the exchange in all its glory...
((HT: WAXY-AM Radio and the youtube))

Breakin' the Law! Breakin' the Law!

Trouble in the Pits...

It looks like another NASCAR Driver and Crew Chief are in trouble for...shall we say...bending the rules. Brian Vickers, driver of the #83 car, team owner Dietrich Mateschitz and crew chief Craig Smokstad all are in various forms of trouble with the Car Police. Take a look at the release:

For Immediate Release

No. 83 Team Penalized For Post-Race Inspection Infractions

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Oct. 22, 2008) – NASCAR has issued penalties, suspensions and fines to the No. 83 team in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, as a result of rules infractions found on Tuesday during a Martinsville post-race inspection at the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, N.C.
The car was found to be in violation of Sections 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4-Q (car, car parts, components and/or equipment used do not conform to NASCAR rules); and 20-2.1-D (exterior sheet metal body parts did not meet the specified minimum thickness) of the 2008 NASCAR rule book.
As a result, both the crew chief, Kevin Hamlin, and the car chief, Craig Smokstad, have been suspended indefinitely from NASCAR. Additionally, Hamlin has been fined $100,000.
Driver Brian Vickers and owner Dietrich Mateschitz have been penalized with the loss of 150 driver and 150 owner points, respectively.

Oh well, it sucks to be them, but then again, since they aren't in the "Race for the Chase" or whatever it is that NASCAR calls there season ending countdown; it really doesn't matter, no racers seem to exsist unless they are in the top 12 and in the so-called chase. (Yes, that is a snarky editorial comment)
Thanks NASCAR for the copy of the logo (hopefully a proper credit)

College Basketball: UConn The Pick In The Big East

Yes we are in the middle of college football where Texas dominates the world right now but college basketball begins soon and yes all the pre-season banter has begun for you college hoop junkies. Most the Division I conferences are in the middle of the conference media days so let the pre-season predictions roll in.

Let's start with the Big East Conference, a conference sooooo big.. (HOW BIG IS IT?) That's a great question. It's so big 4 bottom feeders each year won't make the conference tournament. That's the best I have but you get the picture.

Congratulations Luke Harangoody of Notre Dame, you have been picked as the pre-season player of the year in the Big East this season. Harangoody won the Big East POY last year so it's a no brainer.

Connecticut is the pick to win the Big East Conference by the league coaches. Jim Calhoun thanks you. Here's the list:

Preseason Coaches' Poll
1. Connecticut (9) 214
2. Louisville (3) 205
3. Pittsburgh (3) 200
4. Notre Dame (1) 195
5. Villanova 153
6. Marquette 146
7. Georgetown 141
8. Syracuse 139
9. West Virginia 121
10. Providence 99
11. Cincinnati 91
12. Rutgers 53
13. Seton Hall 50
14. St. John’s 44
15. DePaul 43
16. USF 26
First-place votes in parentheses.

Luke Harangoody Photo Courtesy: AP

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Division II Poll ((Week of October 21st))

1. Grand Valley State Lakers (23) 7-0 646
2. Abilene Christian Wildcats (3) 7-0 625
3. Northwest Missouri State Bearcats 7-1 586
4. Bloomsburg Huskies 8-0 560
5. Delta State Statesmen 6-1 552
6t. California (PA) Vulcans 7-1 459
6t. Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs 8-0 459
8. North Alabama Lions 7-1 455
9. Valdosta State Blazers 6-1 450
10. Central Washington Wildcats 7-1 410
11. West Texas A&M Buffaloes 7-1 405
12. Tuskegee Golden Tigers 7-0 357
13t. Chadron State Eagles 7-1 345
13t. Pittsburg State Gorillas 7-1 345
15. Edinboro Fighting Scots 7-1 281
16. Tarleton State Texans 7-1 264
17. Carson-Newman Eagles 5-2 227
18. Central Missouri State Mules 6-2 168
19. American Intl Yellow Jackets 7-0 143
20. Wingate Bulldogs 7-1 127
21. Indiana (PA) Crimson Hawks 5-2 113
22. West Virginia State Yellow Jackets 6-1 86
23. Ashland Eagles 6-2 78
24. West Chester Golden Rams 6-2 61
25. Midwestern State Mustangs 5-2 45

Others receiving votes: Seton Hill, 44; Fayetteville St, 33; Michigan Tech, 25; Arkansas-Monticello, 22; Albany St, 20; Mesa St, 13; Newberry, 11; Colorado School of Mines, 10; North Carolina-Pembroke, 9; Wayne St (MI), 5; East Stroudsburg, 4; Washburn, 3; Catawba, 1; Charleston, 1; Elizabeth City St, 1; Hillsdale, 1.

"Soldier" Winslow Suspended

((HT: Brother Martin))

Cleveland Browns Tight End/Soldier Kellen Winslow, Junior ((pictured arms akimbo, thanks WOIO-TV)) has been suspended by the club for popping off in a post-game interview about his perceived lack of love from the front office after suffering a staph infection and spending a few nights in the hospital.

