Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Day In Chapel Hill: Searcy Back, Davis Not Resigning


North Carolina safety Da'Norris Searcy has been cleared to return for the game against East Carolina after missing three games while the NCAA is investigating, pretty much, everything going on at UNC...

Searcy started all 13 games last season, but the school has held him out this year until his eligibility was figured out.

Tailback Shaun Draughn was cleared to return against Georgia Tech, while the NCAA announced a six-game suspension for cornerback Kendric Burney and a four-game suspension for safety Deunta Williams last week.

Nine other players still remain in limbo including Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn.

Item 2: Butch Davis says he has no plans to resign considering what's going on...
Here are his extended remarks...

Back on Thursday, Yahoo!Sports released a story that showed links between sports agent Gary Wichard and former UNC coach John Blake.

The report said that over the past three years six wire transfers were made from Wichard to Blake. Blake also carried a credit card tied to Wichard’s agency, Pro Tect Management.

Attorneys for Blake say their client received loans from Wichard, but there was never an arrangement to direct players to Wichard once they left for the NFL.

Pardon the HQ while it clears it's throat on that one...

Tim Hall and Erin Summers have an excellent read filling in the details...

Summers also discloses that the NCAA has now joined the school's investigation into the school's football program...

Yeah... this won't end well...

The Falcons Have NO Shame...

Pranking our girl, FOSG Niki Noto like this...

No shame whatsoever... and that's why we like them...
((HT: AtlantaFalconsNFL))

The HQ hopes Niki will have caught her breath in time for next week's GPB SportsCentral...

Don't Dial The Number On OchoCinco's Cereal

((HT: WCPO-TV Cincinnati))

Or you may get something other than a question and answer line about the Bengals' receiver...

I guess you're not supposed to call 1-800-HELP-FTC... ever again...

Here's the report from the adult table, thanks again to our folks at Channel 9...

Mora Vs. Gottlieb: "You're A Real Joy..."

((HT: ESPNU/Youtube))

We enjoy meltdowns just as much as the next guy...

Here's JL's most recent one squaring off against Doug Gottlieb on ESPNRadio's "The Herd With Colin Cowherd" prgram today...

Priceless... and more evidence as to why Mora's not a head coach in the NFL anymore.

Here's the interview in full, thanks to snapplefact

JL's still a real joy...

J.J. Redick, The NBA's Best White Dunker?

During his days at Duke J.J. Redick could fill the nets from outside and I saw him throwdown a few dunks in practice, never in a game.

Now Redick's Orlando Magic teammate Dwight Howard wonders how Redick would do in an All-White dunk contest.

Let's hear from the man himself. (Thanks

It's better to have short arms than little hands. (Thanks

Add Jaz Reynolds of Oklahoma to the list of stupid Tweeters

Jaz Reynolds/
Why do guys do stuff like this? Do they not think that other people will read them? Yes, while we are on Twitter, we mostly use it to monitor others. We don't pretend to totally understand it. Nor do we really like it. seems to be providing a certain amount of reporting material.

Apparently, on Tuesday, the day a gunman opened fire on the University of Texas campus and then killed himself, Oklahoma sophomore receiver Jaz Reynolds took the opportunity to opine about it...just days before Oklahoma and Texas face-off in the "Red River Rivalry".

Reynolds Tweeted about it several times, the first one saying "Hi everyone in Austin, tx...kill yourself". He later tried to tell people to disregard the 1st Tweet, but, he either didn't want to or didn't know how to remove it.

More from the local newspaper, The Norman Transcript RIGHT HERE

This, was beyond stupid and if for no other reason, Reynolds should be suspended for just that. Thankfully Sooner Head Coach Bob Stoops reacted quickly and suspended Reynolds. Supposedly, his Twitter account no longer exists either.

Like we said earlier, "Do they realize people actually read the stuff they post?". Yeah, we know that instant social commentary is a part of life, we get that. And we participate our ownselves. But, we also know that other people read it, people who may attach some significance to what you might be commenting on or about. So you need to be careful. Be measured. Put some thought into it.

If you are creative enough you can make your point. However, in this instance, young Mr. Reynolds was just stupid. You don't say that. Period. Anywhere. End of statement.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cal Cuts Three Sports: Baseball, Gymnastics, Lacrosse

And rugby gets reassigned to "varsity club" status- which means that they have to raise their own funds... rugby is only the most successful sport in university history...

163 athletes are affected as the school is cutting four million dollars from their budgets...

"We went two years without hiring faculty, where we went a year with furloughs, where we laid off 500 low paid workers which we hated to do. We can't justify university support of athletic at the level of $10 million, $15 million or $20 million. It's just not possible," Cal Chancellor Robert Birgenau said in his dirge of a press conference.

Lyanne Melendez is in Berkeley with the bad news...
((HT: KGO-TV San Francisco))

OSG High: Alabama HS Teen Charged In Cheerleader Grope

((HT: WTVY-TV Dothan))

Here's another case of teenage, high school hormones run amok...

After a high school football game in south Alabama last Friday night, a player for Elba ((AL)) High School seems to have maybe, perhaps, let his fingers do the walking around the uniforms of some rival cheerleaders...

And that's a bit of a no-no...

Reginald Jones sits at the adult table...

An OSG College Football Status Report After 1/3 Of The Season

Time flies when you are having fun and can you believe we are one-third of the way through what has been one hell of a college football season. Boise State and TCU are up their with the big boys. The ACC and Big East conferences have not helped their underachieving reputation. The Mountain West once again has proved it deserves BCS status and the SEC and Big 10 are flexing their muscles while the Pac 10 is on the rise.

That leads us to the OSG college football status report.

The Final Four – The Best Teams In College Football So Far

Alabama – The reigning national champions are still playing like the best team in the country. The Crimson Tide dominates both sides of the line, have two of the best running backs in the country in Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson and a quarterback who rarely makes mistakes (although Greg McIlroy had a couple against Arkansas last Saturday.) ‘Bama has a few more tests to pass and with Jolly Ole St. Nick running the show you tend to think the Tide will.

