Thursday, June 30, 2011

BREAKING: And We Have Lockout...

NBA Players Union chief Billy Hunter says owners are locking out their players eight-and-a-half hours early after failing to reach a new CBA.

In a three-hour meeting Thursday, the sides could not close the gap that remains between the two parties in their positions.

All league business is officially on hold, starting with the free agency period that would have opened Friday. The last lockout reduced the 1998-99 season to just a 50-game schedule, the only time the NBA missed games for a work stoppage.

Union executive committee member Matt Bonner says "we tried to avoid the lockout; unfortunately we couldn't reach a deal."

Earlier this week on "The Dan Patrick Show" Charles Barkley's gut feeling told him that the entire season would be lost...

Remember, this is what we were subjected to the last time this happened...

More when we know more...

Plancher trial winding down: Dueling doctor testimony ((UPDATE: Jury Begins Deliberation))

((ht: orlandosentinel))

The trial of a now deceased UCF Football player's family versus the University of Central Florida Athletic Association is beginning to wind down.

The trial, which in a somewhat interesting twist, was promised to be over in 3-weeks, is about to hit that magical 3-week mark. And the judge in the case is holding the attorneys for both sides to that timetable.

Wednesday's testimony included a "Medical Expert" and a Boston area "Hematologist". Both testified they did not believe Ereck Plancher's diagnosis of "Sickle Cell Trait" contributed to his death at a UCF Football practice in 2008.

That testimony contradicted the testimony of the Orange County Medical Examiner who said he believes the trait is exactly what caused Plancher's death. Testimony has also included debate as to whether or not there was water made available to players at practice as well.

The Plancher family is seeking damages from the UCFAA and this case should be over soon. Final testimony is scheduled for Thursday and the case could be sent to the jury by the end of the day.

Your re-cap, includes George O'Leary testifying, and is courtesy of our friends at the Orlando Sentinel the one Orlando media outlet that isn't all "Casey Anthony" all the time.


PM UPDATE: As of 1730HRS Thursday afternoon, the jury has started deliberations in the case. Steve Yerrid, the Plancher family attorney, told jurors during his closing argument the UCF Athletics Association failed to follow its own policies and do everything possible to save Plancher's life.

UCFAA attorney Kevin Taylor countered there is "no evidence based proof" sickle cell trait caused death.

More when we know more...

NBA Lockout could start today

David Stern
Yes, you heard me right. Although there are some that will say "So what?", this is somewhat of a significant deal. Never mind the fact it would mean 2 professional sports leagues dealing with lockouts at the same time.

The reason for the NBA Lockout is a little different:

The NBA owners and Commissioner David Stern want to clamp down the upward spiraling salaries they keep paying because they are losing money. However, the obvious question there is "Who started the upward spiral?" If an owner offers, say a Joe Johnson (good, not great player) a 6-year, $129 million dollar contract, the player would be insane not to say "Sure, I'll take that".

There are reports and quotes out there saying the league wants to break up the "Superstar" teams, such as the Heat. That, we believe has nothing to do with it. It's about rolling back salary costs.

We don't disagree that the league needs to control costs, the do. But again, who's to blame for it in the first place? And do you really think that even if they succeed in controlling salaries, they won't zoom right back up again in a few years when an owner gets impatient and tries to buy a title?

The league and its players union, headed by Billy Hunter, will meet again today to try and come up with terms at the very least of a collective bargaining agreement. Nobody really believes it will happen. If it doesn't a lockout could effectively start tonight at Midnight est., the time the current agreement expires.

And while we think the lockout will happen and drag on for a month or two, we also believe this won't drag out like the NFL's has. League owners know they have to play games and get butts in seats in order to make money. And unlike the NFL, who has a good 6 months between seasons, the NBA offseason only runs about 3 months.

We give you this story for a reason. Just as the NFL Lockout begins to wind down and we think we can stop talking...and learning legal speak, a new Lockout is about to begin.

TheBasketballJonses give us a look at what your NBA Lockout PR ads could look like. And yes, they are pretty funny.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IndyCar Suspends Entire Racing Team

((HT: Sportsnet Radio/FAN590 Toronto))

IndyCar has suspended the membership of O2 Racing Technology and the individual membership of team owner Mark Olson until December 31, 2012, for actions during The Milwaukee Mile event June 18-19.

The O2 team runs in the IndyLights series with Peter Dempsey and Mikael Grenier behind the wheel.

This was the release O2 put out before the Milwaukee race from their website:

Due to recently discovered integrity issues (outside of our control) with the 2011 Indy Lights series championship, O2 Racing Technology’s sponsors and investors have decided to temporarily take a step back and to reconsider their participation. Unfortunately, this also impacts the teams’ ability to participate.

After a series of discussions with the other team owners, drivers, and INDYCAR, we have been generally assured that INDYCAR is aware of the issues with the tech inspection reporting and penalty procedures and will be addressing them at some point in the future.

We’re heartbroken over the knock-on affects that this situation has on our team members’ families and on the careers of our drivers, but we’re hopeful that confidence will be restored in the integrity of the Indy Lights championship in a timely manner and that our partners will be encouraged to resume their participation.

From IndyCar their own selves:

Olson was suspended for attempting to impede the conduct of the event by encouraging others to breach contracts with INDYCAR and withdraw from the David Hobbs 100. O2 Racing Technology was the only entrant to withdraw, removing its No. 36 and 63 entries from the participant list.

The actions were in violation of multiple rules as listed in the Firestone Indy Lights rulebook:

• Rule 1.1: Actions threatening the integrity of INDYCAR, Firestone Indy Lights and/or orderly conduct of an event.

• Rule 2.11 (C): Conduct creating adverse notoriety with respect to INDYCAR, Firestone Indy Lights or an event.

• Rule 9.3 (A): Attempting to or engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct detrimental to racing, INDYCAR and/or Firestone Indy Lights.

• Section 14 of the Event Entry Form: Engaging in tactics which would disrupt or delay the events.

“The mere act of attempting to impede the conduct of the event is something we will not tolerate,” said Roger Bailey, executive director, Firestone Indy Lights. “We believe we have a great championship with Firestone Indy Lights that will help develop drivers and teams to prepare to move to the top level of open-wheel racing in North America, and we must maintain the integrity of our series.”


