Friday, June 1, 2007

Playoffs?!?! Playoffs?!?!

Back on October 16, 2006 I wrote the following:

If momentum ever builds for a college football playoff in Division 1-A, don’t be surprised if that comes from the SEC Offices in Birmingham. The SEC has so much talent spread across the league that every game is a war and teams end up beating the you-know-what out of each other. The way the BCS sets up it really benefits the conferences that are not as balanced. Even if an SEC team goes unbeaten, it doesn’t guarantee a BCS Title game berth. Remember Auburn ran the table 3 years ago and was the odd team out as Oklahoma and USC battled for the National Title. The SEC is the most powerful conference in college football. Should this trend keep up don’t be surprised if the league says enough is enough and uses its clout to make some changes in the way a National Champion is crowned.

ImageWell …a college football playoff is on the table this week at the annual SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Florida.

University of Florida President Bernie Machen has asked for time to speak in front of league officials about supporting a college football playoff system. Machen’s believes that a playoff system would likely generate in excess of $100 million. That kind of sick money might sway some college presidents and conferences but getting all 12 SEC member institutions to write off on a playoff proposal and be united will be a tough sell. Don’t expect a definitive plan to come of this year’s meetings but a first step has been taken on this subject.

Of course that might change again when another great SEC team is left out of the BCS Championship Game.

--John Wilkerson