Oregon – Duck fans including their very deep pocketed one Phil Knight should be ecstatic about Oregon’s season. In each of Oregon’s four games the Quack Attack offense has put over 40 points on the board and leads the Pac – 10 in virtually every offensive category. Oregon heads into teeth of their Pac-10 schedule facing Stanford Saturday. That game will tell us where the Ducks are in the Pac-10.

Boise State – Lay off the Broncos. Boise State has proven they can play with the big boys with wins over Virginia Tech and Oregon State. There talent is far above the run of the mill WAC schools so don’t knock them for that. Boise State may not be an automatic BCS qualifier but the Broncos are doing what they have to do to compete for the crystal ball. Unless Boise State loses a game they shouldn’t deal with it, the Broncos are for real.

TCU – The Horned Frogs are probably the best team in the state of Texas. If TCU were in a BCS conference they might be just as good. Those of us at the OSG HQ think TCU is better than Boise State. TCU has one big test to pass at Utah, win that and TCU is in business.

TCU and Boise State have one BCS common opponent, Oregon State. The Horned Frogs beat the Beavers 30 – 21. Boise State defeated Oregon State 37-24. Judge for yourselves but that appears to be a pick’em.

Those of us at the OSG HQ think right now no matter what Boise State and TCU do they have almost no shot of playing for the BCS Championship Game and that’s a shame. If college football had a final four they would be there.

Teams To Watch Out For:

Stanford – We knew the Cardinal would be good but they are scary good. If Stanford gets by Oregon you might be able to bet the farm that the tree will be shaking in Pasadena.

Nebraska – The Cornhusker team you knew and loved growing up is back. Quarterback Taylor Martinez has been fantastic. Any question the Huskers are going to win the Big 12 North.

NC State – Before you say “huh” hear us out. The Wolfpack are rolling and have two of their toughest games, Virginia Tech and Florida State, at home. If the Wolfpack keep this up and “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid” as offensive coordinator Dana Bible said then NC State fans might head down to Miami and the Orange Bowl in January.

Heisman Stock: On The Rise

Mark Ingram – Alabama: I know he missed two games to injury but the reigning Heisman Trophy winner ran wild at Duke and pounded Arkansas. He may not win it again but he’s got the nation's attention.

Russell Wilson – NC State: The way Wilson is playing he will get an invite to New York. Wilson is among the NCAA leaders in total offense, moving up the ACC passing charts and leading his team to big wins.

Denard Robinson – Michigan: Robinson is the leader in the clubhouse. He’s been electrifying and has woken up the Wolverine fan base. Those of us at the OSG HQ wonder if Robinson can continue to take the pounding.

Heisman Stock: Dropping

Ryan Mallett – Arkansas: A fourth quarter offensive meltdown with two “WTF” interceptions against Alabama at home really hurts.

Christian Ponder – Florida State: Sticking up the stadium on national TV against Oklahoma will be tough to overcome.

Coaches Who’s Backsides Are Feeling Quite Warm

Houston Nutt – Ole Miss: Losses to Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt already. Call it the curse of Jeremiah Masoli.

Dan Hawkins – Colorado: When will the University begin a collection fund to pay for Hawkins’ buyout?

Mike Locksley – New Mexico: His ass is practically on fire. We expect something to go down soon to stop the madness in Albuquerque.

Tim Brewster - Minnesota: Let's see new stadium, alumni and boosters ready to win, a 1-3 start including a loss to South Dakota. How much is Brewster's buyout?

Coaches Who Have Cooled Off The Hot Seat

Rich Rodriquez – Michigan: That seat still has some warmth to it but after Michigan’s start and the emergence of Denard Robinson Rich Rod new fangled ways in Michigan are beginning to win over the hardcore Wolverine fans.

Ralph Friedgen – Maryland: The Terps have already topped their win total of last year. The Navy win to begin the season was a huge confidence boost for Maryland and despite one setback at West Virginia the Terps have ridden that wave and saving Fridges job.

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel, Week 4-Separating the Men from the Boys we get into the heart of the season. We get to the point where the practice games against the FBS teams and the Division II teams and the crappy D-1 schools are over with and conference games kick in full blast.

We learned that Alabama has some resiliency. We learned the Florida might too. We also learned that Texas was over rated and Boise probably wasn't.

Before we get to the poll, our clip of the week has our hero's training for their mission...which much like our football teams, begins this week.

Last Week: 14-2...pretty darn good! 40-6 on the season. Top that boys!

So, as Casey says...."It's on with the Countdown!"

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Alabama 4-0. They had to come back to beat Arkansas deep in the Ozarks. But they did. And they didn't sweat too much doing it. There is some concern with the secondary, but that may be their only weakness. We'll find out. This Week: Alabama 23, Florida 21(Wishing mutual destruction though)

Wilkie: Mutual destruction would be a win-win but that can't happen in college football. Alabama wins it because Jolly Ole St. Nick demands it. Alabama 21, Florida 14

Nelson: I like the "MAD" gambit for the second week in a row... otherwise, Alabama 23 Florida 13

2) Ohio St. 4-0.
They get to move up because they are killing everyone they play. Of course they've only played one real team too. Yes, they'll stay here for awhile because nobody in the Big 10/12 is good enough to beat them. This Week: Ohio St. 41, Illinois 21

Wilkie: The Buckeyes take care of business against the Zookers. Ohio State 45, Illinois 24

Nelson: I don't think Illinois will put up 21 points. TOSU 31-17

3)Boise St. 3-0.
Two ranked teams down one more to go. I've said it before I'll say it again. They might not beat all the SEC teams, but I'd pick 'em over everyone but 'Bama. This is a good football team. This Week: Boise St. 51, New Mexico St. 7

