Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DEVELOPING: Independence Day In Provo, BYU Football Goes It Alone...

Well, almost alone... they join Notre Dame, Army, and Navy...

They made the decision by the sum total of one day before the imposed deadline of the Mountain West Conference and the Cougars have decided to go it as a Division I independent in football. All other sports will register with the West Coast Conference.

BYU's original idea was to join the WAC in other sports while staying independent with football, but when Fresno State and Nevada decided to crossover from the MWC to the WAC that plan was scuttled.

The four letter has already jumped in and said they would be a partner with Cougar football in some capacity.

Shocker there....

There are issues with three BYU Sports that the West Coast Conference doesn't currently support: softball, swimming and diving, and track and field.

The presser to explain all of this is set for 2PM eastern time Wednesday.

Here's the latest from our friends at KSL-TV in Salt Lake...
FOSG Tom Kirkland sits at the adult table...

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

The WCC has eight members in its conference at present- seven of them are affiliated with the Catholic Church. Pepperdine is affilaited with the Churches of Christ. BYU will add more credibility to the basketball roster that currently has Gonzaga, St. Mary's, and Santa Clara.

((Insert holy war reference of your choosing here))

Here is an interview with Dick Harmon, sports columnist with the Deseret News, that Kirkland had in full with KSL-TV...

And here's Fox Salt Lake City's lead story on the move...
Rick Aaron is on campus...
((HT: Fox13Now/KSTU))

OSG High: Arizona Teen Plays With The Boys...

((HT: azfamily.com/KTVK))

La Joya ((AZ)) High School senior Gabrielle Seamon didn't just want to coast through her last year of high school. She decided to play varsity football and be true to her school in another way...

She also works in basketball and track on campus, but gets no special treatment from her teammates and coaches as she's the only female to make an Arizona squad this year.

Her head coach admits Gabrielle may be even faster than some of the boys...

Carina Sonn hangs out with the Lobos...

DEVELOPING: NCAA tells Jeremiah Masoli, not this year...

Jeremiah Masoli in Oregon/Courtesy: pathtothedraft.com
If nothing else, the timing is impeccable. Just 4 days before their home opener, the Ole Miss Rebels have learned that reclamation project/guy who was going to rescue them, former Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli, won't get to play in 2011. The NCAA ruled late this afternoon that Masoli won't be available until 2011.

Masoli, a potential Heisman candidate before getting booted out of Oregon for being arrested...more than once, thought he found the perfect fit. Coach Houston Nutt and Ole Miss were desperate for a Quarterback to replace the departed Jevan Snead.

At least for the 1st game this year that won't happen. Ole Miss has appealed.

More from WLOX-TV in Biloxi RIGHT HERE

If you want to read the NCAA's statement and Ole Miss' response, Registerguard.com has it RIGHT HERE

 To be honest, we kind of agree with the NCAA here. Letting Masoli play this year after the absurdly criminal acts that he perpetrated in Eugene is not exactly fair. He needs to pay the price for what he did. Yeah, I know, it's all about second chances...however this is more than second. The guy, aside from being asked to leave the University of Oregon, really hasn't paid much of a penalty for what he did.

If you read the WLOX story and others about this, at least the Mississippi versions, they tend to overlook the fact the Masoli is a convicted criminal. Sorry. We hope he gets his life together, but he shouldn't be handed a golden opportunity just because he is the perfect guy to rescue Ole Miss in the SEC.

This is why the right reverend Nutt is fascinated with Masoli. Thanks YouTube:

New Player Emerges For Coyotes, Ice Edge Out...?

((HT: Phoenix Business Journal/Sunnucks via Howard Bloom))

A "mystery buyer" has stepped up to pick up the Phoenix Coyotes...

Details of the new ownership group are very limited ((thus, the "mystery" in "mystery buyer," right...?)), but some kind of announcement could be forthcoming fairly soon.

((Insert positive-sounding cliche here...))

The ownership group has asked for the city and league to keep negotiations private. The new buyer would keep the Coyotes in Glendale... for now, anyway...

Ice Edge Holdings LLC, the original front runner, is no longer that and seem to be more interested in bringing an ECHL franchise to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The ECHL franchise has been part of their plan all along- Coyotes inclusion or not.

Ice Edge CEO Keith McCullough said Monday that Ice Edge could still have "some" involvement with the Coyotes- whatever that means...

From Sunnucks:

“We understand another party that we have become acquainted with is in advanced negotiations with Glendale and an announcement could happen soon. If this occurs, we expect to continue to be involved with the Coyotes as an adviser for the foreseeable future,” McCullough said.

The mystery buyer is not Jerry Reinsdorf, and the City of Glendale is ((as always)) not commenting...

The NHL has set an end of the year deadline for the Coyotes to be sold to new owners who would keep the team in Glendale. If that deadline passes, the NHL would look for the True North group to step up and spirit the franchise to, probably, Winnipeg once and for all...

More when we know more...

Former A-Sun Star Killed In Shooting

Officials in DeKalb County ((suburban Atlanta, Georgia)) say Shuan Stegall, a top scorer and rebounder on Kennesaw State University's basketball team a few years ago, has been shot to death at his father's home.

DeKalb police spokeswoman Mekka Parish says the 25-year-old tried to intervene in a dispute between his father, Gerald Stegall Sr., and two other men on Saturday and was shot repeatedly. Parish says the younger Stegall was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Stegall averaged 13 points and seven rebounds a game in 78 games for the Owls from 2004-08. He led the team in rebounds in his last two seasons.

Stegall played professionally in England for the Cheshire Jets and then in Syria for Al Ittihad Aleppo.

Parish says the suspects in the shooting remain at large.

Here's the video version, thanks to our friends at 11Alive...
((HT: 11Alive/WXIA-TV))

"Tweener!" Federer Does It Again

Most guy tennis players will do one of two things when Roger Federer does his between-the-legs thing... cringe or laugh...