So, basically, it looks like O2 was trying to get other teams to bail on the IndyLights series event and couldn't get anyone to come with...

And now, they're done...
Nice job...

Ironically, here's some video of Grenier running laps at Milwaukee before the even that they didn't even run in after all...
((HT: O2RacingTechnology))

1630 UPDATE:
IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard was on "Prime Time Sports" with Bob McCown on the FAN590 this afternoon. When BobCat asked Bernard about what went down with O2, he admitted that O2 thought they had not failed inspection and tried to encourage others to walk.

"One bad apple makes bad apple cider," Bernard said. "We want people to fix problems, not create them. We brought in our chief steward and the team owner actually showed what he did to the other team owners and tried to used a rule to his benefit."

There is an appeal process, and Bernard wants to see how Olsen's attitude is at the time at the end of the suspension. IndyCar can also choose not to even renew O2's option at the end of the 2012 calendar year.

OSG High: NY HS FB Star Stabbed Day After Graduation

((HT: MyFoxNY))

Isayah Muller had graduated from Harry S Truman High School a few hours before he was killed Tuesday. Muller, his father, mother and girlfriend had left the commencement exercises when Isayah's father, Andre, noticed that some cologne -- a graduation gift-- was missing from his car.

The Mullers drove back to the parking lot to confront the attendants whom he thought had stolen the cologne when a fight broke out, according to the NYPD. Isayah was stabbed in the chest during the fight.

The elder Muller was arrested and faces charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon. The parking lot attendants were brought in for questioning by police Tuesday night, but no charges have been filed against them.

Here's the breakdown from our friends at MyFoxNY and their morning show...

High School Football Star Stabbed To Death:

We Cannot Escape Jose Canseco...

((HT: desertdigitalvideo via LarryBrownSports))

And the HQ isn't even going to try and contain him...

Yuma Scorpions player-manager and his brother, Ozzie, are large and in charge this season in the Golden Baseball League trying to run over anyone they can to get a GBL title.

Jose has promised to be a Tweet-maniac and is infatuated with Lady Gaga...

He's even learning this whole ump-intimidation thing... without a lot of success...
But the language sure is colorful...

TRIBUTE: ACC creates nice video memory reel for Lorenzo Charles

The Atlantic Coast Conference has created a nice video tribute to Lorenzo Charles, voiced by Mike Hogewood.

"It’s devastating," former NC State teammate Thurl Bailey told from his home in Salt Lake City, hours after hearing the news from another ex-teammate, Cozell McQueen. "It’s really like losing a member of my family, a brother. It’s just way too soon. Everyone talks about [Jim] Valvano running around, but Lorenzo was really the face of the culmination of what we did."

The crash scene (Travis Long/AP)

According to the Associated Press, what caused the accident has not yet been found as of Wednesday afternoon.

Could Heath Shuler take over Tennessee Athletic Director job?

Heath Shuler/R-N.C
((ht: washington post))

Hmmm. This is an interesting thought/idea. The Edge Radio's Tony Basillo (Knoxville station), brings up that Heath Shuler's name is being bandied about as a possible Athletic Director at the University of Tennesse and that Shuler has some interest.

You can read Basillo's blog RIGHT HERE (Scroll down once you open link)

The Washington Post thought the idea was interesting enough to follow up with an inquiry to Congressman Heath Shuler, of North Carolina's office. And the office didn't deny it, but said that Shuler is focused on the 2012 election.

Read the Washington Post story RIGHT HERE

While we don't hold Tennessee in high regard of late, we think that Shuler would be an inspired choice, if he were so interested. The school right now has all kinds of image problems in athletics and is facing an almost certain NCAA punishment for the dealings of now former basketball coach Bruce Pearl and former football coach Lane Kiffin.

Shuler would be someone who would go a long way towards restoring his alma mater's reputation. From his days as an All-american quarterback to the successes he's had in Congress, he's highly thought of in many communities.

The school, for their part, has been somewhat close lipped about the search for Mike Hamilton's replacement, though current Georgia Tech AD Dan Radakovich's name has been mentioned. We don't believe that he'd seriously take the job however.

We wish both sides of this courtship well. Tennessee, we'd be very impressed if you truly can pull this off. But considering the mis-steps of the past 10-years or so, we are very skeptical that you'll be able to do it.

While well thought of as a Congressman, Shuler didn't garner much respect in the NFL. Here's a story on the reason for that:

Federer fades at Wimbledon: End of an era?

Roger Federer
Gone are the days that Roger Federer dominated the world tennis circuit. Gone are the days the other players cowered in fear knowing that whatever they tried against Federer, it wouldn't be enough.

The way things now are, Federer is very, very good...but not necessarily better than anyone else.

That was proven today as Roger Federer today lost a match for the first time ever, after being up two sets to none.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga made the immortal Federer look awfully mortal, winning their quarterfinal match 3-6, 6-7, 6-4,6-4,6-4.

Federer, with 6 Wimbledon titles in the books, was looking to tie Pete Sampras' record of 7. But it wasn't to be as Tsonga played a near perfect final 3 sets.

With the ascension of Rafael Nadal and Novic Djokovic, Federer's days of dominance may finally have come to an end. We'll see if he can find enough game to recover and in some ways catch up to the field that has finally caught him.

Highlights courtesy of TVTennis24 right here:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BREAKING: Antoine Walker Gets Plea Deal

((HT: NBADLeague))

Antoine Walker's Vegas debts have now caught up with him...


He pleaded guilty to passing bad checks to take care of unpaid gambling debts in Las Vegas that he didn't take care of because of the bad checks.

The Las Vegas Sun reports the Idaho Stampedes player is now on probation and will work off the outstanding $750,000.

“Being put on probation, he’ll have a court order to pay the restitution to the casinos,” said Deputy District Attorney Sam Bateman.

The criminal complaint against Walker was filed in 2009, accusing him of having the debts at Caesars Palace, Red Rock and the Planet Hollywood casinos.

It's pretty likely that Walker won't get any jail time in all of this as long as he pays off the debt service. He pleaded not guilty to the six felony counts in June of 2010, before changing his plea.

Here's an interview the D-League did with Walker on his comeback...

In 43 games with the Stampede this past D-League season, Walker averaged 16 points per game. Idaho missed out on the 8th seed in the playoffs in a tie-breaker with their 24-26 record under Randy Livingston.