Wilkie: You non-believers in Boise State need to get a clue. Don't hate on the Broncos because they play in the WAC. This week Boise State takes down the Aggies. Boise State 58, New Mexico State 3

Nelson: I'm more in Wilkie's wheelhouse here... Boise 51-6

4)Oregon 4-0.
Another team to watch out for. I still think they are a typical all flash no substance Pac 10/12 team. But that may just be me. Yeah, they can score, but can they stop a good team? This Week: Oregon 37, Stanford 31

Wilkie: We will find out if they can brother Phil because Stanford's offense is damn good. I'm going against the grain a taking the Cardinal. Stanford 31, Oregon 27

Nelson: Stanford 34-31- a signature win for the Harbaugh Administration

5) TCU 4-0.
I really think these guys will be here when the season ends. This is a pretty solid team front to back. Besides, how can you go wrong with Dalton at QB? Please, send some Roadhouse jokes our way. This Week: TCU 47, Colorado St. 13

Wilkie: TCU is the best team in Texas. TCU 45, Colorado State 10

Nelson: The name's Dalton... We're all in the ballpark 42-10

6) Nebraska 4-0.
These aren't your Daddy's Cornhuskers...or are they? They don't throw the ball very well, but they sure can run it. Last week was a let down vs. South Dakota St., but it's time to play big boy football from here on. 


Nelson: I like Idle this week...

7) Florida 4-0. It appears they may have awakened this past week. We are a bit skeptical about that. Now that Trey Burton has introduced himself, you can bet people will be ready for him. Jeff Demps is hurt, there isn't much else. This Week: See #1

Wilkie: Ditto

Nelson: Yeah, that...

8) Oklahoma 4-0.
They got lucky to escape Cincinnati with a "W". Lucky. They are pretty good, but we question if they are "Elite" good. We'll find out this week. This Week: Texas 27, Oklahoma 23

Wilkie: In my opinion the best rivalry in college football. Oklahoma and Texas must have looked ahead to the Red River Rivalry because OU barely beat Cincinnati and Texas had a head scratching loss to UCLA. Oklahoma 31, Texas 28

Nelson: It's all about survival in this one... Oklahoma 27-21

9) Auburn 4-0.
Cam Newton is channeling his inner Tebow. And its working. This is a pretty solid team right now. Who knew the Chizik could coach? Or is there something else going on with the plethora of top rated recruits suddenly going to the Plains? This Week: Auburn 49, La. Monroe 12

Wilkie: If Auburn keeps this up I can't wait for the Iron Bowl. Auburn 48, UL-Monroe 10

Nelson: TBH would kill me if I said Monroe... 45-10 Auburn...

10) Wisconsin 4-0.
They got a break last week and survived their trip to Arizona. I'm still not sold on them as a top 10 team, but I've been known to be wrong too. This Week: Mich. St 24, Wisconsin 21

Wilkie: I'm with brother Phil on the Badgers. The Spartans will be inspired with coach Dantonio back. Michigan State 28, Wisconsin 20

Nelson: I'll go with Wisconsin just to be different...27-23

11) Stanford 4-0.
You go fighting Trees. Any team with a 2-way player named Owen Marecic is cool with us. Yes, Marecic starts at both FB and MLB. We love that! This Week: Unfortunately see #4

Wilkie: See #4

Nelson: Yeah, #4...

12) Utah 4-0.
They get to stay. Really, they haven't done a lot to lose this spot, so they won't. This Week: The Dreaded Bye

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Minnesota 1-3. Face it. They just aren't very good. We don't think Tim Brewster will last long, nor will he see Brewster's Millions (had to work that in!). This Week: Northwestern 23, Minnesota 13

Wilkie: Nice one brother Phil. Brewster is keeping the seat warm as deep pocketed Gopher boosters seek out alum Tony Dungy and offer him the world. This week another loss. Northwestern 24, Minnesota 10

Nelson: Another Punky week in Minnesota, Northwestern 23-14

4)New Mexico St. 0-3
. We wonder if the state of New Mexico should give up football. They have some really, really bad teams. Really, think about it. They could use this time of year to get ready for hoops. It would save some money, wouldn't it? This Week: Boise St. 51, New Mexico St. 7

Wilkie: I can't wait until next week when New Mexico and New Mexico State play. I bet those tickets have been gone for months. Boise State 58, NMSU 3

Nelson: Boise 49-7 on a garbage TD late...

3) Eastern Michigan 0-4.
They got "Jacked Up!" last week. But that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They aren't good. They haven't been good. They good. This Week: Ohio 3, E. Michigan 2

Wilkie: I think I get it brother Phil, Eastern Michigan is a bad team. The Ohio University 4, Eastern Michigan 2

Nelson: Ohio 2, Eastern 1...

2) W. Kentucky 0-4.
Still 0-for Division One. That will someday change, but we don't know when. They are overmatched against just about everyone. The only reason they aren't the worst of the worst is because of New Mexico. This Week: W.Ky 7, FIU 6 UPSET SPECIAL!!!!!

Wilkie: OK brother Phil I'll go with that. The Hills will be alive with the thrill of victory. WKU 7 FIU 6

Nelson: I can't go there yet... 13-7 FIU...

1) New Mexico 0-4.
The worst program in Divison 1 football. Period! Mike Locksley, the worst coach in D-1 football, Period! How is that man still employed. How does the NCAA let either New Mexico school play football? Period! This Week: UTEP 51, New Mexico 0

Wilkie: How's the high school football in the Land of Enchantment? UTEP 66, New Mexico 3

Nelson: UTEP 67, New Mexico negative-4

There you have it. The best and the worst of College Football. What sayeth you? Agree or disagree? Let us know. In the meantime....enjoy your Saturday.

Terry Fox Plus 30: The Marathon Continues

Full disclosure first...

Some of the HQ are members of the Terry Fox Foundation and know his story...

