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Steve Phillips Lives!

Just when you think that they are gone...they return. Disgraced former ESPN analyst and former New York Mets GM Steve Phillips is back in the baseball analyst chair. This time it's for the Fanhouse website.

Phillips, who had a fling with a production assistant among others while working at ESPN was fired during the summer of 2009. We should also note that he had harrassment complaints filed against him while he worked for the Mets as well.

After the fling with the PA, he voluntarily admitted himself to a "Sex Addiction Rehab" clinic where he says that he learned what he did wrong is in a "Life of Recovery". He has now appeared on several different shows talking about how he is living that life and the trials and tribulations of sex rehab.

If you are interested, here is yet another interview with him on FanHouseTV.

Round 3: PHX To WPG, Reinsdorf Back In...???

((HT: GlobeSports/Willis))

Ice Edge Holdings seems to be in a race against time with the City of Glendale to reach an appropriate lease agreement with the City of Glendale over Arena.

Thursday is a deadline given for either Ice Edge or a Jerry Reinsdorf/John Kaites group to get to the finish line. The City, according to Willis, is willing to extend the deadline if negotiations are going in a positive direction.

Lease negotiations have been handled by the National Hockey League and all indications are leaning toward the Reinsdorf gambit- as has been the feeling of some of OSG's sources close to the Coyotes' situation since the beginning of all of this jibber-jabber dating back to Jim Balsillie.

But... Reinsdorf may be looking for a special tax district near the arena if he is the chosen one. That would dredge up the thought again where Reinsdorf would create a White Sox spring training facility nearby as part of a package deal.

So, then, what about Ice Edge and Mark Chipman...???

Chipman will continue to lobby the League for another troubled franchise- plenty of whom are available as the HQ has discussed in recent days.

Ice Edge may be SOL in all of this...

Here's the history that Winnipeg is chasing... the day the team went up "For Sale."
Michael Landsberg, with more hair than present, anchors coverage for TSN...

Here's Coyotes captain Shane Doan addressing the whole leaving-not leaving situation in front of a bunch of Canadian microphones recently...
((HT: FS Arizona/Todd Walsh))

PM UPDATE: Mike Sunnucks at the Phoenix Business Journal allows that the National Hockey League will not own the Phoenix Coyotes for another season and that they're really looking at having a new owner in place by June.

Really looking...

Remember Ice Edge is looking for their deal with the Saskatoon gambit and Jerry Reinsdorf, in addition to his tax district, wants an out clause if the team's finances still are south of profitable...

Sources tell Sunnucks that the League is not interested in renewing its arena lease or any contracts after the fiscal year ends.

The Phoenix Business Journal also is floating the Coyotes-to-Kansas City idea, but the HQ thinks that the Islanders are still the number one contender for that move...

Eddie Gossage and radio DJ play early April Fools Joke

Not only did they play a joke...a whole lot of media types bought it...hook, line and sinker.

Gossage, the president of Texas Motor Speedway and Dallas DJ Terry Dorsey of KSCS-FM radio played off of each other and claimed that the Speedway would pay Dorsey $100,000 to legally change his name to

Really, I'm not sure that I can explain the set up other than Gossage posted something on his Facebook page about it and Dorsey spoke of it on the air...the rest, kind of took a life of its own.

One of the early buyers on the story...the 4-letter...Check out the story RIGHT HERE

((Terry Dorsey laughs//Courtesy: KSCS Radio))

If you read the story, they reported on this as legit, though they did have some questions about it, harkening back to a series of April fool's stunts that both have pulled. If you have a minute, do a Google search on the story. ESPN pulled the original story posted by their ESPNDallas blogger Terry Blount.

However, FOX News didn't pull theirs. Check it out RIGHT HERE...bwahahahaha!
For that matter, it is still on the website...RIGHT HERE

We aren't sure what is funnier here. The fact that Dorsey and Gossage went to some length to play the gag or the fact that so many people bought it that they had to issue an official apology. Either way...we laugh, at the duo for their creativity and we laugh at our so-called peers who didn't read between the lines.

Since there doesn't seem to be a TV story on...the story, enjoy an old interview that Gossage did on KCSC back in 2008. Thanks You Tube:

Dixon doesn't want to go to Oregon either...

It looks like the Phil Knight's of Oregon can cross another name off of their list. Jamie Dixon, the coach at Pittsburgh, who was being wooed by the folks in Eugene is no longer available to them.

You see Dixon signed a contract extension with the Panthers just this afternoon.

More from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette RIGHT HERE

((Jamie Dixon likes Pitt//Courtesy: Matt Freed/Post-Gazette))

And the list shrinks. Oregon along with DePaul remain the 2 significant coaching vacancies in college basketball and also the biggest example of overestimating themselves.

Oregon has held the belief that Knight's Nike money can buy them the best of the best coaches. However, reality has set in because everyone that has been publicly courted has turned them down.

DePaul on the other hand, nobody can figure out. The once proud Blue Demon program is in shambles and aside from some interest in Tony Barbee and Barbee had interest in them, however the school dragged its collective feet and now Barbee is at Auburn.

It will be interesting to see how both of these jobs play out. Both schools may need to realize that they aren't the "Plums" that they think they are. There are plenty of lower level coaches who would jump at the opportunity and if the schools do their homework they might even find a keeper out there. Just sayin'.

Here is an interesting Dixon highlight...from when he played at Texas Christian 1986. Enjoy the buzzer beater. Thanks You Tube:

USC's New "Trojan Man" Has It Covered

The last few weeks I've been on a spring football tour however a trip to Southern Cal. wasn't in the itinerary. It would have been nice to be in L.A. on Tuesday for Lane Kiffin's first spring practice at USC as the "Trojan Man".

Yes Kiffykins is hanging with the beautiful people in L.A. practicing his craft. Along for the ride are his partners in crime, daddy Monte Kiffin and recruiter in chief Ed Orgeron.

This time a year ago Kiffykins was wearing Tennessee orange riling up the passionate fans of the SEC, calling Urban Meyer a cheater (adding to Meyer's off the charts stress level.) and telling a recruit if he wanted to pump gas for a living play for Steve Spurrier at South Carolina.

None of that rhetoric is needed at USC, if Kiffykins called Rick Neuheisel and pot head it probably would get some play on TMZ or if he told a recruit if he wanted to hold up a sign for a career as a political protester play for Jeff Tedford at Cal the Bear fans would react... "so that's our football coach."

In the college football world, the passion of SEC football fans is a 10, the Pac-10 its maybe a 2.