BREAKING: Crown Royal Now Out Of Most Of NASCAR Dealings...

Crown Royal will end its sponsorship with Roush Fenway Racing at the end of the year- much like OSG Sports told you about Red Bull leaving NASCAR last week as they focus their, um, energies on Formula 1 and other racing circuits.

Crown Royal has sponsored Matt Kenseth for the last two seasons, and had put their names on Kurt Busch and Jamie McMurray's cars before that.

Parent company Diageo is ending its official sponsor deal with NASCAR as well, but they will keep their title sponsor for the Richmond race... and that's it...

Roush Fenway knows that 3M and driver Greg Biffle are good for next year, but Carl Edwards and AFLAC and David Ragan and UPS are still in play...

Now add Kenseth... RFR is batting .250 for 2012...

More when we know more...

Here's the last good stuff between Kenseth and Diageo from Dover...
((HT: NASCAR on FOX/youtube))

Padres' Tate Gets Another 25 Game Suspension

Technically, it's a 50-game, but he's getting a "time served" section knocked off of the top following a second positive drug test...

He's getting credit for 25 games since he's undergoing counseling for substance abuse. The rest of the suspension begins immediately.

The son of University of Georgia and NFL running back Lars Tate was the third overall pick in the 2009 draft. Currently at Class-A Eugene, he has also played this season at Class A Fort Wayne.

He is batting .294 with seven RBIs and seven stolen bases in 17 combined games with the Emeralds and the Wizards.

Here's Tate's last highlight from last week as an Em...
((HT: KVAL-TV Eugene))

And here's the Trebelhorn nutty in full...

The HQ knows Tate from his time in OSG High with Cartersville ((GA)) High School as the Purple Hurricanes won the 2009 Triple-A title.

This will not sit well back home at all...

DEVELOPING: Judge Approves McCourt Financing Plan

A Delaware judge is allowing the LA Dodgers and their owner, Frank McCourt, to go ahead and work with a US$150 million financing arrangement- much to the chagrin and disappointment of Major League Baseball. Attorneys for both MLB and the team agreed the Dodgers could go ahead with this financing in front of a July 20th hearing.

Mainly, so the Dodgers could meet payroll on the 30th...

The agreement includes reducing a proposed exit fee for the lending group from $4.5 million to $250,000, and removing earlier deadlines regarding the sale of broadcast rights- initially taken by Fox Networks that McCourt claimed would answer all creditors, but at the same time, would settle his divorce proceeding with his soon-to-be ex wife, Jaime.

Commissioner Bud Selig didn't like that idea saying it wasn't in the best interest of the sport and just gave the McCourt family more money instead of the Dodgers themselves...

Here's the introduction of the gambit by Phil Shuman in Los Angeles
((HT: KTTV /MyFoxLA))

Dodgers File For Bankruptcy Protection:

Between now and the 20th, look for MLB to try and find a way for McCourt to get out in one piece and get the Dodgers brand back where it belongs...

As far away from the carpet-bagger as humanly possible...

DEVELOPING: If you believe Drew Rosenhaus, T.O. is coming back

Rosenhaus (left) and T.O.
I know that's a loaded question, but...

The noted sports agent told the Four Letter today that Cincinnati WR Terrell Owens' knee injury is "no big deal." Why am I not surprised Rosenhaus said that.

"All the retirement talk is nonsense," Rosenhaus told the Four Letter. "There's been no discussion about that, and this injury is not a big deal."

Rosenhaus also told the Four Letter that famous surgeon Dr. James Andrews "repaired the old injury" completely, and that T.O. is "many months into recovery and doing fantastic."

My gut reaction - Rosenhaus is trying to deflect - as he's always done - the heat off of his client. Isn't that what agents are supposed to do?

I'll believe T.O. is coming back when he suits up and takes the field. Until then, being the former athlete I am, I'm assuming he's done. He doesn't bounce back like he used to.

More later...

Leyland mocks umpire, gets tossed

Ed Rapuano (left) talks with Jim Leyland.
Jimmy Leyland, we here at OSG love you. Seriously.

In last night's game, Leyland's Detroit Tigers were battling the Toronto Blue Jays - in a game broadcast on Rogers Sportsnet. In the bottom of the 7th, tied 2-2, Detroit outfielder Andy Dirks lays down one helluva bunt. Toronto's 2b Aaron Hill charges, and tosses a side-arm gem to get Dirks out. However, 1st base umpire Ed Rapuano says Hill's throw pulled 1B Adam Lind off the bag.

Out comes Toronto skipper John Farrell, and gets Rapuano to ask home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez for help. The call is overturned, and Dirks is ruled out. (Good call, by the way...Hill got Dirks out by a full step.)

You could here the collective murmur of the crowd when Jim Leyland came running across the field...

Let the video do the talking...

Thank you for being you, Jim Leyland. Thank you.

Take That Golf Boys...

If Falco tried to do the recently released "Golf Boys" tune, this is what it would sound like...

Just ask Ladies European Tour members Sophie Giquel, Cassandra Kirkland, Sophie Sandolo and Jade Schaeffer what can be done...
((HT: WeiUnderPar))

Now a "First Pitch": Cirque du Soleil performer spins a strike


We've seen some pretty weak ceremonial 1st pitches in baseball these days. From John Wall's dribbler to home plate to Dirk Nowitzki's air ball, it hasn't been pretty.

Which leads us to this. Check out this performer from Cirque du Soleil throw the opening pitch of Monday's Padres/Royals game in San Diego.

The spinning left hander actually throws a strike...and count us as "Impressed"

Video courtesy of

Hulsizer bails on Phoenix Coyotes

Phoenix Coyote's Mascot/File
The man purported to be the savior of hockey in Arizona is no longer interested in buying the team (with a lot of city help).

Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer had been negotiating with the NHL and the city of Glendale to buy the bankrupt hockey team for over a year. The city had promised to pay Hulsizer $197 million over 5 years to take over the reigns of the franchise. However....that move was fought hard by an Arizona based anti-tax group, making it more difficult for the sale to happen.

ed note: We agree with the Goldwater Institute. Taxpayers should have to pay someone to buy a pro-sports franchise...period.