Or both...

Tim Ryan laughs with the rest of us...
This time...
((HT: Tennis Channel/USTA))

Oh No, Heisman Trophy Winner Mark Ingram Injures His Knee. Won't Play In Alabama's Season Opener

Things aren't starting off to good for Mark Ingram to repeat as the Heisman Trophy winner. Monday Ingram suffered an injury to his left knee in practice.

Ingram had an "arthroscopic procedure" performed on the injured knee Tuesday morning and won't be available for Alabama's season opener against San Jose State. Not sure of Ingram's' status after that.

Here's what Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban said in a statement released by Alabama media relations:

"Mark will definitely be out for this week's game against San Jose State and we will manage this on a week to week basis beyond this week. We will make every decision in the future based on what's best for Mark and his career as we consult with Dr. Cain and Dr. Andrews on his progress. This is not an injury that will affect Mark's future ability to make a full recovery in a relatively short time frame."

I can hear the collective "oh s&#t" coming from the state of Alabama. Don't worry, its San Jose State and Trent Richardson is a hell of a back-up.

More when we know it.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

North Carolina Football Going Through Tar Hell

This was suppose to be the season where the North Carolina Tar Heels broke onto the national scene in football. Instead its the beginnings of the season from hell for the Tar Heels.

The whole agent thing involving Marvin Austin, Greg Little and associate head coach John Blake has been ongoing. Now with the NCAA investigating an alleged academic mis-conduct with a tutor that was once employed by head coach Butch Davis the program is teetering on lack of institutional control. That's not a good thing with the NCAA.

Who is going to suit up in the baby blues Saturday at the Georgia Dome against LSU is anyone's guess. We do know T.J. Yates is going to start at quarterback and that's about it.

It would appear with all the disarray in the North Carolina football program that this would bode well for LSU however, Les Miles is the head coach. Need I say more.

"It would be nice to know whose exactly going to play so we can kind of get past it and move on." Tar Heel quarterback T.J. Yates said during UNC's weekly media availability. "I know this team is ready whoever is going out on that field is going to go play."

Make so mistake the University of North Carolina is embarrassed by the who investigation. It's one thing for a player to have improper contact with a sports agent, that's out of control of the university unless their is a connection with a member of the coaching staff. The NCAA seems to be on that.

It's another to mess with a universities academic reputation which UNC cherishes.

Does this make Butch Davis' job status shaky? I don't know, Davis got a vote of confidence from his athletic director Dick Baddour and let's see if that has any value or not.

Here's a feature from our friends at WRAL-TV from Monday's pre-game press conference in Chapel Hill. (Thanks WRAL-TV)

Trouble for Michael Jordan's sons is just beginning....

Marcus Jordan/File
We said it before and we'll say it again...just like the commercials say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Most of us have heard that...right?

Apparently Michael Jordan's sons missed the message. As OSG Sports reported on August 23rd, Marcus and Jeffery Jordan brought a UCF teammate with them to daddy's fantasy basketball camp in Vegas. And then proceeded to use Twitter to talk about the oh...$50 thousand they spent...in one day. And did we mention they talked about Marcus drinking and gambling...despite being only 19?

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is now investigating exactly what happened in their Aria suite at the City Center (MGM Hotel).

Read more from Norm! of the Las Vegas Journal Review RIGHT HERE

We still think that the NCAA isn't done with the UCF basketball players. Look at the facts here. Yeah, sure, Michael's boys probably had the money and daddy was willing to blow it on them. But they brought a teammate who we know can't possibly afford that kind of spending. Is that not a violation of the NCAA rules on gifts?

Michael, we hope, has blasted his boys for their stupidity in posting this on Twitter. Do they not realize that people actually pay attention to that site? Chances are they would have had the "Rich Persons" weekend in Vegas and nobody would be the wiser, since it shouldn't have been posted anywhere.

If the NCAA has any balls...and we aren't sure that they do, they will launch an investigation here. Stay tuned...we will.

Here is some video of Marcus doing what daddy did well during his NBA career (no, not gambling). Thanks ballislifedotcom and You Tube:

Monday, August 30, 2010

David McDavid is much richer now...Thanks Turner Broadcasting!

David McDavid/Courtesy: sallyharrison.com
It appears the saga of the sale of the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers from back in 2003 has finally been settled.

Without re-hashing the story in great detail; essentially the guy who tried to buy the team was bypassed after making an offer and getting an agreement for the sale. He sued...and won.

That guy is Texas car dealership owner David McDavid, who sued Turner Broadcasting for $450 million and ended up being awarded $281 million after he originally agreed to purchase the teams for $96 million. Not a bad profit.

Apparently McDavid and Turner Broadcasting settled their suit today. Turner had promised to appeal the award, but backed off.

More from AJC.com RIGHT HERE

Pity the Turner stockholders who are now out a pretty significant chunk of money. Though the way things work these days, the company can probably just write off the cost. Since the parties won't give away the details, we are guessing McDavid got at least somewhere between the jury award and the amount he originally offered for the teams.

The deal that Turner ended up doing with the Atlanta Spirit Group has had mixed results and always smelled a bit funny. This confirms that always had been true.

Here is a commercial for the Hawks, one of the aforementioned properties.

Derrick Washington suspended from Missouri, not their only problem...

Derrick Washington/Courtesy: columbia tribune
It looks like the University of Missouri is going to make a last second run at the offseason legal trouble title.

Today, they announced that senior captain and last years leading runner Derrick Washington was charged with felony deviate sexual assualt...and suspended...indefinitely. And yeah, Washington was 2nd team All-conference last year too.

And.....there's more.

Very early this morning, long snapper Beau Brinkley was arrested and charged with DWI.

Hmmm...sounds like coach Gary Pinkel might have a few issues to deal with?

More from the Columbia Tribune's aptly named Tiger Extra RIGHT HERE

The good news is that the season starts for the Tigers this week. For that matter, just about everyone's does.  Mizzou isn't expected to be a major factor in the Big 12 which will become 10 North, but unless Washington gets his situation resolved, we wouldn't bet on them being much of a factor...at all.

Here is a story that Missouri's student station KOMU did on Washington this spring.

2 Injured Cowboys Settle With Jerry Jones

The attorney for two Dallas Cowboys employees injured in the 2009 collapse of the team's practice facility says each has received about $5 million from companies controlled by team owner Jerry Jones as legal settlements.

Attorney Frank Branson says that lawsuits filed by scout Rich Behm and special teams coach Joe DeCamillis were settled last week.

Behm was paralyzed from the waist down and DeCamillis suffered a broken vertebrae when the steel and fabric building collapsed in a wind storm back on May 2nd, 2009.

The two previously settled with the builder, Summit Structures. Branson says Behm received $19.5 million and DeCamillas was paid $4.5 million.

Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple says the team had no comment Monday.


More when we know more...
Until then, here's an anniversary piece that Sophia Reza did on the collapse
((HT: MyFoxDFW))


The Western Athletic Conference is about to go out of business but hey, they started a TV network.

In a partnership with the WAC and Learfield Communications, the WAC Sports Network will launch September 18th producing football and basketball games to be carried by local affiliates in the WAC footprint.

With Boise State, Nevada and Fresno State leaving the conference after the 2010-11 academic year the footprint will be much smaller for year two of the WSN.

Those of us at the OSG HQ say the WAC Sports Network is a one and done deal.

Roger Clemens won't let his Federal Arraignment deter him from golfing....

Clemens swearing to Congress/Courtesy: Simon Bruty/SI.com
It must be nice to be a multi-millionaire celebrity or former athlete.

Roger Clemens, facing a federal indictment on 6 felony counts including lying to Congress, is scheduled to be arraigned early Monday afternoon.

That unto itself is a big deal. Not only as a big story, but for most people, that would indicate that there is a really good chance you may be in a bit of trouble.

Well, not our pal Roger. Sure, he'll be in Washington to face a judge in federal court. But as soon as that formality is over, it's time to get on a private jet and fly to Myrtle Beach so he can be in a golf tournament. No, we aren't making this up.

More details on the Rocket's adventures from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

Well. It's good to know that Roger is concerned about all of this. Granted, like we said, it is a formality. Just an opportunity for a judge to say "Do you understand these charges?" But, it is still a pretty big deal so we probably should not try and judge here, rather...just read the story and judge for yourself.

If this trial really happens, it's going to get ugly. Fast. The last thing that anyone should want is a circus around this. Heck, we would wager that the New York Yankees especially would want this done since if it goes to trial, Andy Pettite will be a central character to the drama.

Here is some video of Clemens' opening statement when he testified to Congress back in 2008. Thanks C-Span and YouTube:

Ndamukong Suh tries to unscrew Jake Delhomme's head....

Okay, if I'm the Mangin-ious or Mike Holmgren, I'm calling the NFL league office. The Cleveland Browns are banking on Jake Delhomme being their guy, their QB for this 2010 season. That season is just about upon us as we finish practice game week 3, the week where the starters play for the last time.

On Saturday, the Browns faced off with the Detroit Lions in Detroit. One of the Lions up-and coming stars, 1st round pick and defensive terror, Ndamukong Suh...(can't wait to hear local sports guys read that name), got a hold of Jake on a somewhat busted play...and well...let's go to the video (Thanks YouTube):

Saturday, August 28, 2010

OSG High: Coolidge DC Loses Season Opener

((HT: MyFoxDC/NBCWashington))

Coolidge High ((DC)) made history Friday night with the first game under new head coach Natalie Randolph- the first female football coach in school history.

But... the storybook ending didn't happen in week one... a 28-0 loss to Archbishop Carroll. Randolph is one of only a handful of female football coaches across the country.

The 30-year-old is a former wide receiver for the D.C. Divas women’s professional team.

This is her third season as a coach. She worked with receivers in 2006 and 2007 at H.D. Woodson High.

Here's your highlights, thanks to our friends at MyFoxDC

And CSNWashington...

And WRC-TV/NBCWashington

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com/video.

The HQ will be following Randolph all season long... and wish her nothing but kick ass...

ALabama HS Coach Denies Wrongdoing, Propst Backs Him

Spain Park ((AL)) High School head football coach David Shores issued a statement Friday regarding an incident between himself and a player during practice this past Tuesday. Shores was placed on administrative leave while the school board investigates.

"I am saddened, shocked, and disappointed by the handling of the entire situation," Shores said in the statement. "A student-athlete on my team lost his cool and attacked me during a physical football drill at practice on Tuesday. I did not retaliate or otherwise fight back."

Shores said other coaches had to pull the student off him. He also said he is willing to meet with the player and his family to work through the issue.

This gave every Birmingham television station the chance to try and track down any ((what they thought would be)) pertinent sound on the issue...

NBC13 in Birmingham found former Hoover ((AL)) and current Colquitt County ((GA)) High head football coach Rush Propst...

Here's the sound from Propst, thanks to our friends at WVTM/NBC13 in Birmingham

Spain Park takes on Grayson High ((GA)) Saturday afternoon...

Friday, August 27, 2010

DEVELOPING: Strasburg is going to need Tommy John surgery....

Stephen Strasburg/courtesy: watchmojo.com
It looks like Washington Nationals pitcher/savior Stephen Strasburg won't be doing a whole lot of pitching for next year or two. According to reports, he has a "significant" tear in his ulnar collateral ligament (elbow).

Yikes! Strasburg is in his 1st MLB season and yes, has pitched a significant number of innings for a rookie, but this came as a shock to him and to the Nationals.

More from the Washington Post...RIGHT HERE

Strasburg was 5-3 with a 2.91 ERA on the season. He had thrown just over 123 innings this year, split between the Minors and the big club.

This, we think, may set off a wave of panic among pitching coaches and team management. There has been a lot of talk about the workload on young pitchers, but some seem to handle it better than others. We read a report recently that quoted a National League scout as saying with Strasburg's delivery, it was just a matter of time.

The question will be "can he come back"? Most do, heck, some pitchers come back better if they are willing to put in the work. It remains to be seen if Strasburg will be one of those. We hope he doesn't end up like other "Flash in the Pans" such as Mark Prior, but that story is yet to come.

Here's Strasburg addressing his long road back once the shock rolled away, thanks to our friends at CSNWashington...

South Carolina may have bigger problems than just agent issues...

S.Carolina coach Steve Spurrier/Courtesy: coacheshotseat.com
We reported on South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders being suspended from the team last week and when we did, something caught our eye in the story we linked to. We hadn't heard anything about it, but it didn't sound really good.

Now, Saunders, his issues include violating a team rule, believed to be showing up late to practice and then lying about why and also there is a little investigation as to his potential involvement with an agent party that several players were involved with.

As for the, well, newest issue...it may be the biggest of them all. It appears that Saunders, along with at least 10 other players were living in a rather nice Columbia area hotel for what appears to be a rather discounted rate.

More on this from the state.com or more specifically their GoGamecocks.com section... RIGHT HERE

Of course, the article goes on to quote the 'Ol Ball Coach as saying this isn't a distraction. We don't buy that...for a minute.

The players, to comply with an NCAA rule, would end up paying the hotel...The Whitney $5000 or more to make up the difference. We are pretty sure that they don't have that kind of money.

This is indicative of a larger problem that we have seen, particularly in the South where college players are afforded luxuries that most other people wouldn't get. It cropped up with the recent Bar Knoxville arrests of some Tennessee football players. While we understand that the players don't usually have a lot of pocket change to spend on things, this sort of practice is ultimately against the NCAA rules.

The NCAA is investigating the South Carolina incident as a part of their current investigation into Saunders. The combination of issues beginning to pop up would indicate they may be busy for awhile.

Enjoy Coach Spurrier who seems resigned to the thought of getting some penalties from the NCAA. Thanks WLTX-TV in Columbia:

DEVELOPING: Whoopsie!...UGA RB Washaun Ealey arrested and suspended from UGA football... for a game...

Washaun Ealey/Courtesy: bleacherreport.com

Well, this is probably not good news to Mark Richt and the University of Georgia as they prepare to open the 2010 season.

According to a published report, Running Back Washaun Ealey was arrested overnight and had some license and driving issues. Or specifically, he hit another car in a parking deck...left the scene and police found out later...that he had a suspended license.

Here is the breaking news brief with details of the arrest from AJC.com RIGHT HERE

Onlineathens.com has some more details...RIGHT HERE

Ealey, though not named the starter for the season opener on September 4th, was expected to get heavy minutes and split time with starting tailback Caleb King.

Both were expected to take the load off of Georgia's new starting Quarterback, redshirt freshman Aaron Murray.

We would expect Ealey to face some sort of disciplinary action for this, but since the story is still developing, we obviously don't know what that will be.

Stay tuned...

For the time being, here are some highlights of Ealey and Caleb King running over Georgia Tech in 2009.

Thanks You Tube:

PM UPDATE: Via Tim Tucker at the AJC

Ealey has been suspended for the UGA season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette...

“I didn’t plan on talking to him because I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to speak to him. I didn’t know what I might say,” Richt said Friday evening to Tucker. “But after I decided that I was going to suspend him at least one game, I thought it’d be at least proper to tell him before I [announced it]. I didn’t really feel like speaking to him, quite frankly.”

Ealey was booked into the Clarke County ((GA)) Jail at 5:22AM Friday and released about six hours later on bonds totaling $3,480.

In addition to a $1,500 bond on each of Friday’s two misdemeanor charges, Ealey was required to post another $480 bond because of an outstanding bench warrant for failure to appear in July on "speeding and vehicle registration charges" according to municipal court documents.

Ealey was charged with the speeding and tag violations back in late May. When he failed to appear on mid-July, his driver’s license was suspended.

The HQ expects a lot of extra running in Ealey's future... and a lot of early wake-up calls...

Pete Rose has advice for Roger Clemens...

Pete Rose/File
By now, most of us know what is going on with Roger Clemens. He is due to be arraigned on Monday for charges that he lied to Congress about steroids. That unto itself promises to be a hell of a spectacle.

On the heels of this comes word that of all people, Pete Rose, has some words of advice for the aforementioned Mr. Clemens. In an interview, he tells ESPN that Clemens should just tell the truth and admit what he did, but also adds, he thinks Clemens will stubbornly refuse to do that.

Read the entire interview with Johnette Howard of ESPN.com RIGHT HERE

More on Clemens's legal issues from CBSNews.com RIGHT HERE

We actually, in this instance, agree with Rose about this. While Clemens maintains his innocence, the evidence to the contrary is pretty overwhelming. We aren't saying that Clemens is guilty...we wouldn't convict him before his trial...it's going to take one hell of a legal effort to prove his innocence.

What Rose says is true. Rose is still paying the price for being stubborn. The Reds, just got the ok from the league to honor the day he broke the all-time hit record, and even that has some controversy attached.

Either way, we look forward to seeing what happens. Stay tuned. Monday should be fun.

Here is why Mr. Clemens is in trouble in the 1st place. Thanks YouTube:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your Jeremy Williams Update: Season Of A Lifetime

((HT: Endorphin Entertainment/Youtube))

Endorphin Entertainment is in the process of putting together a documentary on FOSG Greenville High Schhol ((GA)) head football coach Jeremy Williams.

Some elements of the HQ were in Hogansville, Georgia for their last scrimmage of the season against Callaway High School a week ago...

They ran three whole plays in the second half and lost 27-14...
Big whoop... the real season starts tomorrow night...

Here's one of the trailers...

If you don't know the story, start following...
It's worth your time...

UNC Self-Reports Academic Infraction To NCAA

The University of North Carolina self-reported academic infractions involving current football players and a former tutor to the NCAA, school officials said Thursday.

A report is claiming that the tutor is head coach Butch Davis' former nanny. Officials on campus say the tutor is no longer employed with the school. And this is separate from the current NCAA investigation involving eligibility due to possible contact with sports agents.

Here's UNC's presser in full, thanks to our friends at WRALSportsfan.com

Butch Davis did confirm that the tutor in question was hired by his family to tutor his son. During the press conference, UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp gave Davis and AD Dick Baddour his vote of confidence.


Davis canceled his media availability before practice Thursday afternoon after the reports surfaced about the academic issues. North Carolina closed what would have been a previously open practice session Thursday.

All parties and departments on campus waited for the Thursday night presser...

More when we know more...

Criminal Charges For Paterson For Lying About Yankee Tickets...???


A special investigation concluded New York Governor David Paterson's testimony about his plans to pay for World Series tickets last year was "inaccurate and misleading" and warrants consideration of criminal charges by a prosecutor.

Okay... we'll bite...

A report was released Thursday by former state Chief Judge Judith Kaye notes that "four of five tickets to the World Series opening game between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies were paid for later."

She says there's a question whether Paterson gave "intentionally false testimony" to the State Public Integrity Commission about having written an $850 check in advance for two tickets.

Albany County ((NY)) District Attorney David Soares is reviewing the case.

The governor, naturally, denies doing anything wrong.
He eventually paid for two tickets and staff members paid for two, but he maintains going to the game was part of a "ceremonial public duty" that entitled him to a ticket.

"Entitled him to a ticket...?"

You've got to be kidding...

Here's a live shot on the sidewalk, thanks to our friends at Fox5 New York

BYU Staying In Mountain West After All...???

From the "sound and fury signifying nothing" department...

According to a report by Natalie Meisler in the Denver Post, BYU may stay in the Mountain West Conference after all. When Fresno State and Nevada left the WAC to join the Mountain West the idea kinds fell apart on its own.

The Post says a decision could come as soon as today, and the school has until September 1st to inform the Mountain West Conference that it is leaving if it wants to play as an independent starting in 2011.

When contacted by ABC 4 TV in Salt Lake City, BYU associate athletic director Duff Tittle said in an e-mail, "Nothing has changed at BYU. As we have said for weeks, we continue to explore all options."

If BYU stays in the Mountain West, its membership would be at 11 teams, so the next question would be whether or not to expand to 12 schools. Utah State, which originally received an invite from the MWC before turning it down, would be a likely candidate.

Utah State has expressed an interest after their initial "thanks, but no thanks" move. The HQ doesn't think it was a move they could afford to make in the first place...

The HQ thinks the Aggies need to listen to Winston Zeddimore...
((HT: Columbia Pictures/Youtube))

Football Writers Association Of America Says "No National Title For You 2004 USC Trojans"

What's the old saying cheaters never prosper. The University of Southern California is finding that out.

The Football Writers Association of America revoked the Trojans of their 2004 National Championship and the FWAA declined to name a replacement for the vacated title.

This is the first time a national championship has been vacated in a major college sport.

In a release by the FWAA, the organization reserves its right to pick a substitute national champion and a majority of the special committee reviewing USC's case during their recent scandal could not agree on a replacement for USC as the FWAA national champion.

"There was a thorough discussion of all the possible scenarios involving all the appropriate teams," FWAA President Tim Griffin said in a release. "The FWAA reached a very fair conclusion based on careful consideration of the strengths of all the teams. We realize there are numerous opinions on this question.

"Nonetheless, this group – which has more than three collective centuries of experience covering college football and has members representing all geographic regions in the nation – came to a decision we feel best serves the sport."

This decision will have Auburn Tiger fans ticked off. All that team accomplished was an undefeated season, 13-0. The Tigers were ranked #2 behind the Trojans in the final FWAA poll that year. That 2004 Auburn team can't even catch a break with this move.

You can read the release from the FWAA clicking below.


Here's USC's Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma that according to the FWAA never happened. (Thanks ESPN/ABC/youtube.com)

The L.A. Vikings?

[HT: Forbes.com]

Could the Minnesota Vikings pack up and head to Los Angeles? Well according to Forbes.com the answer is yes.

Vikings owner Zygmunt Wilf's biggest asset is the termination of his lease at the Metrodome, which expires after the 2011 season. If Wilf does not have an agreement for a new stadium in Minnesota he will probably move the franchise to Los Angeles, where two separate groups want to build new stadiums.

Wilf has done everything possible to squeeze a few more bucks out of the Metrodome from naming rights to a high end sports bar which costs $2,500 in addition to the cost of a ticket.

The Viking horns in L.A. just doesn't match. Come on give Zyggy his multi billion dollar play pin for the Viks and make sure it's open air.

Let's go back to win the Vikings played in the elements. Take a trip down memory lane as The NFL Today opens their broadcast from the old Metropolitan Stadium and the frigid Viking fans from 1975. (Thanks CBS Sports/youtube.com)

If by some chance the Vikings move to L.A. then this is a memory from that town Vikings fans might remember, defeating the then Los Angeles Rams in a mud bowl at the L.A. Coliseum in 1977. Vin Scully and Alex Hawkins are your CBS announcers. Who says the weather can't effect a game in L.A.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DEVELOPING: NHLPA Strikes Fehr At The Bettman

Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos confirms that the NHLPA has signed on Donald Fehr on an interim basis to be their Executive Director...

Fehr originally took a position as an advisor for the NHLPA shortly after resigning from his MLBPA post in June 2009. He'll be a short-term solution for the NHL union as 2012 CBA negotiations approach. Remember, Paul Kelly was fired so the position is vacant.

That noise you heard was NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman freaking out before the 2012 negotiations...

CBSSports.com's Scott Miller talks about his impact for baseball...

Yeah, the NHLPA just picked up the pace...
This was a little more serious than a shot across the league's bow...

Dallas area High School QB may be skirting the rules

While scanning the vastness of the internets for stories tonight, we stumbled across this interesting read out of Dallas. The quarterback of one of the areas biggest football factories, may be ruled ineligible, due to either a goof up...or trying to avoid eligibility rules.

The player in question, Daxx Garmin apparently, had lived in Oklahoma where there were some issues related to where he lived. The report, by Dallas TV station WFAA says that though Garmin and his family now say they reside in the Southlake school district. They apparently have a home there. However the report says still have ties to their previous home in Oklahoma.

Here is a text version of the WFAA story, read it RIGHT HERE

Here is a bit more from the Dallas Morning News...READ HERE

The school district release their own statement read it...RIGHT HERE

There are a lot of strong opinions in the Dallas area about this story. There should be. The skirting of the rules is not uncommon, particularly with kids who have the potential to be star athletes. We aren't implicating or saying that the Garmin family did anything wrong, they may not have. But the question is legitimate and when you read the background and see the TV story it makes you wonder.

The investigative story from WFAA is here, judge for yourselves:

God Help us all, Nick Saban now has his own movie....

This isn't a joke/courtesy: al.com
If this isn't a surefire sign of the apocolypse, I don't know what is. This past Tuesday night in Birmingham, Alabama fans/crazy people were treated to the debut of a new movie. That movie...Nick Saban: Gamechanger.

Yes, you read that correctly, Nick Saban agreed to allow a Memphis based production company to do his life story...in movie form.

Kevin Scarabinsky of the Birmingham News previewed the premier...RIGHT HERE

And Hal Yeager from the same paper did a photo story...see it RIGHT HERE

One of the numerous funny parts of this story was the part about Saban not being able to attend his premier, instead, a cardboard cutout played the part of the Alabama football coach. (Try and refrain from the obvious joke here)

I'm sorry, knowing how fanatically obsessive the fans in Alabama are about their football and knowing how they worship the very ground that Saban walks on, this whole thing creeps me out.

The big question, at least to us is, why? There are no real answers and we just for the life of us can imagine him being forthcoming about some of the more highly controversial moves in his career. Maybe we are wrong, but we doubt it.

Rather than pontificate further, we'll let you see the trailer and if you want to see the movie yourselves, by all means do so and judge it that way.

Here it is, courtesy of Flashlight Media Group:

Nick Saban : Gamechanger from Flashlight Media Group on Vimeo.

Kroenke finally gets full ownership of the Rams...

Kroenke//Courtesty: Brian Bahr/Getty
After 16-plus years as a minority owner of the St.Louis Rams, gazillionaire Stan Kroenke, finally has ownership of a football team in St. Louis.

The NFL's finance committee gave the big O.K to Kroenke taking over things after he agreed to give his stake in the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets to his son Josh.

Here are the basics on the story from KMOX.com RIGHT HERE

A little more detail from KSDK-TV RIGHT HERE

It's interesting that Kroenke finally will be getting ownership of the team. Despite some consternation from the folks in St.Louis that the team could be a candidate for relocation back to Los Angeles, we don't see that happening.

Though Kroenke's other team holdings are in Denver, remember this. Back in 1994, when the NFL was going through the last round of expansion, Kroenke tried to step in and push the heavily favored St. Louis bid forward and very nearly walked away with the team. Having been at the aforementioned meeting, I can tell you he was close enough to getting it that there were t-shirts printed, I saw them.

Anyway, enough of my old war stories from TV...here is more on what happened today. Thanks fox2now.com:

DEVELOPING: Feds Only Had 1 Officer Patrolling Off-Road Race

A federal agency says it had just one ranger patrolling a 50-mile off-road race where one of the participating vehicles killed eight spectators that were watching too close to the Mojave Desert course.

The Bureau of Land Management said that the ranger was patrolling the course in an off-road vehicle area when a spectator flagged him down to report the crash.

BLM also says the race organizer itself was responsible for the safety of the spectators, but the incident raises questions about the agency's oversight of such events on their property.

The agency would not say how many rangers would be on hand for events like, but the BLM had eight employees staff a motorcycle race in the same area last weekend.

More when we know more...

Here's your file tape of the accident at the California 200
Thanks, SkyNews and Youtube...

Bobby Bowden Is Selling His New Book, Selling Out Florida State

[HT: Associated Press, Orlando Sentinel]

Bobby Bowden is going public about how he was treated by Florida State. Here's the interview the Associated Press did with the Seminole legend. (Thanks AP/youtube.com)

Oh by the way, he's trying to sell his new book "Called To Coach, Reflections on Life, Football and Faith." Bowden co-authored with Mark Schlabach.

First of all I thought Florida State was about as creative you could get with head coaching titles. Last year Mickey Andrews was the associate head coach, Rick Trickett was the assistant head coach, Chuck Amato was the executive head coach and Jimbo Fisher was the head coach in waiting. Ambassador coach? That's just a little extreme.

Bowden also talked to The Sporting News which will be in the magazines August 30th issue. In his interview with Matt Hayes of TSN Bowden describes his meeting with then FSU President T.K. Wetherell and how it went down.

“First thing he says is, ‘This ain’t gonna be pretty.’ It went downhill from there,” Bowden said. “Those were his first words; I couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘You have two options: One is to stay on as an ambassador coach for one more year. You can still be the coach, but we don’t want you to go on the field.’ I’d get paid for doing nothing. That’s stealing from FSU. I said, ‘That’s out, forget it. What’s the other option?’ He said, ‘We don’t renew your contract.’ ”

Read a preview of the Bowden interview and watch TSN's Matt Haynes talk about that interview by clicking the link below.


Former FSU president T.K. Wetherell responded in an e-mail to the Orlando Sentinel. In his response Wetherell agrees with Bowden's side of the story but it's clear his sacrificed their friendship for the good of Florida State University.

"I haven’t seen anything that is new in his book or the papers, There were basically two options and neither were going to come out good. The whole idea of an Ambassador Coach made no sense to me or him when we talked through it but I told some of the Board of Trustees and Boosters I would present it—but was not committed to it and didn’t think Bowden would want it either. To his credit, he dismissed all variations of it right off the bat.

“That left option 2 — not renewing his contract. It is not all that complex—just that simple. Option 3 of one more year or 400 wins (which probably would mean 2 more years) would not have moved the program forward and hindered the Presidential search that I knew was coming so Bobby chose to announce his retirement. End of story — end of friendship."

Those of us at the OSG HQ knew this would get ugly once the facts came out in regards to Bobby Bowden stepping down as head coach. We do agree that it was time to make the change but just wished that didn't go down the way it did.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get Your OchoCinco's....

Ochocinco the cereal/courtesy: plbsports-cnbc.com
((ht: Darren Rovell/cnbc))

Really, sometimes there are things we just can't make up. We reported earlier today on Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco being fined $25,000 for Tweeting during a game last weekend.

Now comes word that our hero is getting.....wait for it....his own cereal. From the company that brought you Flutie Flakes...comes "Ochocinco's". That company, PLB Sports, has an intersting roster of athlete named foods.

More from CNBC's Sports Business writer Darren Rovell RIGHT HERE

Try and forgive the Ochocinco stories here, but its hard to resist this type of material. The product, which will be sold primarily in the Cincinnati area, will be available at Kroger's stores and the company's website. They debut, September 7th.

Really, if you think about it, it's kind of hard not to laugh about this stuff, but it sells. It isn't something you'll see nationwide, but it sells in its markets. We get the logic. In towns such as Cincinnati, pretty much anything with one of their players mugs on it...will sell.

We aren't saying we are going to buy some here in the Satellite Office, we aren't really Bengals fans, but their is some curiosity.

Say what you will, the guy can market himself. Here's his intro video from Dancing With The Stars...Thanks YouTube:

DEVELOPING: Blasberg Death Ruled A Suicide

A Nevada coroner has ruled professional golfer Erica Blasberg's death was a suicide.

Blasberg died May 9th at her home in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson. The 25-year-old was found with a plastic bag over her head.

The Clark County coroner's office said Tuesday that Blasberg died of suicide due to asphyxia, coupled with the presence of toxic levels of prescription medication in her system, including prescription meds for headaches, coughing, pain and anti-anxiety.

Nevada law doesn't permit the release of details on the amount of medication in a person's system at the time of their death.

The Henderson Police Department says it concluded their investigation and determined there was no foul play.

The Henderson PD has also issued an arrest warrant for Dr. Thomas Hess on obstruction charges. Police say Hess, who discovered Blasberg's body, removed items from the scene including a suicide note. That act forced the police to investigate a foul play angle...

Here's the 9-1-1 call when Blasberg's body was discovered...

Chan Gailey gets mad at Bills hecklers

Chan Gailey yells back at fans/courtesy: wgrz.com
Wow! We knew Chan Gailey was protective of his players and we knew he had a bit of a temper in him but we've got to applaud him for his actions today at Buffalo Bills practice.

Gailey decided after practice to go address a small group of younger, alleged Buffalo fans who were taunting his players...in particular Quarterback Trent Edwards during practice.

Here is a little more about what happened from WIVB.com RIGHT HERE

We like this on several levels though probably not nearly as much as Gailey's players did.

We understand that fans have a right to boo and voice there displeasure with players. But there is a time and/or limit to what should be said. If they aren't performing or are griping about things then yeah, we are okay with that. But that doesn't sound like what happened here.

If you are a so-called "Super-fan" and you take things too personally, which a lot of fans do, then don't come to the games or practices. Nobody is making you come.

Much the same as a "Fan" wouldn't like it if someone starting making personal insults about them and their family while they were hunched over a computer at their desks, athletes deserve some of that same respect. We aren't saying that you have to cheer for them all the time...you don't. But be respectful. You don't need to call them anything you wouldn't want to be called yourself.

Too often the stands at a football game are to rude and crude for a family to go to. There is not a really good reason for that.

Coach Gailey, we applaud you for taking a stand. We'll see how well it goes over with everyone else.

Here is your video proof. Thanks WIVB-TV:

Ochocinco 2010...Let the Fines Begin...

Ocho-y-cinco//Courtesy: mediazombies.com
The NFL's King of All Media, Chad Ochocinco has already begun his accumulating of the fines from the NFL League Office.

Ocho...who is a certified Media whore, is also one of the more savvy marketers in the NFL. Not only did he have his own reality show on VH-1 (though pretty much anyone whoever made a headline can do that), he is huge on Twitter and Facebook. He also has the self titled OCNN which was the source of a few entertaining bits earlier this year at the Super Bowl.

So, it should come as no surprise that Ocho has gotten his first fine of the 2010 season. This time, it's a $25,000 hit for Tweeting during last weeks exhibition game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.

More from Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy RIGHT HERE

While we understand the league's stance on this, we also get where Ochocinco is coming from as well. As much as the NFL would like to not have this happen, it's going to. And really, the two Tweets were hardly revelatory.

We, well at least here in the Satellite office, kind of enjoy the antics of 8-5. He's good for the game. Sure he  tweaks the stodginess of the NFL, but is that such a bad thing. It's not like the guy is beating his wife or running over people while drunk....

Here is Chad having a good laugh on Jimmy Kimmel Live and tweaking our friends at The Big Lead: (Yes, we know he doesn't have clothes on in this skit)

Tyler Thomas of Oregon State is in a lot of trouble....

Tyler Thomas' mug shot/courtesy: benton county sheriff dept.
Okay, this is alternately sad and funny and pathetic at the same time. Tyler Thomas, a 19-year old offensive lineman at...well, formerly an offensive lineman for Oregon State was kicked off the team for a rather lengthy list of legal issues.

Thomas' latest problem. He was arrested for being naked in the upstairs office of a 32-year old woman's home in Corvallis, Oregon.

It gets stranger. When police showed up and tried to get Thomas to get on the floor, he apparently got on the floor, assumed a 3-point stance and tried to either block or plow over the officers. Needless to say, that didn't go over so well.

More on Thomas and his rather lengthy record from the GazetteTimes.com RIGHT HERE

The good news is coach Mike Riley didn't waste any more time making Thomas go away. It almost sounds like the type of incident you would see in a movie about College Football players...like the program...

Here is a clip from the movie. Thanks You Tube:

Weslye Saunders suspended...Temporarily for now...

Weslye Saunders//Courtesy: al.com
The 'ol ball coach is vetting out some discipline these days. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier announced Monday night that star Tight End Weslye Saunders has been "temporarily suspended" for apparently violating some team rules.

We probably should add here that Saunders is a part of the NCAA investigation into the South Beach player/agent party, but Spurrier was adamant that was not the reason for the suspension.

The Ball Coach also had to clarify a situation that apparently popped up where Saunders' was part of a group of players living in an area hotel. Hmmm....hadn't heard about that one.

In the meantime, Columbia's thestate.com tries to make sense of it all...read it RIGHT HERE

This, well, isn't looking very good for the Gamecocks. Saunders seems to have a rather lengthy list of questionable decisions here, even if the South Beach incident isn't true.

He was supposed to be the best receiver on the team this season, on the watch list for the Mackey award and a surefire NFL draft pick.

Saunders may still pan out that way, Spurrier was emphatic that it was for a "Team Rules Violation" and wouldn't elaborate as to how long the suspension will be in place. We guess that a peek at the starting lineup or guys who dress for next weeks season opener against Southern Mississippi will be the answer to that question.

Here is sound from the 'ol ball coach his ownself....Thanks WLTX-TV:

Monday, August 23, 2010

MTSU Hopes Dashered...??? Did Dwight Gamble With 80-Year-Old's Money...

Middle Tennessee State University campus police are investigating whether senior, all-Sun Belt Conference quarterback Dwight Dasher took money from an 80-year-old man to use for gambling.

Nice work... allegedly... specifically, it is for high-stakes poker...
Apparently... alledgedly...

Word is that a gentleman named Oliver Donnell, a patient at VA hospital in Murfreesboro, reported Dasher to some form of local police in July after Dasher ((allegedly)) wouldn't return his phone calls.


MTSU AD Chris Massaro says in a statement the NCAA has been notified about the investigation.

Donnell told a local newspaper he lent $1,500 to Dasher to use for a high-stakes poker game with the promise that Dasher would split winnings with him. Donnell also says he has been interviewed by a consultant working for MTSU to determine if Dasher's eligibility status is now and forever screwed...

Here's the report from Murfreesbro, thanks to our friends at WKRN-TV in Nashville...
Joseph Pleasant got to sit at the anchor table and talk about it...

The key to this whole thing is Dasher's name has come up in an investigation surrounding missing checks involving a teammate, Colin Boss.

The response by Boss where Dasher is concerned will really determine whether or not the Blue Raiders will be in the Sun Belt race this season... or if Dasher's career just flamed out entirely.

Peyton Manning On Lane Kiffin, "We Didn't Think Tennessee Was A Transition Job."

Peyton Manning was a guest Monday's Dan Patrick's radio show where the Colts quarterback discussed a plethora of topics. They talk about Tony Dungy and some other Colts stuff but then Manning discussed Lane Kiffin's short but memorable tenure at Tennessee. Let's just say Manning wasn't that crazy about Kiffy-kins and the way he treated the Big Orange Nation.

Click on the link to listen.


Guess Who Wants Back Into Football...... Maurice Clarett

Maurice Clarett went from a sure thing running back who led Ohio State to a national championship in 2002 to an NFL castoff to a convicted felon in the span of 3 years.

He's out of a Toledo, Ohio prison now after serving a 3 and a half year sentence for aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon and just finished a 4 1/2 months in what the Associated Press called a "locked-down, dormitory-style facility that serves as a transition for those getting out of prison."

Now Clarett has the itch to get back into football and the United Football League is willing to give him a shot.

Clarett and his attorney filed a motion with a judge asking to be allowed to travel to try out with the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks. Clarett cannot leave the state of Ohio until he receives clearance from the court. A review of the motion is scheduled for August 30th.

"Since he re-enrolled in summer-quarter classes at Ohio State, he's been going to school and also working out each morning at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center," Clarett's attorney Michael Hoague was quoted by the AP. "He looks really good."

Let's hope this venture into professional football is better than his brief stint as a Denver Bronco. Oh by the way, Ted Sundquist, the former general manager of the Denver Broncos, who took Clarett in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft, is the player personnel director of the Nighthawks. Sundquist must see something we do not.

Here's some highlights of Clarett in his one season in Columbus (Thanks youtube.com/jhilmer)

Photo Courtesy: The Cleveland Leader