Now Kiffykins has brought a new attitude to USC, that according to quarterback Matt Barkley saying this coaching staff is big on discipline.

"I really want to focus on toughness and discipline," Kiffin told the Los Angeles Daily News. "We want to make sure we play smart. That when you watch us we are a disciplined team."

Pardon me as I recover from laughter......

At Tennessee Kiffin was the immature little kid who tried to bully his way through the SEC slinging arrows at the established coaches in the league as if to say "look at me, I'm going to kick your ass."

Kiffykins admits Southern Cal is a different situation, one that he doesn't need to act like a jerk. What will be Kiffin's demeanor if the Trojans get off to a bad start?

Would anyone in the Pac-1o care.

Photos Courtesy:Andy Holzman/Los Angeles Daily News & AP

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lavin to St. Johns...Yawn!

Hey for those of you not tired of the college basektball coaching carousel, St. Johns finally convinced someone to take that job. Steve Lavin. Lavin, who hasn't coached in the past 7 years was working at ESPN as a college basketball analyst, which apparently is a good job for a former coach if you want to get back in the game.

The New York Daily News talks about the hire RIGHT HERE

((Steve Lavin coaching//Courtesy: Dunn/Getty))

Lavin, who last coached at UCLA at the beginning of the 21st century is apparently getting a 6-year deal that will total somewhere around $9 million.

The Red Storm had been having a tough time convincing a "Big Name" to take their job. Billy Donovan of Florida and Paul Hewitt of Georgia Tech both declined the opportunity.

Check out this video of University of Washington basketball player Quincy Pondexter interviewing Lavin. Thanks UWA Athletics/You Tube:

Tim Floyd resurfaces...

Apparently you can't keep Tim Floyd down for long. Floyd who has coached at 4 other schools in the NCAA along with 2 NBA teams now can add a 5th to the college resume'. Truth be told, he was an assistant at UTEP way back in his past before heading into the Head Coaching ranks.

According to our friends at the 4-letter word, UTEP is set to announce Floyd as the replacement to Tony Barbee who left to go to Auburn. The announcement is supposed to be today at 6pm El Paso time.

More from Andy Katz and RIGHT HERE

((Tim Floyd likes the 4-horsemen//Courtesy: John W. McDonough/SI))

Floyd left his last job at USC under a bit of a cloud. He was the coach while who got O.J Mayo to come play with the Trojans and there were a bunch of allegations regarding illegal recruitment. Floyd, according to the report, won't be in trouble for those issues (hmmmm?)

In the meantime, enjoy some video of the aforementioned Floyd playing peacemaker during a casino brawl. Thanks You Tube:

The Coaching Carousel: Skinner Gone, Floyd To UTEP

As we reported, Al Skinner was relieved of his head coaching duties with the Boston College men's basketball team or as athletic director Gene DeFilippo says, "Coach Al Skinner and I agreed it would be mutually beneficial for us to part ways,"

In a statement released by Boston College, DeFilippo added, "We discussed our philosophical differences and our concern for the future of our basketball program."

Skinner wasn't on the same page as DeFilippo and of course his employment was terminated.

As stated earlier, look for Cornell head coach Steve Donohue to be in B.C.'s cross hairs. Harvard head coach Tommy Amaker could also be in the mix.

Meanwhile down in the west Texas town of El Paso, The El Paso Times and the Associated Press is reporting that Tim Floyd will be introduced as UTEP's new head coach. The A.P. cites UTEP spokesman Jeff Darby who says that Floyd is the new Miners men's basketball head coach and will be introduced at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Floyd spent 8 years at UTEP on Don Haskins' staff from 1978 - 1986.

Let the coaching carousel keep spinning.

Al Skinner Photo Courtesy: ACC

Tim Floyd Photo Courtesy: El Paso Times

What About Tubby To Oregon...? Maybe Not...

As of now, anyway...

All of the "Izzo To Eugene" talk has died down for now...
Until the end of the tournament in Indianapolis...

So, Minnesota's Tubby Smith was floated as a possible replacement for Ernie Kent...
Others think not so fast...
((HT: KVAL-TV Eugene))

According to a published report, the University of Oregon has offered Smith their coaching job. The offer was a $2 million a year one that according to the report, Smith has yet to accept.

The story from the St. Paul Pioneer Press is RIGHT HERE

Apparently, Oregon had contacted Smith...or at least his representatives on Friday, but have continued their search. Yesterday, we reported on KEZI-TV in Eugene speculating that Tom Izzo was going to be the target of a much higher pay scale.

The story of Oregon's desperate search for a new head coach is getting more bizarre by the day. Each day there is more speculation on "Who's it going to be?". Much like Izzo yesterday, we highly...highly doubt that Smith would head to Eugene. Yes, Minnesota is not the grandest of jobs in college hoops today, but neither is Oregon.

We also might add that the local newspaper...the Register Guard, is poo-pooing the KEZI story yesterday on Tom Izzo.

You can read that one RIGHT HERE

We really wonder what the H E-Double Hockey sticks is going on out in Oregon. Is it the competition to get the "Scoop"? Are the University of Oregon people that incompetent? Does nobody want the Duck job or Phil Knight's money? It makes no sense...we'll I guess see how it plays out.

Skinner will be fired...Don't mess with Gene DeFilipppo

Well, it looks like Al Skinner is going to be fired as Boston College's Head Basketball Coach today. In fact, he already has according to reports. Skinner, who interviewed for the vacant St. Johns opening on Friday was notified late last night that he'd no longer be Boston College's coach.

The quick report from the Boston Globe RIGHT HERE
The Globe also reports on BC's athletic director checking out his coaching options RIGHT HERE

((Al Skinner makes a point//Courtesy: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images))

We find this situation utterly fascinating for several reasons. BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo apparently does not want his coaches climbing aboard the carousel if they are under his employ. On several levels, that is kind of cool. When former football coach Jeff Jagodzinski went interviewing for a job with the Jets, DeFillippo didn't wait to see if he got the job, he just fired him. This sounds like a very similar thing.

The ironic thing is that Skinner isn't even the favorite to get the St.Johns job, Steve Lavin is. Skinner, who has had some success at BC will no doubt find a job coaching somewhere else but we just are amazed at the response in Boston.

In this era of zero loyalty and coaches just randomly jumping from one job to another for a little more money, it is refreshing that someone is taking a stand. Most schools just rollover and well, watch as their coach, in a lot of cases, the guy who improved the team and schools standing a lot, just walk out the door when a bigger school comes and courts them.