The story from RIGHT HERE

This puts Glendale and the NHL back to square one. The city has been paying the league $25 million for last season and the upcoming season in order to buy time so they can find an owner. Two years in, and no buyer.

ed note: Had this happened a month ago, the Thrashers might still be in Atlanta and Coyotes where they belong in Winnipeg.

Now, the Coyotes are on the market for a new owner. There are whispers that Chicago Bulls owner and Arizona resident Jerry Reinsdorf may get back in the chase, but he didn't seem that anxious to pull the trigger on a purchase a year ago.

We are guessing the league will allow the Coyotes to stay where they are this season, but next season, don't be surprised to see them leave. We don't see a legitimate scenario where someone steps in and rescues the woebegone city. Maybe we are wrong in that assumption, but we don't think so.

This all goes back to a series of incredibly stupid moves by the city of Glendale and the repercussions for it are essentially the city's taxpayers are on the hook for a huge stadium and the promise of development. Development that may not ever happen if there is no tenant for the "" arena. That scenario is looking more and more likely.

Former Tenn. and Alabama football player died from multiple drugs

Aaron Douglas/Courtesy: univ or al./
((ht: wvlt-tv))

Former Tennessee and Alabama offensive lineman Aaron Douglas apparently died May 12th in Fernandina Beach, Florida from a combination of multiple drugs in his system.

That according to an area medical examiner. The autopsy report on Douglas said he had "Multiple Drugs in his body including Methadone and Diazepam."

Douglas, was a 21-year old who played one season at Tennessee and had transferred to Alabama. Interesting if for no other fact than those two schools truly hate each other and have a long history.

The original story from WVLT-TV in Knoxville RIGHT HERE

Douglas had a troubled football career and young life with several scrapes with the law. Those scrapes were a good part of the reason he left Knoxville to go to Tuscaloosa.

Here's some video of Tennessee coach Derek Dooley talking about Douglas leaving the UT Football team. Thanks Knoxnews/YouTube:

Edward Rife (OSU tattoo guy) expected to plead in court today

Edward Rife
((ht: Columbus Dispatch))

Updated 11:45am ht: did plead guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering charges. No word yet on his sentence.

Obviously, we'll update this story later in the day after he appears. But we wanted to let everyone know that the man at the center of the Ohio State "Tattoo-gate" problems is expected to plead guilty to drug trafficking charges in the U.S District Court in Columbus.

Edward Rife owns Fine Line Ink Tattoos, and his place in the public eye came after it was discovered he was selling signed memorabilia from Ohio State football players. Active OSU football players.

That revelation has sent the Ohio State football program and administration into an incredible tailspin. The active players involved were suspended for the 1st 5 games of 2011. The investigation eventually cost now former coach Jim Tressell his job.

You can read Tuesday mornings update from the Columbus Dispatch RIGHT HERE

Rife's plea will not have much of an impact on the NCAA investigation. The NCAA is looking at this incident along with many, many other issues that have cropped up since this all began last year.

The memorabilia that Rife has will be sold by the government if Rife can't come up with $50,000 he apparently agreed to fork over for it.

Check back frequently, we'll let you know what happened with this story later today.

OSG Sports: We're in the process of moving

We're going to post a daily least until we actually are all the way moved. Your favorite, or at least we hope, one of your favorite Sports Blog sites is moving.

We aren't moving very far, but we need a new site for a variety of reasons. Believe it or not, we've outgrown the current site, something we never thought possible when we started. The address we are moving to, is only changing slightly. 

You can find us here for awhile and the new site is We'll post stories to both for the next week or two before moving strictly to the new site. The old site will remain up with the archived stories from the past.

Honestly, nothing is changing...other than the location. We'll still provide you with the latest news a few off-beat stories and opinion that will keep you coming back for more.

Make sure to tell your friends, let them know, scream loud as you can, for all to hear. (We'd be really, really impressed if you actually did that)

Once again, we thank you for your patronage (reading the site), it means more to us than you could ever know. This is primarily a labor of love for the 4 of us, we all have full-time regular jobs and families and find stories to post whenever we have free time.


The Online Sports Guys

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We aren't moving to Mars, but check this out anyway from Coldplay:

Monday, June 27, 2011

BREAKING: Lorenzo Charles killed in bus wreck in Raleigh

Lorenzo Charles
((ht: wralsportsfan))

Former NC State basketball standout Lorenzo Charles died in a bus accident on I-40 in Raleigh, according to Raleigh PD.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash. Raleigh experienced heavy rain and thunderstorms, but no word yet if weather or speed was a factor. Charles was the driver of the bus, heading to Durham to pick up passengers.

The bus was owned by Elite Coach, which is a limo, bus, and charter service located in Apex, NC. 

Here are some images from WRAL's Sky5 of the accident scene:

Charles is best known for completing Dereck Whittenburg's "alley-oop" to defeat Houston in the 1983 NCAA championship game.

Here's the original story from our friends at WRAL and

And here's a follow-up on reaction from teammates from Raleigh...

Jumping the...surfer?

OK, everybody and their mother has posted this video, but I couldn't resist...

Ever heard of "jumping the shark?" Well, an Orlando Sentinel photojournalist captured a spinner shark "jumping the surfer."


Brother J-Dub

THIS JUST IN: Wilson becomes a Badger...

Russell Wilson
Sorry, Jon...

Russell Wilson is leaving pro baseball to play football at the University of Wisconsin, not for the Auburn Tigers.

The NCAA-record holder for most pass attempts without an interception, Wilson chose the Badgers over Auburn and "several other schools." The decision was confirmed by the University in a press release a short time ago.

Russell will come in and compete for the starting quarterback position,” Bielema said in the release. “This is an unusual situation, especially for a program that prides itself on developing players throughout their careers, as we do here at Wisconsin. However, this is a special situation and Russell is the type of player and person that fits very well with our team.

This is a good move for Wilson and for UW. The Badgers have no depth at QB, and projected starter Curt Phillips injured his knee during spring practice.

Is Wisconsin a good fit for Wilson? Ask the guys at College Football Live...

More coming later...

DEVELOPING: Russell Wilson to make his "decision" today

Russell Wilson
Former NC State quarterback and NCAA record-holder Russell Wilson will be making his decision - baseball vs. football - today, according to Adam Rittenburg at the Four-Letter.