We're a little late on the Terry Fox Run anniversary on the 18th, but in concert with the four-letter's "30 For 30"/Steve Nash-directed "Into The Wind" ((required viewing, by the way)), here's a revisit of why Fox has made the impact he has...

Chris Connelly has your 25th anniversary piece... it still resonates today...
And it always will...
((HT: ESPN/Youtube))

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bobby Cox retires soon...we pay our respects

Bobby at Spring Training with FOSG Eric Hager shooting video/Courtesy: Rob Carr/AP
We've been trying to figure out a good time to do this and decided that as we hit the last full week of the Major league baseball season, now is as good a time as any.

For those who want a good, national perspective, here is a nicely done article by Jayson Stark of RIGHT HERE

I got the opportunity to cover Bobby Cox for almost 10-years and am proud to say so. I can say without a doubt he was one of the most interesting yet honest people that I ever covered.

There are so many stories that I can tell. Stories that some may know and some may not. Sure, everyone has given perspective of how much of a players manager he is--and was. There is no questioning that nor should there be. But I think that probably the toughest thing that both he...and his players are going to have to deal with is...a new routine.

Bobby, without fail did the same the same time, every year. At Spring Training, he didn't push his guys hard. His only rule. Be there on time, ready to take the field promptly at 9am. He always started the 1st full day the same way. A locker room speech. Not a long one, but always a speech. Once he finished, the team would make its way to the dugout and on cue, the field.

Mark Harmon and Me at Braves Spring Training 2006/Courtesy: Eric Hager
Shortly thereafter, he would waddle out to the field and we'd interview him. Always, always the optimist, he'd be excited by that years team, he'd say they "Should be really good". The interview would last a good 5-minutes or so and then we'd all move on.

He really didn't have a lot rules for the players. No boom boxes/loud music in the locker room. If you had your uniform on, make sure the team logo could be seen. Show up on time and give your best effort. If you did that, you were good. The stories about his loyalty are all true. If he liked you and respected you, he'd fight for you with his last breath.

Bobby's Spring Training places were three...either on a golf cart, under a tent in the right field bullpen or on a bench behind the batting cage. He was always in one of those three places. Without fail. The players, they did their work. They were expected to. It didn't have to be said and wasn't.

There are several other stories that stood out to me. In 2001, Bobby had bad knees, they hadn't been replaced yet. I would, weekly during that season, shoot an interview with him for a show that aired on the station that I worked for. Didn't do the interview, just shot it. But always, we'd help Bobby up on top of the dugout where we did the interview. He never complained, patiently sat there and took our help getting him up. Always...the professional.

When I worked Braves games, the 1st place we went after the game to get sound was his office. His office was just down the hall from the dressing room and had/has a big plasma TV on the wall facing his desk. On Sunday's, after the day game, he always would ask where the race was on TV. And I always would tell him, sometimes before he asked. He'd light up a cigar and then either me, or one of the writers would ask him a question or two, he'd talk about what happened and how well his guys did and we'd proceed to the locker room.

Before the games, he always was in the same place. Once BP started, he was on the end of the bench, nearest to the tunnel and would be talking to whomever sidled over to talk. Sometimes it would be a writer, sometimes Braves PR guy Brad Hanjie, sometimes it would be the Atlanta Police officer working the game from the dugout.

He'd be happy to talk to them. He would get a little more nervous if one of us TV guys came around, but would always talk...always acknowledge the reporter by name. Though he would occasionally get them confused. For a couple of years, he confused my reporter, Mark Harmon with WXIA-TV sports reporter Randy Waters. Mark and I would finish our interview and he'd say "Thanks Randy". It always got a huge laugh from me, Mark's face usually turned red...and then he would laugh too.

I can't say, like Chipper Jones, that Bobby is the only Braves manager I've ever known. I've been a fan since I was a kid. I still remember Chuck Tanner and Joe Torre (early years) and Dave Bristol. I remember the teams with Larvell Blanks and Bob Horner and Buzz Capra and Biff Pocoroba. But he was the only one that I got to cover. And the fact that he was the same guy the first time we talked as he was the last time, speaks volumes to the guy he is.

Yes, it was an honor to have covered the team that I grew up rooting for. It was a bigger honor to say that I got to interact with some of the greats in the history of baseball. The lasting memory however, will always be with Bobby Cox. He is, was and will always be remembered as "THE" manager of the Atlanta Braves.

Gloria Estefan Does Not Let A Locked Door Keep Her Down...

Sometimes you have to make do with a locked door keeping you from busting out of your own suite...

Gloria Estefan decided to go out her window and go next door to do what she needed to do...

Bully for her...
((HT: ESPN))

Tito And The Gun Show Are Back!!!

The same guys who produced odes for Timmy Hudson (as played exclusively on OSG Sports Radio), Mark Teixeira, and your Atlanta Braves have come up with one since Bobby Cox is on his last managerial legs...

Here's their latest...
They're just on opposite sides of the sofa than we're used to...

UConn placekicker and linebacker get into fight...get arrested

The offending parties-Taggart on the left/Courtesy: nbcconnecticut
How often do we hear about a placekicker getting into it with a linebacker? Well, it happened. It happened early Tuesday morning.

Connecticut kicker Dave Teggart and linebacker Jerome Williams got into it in the parking lot of a campus apartment complex and yes, they were arrested.

More from RIGHT HERE

Strangely, neither will be suspended, both are due in court October 12th.

This is funny and yet stupid at the same time. Yeah, we know things like this happen, but why would the kicker be taking on a linebacker? The starting kicker at that.

Here's the update from our friends at WTNH-TV...

Rays players call out fans...right or wrong?

Tropicana Field in August /Courtesy: Me
By now, most of you have read about the Tweet from Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price, calling out his teams fans for not showing up in the stretch drive. Quoteth Price "Had a chance to clinch post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands...embarrassing". He later said "If I offended anyone I apologize I did not think it was gonna turn into this..."