In this case, St. Johns isn't necessarily a better job and we do kind of wonder what Skinner was thinking. But he's a grown up too, and should have known that this scenario could have played out and it did.

Now DeFilippo will turn to the smaller school ranks and look for a new head coach himself. The negative part of his stand is that he may very well do the thing he is trying to keep his coaches from doing. While on one hand we admire the stand he is taking at BC, we also say that he is a bit hypocritical because he's doing exactly the opposite now in trying to find a coach.

In the meantime, here are some BC Highlights from ESPN, Courtesy: You Tube:


OSG Sports contacted sources inside the Boston College athletic department who spoke on the condition of anonymity today and according to them Skinner is a goner. A press conference is expected this afternoon, probably around noon to announce that Al Skinner will be relieved of his coaching duties.

It appears that Boston College covets Cornell head coach Steve Donohue who led the Ivy League school to the sweet sixteen. Go ahead and pencil in Donohue at the top of Boston College's wish list.

Boston College has always been a enigma in the ACC during the Skinner era. There was talent but the effort to win seemed to be missing.

Monday, March 29, 2010

PM UPDATE: Round 3- PHX To WPG, Daly Speaks

((HT: Vancouver Sun))

In an e-mail to the Camwest News Service, Scott Brown once again is trying to put out fires from the Phoenix Business Journal article:

"We’ve seen the piece this morning in the Phoenix Business Journal and can say there is no truth to the claim True North Sports & Entertainment has agreed in principle to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes. That is simply not true.”

Brown also denied that Thomson is involved with anything...

“It should be noted that while David Thomson is a partner in True North Sports & Entertainment, he has not nor will not be leading any attempts to acquire an NHL franchise in Winnipeg,” said Brown.

Remember our talks about Mark Chipman...???

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly appeared on the Fan590 in Toronto Monday afternoon. He confirmed that the league has had discussions with Mark Chipman and David Thomson about their interests in owning a franchise in Winnipeg.

He also said that there is no deal "in principle" to relocate the Coyotes anywhere and the league is concentrating on trying to keep the Coyotes in Glendale, and that the NHL can relocate the Coyotes without having to pay anything to the City Of Glendale.

The conversation Daly had with Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt on "Prime Time Sports" can be listened to, in its entirety, here...

Dallas Defenders Have Cops And Firemen Working Together

First responders in police and fire efforts can unite under one set of football equipment in what is called the NPSFL, or the National Public Safety Football League.

A lot of you may remember the FDNY squads after 9-11, "The Bravest," and the documentary that followed them.

Dallas' squad, the Defenders, is gearing up for another season in Frisco ISD for their home games...

KTVT-CBS11's Selena Hernandez voiced a package giving a good cause a voice on its own...

Find out more about the Defenders here...

FIU Holds Memorial Service For Kendall Berry


The entire FIU family, it seems, attended the on-campus memorial service for slain Golden Panther running back Kendall Berry.

Roommates, teammates, coaches, and family spoke on the short life that was taken too soon from everyone close to him...

Andre Hepkins was on campus...

Police charged 22-year-old Quentin Wyche, another FIU student, with second-degree murder for the death of Berry.

Reportedly, Wyche and Berry were involved in an altercation outside of FIU's recreational center when Wyche allegedly stabbed and killed Berry Thursday night.

According to eight witnesses, Wyche said, after he stabbed Berry, "That's what he gets. I told y'all."

Berry's mother said she and the rest of Berry's family will hold another memorial for him Friday in his native Polk County. The funeral will be take place on Saturday.

What If Gus Johnson Took David To The Dentist...???

((HT: GusJohnsonGetsBuckets))

Here's your answer...


Izzo and Oregon= One Word...Why?

Not to get on our soapbox or anything, but has anyone else seen the "Oregon interested in Izzo story that is making the rounds today? Yes, KEZI-TV in Eugene, Oregon is saying that "Sources tell them that Phil Knight of Nike will enable Oregon to offer current Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo the largest contract in College Basketball."

We give you KEZI's original story RIGHT HERE

Ordinarily we would say this is the point that we call B.S. However, we don't doubt that Knight would be willing to dole out whatever the school needed to draw in a big name coach. No, what we don't believe...for even a that Izzo would take the job.

((Tom Izzo Coaches//Courtesy:

Why? Why would he leave one of the near "Elite" programs, a program that he has put in back-to back Final 4's for a job at Oregon? Sure, in this day and age "Money Talks"...but come about ruining your credibility.

What bothers us about all of this is part of the story was gleamed off of source information who confirmed that Izzo's name is on a list provided by a search firm. So are probably 25 other head coaches, none of whom are guaranteed a shot at the job.

Izzo, to his credit downplayed the whole thing, telling the 4-letter word that "He's not been contacted." In a lot of Coaching instances, that may mean that "He" may not have been, but it doesn't normally say anything about his intermediaries.

Check out Izzo's comments to Sportscenter this morning RIGHT HERE

Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free-Press added his 2-cents RIGHT HERE

It really concerns us that at the college level both schools and reporters have no problem just randomly throwing people's names out for jobs. We have been on record a lot about how absolutely hypocritical and unfair the whole coaching carousel is to players and we will reiterate that. There should be a rule...a hard and fast one at that stating "No school can have any contact with a coach until there season comes to an end" period. We aren't saying that is the case here, we don't believe for a minute that Izzo would go to Oregon. However the folks in Eugene appear to be delusional enough to think that they will just by a "Big Name" coach and be successful. Yeah, right...good luck with that one guys.

Here is the original report from KEZI-TV...
Steve Andress got to sit at the adult table...

Round 3: Coyotes Back To Winnipeg, Plan In Place...???

((HT: TheScore/Phoenix Business Journal-Sunnucks))

The Phoenix Business Journal is reporting Winnipeg is considered as a backup option should a deal to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix fail. The NHL has been, and still is, working on a plan with David Thomson and True North Sports Entertainment. A deal to have the Coyotes moved back to Winnipeg has reportedly been completed "in principle" and could have the Coyotes back in Winnipeg to start next season.

Obviously, the league still wants to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix. Ice Edge Holdings is in the process of organizing a lease agreement with the city of Glendale.

Scott Brown, the director of communications for True North, dodged the issue when asked by the Business Journal:

“Due to the possible impact on both the Coyotes and our own AHL product here in Manitoba, we’ve actually been hesitant to engage in any discussion publicly about the situation in Phoenix as far back as last summer when rumors began to surface of the team’s possible departure. It is our understanding the NHL is working very hard to keep the team where it is in Phoenix.”