The club felt compelled not to disclose what Winslow's injury was, but Winslow did Sunday. He was none too happy about General Manager Phil Savage not giving vigil bedside while he was in recovery...

From the Browns themselves...

"The Cleveland Browns are committed to winning and taking care of our players. We are also committed to protecting the privacy of our players, particularly with regard to medical issues. To that end, following discussions with Kellen Winslow and his representation, the Browns agreed to make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of his recent medical condition.
"As an organization, we have worked hard to ensure the safety and well-being of our players. Consistent with this effort, we have consulted the team's medical experts to ensure that any instances of staph infections are evaluated and treated thoroughly and expeditiously, and in accordance with the recommended standard of care. Further, steps have been and continue to be taken on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis to protect our players and personnel at our training facility and stadium.

During training camp, the entire team took part in an extensive presentation by experts in the field of infectious diseases. It was an educational meeting that informed players of the issues, how to prevent and minimize the risks of infection, and what preventative measures we as an organization had employed to assure maximum safety for the team combined with a Q&A session for the players. Kellen was in attendance at that meeting. Since that meeting, not one player has approached me, Romeo Crennel, or our medical staff with concerns as to how we have dealt with this issue.

Kellen has expressed his desire to be a productive member of the Cleveland Browns. His comments and behavior on Sunday evening, however, were unwarranted, inappropriate, and unnecessarily disparaging to our organization. His statements brought unjustified negative attention to our organization, and violated the team-first concept of our football squad. Therefore, disciplinary action will be taken in the form of a one-game suspension without pay for conduct detrimental to the club.

Beginning Wednesday, the focus of the coaches and players will be on preparing for the upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars."

Winslow is not allowed to participate in any of the Browns' reindeer games this week, but is eligible to return on Monday the 27th...
By the way, did you know Winslow was a soldier...?

Elite XC X'd Out

From Dave Meltzer at Yahoo Sports...
The Elite XC folks will all be looking for work at the end of the week.

Elite was, by some reports, as much as US$55-million in the hole after a bad TV deal in year one of their existence with Showtime, and purchasing four other rival companies. Those losses would have forced Elite, eventually, to sell to Showtime or declare bankruptcy.

“I got a call earlier [Monday] telling me they were shutting down,” said Frank Shamrock, who was a television commentator, a main event fighter and a shareholder in the promotion told Meltzer.

UFC Poohbah Dana White has already said he wouldn't go anywhere near Kimbo Slice ((pictured, thanks Vancouver Sun/Stephen Shugerman-Getty Images)), but he may have to re-think his plan on female fighters like Gina Carano.

More from Meltzer:

"The Elite XC sale was believed to be close to completion heading into the Oct. 4 show on CBS. The show was a ratings success, beating both Major League Baseball playoff games and both major college football games in the target male 18-49 demographic, but left the brand tainted due to a controversy stemming from the main event.

CBS funded the event because Elite XC didn’t have the money to continue while negotiations for the sale continued."

Then, Seth Petruzelli went and opened his mouth on an Orlando radio station that further increased the credibility questions of Elite after the Slice upset... that didn't help, either...

“The promoters kind of hinted to me and they gave me the money to stand and trade with him,” Petruzelli said two days after the fight on “The Monsters in Orlando” radio show. “They didn’t want me to take him down.

“Let’s just put it that way. It was worth my while to try and stand up and punch with him.”

Elite XC, we hardly knew ye... but it does give us one more excuse to show the Slice-Petruzelli fight and hear Gus Johnson go... well, All Gus Johnson on us again...

((HT: Elite XC/CBS/the youtube))

Seven Answers State Charges

And, yes, we are talking about Michael Vick...

According to the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, 7 is set to answer the state dogfighting charges hanging over his head via video conference next week. His anticipated guilty plea is an attempt to orchestrate an early release into a half-way house.

According to the Virginia-Pilot's Tim McGlone...

The papers that were filed say that Vick needs to resolve his state charges before he can be eligible for entry into a halfway house. Vick’s scheduled release date is July 20 and the soonest he could enter a program is six months before that.

No court date has been set officially, but the Surry County Court next convenes on November 5.
Surry County Commonwealth’s Attorney Gerald G. Poindexter has not been available for comment so far today.


"Today, William R. "Billy" Martin and Lawrence H. "Woody" Woodward, Jr., attorneys for Michael Vick, announced that they filed a motion in Surry County, Virginia asking the Court to allow Mr. Vick, pursuant to the Virginia Rules, to enter a plea of guilty to the pending state charges via videoconference. Together with his motion, Mr. Vick filed a waiver in which he forgoes his right to personally appear at the plea hearing and agrees to be bound by the decision of the court. Mr. Vick is committed to taking ((sic)) responsibilty for his actions. He is hopeful that, through this motion, the trial court will allow him to finally resolve these matters and put the charges behind him so that he can begin to focus on his future and to prepare to be reunited with his family."