That wasn't all. All-Star 3rd baseman Evan Longoria tacked on some more, saying in post game comments that "You'd pretty much like to think that a team in a playoff hunt, with an opportunity to clinch, that you could get 30,000 in here to cheer you on". He went on to ask how to get people to come see them play.

More on the issue from's Tony Fabrizio RIGHT HERE

We think the guys make valid points, but, they probably shouldn't have shared them. If you've ever been to the Trop, you'd understand why so few actually go. We attended a game in August and there were maybe 15-18,000 in attendance. They were playing another 1st place team, Texas.

Fans at the Trop/Courtesy: Me
We don't blame the fans in this one. The Trop is located in downtown St. Petersburg, perhaps one of the most desolate alleged big-city downtowns in the country. Really, there is nothing that would draw someone from the Tampa area there.

Sure, they are called the "Tampa Bay" Rays, but they are a good 30-minutes from Tampa. There is a much bigger population base in Tampa, in St. Pete, the average age demographic has got to be in the late 50's to early 60's. They aren't hard core sports fans.

We realize the recession hit the area pretty hard, but we truly believe if the team were in the city of Tampa, we wouldn't be having this conversation. We also say that after living in the "Ultimate" apathetic sports city, Atlanta. This we think is different.

The Rays are trying to get a new stadium. Their owner seems to want to do the right thing and get them out of St.Pete. The Mayor of St. Pete, while we sure is an honorable man, is fighting this hard. Unfortunately, the Trop is not a baseball stadium, never has been a baseball stadium and never will be. It just isn't.

We'll keep an eye on this, though we guess that during the playoffs, the stadium will suddenly fill up. The games mean more and at some point, they may end up playing the Yankees, a team with a rather large fanbase in the area.

Check out the postgame comments from Longoria courtesy of Tom Korun and WFTS-TV in Tampa...

David Frost resurfaces....and under a different name

David Frost, former agent and coach for former NHL player Mike Danton and others, has resurfaced. This time in the Los Angeles area.
The man known as David Frost/Courtesy:

For those unfamiliar with the story of Frost and Danton, check out our archive RIGHT HERE. This story has more about Danton RIGHT HERE and the end story is RIGHT HERE

Okay. So now you have a little background on what is a somewhat confusing and strange story. We'll try and summarize:  Danton says he wanted to kill Frost, gets arrested for it and then says he didn't and gets paroled. Frost, for his part was charged with child molestation of the players when they were in the junior leagues. He was acquitted of those charges.

Now comes word that Frost has resurfaced, using an alias. Yes, we know this is getting really strange. He is apparently, under the name Jim McCauley, working at the Laguna Hockey Academy.

Read more about this from RIGHT HERE

Brother Jon is much more the expert on this story than we are, but it strikes us as being very, very odd. There may be multiple reasons that Frost is using an alias. It could be totally innocent....or not. We don't know. 

We will continue to follow this story and see if there is more to it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

OSG High: Tennessee Chasing New Concussion Laws

((HT: WTVF-TV Nashville))

There are a lot of worries across the board these days about concussions and athletes. What is one...? When does it happen...? Do we hold a kid out...? For how long...? All that official-sounding stuff...

And because of all these injuries, the alarming increases in CTE cases these days...

Some states and their governments, not just state high school associations, are trying to legislate what's going on and how to slow down all the injuries and their after-effects...

Here's Tennessee's answer- for now...
Newschannel 5's Nicole Ferguson was at a high school game to bring her point home on a live shot...

Richard Tillman Goes Off, Justifiably So...

((HT: "Real Time With Bill Maher"/HBO via Deadspin))

First and foremost, the HQ has long thought that Bill Maher is an insufferable, egotistical gasbag...

That out of the way, he had a riveting segment with Pat Tillman's brother, Richard, on "Real Time" the other day. "The Tillman Story" is required movie-theatre going, and the fire that is coming out of Richard in this matter-of-fact interview is just as educational.

Count the F-Bombs, but they make their impact...

Here's your required viewing...

Kenny McKinley remembered in his home town

Kenny McKinley/Courtesy: Zimbio/Getty Images
Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Kenny McKinley, who killed himself last week at the age of 23, was remembered in his hometown of Austell, Georgia this morning.

Friends, teammates, coaches and others gathered to pay their final respects to McKinley who according to reports had been very upset at the thought of not being successful in the NFL. McKinley had starred at South Cobb High School and the University of South Carolina before being drafted by the Broncos in 2009.

Read more from RIGHT HERE

There really isn't much else that we can add here. The incident is just a reminder of many things including recognizing potential signs of depression. It's a horrible thought that a 23-year old with so much ahead of him, didn't realize that.

Here is the TV version of today's events. Jerry Carnes had the duty this morning for WXIA-TV:

BREAKING: George Blanda passes away

George Blanda/Courtesy:
Wow. For those of us who grew up in the 70's, he was the oldest guy to ever play football. To those older, he was a pretty good football player who lasted 26 years in the NFL before he retired at the age of 49. For those younger, you may not have ever heard of him. George Blanda passed away at the age of 83

George Blanda did double duty as a football player. He was a quarterback, who began his career with the Chicago Bears. He moved on to the Houston Oilers, before he landed at his most famous location....the Oakland Raiders.

George Blanda was a kicker who kicked for all of those teams, while he was playing quarterback. You probably didn't know that he was the NFL's all-time leading scorer up until the year 2000.

Read more from RIGHT HERE

Blanda's passing away is probably another reminder to a lot of us that we are getting old. There are several generations now who probably have no idea who he was. They should. He is and was a big part of the history of the NFL. He was unique in their annals. There will never be someone who did what he did in football. Ever.

We pass along our condolences to his family and our thanks. Though we were very young when Mr. Blanda was still playing and retired, we do remember him. Though we despised the Raiders, that is our endearing memory of him. Thanks for reminding us that we all age...and that ain't such a bad thing.

Check out this brief look at a Hall of Famer. Thanks NFL Network/YouTube:

Gallo found guilty in death of Adenhart

Andrew Gallo-booking photo/Courtesy: Anaheim PD
There is finally some resolution in the drunk driving accident that killed Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart in April of 2009.

The man behind the wheel of the car that crashed into Adenhart's, Andrew Gallo, was found guilty of 3 counts of 2nd degree murder. That same crash took the life of the other people in the car with Adenhart--Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson.

Here is the text version of what happened from the Orange County Register....RIGHT HERE

This was a horrible story that reinforces everything that people say about drunk driving. Gallo had no business behind the wheel of any vehicle, yet he was and took the life of three people because of it.

For his part, Mr. Gallo may be looking at up to 50 years in jail for this, though we don't believe he'll serve nearly that much. We only hope the guilt from what he did will resonate with him for the rest of his life. Though we don't normally rant on someone's stupidity, in this case it is warranted. There is no excuse for this happening. Period.

Check out the TV version of today's verdict. Courtesy of ABC7 in Los Angeles, though you'll have to click on to the link since their embed code is bad.

Here's Carolyn Costello's report from outside the courtroom...

Here's how KNX-1070 Newsradio delivered analysis after the verdict came down...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

TWTW: Kelly's Heroes Far From It, Stanford Blows Out Irish...

Okay... question for you...

How many of you bought into what Brian Kelly was selling this year at Notre Dame...?

The HQ was thinking, maybe, an 8-win team just because of the really crappy schedule.

But Stanford was not one of those crappy teams, there fore, the win would not be coming for the Irish. The 16th-ranked Cardinal improved to 4-0 while the Irish drop to 1-3. It's the 11th straight loss against a ranked team for Notre Dame and the 7th loss in eight games overall for the Irish.

Tell you something...???

Kelly, for this to work in South Bend, has to be able to flush out the guys from the Weis Administration and get his players in. But the next thought will be whether or not the rank-and-file will have enough patience to make that happen...

The same questions that are happening in Ann Arbor right now...

Good news: Dayne Crist was 25-of-44 for 304 yards with a TD, a pick, and a fumble.
Bad news: The Irish rushed for just 44 yards on 23 carries.

Next up for Notre Dame is a roadtrip to BC...

Here's Angelo DiCarlo with your wrap-up, thanks to our friends from WNDU-TV in South Bend... He's in front of a monitor...

TWTW D2: West Liberty Loses Stunner To WV Wesleyan

The HQ dares to say, if facts are what they are, that Liberty got screwed...

Here's the deal...

West Liberty's Kevon Calhoun scored from one yard out which gave the Hilltoppers a 41-34 lead with a little over a minute to go.

But running back Trey Massey catches the game-winning touchdown. He was originally ruled out of bound and ineligible to catch the pass. But the referees talked it over and ruled Massey was forced out by a West Liberty defender and was allowed to participate in the play.

Sufficed to say, folks were less than happy...

After a desperation heave in the end zone, the Bobcats celebrated their first win over West Liberty since Roger Waialae took over as head coach five years ago.

Here's the highlights, thanks to our friends at WTRF-TV in Wheeling, Steubenville, and all points West Virginia and Ohio...
Mike Anthony isn't wearing a tie in the newsroom...

Last Second TD Lifts William & Mary Over Maine

It's never easy to get a win in Orono, Maine, at least that's what they tell me. William & Mary, #8 in the FCS poll, had to rally against the Maine Black Bears and pull it off.

With twenty seconds left Tribe quarterback Michael Paulus found Chase Hill in the end zone for the game winner as W&M defeated Maine 24-21.

Here are the highlights from Orono, Maine. (Thanks TribeAthletics/

FCS Top 10 Battle: #7 Delaware Prevails At #5 Richmond

The better half is a Delaware alum and is thrilled her Blue Hens took care of Richmond Saturday 34-13. That breaks the Blue Hens three game losing streak to the Spiders.

Check out the highlights from Richmond, VA. (Thanks RichmondSpiders/

New Mexico Comes Up Snake Eyes In Las Vegas, Mike Locksley Still Employed

Same tune for the New Mexico Lobos, another back side whoppin' this time by UNLV 45-10. It's the first win of the year for the Rebels and win #1 in the Bobby Hauck era in Vegas.

You can say it was a balanced effort offensively for the Lobos, 114 yards on the ground and 177 yards passing for 291 of total offense. New Mexico gave up 415 yards to the Rebels, those numbers never add up to a win.

At least Lobo head coach Mike Locksley isn't in denial of the state of his football program.

"We’re not a good football team right now." Locksley said stateing the obvious. "That sits on my shoulders as the head coach. I’ve got to find a way to coach them better and get them playing a little better.”

Those of us at the OSG HQ think a coaching change my get the Lobos to play better.

Here's a post-game report from Ryan Greene of the Las Vegas Sun. (Thanks Las Vegas Sun)

Ohio U's Hail Mary Answered...But The Two Point Conversion Dooms The Bobcats Against Marshall

The Marshall - Ohio U. rivalry is known as the Battle of the Bell and I give the 2010edition a ringing endorsement as the most exciting in the series.

Down 24-17 Ohio U. had one more shot at the end zone. Bobcat quarterback Boo Jackson found receiver Terrence McCrae in the end zone completing a 'Hail Mary" touchdown to pull Ohio U. within an extra point of tying.

Instead of kicking an extra point Ohio head coach Frank Solich, a Tom Osbourne diciple, goes for two the win. Remember when Osbourne did that against Miami in the 1984 Orange Bowl? Same result for Solich.

The two piont conversion failed and Marshall escaped by the hair of their chinny-chin-chin 24-23.

Kyle Scott of WOWK-TV in Huntington/Charleston, WV fills you in. (Thanks WOWK-TV)

TWTW: TOSU Kills EMU, English Still Employed

((HT: WBNS-TV Columbus))

There's really not a lot to say about this one...
Ron English still has a job. He got to put up 20 on Ohio State's scrubs.
Terrelle Pryor even caught a TD pass in this game...

But the HQ will say this about the head coach at Eastern Michigan...
He is getting his school paid for their weekly non-MAC ass kickings...

Here's your postgame from the Vest...

LSU Wins But Where Is The Offense?

LSU during Les Miles' watch has won a few games defying logic. Maybe Miles is taking that through a whole season.

LSU is 4-0 on the season and winning with superior special teams, especially in the return game, and a damn fine defense. Correct me if I'm wrong but a football team normally scores with its offense. LSU seems to want to blow that theory out the window.

Saturday night in Tiger Stadium LSU barely got by West Virginia 20-14 with only 12 first downs and only 230 yards of total offense. Steven Ridley was the only offense LSU had gaining 116 yards and scoring the Tigers only touchdown on offense.

"We can run the football well," LSU head coach Les Miles said. "We didn't throw it as well as we would have liked. Our quarterback play has got to get better. It's just that simple. Our guys know it. We are going to work on it. We'll start yet again on Monday."

For the third straight game LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson threw for less than a hundred yards and no touchdowns. Against the Mountaineers Jefferson threw two interceptions. Backup Jarrett Lee came in the game in the fourth quarter and didn't ignite a spark either.

"We needed a change right there," Miles, a.k.a The Hat said. "We put in Lee. Lee came in, he made a pass, and he did some things we wanted him to do, and then, we wanted to run the clock out, and we felt better with Jefferson running the clock out. That's why we put him back in."

LSU fans, that's got to make you feel good that Jefferson is much better at running out the clock.

Patrick Patterson was amazing running back a West Virginia punt 60 yards for what turned out to be a critical touchdown then striking a Heisman pose afterwards which lead to the raining of yellow hankies.

"I got too overboard," Peterson said of his Heisman pose. "I just have to calm it down next time."

Click on the link for a game report from WAFB-TV.

Photo Courtesy: Travis Spradling/Baton Rouge Avocate

TWTW: Auburn Comes From Behind Again, Survives USC

((HT: WLTX-TV Columbia))

Okay, full disclosure here...
After the game with your Shorter Hawks won in overtime over Georgetown 47-46 in OT, it was a two-and-a-half hour drive for yours truly to the Plains and the South Carolina game with TBH.

The HQ ran into The Chiz in Columbus the night before at a high school game and after volunteering a "War Cam Eagle," he said "I wouldn't go there yet."

After 334 yards of responsible offense, we may be getting closer...

Down 20-7, the Tigers came back again to win 35-27...
And there were plenty of gray hairs to go around after that as the Auburn faithful prepare for Louisiana-Monroe...

The larger questions... what happens when Arkansas is on the docket...???
Answer: Make everything happen in front of you...

Question 2: Does Stephen Garcia know who he is, and more accurately, does he know where he is after getting knocked silly by the Auburn defense...???
Answer: Probably, not... that is why Flowery Branch ((GA)) HS grad Connor Shaw will get more reps at QB in the near future...

Here's the OBC postgame...

TWTW: Why Did OU Travel To Cincinnati Again...?


Going in... the OSG North office ((and the other satellites, for that matter)) didn't give the Bearcats much of a puncher's chance against Oklahoma. But, the idea that the Sooners were looking ahead to their game with Texas may have crept into a few minds here...

It took the late recovery of an onside kick to seal a 31-29 win against Cincinnati.

OU's Landry Jones had 370 yards passing and 2TD's. But the visitors racked up 13 penalties for 113 yards, and they were outgained by the Bearcats 461-452. If you do some quick subtraction, it means they only ran for 82 yards on the road...

Yeah, they weren't thinking Red River at all...

FOSG Berry Tramel and Jake Trotter analyze the idea that OU should never take another roadie east of the Mississippi ever again...

TWTW: Boise Beats Beavers

((HT: KTVB-TV Boise))

And we all know that is not necessarily nice to beat a Beaver...

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley decided to paint his practice field blue to prepare for his trip to Boise. It didn't work all that well...

Kellen Moore went 19 of 27 passes for 288 yards, throwing for 3TD's. Doug Martin ran for 138 yards and Boise beat Oregon State 37-24. Boise State's home-winning streak is now at 57...

Here's Coach Pete's postgame presser... eventhough he thinks he is lucky to get out of this one alive...

If you're interested, first half raw video is here...

And here's a really cool piece on the tee-retriever at BSU, Cecil...
He's a pointer...

TWTW: Toledo Screws Up Big 10/11/12-MAC Challenge, Beats Purdue


Austin Dantin rushed for two touchdowns and passed for two more to lead Toledo past Purdue 31-20. Not bad for a school that came into the game last in Division I in total offense. They wrapped up the game with 378 yards- almost 40-percent more than what they're used to seeing in the box score...

Dantin completed 21 of 31 passes for 209 yards for the Rockets, who won at Ross-Ade Stadium in West Lafayette for the first time since 1992, and are now 3-1.

Rob Henry, filling in for an injured Robert Marve again, threw for 140 yards, a touchdown and an interception for the Boilermakers who are now 2-2.

Here's your postgame from Coach Beckman...

TWTW: Sparty Wins One For Dantonio, Blows Out Northern Colorado

((HT: WXYZ-TV Detroit))

Kirk Cousins threw for 290 yards and 2TD's, and Michigan State cruised (as they well should have against a Division I-AA team)) to a 45-7 over Northern Colorado.

Cousins was 16 of 20 before coming out before his team's first possession of the fourth quarter. His touchdown passes to Brian Linthicum and Larry Caper helped Michigan State take a 35-0 halftime lead.

The players wore "D" stickers on their helmets as a show of support for head coach Mark Dantonio- who is still recovering from a heart attack suffered after the Notre Dame win last weeek.

Michigan State hosts Wisconsin next Saturday and plays at Michigan the following weekend. The Spartans haven't started 5-0 since 1999 under Nick Saban.

Here's interim head coach/OC Don Treadwell...
The HQ thinks the "D" on helmet was a nice touch...

TWTW: Michigan Survives Robinson Scare, Takes Out Bowling Green

((HT: WXYZ-TV Detroit))

Both Michigan QB's Denard Robinson and Tate Forcier were injured in Michigan's 65-21 win over Bowling Green.

Robinson twisted his left knee after a 46-yard run in the first quarter and didn't return. Forcier left the game in the fourth quarter after also hurting his left knee.

The Wolverines have won their first four games for the second straight season, but everyone remembers they finished 5-7 last year.

Bowling Green (1-3) gave up the first 21 points of the game in the first quarter, then got to within a touchdown with 5:07 left in the first half.

Then, it wasn't even close as the Big 10/11/12-MAC Showcase continued in other 10/11/12 locales...

Here's your postgame with RichRod...
The first question, obviously, is why Denard Robinson wasn't kept in the game...

Aroldis Chapman: The Fastest Of All Time

Brother Phil, at the OSG North HQ, has seen his degree of the Reds phenom this year...

His control was an issue, so the Redlegs sent him to Triple-A Louisville to get everything under control. It was, kinda, Nuke Laloosh-ie- incredible speed, no control.

But the parent club has figured out that, placed in a controlled environment, Chapman can be virtually unhittable. Friday night was the most recent example.

Since radar guns were introduced in the 1980s and most seen by the Dodgers scout wearing his panama hat, the fastest pitch recorded was 104.8 mph by Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers in a playoff game in 2006. Chapman, who defected from the Cuban national team in 2009, was clocked at 104 on September 1st in his second major league appearance and also hit 105 mph with a pitch for Triple-A Louisville earlier this season.

Chapman threw 25 pitches in his 1 1/3 innings of relief, and every one was at least 100 mph.

That's just flat silly...
Here's your record breaker...
((HT: Youtube/MLB/MLBAM))

Texas really wasn't that good...UCLA lays the Smack Down in Austin....

What was thought to be true, proved to be true on Saturday. Texas was over-rated. The nations 7th ranked team lost to UCLA home, in front of 101,000-plus,  in Austin.

While the 4-first half turnovers certainly didn't help the Longhorns cause, UCLA just pretty much ran over them. The Bruins ran for 264 yards in the game.

To quote Texas coach Mack Brown "It was a rear-end kicking".

The LA Times says this may be a "Turning Point" for UCLA...READ HERE

As for the Texas reaction...Check out the obligatory live shot from the fine Sports folks at KVUE in Austin:

#1 Alabama Wins Again Defeating Arkansas24-20, The Tide Is Really Good

I think now we know the Alabama Crimson Tide are pretty damn good. The game against Arkansas didn't start off that way for Alabama. Razorback quarterback Ryan Mallett torched the Crimson Tide secondary in the first half. Tide quarterback Greg McIlroy tossed threw two picks in the second quarter as Alabama was down 17-7 at halftime.

Things changed in the second half. Alabama's secondary adjusted, the defensive front was pressuring Mallett and Alabama's running duo, Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, were running pretty much at will.

"First of all great job by our guys in the second half." Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. "We told the players when we came here we were going to have to change the way everybody thought. We were going to have to go out there and work and earn it and it would take a tremendous amount of intensity and enthusiasm and energy to do that and we did not have that in the first half. That was really not a good half of football, and I really don’t want the players to put it behind them. I want them to remember what it’s like to not play the way you’re capable of playing."

Arkansas meanwhile couldn't get pressure on McIlroy, couldn't stop the run, didn't run the ball in the 2nd half and couldn't get key third down conversions.

Mark Ingram finished with 157 yards and two touchdowns. Trent Richardson added 85 yards rushing and 25 yards receiving. Richardson has to lead the nation in broken tackles. How many Razorback defenders had Richardson in their grasp yet slipped away?

Arkansas' Ryan Mallet threw for 357 yards and a touchdown but the three interceptions killed the Hogs' chances and was a blow to his Heisman campaign.

The running game didn't help Arkansas either with only 64 yards rushing. After a hot first half the Razorbacks could close the deal against the reigning national champions.

"We started off really good." Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett said. "We just came out in the second half and forgot to finish. We should’ve finished that game out and had a win right now.”

“We just couldn’t find a way to win in the 4th quarter." Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino said. "We had the opportunity and just couldn’t get it done.”

Chris Pollone of WVTM-TV Birmingham has the game story from Fayetteville. (Thanks WVTM-TV)

More post game sound from Alabama DB Robert Lester, RB Mark Ingram and QB Greg McIlroy

Photo Courtesy: Jason Ivester/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It looks like Eric Bledsoe's grade issue may be resolved...or not

Eric Bledsoe/Courtesy: Chris Trotman-Getty Images
We've reported a couple of times about the ongoing issues surrounding former University of Kentucky and Alabama high school star Eric Bledsoe.

Accusations are running rampant that Bledsoe had one of his high school grades changed and that would have made him ineligible to play for Kentucky in 2009. Alabama's ruling high school association hasn't commented on the issue.Kentucky for their part says that the NCAA approved everything involved with Bledsoe's record and that if there is or was a problem, there is no way they could have known about it.

Now comes word that the ruling association in Birmingham has upheld Bledsoe's grade and potentially eliminated any question on the issue. Or did they?

The 4-letter word's Andy Katz has more RIGHT HERE

We have no reason really to believe anyone at this point. A thorough examination of the records on Bledsoe left quite a few questions out there. And those questions really haven't been answered yet. It is pretty clear some grades were changed...but by who? And when? We don't know the answer to those questions...and we may never know. It still sounds a little--no...a lot fishy.

((Also note in the Katz story that there is a link to the document in question))