Daryl Jones, the Chief Operating Officer for Ice Edge told Sunnucks: “Ice Edge feels very comfortable with their financing. Our banks are very interested in this deal.” But, Jones told a Toronto radio station in an interview that he wanted Glendale to move faster in getting a lease deal.

In honor of the new round of talks and hearsay, the HQ thought this sound was appropriate...

If Glendale is going to drag their feet, the league and Ice Edge may not have any choice but to have both sides drop and regroup. Having Thomson in the fold would be huge, and Ice Edge could very easily be paired with another partner willing to sell.

Like, oh the HQ guesses... Atlanta, Florida, Columbus, or Nashville...
In no particular order...

Prokhorov Or Cuban: Choose Sides Now...

Steve Kroft of CBS' "60 Minutes" got to hang out with one of the world's richest men, Russian billionaire and almost-New Jersey Nets owner, Mikhail Prokhorov.

And the HQ likes him already...
We're really looking forward to the gabbing between him and the Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban when they start playing each other...
((HT: CBS))

Quoting Sinatra...??? Showgirls...???
Oh, yeah... the HQ likes him...

What is up Holmes?

By now we've read ad nauseum about the further mis-adventures of Ben Roethlisberger, least today, we get to talk about his teammate...Santonio Holmes.

Holmes has been served. With a lawsuit that is. He is accused of throwing a glass of alcohol in a woman's face at an Orlando, Florida nightclub.

More on the accusations from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review RIGHT HERE

Holmes, joins his Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger on the could be in trouble list. At this point, neither player is facing criminal charges...although we should note that in Holmes' lawsuit, the woman claims Holmes told her that "He was an NFL football player and could not face criminal charges". Bwahahahahaha!!! Sorry...that is laughter...

Anyway, Roethlisberger has apparently...or his attorney's have decided that he stay away from the Steelers "Organized Team Activities"...or what should be commonly referred to as off-season workouts. We are unsure if Holmes is staying away, though we kind of doubt it.

For those who don't know Holmes (though chances are if you are reading this do), here is video of the catch that made him famous in the Super Bowl.

Thanks You Tube and

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jim Playfair Explodes: The Full Version

((HT: Abbotsford Heat/AHL))

Here's the full version of Heat head coach Jim Playfair blowing his transmission, his engine, and making sure oil dropped all over everywhere...

Wouldn't you know a Koharski would be involved...???
The HQ was concerned when Playfair jerked his tie- hoping he wouldn't choke himself out...

The Heat's Dave Sheldon has your highlights and post-game from the game against the Hamilton Bulldogs...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broadus Cites Racism In Binghamton Complaint

((HT: WBNG-TV Binghamton NY))

Binghamton University Men's Basketball Coach says racism is the reason behind his suspension. Kevin Broadus has now filed a formal complaint against the University with the New York State Division of Human Rights.

The coach was put on paid suspension in October after admitting to improper contact with a recruit.

The complaint filed by Broadus says "I am African-American. I have been subject to unlawful discriminatory actions." He goes on to say "the most important component is I am the only person of color who is a head coach. This department is made up of all European persons."

A university spokeswoman says the college is aware of the complaint, and says it will fully cooperate as the Division of Human Rights looks into the matter.

The Division says it will render a decision within 200 days. The complaint itself can be read on Broadus' website...

Erik Columbia caught up with Broadus' attorney and his attempt to spin the ludicrousness of this whole thing...
((HT: WICZ-TV/Fox 40 Binghamton))

Arrest Made in Berry Death

Just a day after Florida International University Running Back Kendall Berry was stabbed to death outside of the schools Rec Center, police have made an arrest.

Quentin Wyche, a 22 year old former football player at the school turned himself in to Broward County police yesterday and was charged with 2nd degree murder.

More from RIGHT HERE

((Quentin Wyche Mug Shot//Courtesy:

According to reports, Wyche and Berry had words after Wyche insulted Berry's girlfriend and threw cookies in her face at around 9pm on Thursday.

Here's team coverage from our friends at WSVN-TV.
Andre Hepkins was on site...

Friday, March 26, 2010

No Jail Time For Arenas

A judge has ordered suspended Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas to spend 30 days in a halfway house on gun charges that rose from a locker-room confrontation with teammate Javaris Crittenton.

Prosecutors had recommended that Arenas serve three months in jail. Defense attorneys argued Arenas didn't deserve jail time for what they described as a misguided prank Crittenton.

The whole "Pick 1" thought in the locker room apparently was conveniently dismissed by Arenas' attorneys.

Arenas pleaded guilty to violating the city's gun laws in the December 21 incident at Verizon Center following an argument over an unpaid gambling debt.

Court papers revealed prosecutors said Crittenton had legitimate reason to believe Arenas' threat was genuine.

Here's Fox5DC/MyFoxDC's team coverage with Maureen Umeh, Sports Director Dave Feldman and their live shots...

Brotherly Love In A Studio: A Stew-Pendous Fight

((HT: 790TheZone/AJC-Ho))

Five years ago, Doug and Ryan Stewart ((AKA The "2 Live Stews" on Sporting News Radio)) got into a brotherly-wrestling match on the air during their program over a topic that can only really set brothers off to wrestle like they're in their own backyard.

Doug, the older one, claimed to be the victor in that particular match-up.
Ryan, the younger one ((and the ex-NFL'er)) got his chance at a rematch in the studio in Atlanta. Ryan has always denied his brother's claim to the title since their is no video evidence to support the victory.

Tuesday, Ryan took umbrage that his older brother was making fun of the way their entertainment reporter, "Jazzy", was pronouncing names- somewhat incorrectly.

The bout starts, about, four minutes in...
Ryan claims the decision, but both ended up pretty sweaty in the process...

Ah, brotherly love...

Turner Broadcasting owes David McDavid a lot of money

So far, the court system in the state of Georgia seems to be in rare agreement on a lawsuit that is working its way up the ladder. For those regular readers, you know the story of David McDavid vs. Turner Broadcasting. For those who don't, let's try and get up to speed.

David McDavid, a car dealer/businessman from Texas tried to buy the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and Philips Arena from Turner Broadcasting in 2003. Without going into detail, he didn't get the deal. The reason he claimed and was able to show proof of, is that Turner appeared to stall on the letter of intent that McDavid had signed to purchase everything. The negotiated past the exclusive rights expiration and then Turner announced they'd be selling the teams to a group called "Atlanta Spirit".