"I have to make a decision on what I’m going to do, and I hope to do that no later than July 1," Wilson told the Asheville Citizen-Times. "[Auburn and Wisconsin] are the two schools I’m looking at, but I was contacted by a lot of schools."

Some are asking how can Wilson transfer from NC State and play for anyone? Well, Wolfpack head coach Tom O'Brien and the University granted Wilson a release from the program, so that he could play his final year of eligibility at another school. Since he graduated last month - after only three years, I might add - NCAA rules state that he can sign on somewhere else and can play football immediately.

The downside about Wilson leaving baseball to play football - he'd have to pay back a significant portion of his $250,000 signing bonus from the Asheville Tourists. The Tourists are the Colorado Rockies' farm club that Wilson currently plays for, and is hitting .221 with 82 strikeouts in 181-at bats.

Facebook is spreading the decision news as well. NCSU's "Pack Pride" announced this morning that "QB Russell Wilson will announce his decision today on ESPN College Football Live. ESPN CFL will have his first interview to ask him all about it! 3:30 ET ESPN."

I'm sure Brother Jon will be happy if Wilson chooses the Tigers.

If you're unfamiliar with Wilson, check out these highlights:

More later...

Video surfaces in Stow beating


Video has now surfaced showing a confrontation between San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow, who was brutally beaten after watching the L.A Dodgers home opener on March 31st and an un-identified Dodger fan during the game.

The video, which seems to have been shot on a cellphone isn't incredibly clear and the audio is in Spanish, but you can see Stow and the Dodger fan, who doesn't appear to be Giovanni Ramirez the guy ID'd by LAPD as the main suspect in the beating. Ramirez has repeatedly said he wasn't at the game.

Stow, who was beaten so badly that he's been in and out of a coma since the incident is in a San Francisco hospital in serious condition.

Here's Eric Spillman's story from our friends at KTLA-TV

We're going to be moving

Hey everyone. We just wanted to take a minute here to let everyone know we'll be migrating to a new site over the next couple of weeks.

No, the name won't be much different and the site will look pretty much like this one. It's something that we need to do because of the limitations of BlogSpot. We're still staying with them, it will just be on a new page that will help us, we hope, be more active and get some more traffic.

The new site is pretty simple to remember:

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Let's continue growing and making this site a fun and informative way to keep you entertained during your sports day.


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We are the OnlineSportsGuys!

Developing: Dodgers file for bankruptcy--UPDATED

((ht: richard sandomir))

UPDATED:10:10 am est--Per L.A Times--McCourt has told the L.A Times he's lined up $150 million of interim financing to keep the team through bankruptcy proceedings.

You can read the teams entire statement via L.A Times by clicking on the link HERE

The battle between Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball has now been elevated. McCourt, the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has put in paperwork declaring the Dodgers bankrupt.

This is, for the most part, a legal tactic by McCourt to stave off the league from taking over and selling his team. Though that scenario is inevitable.

McCourt is trying to get Fox TV to complete the contract offered just a week or so ago and rejected by the MLB. That deal would've given McCourt enough money to slog through most, if not all of the season.

McCourt has been barely able to make payroll this season and MLB has already placed an advisor with the team to begin the transition to a new owner. But McCourt has fought it all the way saying he still wants the team. However, between his nasty, expensive divorce from now former wife Jamie and his other financial issues, McCourt just flat out doesn't have the financing to continue running a professional sports franchise.

Oh by the way, just Sunday, Steve Soboroff, an L.A civic leader, hired to help make Dodger Stadium a better place for fans and help the team in the community, quit after 2 months on the job.

More on Soboroff from RIGHT HERE

We suspect this will, in due time play itself out, but it make the once proud, standout, Major League Baseball franchise look awfully small. We feel for the players and staff, and the team has definitely suffered both on and off the field.

Here are the bankruptcy documents, thanks to our friends at KTLA-TV

And here's Phil Shuman's report, thanks to our friends at KTTV/MyFoxLA

Dodgers File For Bankruptcy Protection:

Your NFL Lockout Update: Shopping Thursday Pkg. (Rich vs. Rich--Day 6,112)

NFL Commish Roger Goodell
((ht: Sports Business Journal))

If anyone thinks that an agreement in the NFL Lockout isn't near, this should cool their jets. The Sports Business Journal is reporting Monday morning the league has been heavily shopping an early season 8-game Thursday night game package.

And they want it to start soon.

The deal would only run for the 1st half of the season. The NFL Network has a deal in place to do Thursday games for the 2nd half of the year.

The new package could be worth up to $700 million a year...something the "Allegedly" cash strapped owners and league say they desperately need. The SBJ says Turner Sports and Comcast are the leaders in the clubhouse for the deal.

Read the entire story from the Sports Business Journal RIGHT HERE

We knew that this deal was in play during negotiations with the players, so it isn't a shocker. For fans, we suspect, it would be an exciting thought. It would give them another night of football on TV early in the fall. We know the players..and coaches aren't incredibly enamored with Thursday games, though they do like when they are over and it is 10 days before the next game.

Trust us when we say this will happen. And yes, it is a pre-cursor to a labor deal getting done. They wouldn't be talking about this unless both the players and the owners thought that football would be played...and played soon. So make room on your DVR's folks, you may have one more thing you'll have to record.

For those into such things, here's the NFL Networks Thursday Night theme:

T.O blows out knee...could he finally be done?

Terrell Owens
((ht: espn/mortensen))

Could it be? The legend is his own mind, Terrell Owens, done with football? It's possible.

The reason, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Owens recently had ACL surgery after blowing out his knee. His sources are a bit conflicting though, one saying he did it taping a reality show for that bastion of quality TV, VH-1 and the other source saying he did it during a work out.

Owens mouthpiece, Drew Rosenhaus hasn't issued a statement to confirm or deny this, but both of Mort's sources agree he had the surgery. The sources also say, with rehab, if he so chose, Owens could possibly come back and play by the end of November this year.

Read the story RIGHT HERE

T.O is second only to Jerry Rice in all-time receiving yards and has had a fairly successful career despite his issues with ego. He was reasonably successful in 2010 with the Cincinnati Bengals, catching 72 passes, but there were questions as always about his commitment to the team. They didn't ask him back.

