Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brutal Junior Hockey Hit, OHL Player In Critical Condition

((HT: Rogers TV/Kitchener, TSN))

Kitchener Rangers' defenseman Ben Fanelli is listed in critical but stable condition in Hamilton General Hospital after being injured in Friday night's OHL game between the Rangers and Erie Otters.

The 16-year old was rushed to Grand River Hospital in Kitchener then airlifted to Hamilton General after being driven into the endboards by Erie's Michael Liambas half way through the second period.

The Oakville, Ontario native's head hit the glass while his helmet flew into the air before Fanelli hit the ice hard. Blood pooled on the ice from cuts above Fanelli's eyebrow and face. The game was delayed for 40 minutes as Fanelli was attended to and placed in an ambulance.

Fanelli's parents were among the 6,000 spectators at the Kitchener Auditorium. Fanelli's mother reportedly fainted and had to be revived following the incident.

Kitchener Rangers Chief Operating Officer Steve Bienkowski stated that Fanelli was conscious when the ambulance was taking him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with skull and facial fractures including a broken orbital bone.

"Ben's parents and family experienced something that we all wish would never happen", said Bienkowski in a statement on Saturday. "Their focus and concern for their son needs to be respected. I can't stress enough the need to respect their privacy and that all media inquires and announcements will be made through the Rangers organization. Our immediate focus will be to assist the Fanelli family and our players as we all deal with Ben's injuries."

Liambas, who was ejected from the game and given a match penalty for boarding, was reportedly very shaken up by the incident.

Here's the hit on Fanelli...
It's not pretty...

Friday, October 30, 2009

JB Gerald: Locksley Choked And Hit Me

((HT: Schlabach/ESPN))

ESPN's Mark Schlabach has been chasing the whole JB Gerald-Mike Locksley altercation and plans on reporting more on it Sunday on the four-letter. He has, apparently, unearthed some stuff that may support Gerald's claims...

ESPN tracked down the Albuquerque police reports...

"Next thing you know, he's jumped into my lap," Gerald said. "He put his hands around my collar and neck and was choking me. He's pulling me up out of the chair, and I grabbed his hands so I could get them off my neck."

At that point, Gerald said, New Mexico quarterbacks coach Tee Martin and offensive tackles/tight ends coach Cheston Blackshear grabbed his arms to pull him away from Locksley. Mike Degory, who coaches the team's centers and guards, was trying to restrain Locksley, Gerald said.

"All the coaches kind of rushed over, and Tee and Cheston grabbed me by my arms and Degory grabbed Locksley,"
Gerald said. "But Locksley's hands were free and he was just throwing punches. He was throwing punches and hit me right in the mouth. I could taste the blood in my mouth."

According to an Albuquerque Police incident report, a copy of which was obtained by and "Outside The Lines," Gerald suffered a split upper lip and scratches on his arms.

Remember... all this stuff got Locksley suspended from coaching the New Mexico game against UNLV- which really may have saved Locksley more Pepto-moments since they couldn't even beat the Rebels.

New Mexico has, consistently, been at the Bottom of the OSG Barrel this season on the "OSG Sports College Football Preview Show"

But, hey, UNM denies anything more than a scuffle...
This week Locksley is back to work...
Here's what that looks like, thanks to our friends at KRQE-TV in Albuquerque...

SEC To Head Coaches: Criticize The Officials, Go On Double Secret Probation

SEC football fans have noticed that the football officials aren't very good (Georgia and Arkansas fans know this quite well.) Even SEC head coaches are frustrated with the level of incompetency from the dudes in striped shirts.

SEC Bylaw 10.5.4 requires that coaches, assistant coaches, players, support personnel and others associated with the institution’s athletics program refrain from public criticism of officials. Twice Tennessee head coach Lance Kiffin and once Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino violated this bylaw and were properly slapped on the wrist.

So what does the SEC do? They decide to get tough on the coaches. No more reprimands for violating SEC Bylaw 10.5.4, from this point forward all violations of that SEC Bylaw will be enforced by suspensions and fines, effective immediately.

SEC head coaches you've been warned.

“There are proper channels available for head coaches to use when communicating officiating concerns to the Conference office,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive in a release from the conference.

Even if an assistant coach or other support personnel violate SEC Bylaw 10.5.4, the head coach pays the price.

Our take at OSG HQ and our satellite offices is that SEC head coaches are just expressing the same opinion that fans are. You think after cashing checks worth billions of dollars from your TV partners you would invest more into your football officials.

Double secret probation is next.

Hokies Reeling After UNC Loss

((HT: WTVR-TV?Richmond))

FOSG Lane Casadonte has your highlights of UNC's upset over the Chicago Maroon in Blacksburg.

Casey Barth...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Groups Line Up For Coyotes

((HT: TSN))

And the line starts in New York with the Bettman...

Current Toronto Argonauts co-owners Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon ((pictured, thanks David Cheung/Globe and Mail)) plan to meet with Glendale city officials next week with an eye toward putting a bid together for the Coyotes.

Sokolowski and Cynamon were part of the Ice Edge Holdings group that pursued the club when owner Jerry Moyes filed for bankruptcy in the summer. But Cynamon confirmed to the Globe and Mail they are longer part of that group and sources tell the newspaper they have put together their own collection of about 12 investors.

They're also reportedly fed up with the idea of losing money over the Argonauts and not being warmly embraced on their revenue ideas for the future of the CFL itself.

The report indicates an Arizona bankruptcy court is expected to grant approval to the NHL's $140 million US bid to buy the Coyotes from Moyes on Monday, the same day Sokolowski is planning to meet with Glendale officials.

Should Sokolowski and Cynamon put together a bid, it would have to include a new lease for the arena in Glendale.

Keith McCullough of Ice Edge Holdings appeared on the Business New Network on Thursday and said their group is prepared to bid on the Coyotes as well.

Remember...??? The whole 5 games in Saskatoon thing...

Watch the McCullough interview here...the fun starts at the 6:30 mark
Thanks to our friends at the Business News Network...

None of this is really a surprise...those of us at OSG HQ figured everyone would wait until the bankruptcy process was concluded in court before jumping back in...

Bat Maker Liable In Player Death

((HT: Helena Independent Record/Brandt))

Aluminum bat maker Hillerich & Bradsby Co. failed to provide adequate warning as to the dangers of the bat- at least eight of 12 Lewis and Clark County, Montana jurors agreed Wednesday.

Hillerich & Bradsby Co. was ordered to pay $792,000 to her son, Brandon Patch's estate, which is represented by his mother, Debbie (pictured, thanks John Doran/Helena Independent Receord), who filed the suit. Those funds were allotted to cover the lost earnings Patch would have made had he lived, and the pain he suffered from the injury before he died about four hours after being struck in the temple with a batted ball.

"This was for Brandon and the kids on the field," Debbie Patch said after hearing the ruling. "We just hoped we could get the truth out for more people to see."

The jurors found the company, which makes Louisville Slugger bats, liable for failing to warn users of the danger of its aluminum bats and that this failure caused the accident that killed Brandon Patch.

A third decision was that the bat was not defective.