Check out a more detailed version of the story from AJC.Com RIGHT HERE

((David McDavid//Courtesy:

Obviously, Turner continues to appeal the $281 million judgement. Since the Court of Appeals upheld the lower courts decision, it now is moving on to the Georgia Supreme Court.

This is just one of many issues that continue to keep the teams and their ownership in the news. There have been numerous disagreements between the members of the Spirit and they have managed to barely keep their teams afloat.

McDavid, has moved on to other things, obviously thought he'd be very happy to see the folks at Time-Warner sign off on a rather large check...who wouldn't. We will keep an ear out to see if and when that happens.

Here is a commercial for David McDavid Honda...for those who are interested in such things. Thanks You Tube:

GBI To Re-Interview Accusor In Roethlisberger Case

Two developments in the Roethlisberger case today...

The first from Pittsburgh...

The attorney for the 20-year-old accusor in the Ben Roethlisberger case is trying to set the record straight that his client is not avoiding any kind of interviews with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

This comes the day after the general consensus is that she was...

Andy Sheehan is in the newsroom in front of a monitor...
((HT: KDKA-TV Pittsburgh))

Second development comes from Kelly Naqi over at the four-letter...

Rocky Duncan, the manager of the Capital City Club in Milledgeville, said Thursday one of the accusor's friends told him a member of Roethlisberger's entourage kept her from getting anywhere close to the bathroom where she believed the accusor and Roethlisberger were that night.

Duncan was approached by the friend, who apparently told Duncan: "I think my friend is in the bathroom with Ben, but the door [leading to the bathroom area] is locked, and I'm trying to get back there, and this guy [one of Roethlisberger's friends] wouldn't let me through." Duncan said she also told him, "I think my friend may be drunk."

Naqi's Friday update is a must-read...

Xavier and Kansas State: Gus Being Gus

((HT: CBSSports/NCAA))

The HQ has alluded to the post-season tournament play-by-play greatness that is Gus Johnson. He was front and center last night for the Salt Lake City match-up between Xavier and K-State...

We just have one word for it: Bam!

Frozen Four Preview: The 16th Seed Alabama-Huntsville

No, that's not a misprint...

The Alabama-Huntsville Chargers, winners of the College Hockey America Conference Tournament make their second trip to the Frozen Four playoffs in school history this weekend. They get the top-seeded Miami University RedHawks in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Here's a look at their last practice at home...
Thanks to our friends at WAAY-TV/ABC 31 in Huntsville...

The cool part of this story about UAH, although not really cool for UAH, is that they're officially without a conference after this season. Niagara and Robert Morris are leaving the CHA to go to the Atlantic Hockey Conference. Bemidji State is going to the WCHA. Alabama-Huntsville applied to play in the CCHA, but their request was denied for entry.

As a result, the hosts of the 2012 Frozen Four ((in Tampa, not in Huntsville)) and the only Division I hockey program south of the Mason-Dixon Line will be the only Division I independent...

The HQ hopes the 16 upsets a one for a change and sticks it to the man...

Here's a look at their 2007 tourney experience against Notre Dame. For the record, it took two overtimes for the Irish to win...
((HT: DGhostBear))

FIU Running Back Stabbed To Death

((HT: WSVN-TV Miami))

FIU running back Kendall Berry was stabbed to death on the school's main campus late Thursday night. Police are searching for multiple suspects.

Berry was stabbed around 9PM Thursday according to Miami-Dade police Detective Javier Baez.

Police were interviewing "several people that observed the incident," Baez said, although he could not confirm if a suspect was in custody.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kendall's family," FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg said in a news release. "We are here to support them and our entire university community as all of us come to terms with this tragedy."

Shortly after the university confirmed Berry's death, FIU indefinitely postponed football coaching clinics scheduled for Friday and Saturday. The football team's annual spring game is scheduled for Wednesday. It is unknown if the game will go on as scheduled.

Baez said the stabbing took place just outside the front doors of the campus recreation center, where he said the football team and other FIU athletes train.

Berry, according to Baez was involved in an argument with one or more people. "One produced some type of a weapon and stabbed him," Baez said.

Berry had 164 all-purpose yards in limited use as a freshman in 2007, appearing in all 12 FIU games that season. He sat out the 2008 season with a knee injury and then had some breakout moments in 2009, rushing for three touchdowns in a span of 13 minutes against Middle Tennessee and followed that up with two more scores the next week in a win over North Texas.

Here are highlights from the North Texas game, thanks to FIU their ownselves... Berry is #19...

He finished last season with a team-high seven touchdowns.

WSVN's Richard Jordan was live on campus...

A Bad Night For David Booth


Florida Panthers left wing David Booth left their game Thursday night against Montreal in the second period after he got his clock cleaned by Jaroslav Spacek's open-ice shoulder check to the head.

Booth missed 45 games earlier this season after he sustained a concussion on a blindside hit by Philadelphia's Mike Richards on October 24. He was face down on the ice after the hit and trainer Dave Zenobi came to Booth's side immediately.

A bloodstain remained on the ice after Booth was helped off the ice to the dressing room. No penalty was called on the play.

Earlier Thursday, the executive board of the players' union voted to accept a new temporary rule that will ban hits to the head against unsuspecting players. The decision took effect immediately starting with Thursday night's games.

Here's the hit and decide for yourself if it fits the new guidelines...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roethlisberger's issues fading fast...

Well, it looks like things are starting to fall apart in the further adventures of Ben Roethlisberger. According to published reports, the woman who is accusing him of sexual assault in Milledgeville, Georgia has decided to not be re-interviewed by police.

This comes on the heels of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation deciding to withdraw their request for some of Mr. Roethlisberger's DNA. They also apparently don't have physical evidence of a crime.

More on the story from KDKA in Pittsburgh RIGHT HERE

And.......there's more. According to our friends at the 4-letter word, the video from the Capital City Nightclub in longer has video of the night in question. They apparently...recorded over it (draw conclusions please).

Check out the story RIGHT HERE

((Ben Roethlisberger//Courtesy:

All in all, it sounds like the case is beginning to slide away. While still "technically" under investigation, it is beginning to sound like there is nothing to investigate any more. Where it goes from here, remains to be seen.

However, the NFL Commisioner, Roger Goodell would still like to visit with Big Ben...perhaps to advise him to try and avoid being put in situations like this.

Ted Leonsis now owns all of Washington! Sports that is...