We're betting you'll see him at least make an effort to get back on the football field after he recovers, eventually, someone will take a flyer on him and if it is at a reduced price, he could be worth it. Yes, we know, nobody would touch him other than the Bengals in 2010, but we think as a late season rental, he could potentially have something to offer a team in need. But that's it. He won't play in 2012.

Here's a somewhat crappy dub of last years premiere episode of "The T.O Show" for those interested:

MetLife interested in putting name on Meadowlands: Who says insurance isn't profitable?

New Meadowlands Stadium
((ht: sportsbusinessjournal))

This is why we don't buy the whole "We have to give big companies more tax breaks to hire people argument". And yeah, it's a bit of a political statement, but you've got a prime example right here in front of you.

The Sports Business Journal is reporting Monday morning that MetLife insurance is probably going to purchase naming rights to the New Meadowlands Stadium. At a price somewhere near $17-$18 million a year.

And it doesn't even top the list of naming rights fees.

The deal, would put their name on the stadium where the New York Giants and the New York Jets play their football games in (hopefully). And according to the report; the deal isn't official "Yet".

Read more from the Sports Business Journal RIGHT HERE

While we don't begrudge stadium owners for seeking out these deals, we just have a really hard time with the "Big Businesses" who plead poverty and say they aren't making "Enough" profit, yet can spend $15-$20 million a year to have their name attached to a stadium. And yes, advertising executives say that it is still a value for the exposure, but we find that very hard to believe. Do you really think anyone goes to a game at a stadium named after a product and buy the product because they have their name on the stadium?

No, we thought so.

There are banks, other insurance companies and several really large businesses with their names attached to stadium. It's nice to know Citi Bank was in major financial distress like other banks just a couple years ago, but could afford a $20 million dollar naming rights fee on the New York Mets Stadium.

We know, yeah, owners need the rights fees to pay off their palaces, we get that. We're just saying first, take a longer look before trying to replace your palace on the public's dime and two if you are a business that claims it is in financial distress, don't fritter away money on stadium naming rights and then go lay a bunch of people off...or tell us you are poor.

Enough soapbox...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

DEVELOPING: Did 2 UGA Athletes Get Improper Benefits...?

((HT: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Bitter))

Andy Bitter's work in the Ledger-Enquirer yields some important questions involving the eligibility of footballer Jarvis Jones and hoopster Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

The director, and the number two, of a Columbus-based, city-funded AAU basketball team that had both of the college athletes on their roster at one point is purported to have paid for travel of Jones to and from Los Angeles during his time when he was enrolled at USC.

Here's what USC thought they were getting before Jones got injured...
((HT: DawgPost))

Jones' mother gave power of attorney to a Parks and Rec Department employee, Shelley Stephens, who under questioning during an investigation into the department said that Adams used a Porter city-sanctioned credit card for the flights.

Georgia Blazers director Tony Adams and Herman Porter are also linked to the payment of a cellphone bill tied to the mother of Caldwell-Pope.

In July of 2009, Porter's card was allegedly used to square an account that was Rhonda Caldwell's. Four cell phone numbers were listed on the account itself, and one was linked to Kentavious.

From Bitter:

Porter’s attorney, Manny Arora, said, “I think the government investigated into every aspect and if there were other issues, I’m sure they would have come up, as contentious as the case was. But we really just want to put everything behind us. We’re on misdemeanor probation for a little while and we just want to get it over with and move on.”

The University of Georgia seems not to be aware of the allegations and investigation. Caldwell-Pope was contacted for an interview as part of the investigation, but he allegedly hung up when they investigators wanted to firm up a time for questioning.

Here's what Mark Fox thinks he's getting in Caldwell-Pope...
((HT: rtmcgruder))

Remember, the NCAA came down hard and quickly in other cases last year around the basketball and football communities. It will be interesting to see if the folks in Indianapolis drop the hammer quickly on two key pieces of Athens athletics that haven't even taken the field yet...

HQ's conventional wisdom and Magic 8-Ball says "Signs Point To Yes..."

More when we know more...

One-Armed Man Makes Great Catch

((HT: YES/youtube))

Michael Kacer took his 13-year-old nephew, Isaiah, to his first New York Yankees game Friday. And as part of a group with Achilles International — a non-profit organization devoted to athletes with disabilities — Kacer got to hang out on the field before the game, meeting Nick Swisher and Joe Girardi. Kacer served 11 years in the National Guard and lost his left arm in a 2008 rocket attack.

But the night got even better after the game began. During the Yankees' half of the first inning, Curtis Granderson popped a foul ball behind home plate. Kacer stuck out his hat and caught it on the bounce...

It's a little difficult to watch from quality, but it's still cool...

Kacer was interviewed by Marty Myers of the Scranton Times-Tribune...

"I had no intention of going after the ball," said Kacer, who is in New York to run a 5-mile race through Central Park today as part of the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans. "All I remember is the fly ball went up and my nephew is like, 'Catch it!' Then I realized it wasn't coming toward me. I was about to sit back down and I saw it take the high bounce and reached out and crossed my fingers."

Way cool, Michael...
And thanks...

Huge Crash At Road America

((HT: Speed/MT89Motorsport2))

All the HQ is going to say is "watch this..."

Gunter Schaldach and Joe Foster got tangled in the Grand Am event and you saw the aftereffects...

Foster was hospitalized and, believe it or not, Schaldach said he was "totally fine." Foster was airlifted to a Milwaukee-area hospital, but the extent of his injuries was unclear.

Schaldach had a brake malfunction and estimated his car was going about 160 mph when he wrecked.

Mexico Takes Gold Cup In Pasadena, Howard Pissed At CONCACAF For Spanish Postgame

This just had a lot of bad things going wrong from the start...

Steve Cherundolo's injury led to some juggling for USMNT head coach Bob Bradley. A crowd of 93,000-plus at the Rose Bowl was mostly Mexican in their fandom and would greet the US National Team introductions with the word "Burro..."

Or "ass..."


But the US pressed early and got a 2-0 lead after 24 minutes from Bradley and Donovan. It was all downhill from there as the visitors scored 4 unanswered to win 4-2 to take the Gold Cup and advance to the Confederations Cup the year before the 2014 World Cup.

Here's the highlights and the lowlights...
((HT: Univision/CONCACAF/youtube))

Alexei Lalas and Janusz Michallik analyze with Dari Knowkha...
((HT: ESPN))

But the larger issue was the post-game ceremony...
It was done in Spanish for a majority of the presentation... and the US goalie, Tim Howard, was understandably pissed...