Attorneys representing Debbie Patch argued during the week-long trial that the bat used on July 25, 2003, was defective because it was more dangerous than the average user would expect.

Another $58,000 was awarded by the five-man, seven-woman jury to parents Debbie and Duane Patch for their mental grief and funeral expenses. The original suit, filed in June 2006, did not seek a specified amount.

"We just want to save someone else's life," Debbie Patch explained. Attorneys for Hillerich & Bradsby Co. argued any other bat would not have hit the ball differently; in fact, they said, most bats on the market at the time would have struck the ball harder. Patch's death was a tragic accident, they said.

The defense lawyers declined comment after the verdict was read.

Here's your wrap from Helena with Kay Rossi sitting in a newsroom...

Those of us at OSG HQ says that this screams for an appeal...
Baseball players, especially pitchers, know what they're getting into when they step on the field. Unfortunately, players get hurt in these kinds of game situations.

Just ask Bryce Florie what wer're talking about...
((HT: ABC7/Fort Myers, Florida))

Florie has not once, to our knowledge, raised any kind of stink...
What's next for Louisville Sluggers...???
Warning labels...???

Just axin'...
Last time we checked this fell under what we know, legally, as "assumed risk."

A Behind-The-Back 2-Point Conversion


Central quarterback Will Briscoe completes a behind-the-back pass for a two-point conversion against Zachary in a 58-0 romp in Louisiana high school football.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, the two-point at the time made it only 15-nothing. The coach for Central has a lot of tricks up his coaching sleeves...

Here's the follow-up that is adding to all the attention...
Thanks to our friends at WAFB-9 in Baton Rouge...

Ref Dodges Game-Winning FG

((HT: Brooks/Stockton Record))

So, you're 1-5 and about to have one big-as-hell upset in California HS football.
Or not... Why...???

The line judge under the upright decides not to look at the game-winning field goal cross over the crossbar as it does its job and you don't do yours...

We take you to Stockton, California... and Justin Lafferty's story from the Tracy Press...

Edison’s varsity football team came back to beat West, 22-21, in the last game before Charles Magnasco Stadium will be largely renovated. The outcome hinged on a last-second field goal by Wolf Pack senior kicker Adam Crandall.

That much is fact, but things got blurry after Crandall booted the ball.

The officials, who were not available for comment after the game, called the kick no good. Vikings players happily ran onto the field, but then there was hesitation and confusion. West players started to celebrate. After that, a referee waved his arms again to signal a miss.

“We know we won,”
Wolf Pack (1-6 overall, 0-2 Tri-City Athletic League) senior running back Dexter Alcala said. “Hopefully, we protest it, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to move on.

Here's the video in question, thanks to the Stockton Record...
The make-miss happens at, about, the 3:00 minute mark...

But the bigger question comes when this goes for appeal...
The game, obviously, won't get overturned.
It would take some serious stones to do that, and the only thing you can do is "discipline the officials." You wag your finger and tell them not to do that again... for $50 a game.

For the nth time, it's the kids that get shown the bad example...
And that's the part that sucks...

Larry Johnson Suspended Untill November 9, Agent Says He's Appealing

((HT: KSHB-TV/KC Star))

The Chiefs have suspended Larry Johnson because of his recent comments.

The team announced he is suspended for "Conduct Detrimental to the Club" effective immediately.

He is not allowed to participate in any team activities or be on the team premises until November 9.

After Sunday's loss to San Diego, Johnson posted some controversial remarks about his head coach and a gay slur on his Twitter account.

Johnson followed that up by uttering another gay slur towards reporters in the lockerroom after practice Monday. Here is the audio from that incident...thanks to the KC Star

"We will be filing an appeal on behalf of Larry tomorrow," Johnson's agent Peter Schaffer said. "While we respect the Chiefs' ability to try to discipline a player, we disagree and respectfully disagree that the punishment they propose is warranted by the facts or allowable by the collective bargaining agreement. Hopefully, we will be able to work out a mutual and positive resolution with the Chiefs short of a hearing. If we don't, then this will go to an arbitrator."

Here's Jack Harry from KSHB-TV in Kansas City breaking it all down...

All those of us at OSG HQ have to say to LJ is "Back away from the Twitter, son..."

Allmendinger Drives Drunk

NASCAR Driver AJ Allmendinger may be in a spot of trouble. Allmendinger was arrested, very early Thursday morning for Driving Under the Influence in Mooresville, North Carolina. No word yet if he was racing or chasing (sorry just had to make that joke). He was released from custody later in the morning.

The story from IS RIGHT HERE

((AJ Allmendinger and Car//Courtesy: Getty/Nascar Images))

Allmendinger, who drives the number 44 car for Richard Petty Motorsports may be in some serious trouble here. Petty is not known for tolerating alcohol sponsorships on his cars and generally frowns upon it. Supposedly, Allmendinger was in line to be promoted to the teams 43 car for the 2010 season, no word if those plans will be changing. RPM also, at least at this point has made a comment.

All this story does is give us an excuse to show the First Big One at Talladega from the first race this season... Allmendinger was involved...

PM UPDATE: From NASCAR their own selves...

AJ Allmendinger, driver for the No. 44 team in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, has been placed on probation until Dec. 31, 2009.

Allmendinger has violated Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing) of the 2009 NASCAR rule book.

That is all... AJ should be in the 44 car this weekend at Talladega...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ice Edge Taking Aim At Coyotes Again

((HT: GlobeSports/Waldie))
Surprising no one in particular, Ice Edge Holdings has decided to go after the Phoenix Coyotes again and not move them from the desert- a move, those of us at OSG HQ are sure, the National Hockey League likes a great deal...

“Our plan has always been to buy it and operate in Phoenix,” he said.

Ice Edge is made up of eight Canadian and American businessmen, including former Research In Motion Ltd. executive Anthony LeBlanc and John Breslow, a current co-owner of the Coyotes.

Jones also told Waldie that Ice Edge has lined up financing for the bid. “We feel pretty confident with our financing,” he said.

And they still want to do the "couple of home games in Saskatoon idea" that hasn't been approved by the NHL yet, either...

Jones said the group is confident it can make NHL hockey work in Phoenix.

“We’re sticking in this because we believe there is a fan base there that exists, that wants to support the team and wants to go to games,” he said.

Those of us at OSG HQ would like to say good luck with that one...

Idaho Junior Skaters Banned For Strip Shootout

((HT: KBCI-TV/Boise))

An Idaho junior hockey team was banished temporarily from a city ice rink after players engaged in a game of "strip hockey" — shedding a piece of uniform every time a practice shot missed its mark.

The town of Boise forbid the Idaho Junior Steelheads team from using Idaho Ice World for four days; one 17-year-old player who shed his underwear briefly was suspended until next week.

Police are investigating.

An adult whose young daughter was on another, adjacent rink saw the 17- to 20-year-old Steelheads skating in their skivvies and complained to a city hotline.

Rink employees who also noticed the scantily clad skaters urged them to cover up.

Even so, police who were alerted on Thursday are now looking into whether Boise's public decency laws were broken by the incident.

Here's what the kids were trying to copy...
We would have used the word "emulate," but it was too technical...
((HT: Youtube/lackofchaos))

Apparently, Boise law says that you can't show your ass in public. There are exemptions for certain situations, but hockey isn't one of them.

So far...

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel Break with Tradition!

OK. This is the week we do it. This is the week we make a stand against the stupidity of the BCS and College Football Pollsters in general. We all know that they vote with biases for teams they either like or have heard of not the teams that are the best. I can prove it if you don't believe know its do.

Last week proved this. There are no DOMINANT teams this year. Yes, that includes you Florida and Alabama. They both could have lost their games to teams that they shouldn't have. No, USC isn't the best either, you can argue they aren't even the best in the PAC 10. Boise...maybe, I happen to think TCU is better as is Cincinnati, but that's just me.

Anyway, enough railing here, let's take a look at this week Clip from the You Tube: In it, the Major warns everyone of breaking ranks...Appropriate don't you think?

And now...let's get on with the Countdown! (Thanks Casey)

The Dirty Dozen:

1) TCU 7-0 (Yes, that's right. It isn't a typo. We are the ANTI-BCS Poll. They deserve it. They killed a BYU team that beat Oklahoma and have destroyed everyone they've played. Why not put them here? This Week: TCU 31, UNLV 10)
2) Cincinnati 7-0
(They still have a couple of tests left, but how do they drop 2 spots while killing Louisville last week with the backup QB? I don't get it. least for now deserve this. This Week: Cincinnati 34, Syracuse 21)
3) Boise St. 7-0
(Yes, they are going to finish undefeated. They get this by virtue of that. I don't know if there schedule was that great, but props if they run the table. They will be in A BCS game, it's just a matter of which one. This Week: Boise St. 35, San Jose St. 20)
4) Texas 7-0 (Again, winning ugly, but they are winning. Stomping Missouri wasn't that big of a deal this year. Still, they are probably one of your BCS Title game teams...Believe me when I say this. This Week: Texas 37, Ok.State 31)
5) Florida 7-0 (I know, you aren't supposed to drop if you keep winning. But I'm not sure they should have been unquestioned until now. They were lucky the past 2 weeks, eeking out wins. Something will have to change. This Week: UPSET SPECIAL!!!! Georgia 21, Florida 20)
6) Alabama 7-0 (They survive because Tennessee's kicker is awful. They should have lost. Greg McElroy looks lost all of a sudden. Again they can turn it around...but will they? This Week: Bye Week)
7) Iowa 8-0 (Lucky bastards. They stole one last week. They play in the 10 which means they aren't that good nationally. Ohio St in Columbus is still looming for them. This Week: Iowa 21, Indiana 13)
8) LSU 6-1 (Watched them dismember Auburn last week. Auburn never had a chance. They are a darkhorse team if they can be consistent. Alabama looms in a couple of weeks. This Week: LSU 41, Tulane 10)
9) USC 6-1 (I just don't buy them as being one of the "Great" USC teams. They aren't. They have holes. They were lucky to escape Oregon State last week. This Week: UPSET!! Oregon 30, USC 23)
10) Oregon 6-1 (They have done well recovering from the opening week loss to Boise. They are deep and talented and have some defense for the 1st time in recorded history. This Week: SEE #9)
11) Georgia Tech 6-1 (They exercised some demons last week at Virginia. They have the look of a championship team seeming to get better each week. They also seem to be the best of the ACC. This Week: Ga. Tech 34, Vandy 16)
12) Pittsburgh 6-1 (Better than you think, despite the Wannstache as coach. Good Sr. QB and Fr. RB are leading a balanced team. The Dec. 5th game vs. Cincy will be a very interesting game to see. This Week: BYE)

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Washed St. 1-6 (There just isn't much else to say. Bad is bad. This Week: Notre Dame 41, Wash. St. 10)
4) Miami, OH 0-7
(Oooof, not a good year to be at the other Miami. Nothing has gone right fort them this season. That isn't going to change. This Week: Toledo 33, Miami OH 16)
3) Western Ky. 0-7
(No, they aren't going anywhere either. MTSU just plain lit them up. They aren't good. They are playing in the wrong level. Why would anyone go see them play? This Week: North Texas 47, WKY 31)
2) Rice Krispies 0-8
(This just isn't fair. How can I top last weeks Snap, Krackle and Pop joke anyway? These guys stay soggy...without milk. Thank you...thank you very much...I'll be here all week. Make sure to tip you waiters and waitresses. This Week: SMU 112, Rice 8)
1) Old Ron Mexico 0-7
(If you could see me, you'd see me shaking my head. We have mocked Mike Locksley, reported on Mike Locksley and well we now are waiting for Locksley and AD Paul Krebs to be taken away from this tragic team. This Week: San Diego St. 31, Ron Mexico 12)

Last Week: 13-4 Not Bad! Overall : 78-27...Pretty good Don'tcha Think?

Welcome to the NFL Dez Bryant

It looks like now former Oklahoma State star receiver Dez Bryant may have played his last game for T. Boone Pickens...oops...I'm sorry Mike Gundy and the Cowboys. The NCAA in its infinite wisdom has officially suspended the Junior Wide Out until October...of 2010. The suspension according to most reports had to do with him lying, not once but twice to the NCAA about his meetings with Deion Sanders this past summer.

More from the Stillwater News-Press RIGHT HERE
More from NewsOK.Com CLICK HERE
And this from one of NewsOK's bloggers RIGHT HERE

The University is obviously appealing the decision and may have an answer as soon as next week. The NCAA however isn't know for being overly lenient or really kind to pretty much anyone other than the TV Networks. Maybe this will be the exception, we don't know. It's unfortunate that a bad decision by a 22 year old who didn't know what he did wrong may result in him not getting to finish his season. The one thing it does do would be to push Bryant to the NFL where he probably will be a First Round pick next season.

Here's how Big Al broke the news last night to the Tulsa faithful
Thanks to our friends at KJRH-TV

We Love Jimmy Rollins

Why do we love Jimmy Rollins? Because he is always good for giving the Sports World things to talk about. This time its his prediction that his Philadelphia Phillies will beat the Yankees in the World 5 games.

Yes, Jimmy the not-so Greek made the predicition last night on the sparsely watched Jay Leno show, there are a few odd people who watch it and apparently most of them are Sports Columnists.

Newsday chimes in RIGHT HERE
The Newark Star-Ledger just Yawns...READ ABOUT IT

((Jimmy Rollins is smart//Courtesy: Newsday))

We don't yawn just for the simple fact that we need some motivation to actually watch. The World Series hasn't been very interesting in several years and the fact that is played now in November, generally late at night makes it somewhat not-so interesting to watch. Maybe now we will tune in just to see if Jimmy can actually back up what he says.

We searched far and wide for the video and finally came up with this link...CHECK IT OUT HERE

Bobby Knight doesn't want your money!