Ted Leonsis is now, well if not the, one of the most powerful people in Washington D.C. Not only is he the owner of the Washington Capitals Hockey team...he's now reached an agreement with the estate of the late Abe Pollin, to purchase the Washington Wizards and the Verizon Center as well.

The deal is valued somewhere around $550 million though it won't actually cost Leonsis that much since he was already a part owner of the arena.

More from the Washington Post...RIGHT HERE

((Leonsis with his meal ticket//Courtesy: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images))

This should be an interesting...and a good deal for Leonsis. Though the Wizards are not particularly good, the Capitals are one of the NHL's best teams. The big prize is the arena. Though there is still money owed on it, the facility gets tons of use.

Apparently the Capitals were not getting money from the Luxury and Club suites...which would help pay some of the bills too.

Barring any major setbacks, the 23 of the 30 NBA owners need to approve the deal. Apparently, so does the U.S Justice Department...hmmmm.

In the meantime...Check out this kids dunk contest at the Verizon Center during a Wizards game. Thanks You Tube:

Hewitt To Stay At Georgia Tech

St. John's must look elsewhere for a new head basketball coach. Paul Hewitt turned down the Johnnies and will remain at Georgia Tech.

“My family and I have developed deep ties to Georgia Tech and the city of Atlanta,” Hewitt said in a statement released by Georgia Tech. “I strongly believe in what Georgia Tech can do for young people, and I am committed to returning the Tech basketball program to the level of success our fans have come to expect. We took a step in that direction this past season, and I fully intend to continue on that path.”

“I think what has transpired over the last few days speaks volumes about Paul Hewitt and about Georgia Tech,” Tech director of athletics Dan Radakovich said in a statement released by Georgia Tech. “Paul’s credentials as a human being, a family man, a leader and a builder of character are impeccable. All of us at Georgia Tech are committed to assist him in providing an outstanding men’s basketball program.”

If Cornell upsets Kentucky tonight, you might expect St. John's Athletic Director
Chris Monasch to go after Big Red head coach Steve Donahue with a big offer, Donahue's stock would be off the charts if that happens.

Then their is Seth Greenberg, whose Hokies bowed out of the NIT Wednesday night. A source at Virginia Tech told me it wouldn't make much sense because of what Greenberg has built at Virginia Tech. The school opened a state of the art basketball facility last fall and has upgraded the programs talent in the ACC. St. John's would have to make a offer Greenberg couldn't refuse to pry him away from Blacksburg.

Let the coaching carousel keep spinning.

The Barbee heads to Auburn....

There is a new basketball coach on the Plains at Auburn...and his name is Tony Barbee. Barbee, the now former coach at UTEP, where he had some success, winning a Conference USA title and being named conference coach of the year this past season. He led the Miners to their first NCAA Tourney bid in a very long time.

The announcement will be coming Thursday afternoon in the building he will be asked to fill up, the $92 million Auburn Arena.

More from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer RIGHT HERE

((Tony Barbee looks happy//Courtesy:

Barbee, a former John Calipari assistant in Memphis replaces Jeff Lebo who was fired...then hired to be the coach at East Carolina. He also will be the basketball programs first black head coach. His strength is as a recruiter, something that will be needed if he is going to resurrect an Auburn basketball program that has been treated as somewhat of an afterthought in the Football crazed region.

So Much For That Whole Stress Thing...

((HT: WCJB-TV Gainesville))

Urban Meyer was supposed to take it easy from now on, right...???

The HQ guesses this is the new Urban Meyer taking it easy...

The Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler quoted Gator wideout Deonte Thompson as saying it weas nice having a "real quarterback" in John Brantley instead of Tim Tebow.

Here's the quote in full- from Fowler's blog with the Sentinel...

"You never know with Tim,” Thompson said. “You can bolt, you think he’s running but he’ll come up and pass it to you. You just have to be ready at all times. With Brantley, everything’s with rhythm, time. You know what I mean, a real quarterback.”

Meyer took every angle of umbrage you could think of with Fowler at practice...
WCJB-TV caught part of the exchange...

Apparently, Meyer thinks Fowler is a "bad guy..." for all of this and singled him out for his quoting. Fowler is also on Meyer's version of double-secret probation.

If he steps out of line one more time...
Well, you know...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arnold Palmer has a Suggestion for Tiger Woods....

Golfing legend and this week tournament host Arnold Palmer had some advice today for on Eldrick "Tiger" Woods and his attempts to re-enter the golf world. The short version "Open Up". Let down your guard a bit and be real.

Yes, Tiger agreed to do 2 "Speed Interviews" and they were a bit more revealing than the very nervous sounding Tiger did last month reading his "Statement". But the reaction to those interviews while generally positive for the people conducting them, didn't nor were they able to go into detail.

Said Palmer who is absolutely beloved by golf fans because he was very up front and didn't hide from his fans "It's up to him to do and say whatever he feels he needs to do to redeem the situation, put it in the proper place". He added "My opinion, as I said I was going to keep to myself. But I suppose the best thing he could do would be open up and just let you guys shoot at him. And that's just my thought".

The King's final thoughts on the subject...Check them out. Courtesy: You Tube

We have been somewhat vocal on the subject here at the OSG Satellite HQ. We do agree to an extent with the King, but really, think about it. If Tiger so chooses, he really doesn't have to explain himself to anyone but his family and friends. Is what he did wrong? Sure it is. But he did what elite athletes do. Is the general public that pissed off at Tiger? I'm starting to believe no. Have they made him a punchline? Sure, that's what happens in these circumstances. But think about this for a minute. When did it become more about the personal lives? Does it matter what the athlete does on his own time? Do you need to know? Do you have to tell a reporter about what you do when you aren't at work? Think about that one for a minute....

What's up Doc?

Dwight "Doc" Gooden was a major league baseball player back in the mid-1980's and early 90's. He was very successful at an early age, winning the 1984 Rookie of the Year award and the 1985 Cy Young Award. But Dwight Gooden also had...and has a history of breaking the law.

This time, Tuesday night in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. He crashed his car, apparently under the influence of drugs with a child in the vehicle.

The story from the New York Post RIGHT HERE

((Dwight Gooden back when he played for the Yankees//Courtesy: New York Post File))

Gooden has had issues with drug abuse dating back to the mid-80's. In 1987, he tested positive for cocaine and spent time in drug rehab. 1994 brought a 60 day suspension after he failed 2 substance abuse tests. He went to the Betty Ford center and proceeded to fail more tests upon his return.