WVEC's Vick page can be found in black...
WAVY-TV's Mary Kay Mallonee has the 411 on 7...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nolan Fired Singletary Hired

The San Francisco 49ers have fired Head Coach Mike Nolan ((pictured, thanks Macor)) and replaced him, on an interim basis, with Mike Singletary.

From the San Francisco Chronicle ahem... quote...

"Nolan was nearly fired by owner John York at the end of the 2007 season after the 49ers compiled a 5-11 record marked by a bitter rift between the head coach and the man he drafted No. 1 in 2005 to lead the team back to respectability, quarterback Alex Smith."

Nolan was fired with a cumulative record of 18-37 over a three-and-a-half year period. He was brought in as a defensive guru-type-coach, but his Niners squads averaged giving up over 30 points per game.

"Asked about his job security after Sunday's 29-17 loss to the Giants, Nolan said, 'We've lost four in a row. We're certainly not going in the right direction. When you lose, it fuels speculation, sure. But as far as what's on my mind, I can't focus on it.' "

The rest of John Crumpacker's piece in the Chronicle can be found in black...

NAIA Football Poll #6 ((Week of October 20))

1) Carroll College (Mont.) (18) 8-0 418
2) University of Sioux Falls (S.D.) 6-0 402
3) University of Saint Francis (Ind.) 6-0 384
4) Morningside College (Iowa) 6-0 367
5) MidAmerica Nazarene University (Kan.) 7-0 360
6) Friends University (Kan.) 6-0 333
7) Lindenwood University (Mo.) 5-1 306
8) Northwestern Oklahoma State University 6-1 299
9) Missouri Valley College 5-1 291
10) Northwestern College (Iowa) 6-1 285
11) University of Virginia's College at Wise 7-1 263
12) University of the Cumberlands (Ky.) 6-1 249
13) Saint Xavier University (Ill.) 5-2 217
14) Union College (Ky.) 6-1 209
15) Bethel College (Kan.) 5-1 189
16) Langston University (Okla.) 5-2 175
17) Black Hills State University (S.D.) 5-2 128
18) Malone University (Ohio) 4-1 125
19) Montana State University-Northern 5-2 118
20) Jamestown College (N.D.) 5-2 112
21) Lambuth University (Tenn.) 5-2 81
22) Ottawa University (Kan.) 5-1 78
23) Saint Ambrose University (Iowa) 4-3 54
24) Ohio Dominican University 3-3 44
25) Shorter College (Ga.) 5-2 38

Others receiving votes:
Baker University (Kan.) 31; Dickinson State University (N.D.) 22; Dakota Wesleyan University (S.D.) 17; University of St. Francis (Ill.) 13; Quincy University (Ill.) 5; Midland Lutheran College (Neb.) 3; Cumberland University (Tenn.) 1; William Penn University (Iowa) 1

Division I-AA Poll ((Week of October 20))

1. James Madison Dukes (102) 6-1 2,669 1
2. Appalachian State Mountaineers (3) 5-2 2,527 2
3. Elon Phoenix (1) 7-1 2,270 3
4. Wofford Terriers 5-1 2,210 4
5. Northern Iowa Panthers 5-2 2,033 6
6. Cal Poly Mustangs (1) 4-1 2,022 5
7. Villanova Wildcats 5-1 2,018 7
8. Montana Grizzlies 6-1 1,833 8
9. Richmond Spiders 5-3 1,746 9
10. New Hampshire Wildcats 5-1 1,540 11
11. McNeese State Cowboys 4-2 1,511 12
12. Western Illinois Leathernecks 5-2 1,311 15
13. Central Arkansas Bears 6-1 1,241 13
14. Southern Illinois Salukis 4-2 1,205 16
15. Northern Arizona Lumberjacks 6-1 1,136 17
16. Weber State Wildcats 6-2 1,043 18
17. Massachusetts Minutemen 4-3 991 10
18. Furman Paladins 6-2 912 19
19. Tennessee State Tigers 6-1 608 22
20. Liberty Flames 6-1 529 14
21. Jacksonville State Gamecocks 5-2 448 23
22. Hampton Pirates 5-1 392 25
23. William & Mary Tribe 4-2 357 NR
24. Lafayette Leopards 5-1 244 NR
25. Harvard Crimson 4-1 190 NR

Others receiving votes: South Carolina State 119, North Dakota State 97, San Diego 83, Tennessee-Martin 75, South Dakota State 73, Eastern Washington 57, Georgia Southern 45, Colgate 42, Grambling 32, Florida A&M 30, Texas State 25, The Citadel 24, Maine 20, Sam Houston State 13, Eastern Illinois 12, Prairie View 12, UC Davis 10, Sacred Heart 8, Delaware 6, North Dakota 6, Albany 5, Eastern Kentucky 3, Butler 1, Central Connecticut State 1, Holy Cross 1, Penn 1.