"CONCACAF should be ashamed of themselves," Howard said. "I think it was a [expletive] disgrace that the entire postmatch ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your ass that if we were in Mexico City, it wouldn't be all in English.

"It never ceases to amaze me all that stuff."

Ben Spencer, a spokesman for CONCACAF, declined to comment..
Of course, he did...

The HQ knows Howard is right and the USMNT should be pissed at CONCACAF for that stunt. It goes to show how they really don't want to step on anyone's toes...

We're simply being too nice these days...

Davey Johnson takes over Nationals

Davey Johnson
((ht:washington post))

Anybody have Davey Johnson in their 3-day old "Who's going to manage the Washington Nationals" poll? Nobody here did.

The Nationals have made it official, announcing Sunday morning their newest manager would be baseball veteran Dave Johnson. Johnson will make his Nationals debut Monday against the Dodgers.

Believe it or not, Johnson, a baseball lifer, has been a "Special Advisor" to team G.M Mike Rizzo since 2009. Johnson has a long history in baseball, having managed the Mets, Reds, Orioles and Dodgers over the course of 14 seasons.

He'll replace the departed Jim Riggleman, who walked away from the time at the beginning of the past week over a contract dispute.

More from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

Johnson will run the club through the end of the season which is when he and Rizzo will decide on how long the job will be. There are whispers he signed a personal services deal that will keep him with the team through 2014 as either manager or adviser.

Either way, we like the choice here, Johnson is a good, veteran baseball guy who's had success just about everywhere he's been. The Nationals have been one of the better stories this season as their young talent is starting to take hold in the majors and the pipeline holds a lot more of it. Look for the Nats to have some success in the coming years.

Stow Beating Suspect Transferred To San Diego Prison, Takes Polygraph...


Giovanni Ramirez, the prime suspect in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium opening day weekend, has been moved to the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego. Officials said the state Department of Corrections made the decision to have Ramirez serve his 10-month sentence for a parole violation there instead of in the Los Angeles area.

LA Police Chief Charlie Beck says that although he is confident that 31-year-old Ramirez is in fact responsible for the crime, authorities will exhaust all possible leads before moving forward- especially in looking for as many as two more suspects police feel are involved- another individual allegedly involved in the beating and a female who was reported as driving the getaway car.

"My comments today are in no way indicative of any changes in the status of the Brian Stow case,"
Beck said in a statement Friday. "The Department will continue to pursue leads that may convict a suspect just as vigorously as we pursue those that may exonerate a suspect. I still believe that the arrest of Giovanni Ramirez was appropriate and he is still the primary suspect in this case."

Meanwhile, Ramirez has taken a polygraph test at the advice of his attorney before his transfer to San Diego...

Rick Chambers is at Parker Center for his live shot...

OSG High: Michigan Recruit Involved In Second Plane Crash

((HT: MyFoxDetroit))

Ten days ago, Indiana high school basketball star Austin Hatch declared to play for the University of Michigan. Now, he is hospitalized in critical condition after a plane crash that killed his father and step-mother. Sadly and ironically, Hatch and his dad survived another crash in 2003 that killed his mother and two siblings.

"We are saddened to hear about another tragedy that has affected the Hatch family," Michigan coach John Beilein said in a statement. "Austin needs as much support right now as possible and I know he will be in the thoughts and prayers of the Michigan family during this difficult time."

His father received a private pilot certificate in 1997, according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. The single-engine aircraft he was piloting, with three passengers, crashed into a garage Friday night in the Michigan town of Charlevoix.

Hatch is currently in a medically-induced coma...

Here's the latest from our friends at MyFoxDetroit...

UM Basketball Recruit Survives Second Plane Crash:

And from Max Resnick over at the IndianasNewsCenter in Fort Wayne where Hatch was going to school...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who Is Patrick Cantlay And Stop Making The Joke...

It's too easy...

Patrick Cantlay, a UCLA sophomore, shot a course-record 60 to take the lead at 13-under par at the Travelers tournament in Hartford. He is the first amateur to shoot 60 in a PGA Tour event, and only the 24th person ever to card a 60.

Here's how he got there...
((HT: PGATour))

But, now, Cantlay has to answer the questions all over again about his going pro. Last week at the US Open, he said the earliest he would turn pro would be "after I get my degree."

But how 'bout now...???

"I'm going to stay amateur definitely for the Walker Cup," Cantlay said of the premier amateur event in September at Royal Aberdeen. "And my plan is to stay amateur until I finish college."

Here's his presser in full from Friday...
((HT: PGATour/BackPageJasonPage))

Cantlay tied the tournament record set by Tommy Bolt in 1954... and that's really cool. What the real question will be is: How much money will he have forfeited in the last two weeks...???

Go Pro Go!!!

2011 NHL Entry Draft Day One: Go Jets Go!

((HT: NHL on TSN/NHL/JHendrix70))

First, here's what unbridled enthusiasm sounds like...

This is how the official announcement came in from the True North folks on their new nickname...

Not that there isn't any coolness with bringing back the Jets or anything like that...

And, then, we go to pick 15 and the New York Rangers...
An absolutely class move by the Rangers in recognizing the late Derek Boogaard with his brother Aaron on stage...
((HT: Versus/TSN/NHL/youtube))

The draft continues today with Rounds Two through the end...

Plancher Trial Day 10: Former UCF Player Contradicts O'Leary

((HT: Orlando Sentinel/Limon))

Iliana Limon's must read of the Ereck Plancher trial continues with Day 10 disclosing another former University of Central Florida saying head coach George O'Leary would pull water from certain drills for what was termed "mental toughness."

Former wideout Brian Watters was one of five to testify on Day 10. Robert Jackson, the only certified athletic trainer on duty that day, said that he could not testify with certainty if water was inside the fieldhouse or not that day. Members of the Plancher family also testified on the emotional distress of the family.

Here's the O'Leary greatest hits from Day 9...

The trial is supposed to resume Monday morning with a tour of the UCF facility...

Breaking: Former sports broadcaster Nick Charles passes away

Nick Charles in his CNNSports days

Really, this is a sad way to start a Saturday morning. Former Sports Anchor Nick Charles lost his battle with cancer late Friday night, he was 64 years old.