Hey look ESPN reporting a story on one of its own, which by the way we never thought we'd be saying about Bobby Knight. But anyway, according to the 4-letter word and others, Knight is refusing a $75,000 settlement check from alumni donations to settle the lawsuit that he filed against Indiana University. His statement was released by his friends in Bristol

More from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette RIGHT HERE

This really isn't a big deal to a whole lot of people, it's just kind of funny in a Bobby Knight kind of way. His point is that his "Beef" is with the school, not the alumni and that he "Never took anything from the alumni before and won't now". That part we kind of respect. Really though, the main reason we post this is because it gives us another opportunity to show the always entertaining videos of Knight in his heyday...the late 70's and early 80's...

So enjoy...Courtesy: You Tube

Okay, for the rest of you...check out this video Courtesy of ebaums world and You Tube of Knight trying to host a golf show...(((WARNING...ADULT LANGUAGE!!!!)))

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hampton Hoops Captain Dies From Injuiries

((HT: WAVY-TV/Collett, Rose))

Hampton (City) Police Spokesperson Cpl. Paula Ensley said at around 12:15 a.m. Saturday, officers responded to a call for a shooting victim in the 2000 block of W. Mercury Boulevard. Ensley said Dominique Smith accidentally shot someone in the parking lot of Fusions Night Club and tried to find a hospital before calling for help from the BJ's parking lot on Power Plant Pkwy.

Smith is charged with one count of Reckless Handling of a Firearm.

Theo Smalling was taken to Riverside hospital where he remained in critical condition. He succumbed to his injuries at 8:40 p.m. Monday.

According to HU's website, Smalling celebrated his 22nd birthday the day before the shooting.

A tribute to Smalling originally scheduled for Tuesday at the Holiday Inn on Mercury Blvd. has been canceled. A memorial service for Smalling will now be held on Thursday, October 29, at noon, in the Hampton University Convocation Center.

Here's WAVY'TV's Katie Collett's live shot from the HU campus...

WVEC-TV's coverage is here...

Arrests Made In Jasper Howard Stabbing

((HT: WTNH-TV/Santillo))

John William Lomax III is one of three arrests police made today in the stabbing death of Jasper Howard.

In addition to the murder charge, Lomax was also charged with conspiracy to commit assault.

Hakim Muhammad, 20, of Bloomfield, has also been charged with conspiracy to commit assault.

Police say Jamal Todd of Hartford pulled a fire alarm inside the dance, sending about 300 people outside. That's when Jasper, and another UConn student, were stabbed.

Todd has been charged with falsely reporting an incident and reckless endangerment. He has been released on bond and is due back in court on November 10.

According to Lomax's Facebook page, he is friends with Johnny Hood , a Bloomfield man that was arrested for breach of peace and interfering with an officer the day after the incident

Police say the arrest warrants have been sealed.

Here's the police presser, thanks to our friends at WTNH-TV

Here's the Breaking News coverage from WTNH-TV, Tina Detelj was on site...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jasper Howard Laid To Rest In Miami


UConn's team arrived on four white buses for Jasper Howard's funeral Monday morning. Each man carried a single white rose, tied with a blue ribbon, as he walked into the church in Howard's hometown.

At the end of the services, the teammates that were with Howard the night he was stabbed spoke to the family, comforting them in saying that Howard was not alone that night.

A viewing was held Sunday, a week after Howard was fatally stabbed outside a dance on Connecticut's campus.

No one has been charged in his death.

Marc Robbins got to cut a package from the studio in New Haven...thanks again to our friends at WTNH-TV

Sound from teammates talking about the stabbing can be found here... also from WTNH...

Moyes Agrees To Sell Coyotes To NHL

The sale was announced in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Monday after attorneys met for more than an hour during a recess in a status hearing on the case.

Former coach Wayne Gretzky, who has a $22.5-million (U.S.) claim in the case, has not agreed to the deal.

Of course, since The Great One wants his cut in their somewhere...

Moyes' attorney says the decision to make a deal came largely because the costs of running the team in bankruptcy were coming out of the league's $140-million offer.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly says that once the deal closes, the league will immediately look to sell the team, preferably to an owner who will keep the club in Arizona.

The meetings Daryl Jones had with the NHL seem somewhat timely, but those of us at OSG HQ still have our money on Reinsdorf.

More when we know more...

Mullen Joins Kiffin On Reprimand Parade

((HT: SEC))

Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive has issued a public reprimand to Mississippi State University head football coach Dan Mullen for his public comments concerning officiating Sunday.

"Coach Mullen has violated the Southeastern Conference Code of Ethics," Slive said. "SEC Bylaw 10.5.4 clearly states that coaches, players and support personnel shall refrain from all public criticism of officials.”

Mullen said the replay official who worked the Bulldogs' 29-19 loss to Florida should be disciplined for not overturning an interception return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter by Gators linebacker Dustin Doe, who might have fumbled before reaching the goal line.

The replay official listed for the game in Starkville on Saturday night was Dan Dembinski.

Those of us at OSG HQ are now taking bets as to the next SEC coach who is going to get written up...
Vandy's Bobby Johnson is not at the top of our list...

Kovalchuk down for 4

Here's a little hockey news. One of the worst franchises' in the NHL is going to be without there best player for the next 4 weeks. Ilya Kovalchuk, the one shining star on an otherwise forgetful team that has had 1 playoff appearance in 10 years, broke a bone in his right foot Friday night in a game against San Jose.

Kovalchuck was off to a great start, tying for the NHL lead in goals with 9 in 7 games. The Thrashers were in negotiations with Kovalchuk for a new contract which was expected to be the biggest ongoing story with the team this season.

Here is more on the story from AJC.Com RIGHT HERE

Obviously this hurts the rebuilt Thrashers who were off to a decent start despite losing there past 3 games. They don't really have a "Franchise" level player to pick up the slack. They've got a few good players such as Nik Andropov and Bryan Little, those guys are going to have to try and make up for it. It will be very interesting to see how this affects Kovy's contract negotiations. There has been quite a bit made of him wanting to see the Thrashers make some "Moves to be a Winner". If they are able to stay around .500 with him out, maybe that will be enough to convince him to stay in Atlanta. Otherwise, it's going to be a long, cold winter in Atlanta because the rumor mill will be a churning when he is ready to return to the ice.

Here is video of the injury from the YouTube:

Ooops...Lane Kiffin did it again...

Once again, Tennessee Coach Lane Kiffin angered the fine folks at the SEC Head Office. This time it was for his criticism of the referee's at the end of last week's Alabama/Tennessee Game. Specifically, the last play of the game where Terrance Cody blocked a potential game-winning field goal and proceeded to take off his helmet, before the play had been whistled dead. Kiffin was reprimanded today by commissioner Mike Slive.

The story from Huntsville Times IS HERE.
For the Tennessee Perspective, here is WVLT-TV's story HERE

((Lane Kiffin and The Saban//Courtesy:

It will be interesting to see if anything else happens here since it is now the 2nd time that Kiffin has been reprimanded. Several of the Alabama newspapers say that "He should be suspended", but they would. We aren't justifying Kiffin complaining publicly because well, he shouldn't. But, he does have a legitimate question if you look at wrapup that Brother Jon posted over the weekend, you clearly can see that Cody did what he was accused of. On the flip-side, if the refs never saw it...did it happen? You'll have to make that judgement on your own.

This link will take you to Kiffin's comments on Sunday...ITS RIGHT HERE.

Your Monday Off-The-Ice Coyotes Update

((HT: GlobeSports/Waldie))

Lawyers for the National Hockey League get to visit with bankruptcy court Judge Redfield T. Baum to address his concerns about the league's bid for the club. If the judge is satisfied, the hearing could clear the way for the NHL to become the club's new owner within a few weeks.

Meanwhile, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will hold a meeting in New York with representatives of Ice Edge Holdings, a group of eight Canadian and U.S. businessmen who want to buy the club.

Bettman has indicated that once the league acquires control of the Coyotes, NHL officials will begin looking for a new owner. Ice Edge has made it clear it plans to submit an offer as soon as possible.

Yeah, but we think Reinsdorf is still a player in this as well. Daryl Jones should still keep an eye over his favorite shoulder...

Ice Edge says they now have an agreement with the City of Glendale on a lease- that was one of the stumbling blocks during the bankruptcy proceedings the first time.

The group still wants to do their Saskatoon gambit, but the NHL hasn't signed off on that yet. And they still want Wayne Gretzky involved somehow, but no one knows at the moment what that involvement will entail since he's not coaching anymore.

Public figurehead and palatial hand-waver...???
Get him one of those Wal-Mart-like vests and have him at the front door...???

Also, according to Waldie, the Coyotes have lost over US$3-million in September. The team's fiscal year loss to date is almost US$11-million.

Well done...

Your Monday Steve Phillips Update

Yeah, yeah...
We know...

Go here if you wanna know about it... or some place like that...

A real surprise... a real shocker...
Move on... nothing to see here...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Georgia High School FB Player Laid To Rest, Initial Autopsy Inconclusive...

((HT: WTVM-TV/Ledger-Enquirer, Crouch/WRBL-TV))

Initial autopsy results on Marion County linebacker Erick Gutierrez came back inconclusive Saturday. Gutierrez collapsed at practice Tuesday and died in hospital. It may take up to 60 days for a more specific cause of death to be determined and released according to medical examiners.

The Marion County team took on Schley County in a region game Friday evening and won 39-6 solidifying their place in the post-season.

Luke Jernigan was Gutierrez’s position coach and one of the coaches who performed CPR on the fallen player.

“It was a long week, but the boys did a really good job,” Jernigan said. “They responded and were able to focus.”

Earlier Friday, the team met with Gutierrez’s family in private, away from campus. Before the game, Gutierrez’s number “54” was painted at the 30-yard line on both sides of the field. A special halftime ceremony honored the player who Jernigan described as “great young man.”

“He (Gutierrez) was a great representative of the school,” Jernigan said. “He would meet students when they arrived. He befriended anyone who came in.”

Chris Whitaker's game story from the Americus Times-Recorder is here...

WRBL-TV's Alison Flowers returned to Buena Vista before game day...

TWTW: Sycamores Snap 33-Game Losing Streak

((HT: WTHI-TV/Terre Haute))

Indiana State University's football team snaps a 33 game losing streak. They defeated Western Illinois, 17 to 14.

It was the longest losing streak in the country for college football.

Quarterback Ryan Roberts led the charge for ISU, scoring both of the Sycamores’ touchdowns, including a 91 yard rushing touchdown that would give ISU a 10-7 lead at the half.

He would add another touchdown in the fourth quarter to reclaim the lead...

Rick Semmler, from WTHI-TV, has your highlights...

Bully for you guys this week...

TWTW: Lobos Losing Streak HIts 11

((HT: KRQE-TV/Tate))

They can't even win when Mike Locksley ISN'T on the sideline...

UNLV did what they were supposed to... beat a team that's worse than they are...

The Lobos fall to 0-7 on the season, and 0-3 in the Mountain West Conference. The Lobos have lost 11 straight going back to last season.

New Mexico was without the services of first year Head Coach Mike Locksley because he was still serving a 10 day suspension for his role in an altercation with receiver's coach J.B. Gerald.

Next up for New Mexico is a trip to San Diego to play the Aztecs...

KRQE-TV's Adam Shadoff got to sit inside for this one...

TWTW: ODU Now 6-2, Beat Savannah State


We're tracking Old Dominion's first year of college football in 60 years...
They're not doing too badly...

The Savannah State Tigers were out to snap their 5-game losing streak against an Old Dominion team that was in its first year of football.

But, it didn't happen at the Monarchs ran away to a 38-17 victory.

The Monarchs came out scoring on their first possession and taking a 17-0 lead at the half.

Thomas DeMarco completed 14 of 20 passes for 198 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Savannah State falls to 1-6 for the season.

Here's some raw video from WTOC-TV in Savannah, ((for those of you that like that kind of stuff)) that gives video evidence that ODU did, in fact, win the game...

TWTW: Clemson Upsets 8th-Ranked Miami in OT 40-37

Kyle Parker threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to Jacoby Ford in overtime, giving Clemson a 40-37 win over No. 8 Miami on Saturday night.

Matt Bosher kicked a 22-yard field goal on Miami’s overtime possession, but on third-and-11, Parker’s third TD pass of the night gave the Tigers (4-3, 3-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) their first win over a ranked opponent in nine games—and dealt Miami’s ACC hopes a serious blow.

Jacory Harris threw for two touchdowns for Miami (5-2, 2-2), but also threw three interceptions.

Since the start of the 1985 season, Miami is 136-2 when scoring 34 or more points.

It was the third meeting of these teams since Miami joined the ACC; all three went to overtime, and all three have been won by the road team.

Here's your postgame from our friends at WSPA-TV in Grrenville...

95-Yard Goal Gives SMU Upset Over Tulsa

Yes, we're talking soccer...

From NBC Miami again...

Ryan Rosenbaum's first goal as an SMU soccer player won't soon be forgotten.

Rosenbaum launched a 95-yard kick that bounced over the Tulsa goaltender's head and into the goal.

SMU was leading 2-1 at the time when Rosenbaum cleared the ball from the SMU end of the field. The high kick took a giant bounce off the grass and ended up in the net.

SMU went on to win the game, 3-2, upsetting the 16th ranked Tulsa Golden Hurricane.
Rosenbaum, a defender, had not taken a shot on goal in his first four games.

Maybe he'll shoot more now...


View more news videos at:

Richards Gets No Suspension For Booth Hit

((HT: CSN Philly/TSN))

According to Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren, Brad Richards will not be getting a suspension for his shoulder-to-jaw smash on Florida Panthers winger David Booth ((pictured, thanks CP)) Saturday night.

"I'm never out there to hurt anyone," Richards said after the game. "I have respect for the game and respect for the players. My concern is with him. Hopefully, he's fine and gets better. I just wanted to separate him from the puck. He dished it off and everything happened so quickly. I don't have a history of head shots and I don't even know if it was a head shot."

But Panthers' defenceman Keith Ballard felt Richards took advantage of Booth's position, something he has a history of doing.

"Richards knows (Booth) is in vulnerable position and goes after him," Ballard said. "He's done it before. That's the same stuff they've been trying to cut out. The thing with Mike Richards is he's a good, honest player. I love a lot about his game. He does a lot of things well, but then he does that stuff."

Go ahead and circle December 21st on your calendar...

Here's the hit in question, thanks to our friends at CSN-Philly and the NHL

TWTW: TCU Asserts BCS Buster Move, Takes Out BYU 38-7

((HT: KSL-TV/Salt Lake City))

Andy Dalton passed for 241 yards and three touchdowns and No. 10 TCU remained unbeaten with a 38-7 win over 16th-ranked BYU on Saturday.

The Horned Frogs (7-0, 3-0 Mountain West) continued their march to what they hope is a BCS berth with their eighth straight victory and routed the Cougars (6-2, 3-1) for the second year in a row.

BYU, which had won 13 straight conference home games, was hoping to avenge a 32-7 loss at TCU last year that ended the Cougars' 16-game winning streak.

Here's Rod Zundel standing in front of a green screen with some fancy graphics...

Video Courtesy of

Bob Griese, Why did you say that?

As good as yesterday's college football games were, there were a few issues that bear mentioning. Brother Jon spoke about one at the end of the Alabama/Tennessee game after Terrance Cody blocked a potential Game-winning field goal attempt.

The other of significance, the comment made by ABC College Football announcer Bob Griese during the Ohio State/Minnesota game. Without spoiling the story, it had something to do with NASCAR Driver Juan-Pablo Montoya and a very stereotypical and in this case, completely wrong assumption.

The Story from NBC Miami IS RIGHT HERE

Video from the You Tube/NBC Miami:

Needless to say, Griese had to apologize for what he said, and he has. We hope he was just trying to be funny and missed the mark. Of course there are quite a few people enraged by the quick comment that he made. Griese is a Hall of Fame former Quarterback who played at Purdue and later led the Miami Dolphins during there glory years of the early 70's. He's been an analyst with ABC for a long time working everything from the National Game to the oh-by the way games such as this one.

TWTW: Who Are These Aggies...??? A&M Beats Texas Tech 52-30

((HT: KBTX-TV/Bryan))

The Texas A&M Aggies bounced back from an embarrassing loss at Kansas State in a big way, beating Texas Tech in Lubbock for the first time since 1993, 52-30.

Cyrus Gray scored four touchdowns to lead Texas A&M past No. 21 Texas Tech 52-30 Saturday night, snapping a three-game losing streak for the Aggies.

It was quite a turnaround from A&M's 62-14 loss last week to Kansas State.

The Aggies had 334 total yards in the first half against the Red Raiders a week after they had 301 for the entire game.

Here's KBTX-TV's Dwayne Parsons sitting behind a desk with your highlights and post...

Can An Aluminum Bat Kill...???

((HT: Helena Independent Record-Brandt/KRTV-TV, Great Falls))

That's the question in a Montana courtroom this past week and next...

Six years ago, Brandon Patch was pitching to a Helena Senators hitter, who was using an aluminum Louisville Slugger bat, when he was struck in the temple by the ball on July 25, 2003.

Patch died at a hospital about four hours later.

Patch's mother is seeking damages from the makers of Louisville Slugger bats in a civil trial. Debbie Patch's attorneys ((Joe White is pictured, thanks Eliza Wiley/Helena Independent Record)) argue the case is not a freak accident.

Louisville Slugger attorney Rob Sterup said the outcome could have been the same with any bat. "If some other bat was used, the ball would have been hit just as hard, if not harder."

Now we get to the official legalese, thanks to Angela Brandt...

Patch's attorneys claim her son's death was caused by the "defective and unreasonably dangerous product because the bat was designed and manufactured to allow the ball to be hit with such significant force as to endanger the safety of those playing the game."

They also maintain there were no warnings given to anyone using or playing around an aluminum bat stating the possible dangers...

Patch is chasing punitive damages, naturally, and thinks H&B acted "with malice." She's also seeking "actual" damages in an amount to be determined during the trial.

Sterup says it is hard to comprehend someone dying while playing a game, and many times family members are looking for answers.

Here's your opening voiceover from KRTV in Great Falls...

While those of us at OSG HQ undoubtedly feel sorry for the Patch family's loss...
We think this is a lawsuit searching for answers rather than a lawsuit searching for a purpose and making a statement...

TWTW: Stanzi Rolls A Seven As Time Expires, Iowa Stays Unbeaten 15-13

((HT: Moines))

Ricky Stanzi connected with Marvin McNutt for a 7-yard touchdown pass as time expired and No. 7 Iowa remained undefeated with a 15-13 victory against Michigan State on Saturday night.

The Hawkeyes are 8-0 for the first time in school history and have sole possession of first place in the Big Ten.

Iowa (4-0 Big Ten) has won 12 straight dating back to last season, the second-longest streak in the nation.

Michigan State (4-4, 3-2) had grabbed a 13-9 lead with 1:37 remaining when Kirk Cousins hit Blair White on a 30-yard touchdown. But the Hawkeyes stormed back with a sharp, game-winning drive led by Stanzi.

Those of us at OSG HQ would like to know who Kirk Ferentz made his deal with before the season started...

Here's your postgame wrap from Des Moines...
Dave Zawalinski is somewhat breathless trying to make slot...

TWTW: Mount Cody Blocks Vols Win 12-10


Daniel Lincoln's game-winning field goal attempt was blocked, and Tennessee lost to Alabama, 12-10, in front of a capacity crowd on the fourth Saturday in October.

Things looked bleak for the Vols, as they trailed 12-3 late in the fourth quarter.

But Gerald Jones caught a Jonathan Crompton pass and ran 11 yards into the end zone to get the Vols within 12-10 with 1:19 left in the game.

Denarius Moore recovered an onside kick, and Crompton found Luke Stocker at the Alabama 29-yard line, putting the Vols in position for a field goal.

But Alabama blocked its second Lincoln kick of the game, and the Crimson Tide escaped with the narrow victory.

All of Alabama's scoring came from the leg of kicker Leigh Tiffin, who had four field goals.

Here's WVLT's Daryl Hobby with your highlights...

Here's Rick Russo's post-game wrap from Tuscaloosa
And those of us at OSG HQ still "wonder" why Mount Cody wasn't called for a celebration penalty since he removed his helmet after the block...

While the ball was still in play...

Just axin'...

Sunday Update: Jasper Howard Homicide

((HT: WTIC-TV/WTNH-TV/The Hartford Courant))

The state police dive team was searching Swan Lake near the entrance to the University of Connecticut campus on Saturday.

A diver was videotaped in the water as officers were assisting from the shore in Storrs, and a second diver was searching on the other side of the shallow lake.

Police would not say if they were searching for a knife in the case of the murder of UConn football cornerback Jasper Howard, who was stabbed during an on-campus fight last weekend and died Sunday. State police officials at the scene said they could not comment.

Lt. J. Paul Vance, the chief spokesman for the state police, confirmed that officers were at the scene, but he referred questions Saturday to the UConn police.

Who, of course, would still not comment...

Here was a piece of the Jasper Howard memorial before the West Virginia game in Morgantown from the Courant...

WTNH-TV's Marc Robbins got to stand out in the rain for their return home to Storrs for his live shot...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Doraville Doesn't Want Falcoms

((HT: AJC/Hunt))

It may be a touch of country in the city, but if the Doraville mayor holds any weight, the vacant land that was floated as the idea won't be floated anymore...

In a unanimous vote earlier this week, the City Council rejected what it said is a conceptual plan being pushed by DeKalb County: Build the NFL team a new stadium where a shuttered General Motors plant now stands near I-285 and MARTA rail.

“The county seems to think a stadium would be a wonderful thing,” Doraville Mayor Ray Jenkins said. “Our citizens overwhelmingly are not for that.”

DeKalb Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis said the county does not favor any concept, including a stadium. Rather, he remains open to any ideas that meet his goals of restoring 4,000 jobs lost when the factory closed in 2008 and puts the property back on the tax rolls.

"It becomes difficult to say no to any idea when we haven't seen any concrete plans," Ellis said. "There is nothing on paper yet."

The GM plant held 165 acres right next to Interstate 285 in northeast Atlanta. The Doraville City Council is worried about placing everything on the property: field, practice facilities, and administrative offices.

As Brother Phil admitted, that was probably news to the current town that houses the practice facility and offices way north. The town of Flowery Branch cut the Falcons a sweet deal to move up there long-term.

Those of us at OSG HQ think that would make for interesting public wars of words.

We know that Falcons owner Arthur Blank wants a new building by the time the bonds on the Dome are paid off- 2015 or sooner, but no later than 2020. And he needs a new building even after all the capital improvements that Blank has personally invested in...

To end a sentence in a preposition...

For your weekend music selection, we remind you of what the Atlanta Rhythm Section meant to rock and roll in the '70s and '80s...

It ain't much, but it's home...

Zorn Gets "Vote Of Confidence," World Continues Rotating

((HT: WTTG-TV/Myfoxdc))

The front office says Jim Zorn will remain Washington Redskins coach "for the rest of this season and hopefully into the future."

Executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato gave Zorn the vote of confidence on a radio show on ESPN980 Friday morning.

Speculation has been rampant about Zorn's future following the Redskins' 2-4 start. Zorn was stripped of his play-calling duties this week.

Cerrato said the front office is "very frustrated" with the team's performance this season and that the play-caller change was a way to help relieve Zorn of his many duties.

Cerrato said he hopes his remarks will make things "totally crystal clear" about Zorn'

Yeah, Vinny... everything is still crystal clear to those of us at OSG HQ...
Zorn's ass is still out the door at the end of the year, but yours is still in place...

UConn Witnesses Threatened, T-Shirts Now On Sale


Neither in a good way...

University of Connecticut police say witnesses to the killing of football player Jasper Howard are being threatened with violence if they come forward with evidence.

Maj. Ronald Blicher tells the student newspaper, The Daily Campus , that the threats are being made in Internet postings and police are looking into them. He says authorities are still urging people to submit videos, photos or other information.

But Andrew Pergam of NBC Connecticut, formerly WVIT-TV, lets us in on the whole profiteering motive of some folks up that way.

A website has been prominently promoting tee-shirts and towels memorializing Jasper Howard with the promise that “all proceeds benefit Jasper Howards [sic] child.”

Not cool, says Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Not cool at all.

For one thing, the Pennsylvania company,, appears to be violating University of Connecticut logo and licensing rules, and for another, the company is not registered as a charity with the state, and therefore can’t sell products this way. They have "failed to demonstrate authorization or permission," said a press release.

Blumenthal gave gamedaytease their cease and desist presser Friday afternoon.

This might be one of the last chances to see what one of these looks like before the entire state of Connecticut drops the hammer... they've got a lot of stuff up on their site page.

It may not be there much longer...

15 Years Later: Oregon's Pick Of Huard Still Fresh

((HT: KVAL-TV/Eugene))

It really has been 15 years dince the interception Damon Huard threw to Oregon freshman Kenny Wheaton. It sealed the Ducks' 31-20 upset over the 9th-ranked Huskies at Autzen Stadium, and helped propel Oregon to a Pac-10 Championship and a Rose Bowl berth.

Tom Ward of KVAL caught up with both of them...
Cool stuff... KVAL views this as their "Game of the 1990s"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Cable Charges In Oakland

((HT: NBC Bay Area))

Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein said late Thursday he is not filing charges against the Oakland Raiders' coach for allegedly assaulting one of his assistants.

Randy Hanson says Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable attacked him back in August during a coach meeting at a Napa hotel.

Cable has been in legal limbo ever since.

Cable has not commented on the matter, even though reporters have dogged him with questions almost every day since Aug. 6. The one exception was this past Monday when no reporters brought it up at Cable's weekly post-game news conference. Apparently members of the media were still a little shell-shocked from the Raiders surprising victory against the Eagles.

"Lock-step corroboration of Hanson's story by three witnesses having no natural incentive to corroborate Hanson's version would have and should have triggered a much quicker decision on whether to charge Cable with assault," says ProFootballTalk writer Mike Florio, an attorney himself.

This does not mean Cable's troubles are over.
Hanson will likely file a civil lawsuit.

Another Georgia HS Footballer Dies At Practice

For the second time this year, a Georgia high school football player has died while at practice.

Students at Marion County Middle High School are mourning the loss of their friend who collapsed during a football practice Tuesday evening.

As the team was running plays, 18-year-old Erick Gutierrez bent over to get into his stance and fell over.

Paramedics responded, but he could not be revived. Gutierrez was later pronounced dead at Phoebe Sumter Medical Center.

Chauncy Glover of WTVM-TV in Columbus caught up with some of Gutierrez's friends and teammates- including one who was right next to him when he collapsed...

Gutierrez was a Senior from Buena Vista, Georgia. He was an offensive lineman and participant of his high school’s film club. Gutierrez was college-bound, interested in studying business.

“Just a wonderful kid. Outgoing, always smiling. Don’t know anyone who didn’t love him,“ said Glenn Tidwell, principal of Marion County Middle High School.

Autopsy results are pending.
The family has set funeral arrangements for Saturday at 2 p.m. ET.

Alison Flowers and Shawn Skillman from WRBL-TV in Columbus have in-depth coverage...

Marion County's county seat is a town called Buena Vista...
It's pronounced "Byoona Vista"- cut with the's their town...

Marion County, along with two other counties in the area with small populations, merged back in the 1970's to form Tri-County High School.

The schools eventually broke off to form their own county schools once again after the 2000 school year. Marion is scheduled to play Schley County, one of the Tri-County schools, Friday in a region game. Schley Head Coach Jim McFather will have his players wear a #54 sticker on their helmets in support of Marion County.

Another reminder that football is only a game...

SEC Refs Suspended

The Southeastern Conference took action yesterday against one of its refereeing crews for making some highly questionable calls in 2 very close football games. Commissioner Mike Slive suspended the crew headed by Referee Mark Curles and 6 others for the next 3 games and have placed there potential for bowl work in serious doubt.

The reasons for the suspension, for those who don't follow college football, they called the University of Georgia's AJ Green for an excessive celebration penalty after he caught a go-ahead touchdown pass late in Georgia's game vs. LSU. The subsequent 15-yard penalty, short kickoff and return enabled LSU to drive down the field and score at the end of the game and get the win.

The Georgia play in question, from raw video on YouTube:

The crew more recently had a couple of "Very" questionable calls in the Florida/Arkansas game. A pass interference penalty in the end zone that looked an awful lot like a good play. They called a phantom personal foul on Arkansas DT Malcom Shepard for running into a Florida player in the middle of the field. Nothing dirty. They collided trying to get from point A to point B. All in all, too much controversy.

Now the required reading from the pundits:

The Orlando Sentinel HERE
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is HERE
NWAOnline (Arkansas) is RIGHT HERE
The Huntsville Times/ report is RIGHT HERE

We will refrain from getting deep into this topic. It's hard to "Take Sides" since most SEC Football fans are conspiracy theorists and think that either the league or CBS has arranged things so the biggest "Marquee" teams win each week. They all think that one or both of them are out to make their team lose. We all know that it isn't true, but trust me, up until recently, I lived my entire life down there, they do believe it...and they aren't afraid to say so.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jeff Fisher isn't that Funny

Apparently members of the Tennessee Titans organization are just chock full of bad ideas this season. The Coach, Jeff Fisher tried to do something that he thought would be humorous while introducing former Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy at a speaking engagement in Nashville. He dressed in a Peyton Manning Colts Jersey. While it drew some laughter from the crowd and from Dungy, the Titan nation...was not pleased. Nor were they happy about the quote that preceded the unveiling "I just wanted to feel like a winner".

Commentary from David Climer of the Tennessean HERE.

The apology story from the Tennessean HERE

((Jeff Fisher surprises everyone//Courtesy: Sanford Meyers/The Tennessean))

This was an odd act from an otherwise incredibly stable, understated coach. Fisher isn't known for bold outbursts, being overly colorful or anything else. He's the longest tenured coach in the NFL right now for a reason, he's been consistently successful with the Titans, a team almost always in playoff contention. This season hasn't been very kind though, last week they lost to New England 59-0 and head into their bye week 0-5.

We don't have video to put in a player, but if you'd like...check out the link from WSMV-TV in Nashville RIGHT HERE

The Dirty Dozen vs. The BCS

Hey, thanks everybody,we are back for another week of College Football fun, though last week was pretty entertaining as well, hopefully this one will be more whatever the plural of that is.

We had the first of the oft debated BCS Polls come out and strangely they kind of didn't totally agree with the "Voters" polls...but that is a story for another column on another day...besides, nobody wants to hear me get on my horse again about that whole thing.

So...back to the task at hand. We have a lot to go through here, so let's get started with our weekly clip, though we know our participants...let's see the Major meeting his recruits....Thanks YouTube:

And so now...IT'S ON WITH THE COUNTDOWN! (Thanks Casey)

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Florida 6-0 (I know that a lot of people moved Alabama ahead of them, but I can't. You have to earn it in our poll. Yeah, they struggled with Arkansas, but the Petrino's are a pretty good team. I know they rely on the Tebow too much...but "To be the Man, you've gotta beat the Man" and that ain't happened yet. This Week: Florida 21, Miss. St. 12)
2) Alabama 7-0
(Yes, they are good...scary good. The stage is being set for a game of the century in the SEC Championship game which would be a downer because I'd have to vote for mutual destruction...but I digress. This Week: Alabama 31, Tennessee 12)
3) Texas 6-0
(They took care of Oklahoma and should get respect for that...but they didn't. They aren't always pretty, but they win and that should count for something. This Week: Texas 34, Missouri 23)
4) Boise State 6-0
(They get to stay until proven otherwise. Brother Jon says they still have to survive a trip to Hawaii, I say I wish that I had that problem. This Week: Boise St. 38, Hawaii 21)
5) Cincinnati 6-0
(It's amazing how Brian Kelly just keeps plugging in players and winning. I'm telling you...I live here now...these guys are legit. They won't get to the BCS title game because they aren't in the SEC, Big 12 or Pac10...sadly. This Week: Cincinnati 31, Louisville 21)
6) Iowa 7-0
(Am I the only one still waiting for other shoe to drop with these guys? They are just like Cal...who always loses late in the year. They are solid, but not great. The best of a really BAD not-so Big 10. UPSET SPECIAL!! This Week: Michigan St. 21, Iowa 20)
7) TCU 6-0
(Again, they are undefeated so they get priority over the 1-loss teams. They are pretty good, but we will soon find out if they are really good. This Week: BYU 27, TCU 21)
8) USC 5-1
(They held on to beat Notre Dame last week...thankfully. Another team that I'm not sold on, but they are USC so they will always get love with the pollsters no matter how they play. This Week: USC 24, Oregon St. 21)
9) Miami 5-1
(Weren't they here a couple of weeks ago? They are pretty good...arguably the best of the ACC, which isn't saying much. Not much left on the schedule to slow them down either. This Week: Miami 34, Clemson 31)
10) Oregon 5-1
(Yes, they have finally rebounded from the 1st game loss to Boise. They have been playing good football in some ugly-ass uniforms. This Week: Oregon 27, Washington 21)
11) LSU 5-1
(They should be better. They have talent. On both sides of the ball. If the offense ever gets it, they will be a tough out. They sit behind Alabama who they play in a couple of weeks. This Week: LSU 30, Auburn 20)
12) Georgia Tech 6-1
(They've been here before too. Nice win vs. Va. Tech last week. They are a tough matchup for everyone and there are no major landmines here. They seem to finally understand that winning in the conference is as big or bigger than beating Georgia. Welcome to the 21st century guys. This Week: Ga. Tech 20, Virginia 17)

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Wash. State 1-5
(Wah..wah..wah. What else can I say about them? I've run out of material. They are like a bad waiter joke. They are here every week. I guess that is working OK for them, they don't seem to have a problem with it. This Week: Cal 48, Wash. St. 19)
4) Western Ky. 0-6
(We will let them climb the ladder this week since they played a close game against The Lovely Bride's alma mater in Louisiana. They still don't have much of a chance...against pretty much anyone. This Week: Middle Tenn. 38, WKY 10)
3) Bald State 0-7
(Whew! How many David Letterman's mistress jokes can we make here? What? This is a football story? Yeah, I know...I just wanted to tease that I might be going there...I'm not. This Week: Game of the Week!!! E. Michigan 10, Bald St. 9)
2) Rice Krispies 0-7
(Did you hear the story about the allegations against Snap? He was apparently trying to put some moves on Pop! Krackle just laughed about the whole thing. (Yeah, I know, I'm not a standup comedian). This Week: UCF 31, Pop 13)
1) New Mexico Locksley's 0-6
(Apparently not having Mike Locksley coach didn't make these guys any better. At least Locksley stayed out of legal trouble. Man, that whole program just sounds like a downer. I suppose there is always basketball. This Week: UNLV 31 Credits, Ron Mexico's 21)

Last Week: 10-4, Overall 65-23.
Maybe there is a job for me out there after all.

(I don't know why the font size is different when posting this...the site is wacky and won't let me fix it!!! Maybe I can get computer training while unemployed?)