The point is...he's got a pretty darn long rap sheet and this certainly won't help. At one point he was "The Future" of New York baseball. Now he has become just another former athlete who needs help and doesn't know how to deal with the world.

Ironically, according to the story in the Post, Gooden and Darryl Strawberry are supposed to be inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame later this summer.

Check out an interview with Gooden and Strawberry done in January of this year. Thanks to SNY and along with the You Tube:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. John's And Hewitt Talk

((HT: NYPost/Robbins))

Johnnies AD Chris Monasch and Hewitt talked in Atlanta Tuesday evening as Monasch was returning from a women's tournament game in Tallahassee, Florida.

If a deal is reached with Hewitt it could be announced before the return of St. John's president, Father Donald J. Harrington, from a meeting in Rome.

Yes... Rome, Italy...

Hewitt, who recently moved his parents and brother to Atlanta and has three daughters in school, would have to weigh the idea of uprooting his family versus the idea of a higher-salaried gig back home.

Numbers are floating around from $1.6-to-3 million per season if Hewitt were to sign a five or six year contract.

Here's more of a reminder of what Hewiit did the last time he went deep in the March tournament...
((HT: CBS Sports/NCAA))

Yes, it was six years ago...

Tomlin Discusses Roethlisberger

On the same day that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation withdrew its request for a DNA sample from Ben Roethlisberger, his head coach addressed a boatload of microphones about the situation at the winter meetings in Florida...

Andy Sheehan from KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has the details and the tape from Florida...

Roethlisberger's Atlanta attorney, Ed Garland, would not say whether the decision impacted the case or if charges would be filed. He said he hopes GBI's investigation would conclude within the next month. Garland also added that the request was made a week ago to withdraw the request for DNA...

The HQ still thinks that "Coach" Garland will make minced meat out of any case the GBI thinks they have when they think they have it...

Wings Won't Back Down From Crosby

Monday night, Pittsburgh lost to the Detroit Red Wings in Hockeytown, but not without making some kind of a statement before leaving the building...

Sidney Crosby either enjoyed cross-checking Henrik Zetterberg as time expired, or really wanted to see if he would go...

Zetterberg, not wanting to get caught in The Kid's shenanigans, wouldn't bite...

Wings goalie Jimmy Howard took exception and joined Todd Bertuzzi in trying to explain how fruitless Crosby's idea was...

Here's a prime example as to why TBH likes Malkin and Ovechkin more than 87...
((HT: Versus/NHL))

California HS Baseball Injury Asks "Wood Vs. Metal" Question...

((HT: KGO-TV))

A Marin Catholic High School ((CA)) baseball player put in medically-induced coma a week and a half ago has not come out of it after doctors took him off the medication.

On March 11th, 16-year-old Gunnar Sandberg was hit in the head by a ball going about 100 mph from an aluminum bat. His friends and family held an emotional vigil Sunday night outside the hospital and nearly 800 people showed up.

Baseball practice at Marin Catholic ended with prayer Monday and the team has already decided to go to wood bats. Doctors say Sandberg has not responded as they hoped.

This is not the first time the debate of aluminum bats versus wood bats has come up, but it won't be the last, either...

There are always the financial aspects of the sport that keep the metal bats in dugouts- especially on the high school and college levels since the sport is not a revenue-producer on most campuses...

High school or college...

Wayne Freedman visits high schools and the USF campus for reaction on the topic...

Carolyn Jones from the San Francisco Chronicle has more details on the story here.

Hewitt Being Chased By Red Storm... Who Knew...?

Actually, the HQ did... last week...

Lenn Robbins over at the New York Post stuns no one with this revelation...

Those ever-popular "sources" told Robbins that St. John's AD Chris Monasch has sent word to Georgia Tech AD Dan Radakovich that he'll be seeking official permission to talk to coach Paul Hewitt as soon as possible.

That, and the job is Hewitt's if he wants it...

"The word is it's his job and Georgia Tech won't stand in the way," said a highly placed source in college basketball circles to Robbins. "Both sides are ready for a change."

Remember, after Tech's 2004 run to the Final Four, Hewitt was a candidate then as well. Nowadays, the HQ thinks it's a run of the message and the messenger...

Hewitt makes about $1.3-million with Tech now, and his contract just rolled over for another year. He would double that figure at St. John's. If Tech were to fire Hewitt, he'd be owed a little under $7-million. If Hewitt left, it would be half that.

Here's what St. John's thinks they'd be getting in Hewitt...
It's the end of the first National Semi-Final from 2004
((HT: CBS Sports/NCAA))

PM UPDATE: Georgia Tech has granted permission for St. John's to interview Hewitt.

Georgia Tech associate athletic director Wayne Hogan says St. John's was given the OK on Tuesday to speak with Hewitt. Hogan says he does not know when the interview will take place.

The HQ guesses "pretty soon" would be the right answer...

Johnny Weir + Charles Barkley= Comedy Gold

These were two of the reasons that "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" was actually worth watching last night...

Weir, Barkley, Ernie Johnson Junior, and Kenny Smith all guested on Leno's otherwise-unfunny program ((See the "Toyota Whisperer" sketch as proof))...

Here was the open- where a lot of fabric was used in the making of said sketch...
((HT: NBC/Tonight Show With Jay Leno))

Donovan says no to St. John's...nobody outside New York surprised

Sometimes we hear rumors or stories about this coach is under consideration for this job or that coach wants that job and we scratch our heads and say "Why?". Classify this story as one of those.

Florida Head Coach Billy Donovan, secure at one of the better basketball programs in the country apparently politely declined a job offer from an alum of St. John's University. The alum, a co-founder of Vitaminwater apparently offered Donovan over $3 million a year to move back to the New York area. Donovan politely declined.

The story from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

((Billy Donovan says "No Thanks"//Courtesy:

Ok, so here is our question. Why would Donovan even consider leaving Florida for St. John's? Yes, we know he grew up on Long Island, but aside from that...why? Does St. John's really think that they are held in that high esteem any more? They haven't been relevant in College Basketball really since the 1980's.

Donovan by contrast has a job that he absolutely loves in a part of the world, Gainesville, where he and his family are now very comfortable. Yes, we know that coaches get restless and Donovan hasn't been able to replicate the success he had directing the Gators to back to back Championships in 2006 and 2007. But, because of that, he has carte blanche. As long as the Gators continue to win, the made the NCAA Tourney this year, he can stay as long as he wants to.