Most in the Sports Journalism world were very familiar with Charles and his excellent work. He was one of the original faces of CNN Sports, when CNN tried competing with ESPN. He was widely admired for his storytelling and his knowledge of boxing and truly as one of the nicest people in the Sports Journalism business.

Read more about the life and times of Nick Charles from RIGHT HERE

Quite honestly, there isn't much we can say other than we are truly saddened by the loss of such a great person. We wish the Charles family and those who knew him nothing but the best and hope they will remember him for the wonderfully entertaining person that he was.

A look back at his career, thanks to our friends at CNN:


Friday, June 24, 2011

OSG High: Jeremy Williams Resigns

((HT: GPB Sports/DawgPost))

The HQ received a bit of sad news last night...

We have covered the story of Greenville ((GA)) High School head football coach/Athletics Director Jeremy Williams and his fight with ALS- Lou Gehrig's Disease. The amazing attitude of Jeremy, his high school sweetheart and wife Jennifer, and his kids Josie and Jacob has been well-documented here.

Jeremy has decided to resign from his post at Greenville High as he battles the disease and focus on what he termed in his text message to us "his new adventure."

What the Williams family has been able to show us is a great lesson of perseverance, love, understanding, and faith that is not being forgotten by everyone that they touch as we all move forward.

We just wanted to tip our hat to Jeremy, the Williams family, and to Greenville...
We're thinking about you...

Here's Dean Legge catching up with Jeremy after National Signing Day...

And here's a story Lisa Weiss did for GPB Sports "Prep Sports+" program on the Patriots and their program from a few seasons back...

And a slideshow from their time in and around "Extreme Makeover:Home Edition"
((HT: WTVM-TV Columbus/ABC))

Do your research on Jeremy and his story... it's worth your time...

The Return of The Jets...???

((HT: Rogers Sportsnet))

According to Nick Kypreos of Hockeycentral, it appears the Winnipeg team will once again be known as the Jets when NHL hockey returns to the city next season.

"I'm told that it will be the Jets," Kypreos said Thursday. "Obviously, they (have) got to go with new colors and a new logo, but when it's all said and done, look for the Jets name to come back to Winnipeg."

It was originally believed that True North wanted to go in a different direction, but everyone is all fired up for the Jets.

"I really believe they didn't want to go in the direction of Winnipeg Jets or Manitoba Jets initially, but it's been overwhelming (response). Whether it's been the Twitter world or anything on the internet, people really want to see the Jets,"
Kypreos added.

Some reports suggest an announcement on the team name could come before the team makes its first-round selection at the NHL Entry Draft in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Here was the first salvo on ideas for the name...
Falcons, Manitoba-something, or all those other ideas...

Dave Hodge explains...
((HT: TSN/JHendrix70))

Either way, Claude Noel will be the new head coach of the team-to-be-named later with Randy Cunneyworth as the GM...

By the way, the NBA held its draft Thursday night

Jimmer Fredette
Yawn. They may not even play this upcoming season. Plus, the draft pool this year wasn't exactly teaming with major stars, but never the less, the NBA held its annual selection show of International and occasional college players.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were obvious big winners, if for no other reason than they had the 1st and 4th picks. They took Duke point guard Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, a forward from Texas.

NCAA Tourney MVP Kemba Walker went 9th to Charlotte and the big headline grabber was the Sacramento Kings trading with Milwaukee to get the 10th pick which they used on the Jimmer, Jimmer Fredette.

Another interesting tidbit: The Morris twins, Markieff and Marcus went 13th and 14th to Phoenix and Houston respectively.

And yeah, they held a second round too, those picks were guys who will be bench fillers and NBDL players for the most part. The NBA Draft isn't like the other sports, it only lasts two rounds and really, there isn't a ton of drama involve.

We won't go through and grade everyone for the simple fact that if we did, we'd probably have to give every team involved an "Incomplete" since the season may or may not happen and in the NBA more so than the other leagues, you really have to see how they fit in before you can say how successful they can be. gives us your 1st pick video:

Phillie Phanatic goes down...

((ht: bigleadsports/AP))

Haha! This is pretty funny video. The Phillie Phanatic, the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies was at a minor league game in Allentown, PA last night and was doing what mascots do during games--working the crowd.

However, he was working the crowd during an at-bat and not necessarily paying attention, when a foul ball was hit his way. The mascot, and the guy in the costume, went down...and went down hard.

According to the Associated Press, the guy in the costume was sent to the hospital--we assume out of his costume--checked and released.

Your video courtesy of AP/YouTube:

Ohio State looks at changes in compliance


It may be a little to little, a little too late, but Ohio State's Board of Trustees have been meeting the past couple of days and one of their main topics of discussion: Changes in compliance.

By now, we all know about the multitude of problems the school is currently facing and there is great fear that the compliance office may have failed the school. At the very least, they may become the fall guys.

Either way, the Trustees want changes, they just aren't sure of what those changes will be....yet.

Our friends at WBNS (, explain, RIGHT HERE

We think this isn't a bad move, but as we said, it is way too late. And the fact that nothing will be implemented this year makes it essentially toothless. It appears, to some extent, the school is looking for someone to throw blame for the current mess on and it may be that the compliance office will be the primary target. We'll see.

Here's the TV Story from 10 Investigates (WBNS):





Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plancher Trial Day 9: O'Leary Grilled...

((HT: Orlando Sentinel/Limon))

The Ereck Plancher trial continues in Orlando, and on Day 9 UCF Head Coach George O'Leary was ((pretty much)) ordered to take the stand despite the school's insistence that the coach's need to be present for his on-campus clinic superseded the trial and the judge's wishes...

So much for that idea...

O'Leary maintained that he did not order both water and training staff out of the training facility on the day that Ereck Plancher collapsed and eventually died.

The Orange County ME and two football players have said the opposite in open court and O'Leary was questioned for more than three hours on the stand Thursday.

Here's Limon's recap for Day 9...

The UCF approach seems to be to create enough confusion among the important personnel on campus to diffuse the Plancher family's case. Part of the testimony today was to create a "Yes, they did- No, they didn't" know among the training staff as to whether or not they all knew Plancher was diagnosed with sickle cell trait.

The Plancher family attorneys seem confident that their side of the case will wrap up Friday...