It's funny that we read a story this morning that the folks in New York are shocked that Donovan wouldn't seriously consider them. Why? Do you really think that because it is New York City that everyone will come running? Sorry, got news for you...there is a pretty large rest of the universe out there and in a lot of cases, those teams and programs are far better than anything in the Big Apple.

Here is Donovan pumping up his Gators before the NCAA Finals in 2006. Thanks You Tube:

Monday, March 22, 2010

NHL "Fight of the Year" Contender...


Of course, Cam Janssen of the St. Louis Blues would be involved...
In the other corner... Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond of the New Jersey Devils...

He's the only guy the HQ knows that has two hyphens in his name.

And, yes, the fight goes for a long time...

Tournament Tommy Resigns At Houston

((HT: MyFoxHouston/Delony))

University of Houston men's hoops coach is now their former men's hoops coach. Penders spoke to the media Monday, saying he was leaving on his own terms...

"The truth is, I have decided to resign as the head basketball coach at the University of Houston,"
said Penders. "I'm not retiring."

"I came to the University of Houston in 2004 with a goal of getting UH back to the NCAA Tournament. We achieved this goal, and now it's time for me to move on."

Which lends itself to the collective chin-rubbing from the HQ as to the "why."
We'll leave it for now...

Here's the presser, thanks to Fox 26 in Houston...

Jolly Roger will be visiting with Roethlisberger

There hasn't been much out in the world information on the Ben Roethlisberger story in the past couple of weeks, but that changed...albeit slightly over the weekend.

First came Steelers coach Mike Tomlin saying to the NFL Network that "I'm highly concerned for our franchise and for Ben personally.

Then today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, speaking at the NFL Owners meeting in Orlando, Florida said that he'd be meeting with Roethlisberger in the near future about the accusations that have been made of him over the past year. The Commissioner adding that he is "Concerned" that Roethlisberger keeps putting himself in those kind of situations.

More from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette RIGHT HERE
A little bit more from our friends at Pro-Football Talk RIGHT HERE

((Ben being Ben//Courtesy:

The HQ...or at least the Satellite office says Big Ben needs to be really careful here. Yes, we know the case is still being investigate, but being called to the principal's office is not a good thing. Best case, if exonerated he'll be told, last strike, get in trouble again and you face sanctions. Worst case, if he gets indicted, he may be facing league sanctions along with whatever the legal system decides to do.

Since Ben's attorney, Ed Garland has had Roethlisberger withdraw from the celebrity golf event he was to play in last week, we suspect Garland won't allow anyone to see his client until a decision has been made. When that will anyone's guess.

So much for doing a flyover....

Apparently, the US Navy has some pretty strict rules about their flyovers at Football games. Two fighter pilots were grounded recently for flying too low over Bobby Dodd stadium in Atlanta before a Georgia Tech Football game this past November.

More from RIGHT HERE adds that the pilots had a Tech connection. The story RIGHT HERE

Apparently, the pilots are supposed to adhere to a 1,000 foot ceiling during their flyovers and the pilots, Lt. Commanders Christopher Condon and Marc Fryman were considerably lower than that. They apparently reported themselves.

A Navy board determined that they didn't do it deliberately or maliciously, but made some errors in judgement. However, the commander of the Naval Air Force Atlantic didn't agree. He basically said the pilots knew better and there was no excuse.

Take a look at the video of the flyover. This one shot from the upper deck, which they barely cleared. Courtesy: aparker1981 and You Tube:

Here is another angle. Wow! Gotta say that I've covered hundreds of games that included flyovers and I don't think I've ever seen any that were as low as this.

Angle 2 from JGammie3 and You Tube:

TIger Talks...reactions are mixed....

By now, most of are aware that media target #1, Tiger Woods was made available for 2 interviews on Sunday night. They were short, 5 minutes each, but not filtered...the reporters, Tom Rinaldi of ESPN and Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel were allowed to ask anything that they wanted to...and they did.

What they found was a Tiger, much less robotic than his "Public Statement" of February and though there were quite a few places that he wouldn't go, citing his "Family Privacy", he also opened up and essentially admitted to a lot of the indiscretions that he's been accused of.

((Tiger Woods at his 2009 Presser//Courtesy:

For those who haven't seen it yet: Here is Rinaldi's interview again. Thank You ESPN, we appreciate that you allowed this to be embedded.

The Golf Channel interview wasn't available, but they did make Ms. Tilghman available for an interview with the CBS Morning show. (We will keep an "eye" out, if the video is posted later, we'll get it for you)

Check out what they discussed RIGHT HERE

If you read the Tilghman version of the story, Woods told her "I did it. I'm the one who did those things. And looking back on it now with a more clear head, I get it. I can understand why people would (mock and criticize him) because, you know what? It was disgusting behavior and it's hard to believe that was me, looking back on it now".

Though we fully realize that this was a handpicked conditional interview, we think it was a good PR move from the Woods camp. He looked far more repentant and personally upset at what he did. The reporters from both networks asked the appropriate questions and got as good an answer as they are going to. We think that is good.

However. We also realize there is going to be a segment of both the Internet, Journalism and Tabloid communities who still don't think that this is enough. We don't know exactly what it is that they feel he owes them. Yes, at his level you do need to say that you are sorry and apologize for doing the wrong thing. He's now done that. What else do you want?

The Masters this year will be a very interesting social experiment. Having covered the Tournament for the past 10 years (not this yr. unfortunately), access to Tiger has always been limited, that isn't going to change. There are not going to be people shouting things at him on the course (patrons or tabloid reporters who bought aftermarket tickets included), if they do, they will be escorted quickly off of the grounds and probably arrested. The lords of Augusta do not have to let them in nor do they have to tolerate that behavior, they are aware of this.

Much the same, Tiger and his PR folks are aware of this too. This is the best, most controlled environment that he can return under. It will be very interesting to see if he keeps his regular routine and does his late Tuesday morning presser. It will be interesting indeed.

Basketball Fight...Community College Style...

A disturbing story from the suburban Buffalo, New York area from last night. There was an apparent fight late Sunday morning between basketball players from Jamestown Community College (Olean Campus) and some players from St. Bonaventure University. In the fracas (a journalism word), 2 Jamestown players were stabbed. Both players were treated and released from the hospital.

The story from the Buffalo News RIGHT HERE

The incident, which is still be investigated leads to a bunch of questions, none which have been answered to this point: Why would this happen? What were the St. Bonnie players doing at the Community College? Why a stabbing?

Here is some video of the St. Bonaventure Basketball team in action against the University of Massachusetts. Thanks You Tube: