Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coyotes President Fired By... The NHL...

Interesting punch line there...

Since Ice Edge Holdings isn't in charge of the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team yet, and the NHL still is, President Doug Moss was fired by the "League" and not by the team.

Since the league runs the team, that's how this went down...

Did this go off with the blessing of Ice Edge as some kind of a suck-up move to the league, or did Ice Edge maintain this was something they wanted to do in blowing up Moss and bringing in Mike Nealy to take over the position- short term or long term...

Nothing like getting your pink slip before the end of your deal by Bill Daly.

"Doug did a lot of good things for the Coyotes' franchise during his tenure with the club, and I know he will do well in the future," Daly told Jim Gintonio and Rebekah Sanders of the Arizona Republic. "We just thought it was time to instill new leadership and some fresh ideas on the business side of the operation, and we believe that Mike Nealy is the right person to do that."

"The NHL has entrusted me to have a fresh look at some things and carry it forward," Nealy said.

Right... just in time for free agent frenzy tomorrow...
Daly denies the coincidence...

The HQ guesses the video below was Moss' last move as President, the drafting of Brandon Gormley in the 2010 Entry Draft...

Just axin'...
What happens if this deal was done independent of Ice Edge...???
More when we know more...

Star UNLV Player Arrested For Trying To Choke Girlfriend

((HT: KTNV-TV, Las Vegas Review-Journal/Planas))

UNLV star hoopster Tre'Von Willis apparently got into an argument with his 28-year-old girlfriend over text messages, according to a Henderson, Nevada police report.

In Antonio Planas article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the police report says that Willis was upset that Skye Sanders was texting friends instead of "paying attention to him."

He was arrested on charges of felony domestic battery by strangulation, felony grand larceny for stealing Sanders' cell phone, and misdemeanor coercion.

And, it's another 2AM incident, too... technically, 2:30AM...

From Planas:
Sanders told police Willis said he was going out and she replied that she was also going out. Willis then overturned Sanders' purse, dumping its contents looking for her keys. Sanders laughed at Willis because her keys were not in her purse. That's when Willis got physical with Sanders for the first time during their relationship.

"Willis had his thumbs in the center of her throat with his fingers wrapping around the sides of her neck," the report stated. "Sanders stated that while Willis was choking her, Willis kept saying to her, 'Say you're sorry.' "

Sanders told police said she was barely able to say she couldn't breathe while Willis had his hands around her throat.

Here's Blake McCoy's early piece on the arrest, thanks to our friends at KTNV-TV

Willis posted a bond of a little over $18-grand and court appearances are scheduled for July 21 and August 3. Willis initially denied a physical altercation, only admitting to a verbal one with Sanders.

Planas' article also divulges that Sanders' roommate gave a statement to Henderson police, and her statement was consistent with the one Sanders gave.

The HQ thinks Willis needs to figure out what he's talkin' 'bout before late July...

Big Upset Day At All England: Federer, Williams Sisters, Bryan Brothers..

All gone...

First, Roger Federer loses to 12-seed Tomas Berdych in four sets...
6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4...

Until Wednesday, Federer was 51-1 at the tournament since the start of the 2003 edition. Since winning his 2010 title at the Australian in January, Federer has been to the semifinals at only three of eight tournaments.

Then the top-ranked Williams sisters lose in doubles They were looking for a fifth consecutive Grand Slam title in doubles, but were beaten 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 by Russians Elena Vesnina and Vera Zvonareva.

The Williamses climbed to No. 1 in doubles for the first time after winning the French Open. They were bidding for their 13th major...

And THEN, the Bryan brothers lose in men's doubles. Bob and Mike Bryan were upset in the Wimbledon quarters by 39-year-old Dick Norman of Belgium and Wesley Moodie of South Africa 7-6 (7-4), 7-6 (7-5), 6-7 (3-7), and 7-5.

The Bryans were chasing their ninth Grand Slam title.
They were the runners-up at Wimbledon last year.

What is this world coming to on grass...???

Here's the last game of the Federer match...
((HT: AELTC/WTA/ESPN/nygiants082))

7 And The Ragged Timeline


The surveillance tape of the incident involving 7 and his buddy, Q, at Club Guadalajara...

The lawyer for 7, Larry Woodward, initially said that he left his birthday party 30-minutes before the shots were fired. The surveillance tape has the time stamp a full decimal place off...

Three minutes... not thirty...

No word on whether or not there's a parole violation for either Quanis Phillips or 7 where this is concerned. The QB is still considered a witness and not a suspect.

Here's Mary Kay Mallonee in her newsroom...

More when we know more...

Randall Cunningham's son dies....

((ht:las vegas journal-review))

A very sad story out of Las Vegas. Former NFL Quarterback Randall Cunningham is mourning the loss of his 2-year old son.

His son, Christian was found floating in a hot tub behind Cunningham's Las Vegas home Tuesday afternoon. Paramedics tried to resuscitate the boy, but could not. He died at the hospital.

More on this from the Las Vegas Review-Journal RIGHT HERE

Cunningham has become a pastor since his retirement from professional football and wasn't home when this happened. He played college football at UNLV.

More from KTNV in Las Vegas, Heather Klein was at the scene but returned to the newsroom...

Could LP Field become a giant sinkhole?


No, the home stadium of the Tennessee Titans is probably not falling into the Tennessee River, but it is an interesting thought.

However, it appears that there are some sinkhole issues in the area. Mostly as a result of the flooding rains of May. As the water receded, it left quite a few reminders that it was there.

A sinkhole, maybe 20-30 feet wide and 4 feet deep is now sitting just outside the stadium between the building and the river. For those who've never been there, the stadium would be considered a riverfront stadium.

Check out more on this story from Nashville's RIGHT HERE

((Photo of Sinkhole//Courtesy: George Walker IV/The Tennessean))

Having lived in Nashville when this stadium was built, the story is not a surprise. It was built over an old shipyard and when they say it is along the river, it literally is. It is a very nice stadium with a lot of parking and more than likely this is just an isolated incident.

The bigger question is what is under the ground the place was built on. There was always some rumors out there that it never completely cleaned out, but then again, maybe I'm just being cynical.

Lewand's BAC Was .21


The police report for Lions president Tom Lewand was released Tuesday. His black SUV exited the parking lot of a Detroit bar called Limberlost. He was weaving on a road near a local high school.

When stopped by officers, Lewand told them he had not had a drink in a year and a half. He went on to say he was the DD for the evening, and he had pulled into Limberlost to pick up a friend as they were headed somewhere else.

He was then asked to step out of the vehicle to undergo all the appropriate sobriety testing that cops do at that time. Lewand was asked if he would submit to a breathalyzer test and he refused.

Lewand failed sobriety tests in the field, and was placed under arrest and transported to a local jail.

Once in jail, Lewand agreed to submit to a breathalyzer- a .21, and then a few minutes later, Lewand’s blood alcohol content was a .20.

Tom Leyden has the rundown, thanks to our friends at WXYZ...

Here's where you can see the police report...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joel Zumaya Blows Out His Elbow Again, Lost For Season...

And his career may be over...

Detroit Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya is gone for the rest of the season with a fractured right elbow.

The team said Tuesday that he fractured his right olecranon, which is the bony tip of the elbow right under the skin.

Zumaya was literally shaking in pain after throwing a pitch that Delmon Young fouled off in the eighth inning of Detroit's 7-5 win over the Minnesota Twins.

He has missed large chunks of the last two seasons because of shoulder problems.

Here's the injury, while it lasts...
It's not pretty...
((HT: MLB/FS Detroit/tomnet825))

Cedric Benson Charged With Assault

((HT: KXAN-TV Austin))

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson ((pictured, thanks Travis County PD)) was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault from a May 30th incident at an Austin, Texas bar named "Annie's West."

An Austin police spokeswoman says Benson was arrested and booked into the Travis County ((TX)) jail where he posted a $5,000 bond and was released. The arrest affidavit says he punched an employee ((a bartender)) after being kicked out for getting into an altercation with another patron just before 2AM on May 30.

And what soes the HQ say about events after 2AM...???

Benson, allegedly, was asked outside on multiple times before the bartender and another employee took Benson outside. That was when the bartender was struck in the face. Annie's West apparently also taped the incident...

Benson's attorney said in a statement that his client had been completely cooperative and hasn't been able to give APD his side of the story.

All the above story does is give us the excuse to show the video below...
((HT: NFL/CBS/NFL on Fox/dwings21))

7 Talks To Virginia Beach Cops

Just when we thought the HQ would never have to monkey around with this stuff ever again...

The current Philadephia Eagles QB went to Virginia Beach PD HQ on Monday. The police consider 7 as a witness and not a suspect in the reported shooting of Quanis Phillips back on Friday night at the same place 7 was holding his 30th birthday party.

You'll remember Phillips as "Q" from the dog fighting trial, testimony, and sentencing. And if it is, in fact, proven that both Vick and Phillips knew each other were at Club Guadalajara and socialized, they could both be brought up on parole violations.

Here's the report from our friends at WAVY-TV...
Oren Liebermann got to stand in front of a monitor...

And here's the story from the night of the shooting

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mark Brunell Files For Bankruptcy

((HT: FirstCoastNews))

Ex-Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing was put in motion on Friday. It is 68 pages long and lists assets of $5.5 million, but has liabilities close to $25 million.

He co-signed loans and that was his financial downfall, according to his lawyer, Michael Freed. He said Brunell made the deals just before the economy collapsed.

Earlier this month, Brunell, Joel Smeenge, and Todd Fordham were charged with loan defaults in the state of Michigan as well as one with CNL Bank in Jacksonville. The one with CNL has been resolved to the satisfation of the bank. Freed also disclosed that there are other loans in question.

Brunell is reporting a monthly income around $5,000. He also listed five rings as part of assets totaling more than $15,000. Three were from the Rose Bowl and one was from this year's Super Bowl win, and his NFL 401(k) plan has a reported worth of $627,000.

In the filings, there's a question that asks about "any potential increase or decrease in earnings." Brunell listed a "possible NFL contract." There is talk that Brunell could end up as a backup quarterback for the New York Jets.

Here's Brunell's filing...

As part of his restructuring, Brunell has surrendered his Whataburger restaurants- all 11 of them in Georgia and Florida...

Here's FirstCoast's story when all this first broke...

Texas Toddler Killed Over USA-Ghana Match

Just when you thought people couldn't get any more stupid...
Or, as we'll say sometimes at the HQ- "stupider..."

A man accused of beating his two-year-old stepdaughter to death has been charged with capital murder- as he should be...

The stepdaughter's crime- not stopping crying during the USA-Ghana soccer match... and the guy actually said this to investigators.

McAllen ((TX)) Police Sergeant Joel Morales says 27-year-old Hector Castro was charged Monday night after being arrested Saturday night. Morales says Castro is being held on $1 million bond.

Unless, someone can thrown him under the jail fairly quickly without being seen...

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez says the child was severely beaten and suffered several broken ribs. It was also revealed that a screw or a bolt of some kind was stuck in the little girl's throat to make it look like she choked to death.

Absolutely ridiculous...

Here are the highlights, thanks to our friends at KRGV-TV in the Rio Grande Valley

The New Pat Tillman Movie Trailer

The HQ has long held the belief that everything associated with the Pat Tillman murder is one of the larger crocks of crap the US Government has cooked up recently.

The Tillman family is pursuing the truth, and there's a new movie coming out about the whole cover-up and investigation...

Here's the trailer, thanks to our friends at Yahoo!Movies...

Admittedly, some of the HQ are members of the Pat Tillman Foundation.
There's your full disclosure... it's still a crock...

TUESDAY UPDATE: Arizona State University and The National Football Foundation (NFF) & College Hall of Fame announced that they will jointly honor the late Pat Tillman with an NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salute Nov. 13, 2010 as the Sun Devils host Stanford in Tempe.

"It will be an honor for Arizona State University to share this on-campus recognition of Pat Tillman with our community and his family and friends." says Lisa Love, Vice President for University Athletics at ASU. "Pat, an American hero, is a significant part of our history and we are thrilled to recognize him and his family once again."

Tillman, who was tragically killed while on duty in Afghanistan, will be represented by his wife Marie.

"Pat Tillman is a true American hero and his thrilling accomplishments on the field provide an unmatched example of the leadership qualities forged on the gridiron that he exhibited later in life," said NFF President & CEO Steve Hatchell. "It will be an honor to travel to Tempe and hear the crowds cheer his name in appreciation of his accomplishments."

More Lenny Dykstra Evidence Of His Lack Of Scruples

The HQ has chronicled before how we both marveled and, then, laughed at both the bear and bull versions of Lenny Dykstra and his ability to pick stock winners...

Now, more evidence of his inability, silliness, and lack of winnerness is coming forward...

Randall Lane, over at The Daily Beast, has penned a new book that shows that Dykstra snowed even CNBC's Jim Cramer.

Getting $250K from a penny-stock company to pimp their product through his newsletter will do that for you. Dykstra also, apparently, said he would parade more small company CEO's in front of Cramer for them...

For a fee...

Here's Jane Wells in Los Angeles at the time Dykstra filed Chapter 11
((HT: CNBC/trustfxtv))

The Lane story is required reading for someone who is, certainly, worthy of an SEC investigation at the first possible moment...

More Hypnotic Lego Football


Wouldn't you know that the USA-Ghana match had to be their next production...???
Here's their look... and, no, the result doesn't change...

Michael Jordan's Boys Reunite At UCF

When NBA legend Michael Jordan wants to see his sons play college basketball Orlando, Florida will be the destination. Marcus Jordan is entering his sophomore season at the University of Central Florida and now his older brother Jeff is joining.

Jeff is leaving Illinois after three ho-hum years with the Illini. The Air Jordan offspring averaged 1.6 points, 1.7 assists and 1.3 rebounds per game last season for Illinois.

"Jeff is a great young man and we look forward to him joining our basketball family," UCF head coach Donnie Jones said. "Jeff has a high basketball IQ and played in one of the best leagues in the country in the Big Ten."

Jeff Jordan may have basketball smarts and come from great bloodlines but there is nothing in that statement about what Jordan brings to the Knights as a player. Genetics only goes so far.

Here's the release from UCF:

Matt Lauer interviewed Jeff Jordan and his dad Michael for the Today Show.
(Thanks NBC/

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chris Henry Had Early Stages Of Brain Disease....

This will probably get the attention of everyone playing in the NFL and everyone who has played in the NFL.

Chris Henry, a receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, who had died after falling from a truck in a domestic dispute in December of 2009, has been found to already been suffering from a brain issue that doctors are finding more and more frequently in football players.

The disease, CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a progressive brain disease that has been found in quite a few former players, all of whom died young.

Doctors, think, emphasis on think, that the disease is caused from traumatic brain injuries such as helmet to helmet hits. However, the previous cases had been primarily in older players who played more physical positions such as on the line.

Henry however was 26, and he was a wide receiver and not known as being particularly physical.

Much more on the report from the New York Times RIGHT HERE

((Chris Henry//Courtesy: Cincinnati Enquirer))

The NFL and other sports leagues have finally, after years of ignoring the issue of concussions and long term brain injury effects, started to addressing the issue. At this point, they haven't reacted to this finding, though the doctors from West Virginia University who did the forensic exam are going to discuss what they found later in the day on Monday.

Here's Maureen O'Boyle and Jeff Atkinson with the early run down in Charlotte
Thanks to our friends at WBTV-CBS3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lions Lewand Arrested On DUI Charges

((HT: WXYZ-TV Detroit))

Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand was arrested on DUI charges and released in Roscommon County ((MI)) Friday night.

Lewand released the following statement through the Lions staff.

"I am deeply sorry for my actions and take full responsibility for them. As a person in active recovery, I am committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure nothing like this ever happens again."

Apparently, Lewand had attended a charity golf tournament earlier in the day...
Make your own connections until Monday's court appearance...

Tom Leyden has the quick report...

Ray Fight! Ray Fight! Well, Almost... How About Fingerpointing And Raised Voices...???

After starting out 25-10 this year, the Tampa Bay Rays have turned into something just this side of mediocre in the American League East- something that cannot ever happen if you want to maker it out of the division alive by regular season's end...

It seems to be reaching a boil... BJ Upton and Evan Longoria got into it at the ballpark, and while it's not to the Zambrano-Lee scale, it's worth noting...

So, where do they go from here...???
That's the question and that's why this may be one of those seminal moments this season...
((HT: The BigLead via Bubbaprog/Sun Sports/MLB))

Winners never jog during play...
The HQ is siding with Longoria until further notice...

Watch Rays skipper Joe Maddon address the issue here, thanks to our friends at FSNFlorida/Sun Sports

Do Not Interfere With An Argentine Celebration...

Or you get slapped...

Just ask Gabriel Heinze... or the guy with the steadycam...
((HT: ESPN/FIFA/volound))

Argentina plays Germany next...
Commence drooling...

Another Day Of Controversy In South Africa, Two More Goals That Weren't...

Two more reasons that some, any, kind of video replay should be used at the soccer championship that's held every four years, but this time is in South Africa...

Counting backwards...
First, Carlos Tevez's goal for Argentina in the first half against Mexico
((HT: BBC/FIFA/rbyrne1000))

Then, the Lampard goal in the 4-1 Germany drilling of England...
It would have made it 4-2 in the end, but, hey there's that whole momentum, thing...
((HT: BBC/FIFA/OfficialVideoPremier))

If this doesn't mandate that there's some kind of video assistance that is needed to fix all this nonsense, the HQ doesn't know what will. But FIFA being FIFA, the HQ also knows this will never happen.

((Insert divine being here)) knows it really should...

Mike Adamle's Fight

((HT: Chicago Sun-Times/Telander))

Not that we're in to posting downers on Sundays, but the Sun-Times' Rick Telander has a series up and running- part of it is on on Chicago sportscaster/former NFL'er/former WWE "poobah" Mike Adamle and his battle with epilepsy.

The disease brought on, conventional wisdom tells us, from all the hitting he's had to endure in his football career.

The series Telander is doing is on Northwestern teammates from 40 years ago, how football shaped their lives, and how their injuries today shape their lives differently.

From Adamle's lead...

'I was on the air in 1999 when I had my first seizure,'' says Mike Adamle, the Channel 5 sportscaster. I ask him what it felt like. ''One part of my brain was speaking, the other part was having a tidal wave,'' he says. ''There was deja vu. All kinds of flashing, loud ringing in my ears. Dizziness. My short-term memory was gone. There were tears in my eyes, thoughts of being a kid, thoughts of my grandfather. I was in the hospital for three days.''

Absolutely scary stuff... and, by Mike Adamle's admission, he's scared, too...
For his family... and his future...

Here's one of the things Adamle has done to combat what's going on inside his body... competing in the IronMan Triathlon... at the age of 59...

View more news videos at:

Keep conquering, Mike...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reds' Phillips Arrested On Reckless Driving Charge

((HT: Cincinnati Enquirer/Truong))

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was driving his new Audi in the Kentucky town/Cincinnati suburb of Park Hills and was clocked at 72 mph in a 35. He was pulled over just after 11PM Friday night according to local police officials.

The local police also told the Enquirer that his mother was in the car with him at the time and no alcohol was involved. Phillips was booked and released after posting a $25 bond.

Phillips is set to appear in Kenton County ((KY)) Municipal Court Tuesday morning.

Moree when we know more, but until then all the above story does is give us the excuse to post the following video of when Phillips messed with a reporter during a rain delay...
((HT: FS Ohio/MLB/The Hurricane1908))

The CIFL Is Not Broadcasting Their Title Game

Just thought you'd like to know that...

The Cincinnati Commandos of the Continental Indoor Football League are hosting the title game at the Cincinnati Gardens against the Wisconsin Wolfpack.

Sure, if you'd like to hear Ben Mauk ((Yes, that Ben Mauk)) go for a title you might need to go to the arena...

John Kiesewetter of the Cincinnati Enquirer has a weird story about the team itself not wanting to have the game broadcast- even for free...

Beacuse, after all, it is a title game...

Regional Sales Manager for WQRT-AM "Real Talk 1160," Jamey Schleue, said team president Jim Smith told him the team “didn’t want to further invest in the brand, because the brand won’t be there next year.”

Schleue didn't know what that meant...

“We’ve offered to broadcast the game for free – it’s the championship game! – and they won’t return our calls. It’s the most bizarre thing, and I’ve been in sports marketing for 30 years,” said Schleue.

Here's a preview of how the Wolfpack got to Cincinnati, thanks to our friends at WolfpackTV...

Ain't nothing like the minor leagues...

US World Cup Run Ends In Extra Time Vs. Ghana

Gyan's goal in tyhe third minute of extra time gave the Ghana National Squad a 2-1 overtime win over the US Men's National Team in Rustenburg, South Africa Saturday afternoon ((Saturday evening local time)).

The USMNT gave up another goal in the first five minutes of play, but Landon Donovan's penalty kick in the 62nd gave the teams a 1-1 draw leading into the OT.

Ghana now gets Uruguay in the Elite 8...

More when we know more...

Here's the PK that tied it...
((HT: ABC/FIFA/soccerman123123))

Semi-Pro FB Player Pleads Guilty In Assault

((HT: WHAM-TV Rochester))

Leon Woods took a plea deal on the second day of his assault trial, as testimony was set to begin in the assault of a football referee in Woods' semi-pro league.

Woods is accused of smashing referee Pete McCabe in the face with a football helmet after a game last fall.

The prosecution says the victim has metal plates throughout his face and lost his sense of smell. In exchange for a guilty plea, Woods gets sentenced to ten years in prison and five years "post-release supervision."

He is out on his own recognizance until his sentencing. Woods admitted in court that he intentionally hit McCabe in the face, but said he did not intend serious injury.

The HQ would like to know the difference therein...
Just axin'...

Here's coverage from our friends at WHAM-TV complete with courthouse-like live shot

D-Backs Jackson Throws No-No

Only 149 pitches to do it, too...
The HQ would like to check and see if the Diamondbacks are involved in the College World Series and not the MLB regular season...

Edwin Jackson, who has been regarded as a high-level prosepect AND a mediocre major leaguer, can add his name to the stacks with his no-hitter over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Here's the ninth inning...
((HT: MLB Network/FS Arizona/MultiCoolman97))

Jackson walked eight and this was the third time in a year the Rays were no-hit.
The HQ would like to also have the D-Backs consult any and all search references for former major league pitcher Richie Lewis.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Carlos Zambrano Meltdown And Suspension!!!

((HT: MLB/WGN/smolek5228))

Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano had to be separated from Derrek Lee in their dugout after the first inning of a game against the White Sox Friday afternoon.

Zambrano exploded in the dugout after allowing four runs and stormed from one end to the other. Lee said something to Zambrano ((we guess)), and as Zambrano headed back, manager Lou Piniella, pitching coach Larry Rothschild and bench coach Alan Trammell stepped between them.

Cubs catcher Geovany Soto grabbed Zambrano and pulled him away on his own.

Zambrano was swapped out for Tom Gorzelanny.

No one knows, really, why Zambrano went after Lee...
But the nutty is awesome...

PM UPDATE: Zambrano has been suspended indefinitely by the Cubs...

"His conduct wasn't acceptable," Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said after the game. "His actions toward his teammates and staff were not acceptable.

"He will not be at the ballpark tomorrow. We'll play with 24. We'll play with 24 before we tolerate that kind of behavior."

Here's more from Hendry, thanks to our friends at WGN-TV...

Zambrano is in the middle of a five-year, $91-million contract...
And he tried to call someone... anyone... from the player's lot at Comiskey after the game... to a level lacking success...

View more news videos at:

The Andres Cantor Looped Donovan Call...

((HT: Deadspin/Jalopnik-Golson))

Just when you thought you heard every version of the Golden Goal, Deadspin hooked up with Jalopnik's Jordan Golson...

And this is priceless...
((HT: FIFA/ESPNDeportes/ESPN))

Lawyer Says Vick Not Involved In Shooting

((HT: WVEC-TV Norfolk))

An attorney for Michael Vick says he was not present when a shooting took place outside a nightclub where Vick had celebrated his birthday.

Larry Woodward, his attorney during the dog fighting trial, says Vick was neither involved nor present when the shooting occurred early Friday.

Virginia Beach Police spokesman Adam Bernstein said a man sustained non-life threatening injuries in the shooting at around 2AM outside the club Guadalajara. Vick's party had started there late Thursday.

And the HQ will always remind you that nothing ever good happens after 2AM...

Bernstein said he knew nothing about any connection to Vick's party. He also said the victim was taken to the hospital, and that the victim and witnesses were uncooperative other than describing the shooter as a black man in a white Cadillac Escalade.

Here's the latest from our friends at WVEC-TV...

Giants Pick, Ex-LSU Player Still In Hospital After Horrific Crash

New York Giants third-rounder and former LSU two-sport star Chad Jones has been hospitalized after a nasty ((understatement)) car accident.

LSU athletics spokesman Michael Bonnette says the former Tigers safety and baseball standout was injured in a single-vehicle accident in New Orleans on Friday.

The university says Jones was admitted to LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans in guarded condition. Jones' father, Al Jones, tells The Advocate of Baton Rouge that
his son was alert after the accident.

Jones suffered multiple fractures including shattering both his tibia and fibula, and had arteries and nerves exposed after he slammed into a streetcar pole

Here's the early word from our friends at WWL-TV

Juan Kincaid of WWL-TV relays the following from the Friday evening at the hospital after Jones was out of surgery and in a room able to visit with family: “He looked like Chad,” said his father, Al Jones, after seeing him the hospital. “The surgery was successful. I want to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers, the numerous phone calls, text messages and e-mails…It just lets you know the type of person Chad is and how well loved he is.”

“It is just a matter of the healing process right now.”

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maryland's AD is going to be NC State's AD

It appears that University of Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow is going to be heading to North Carolina State.

Yow is apparently scheduled to interview in Raleigh on Friday morning and there are some rumors floating out there that a Press Conference is scheduled for later in the day.

More from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

This is an interesting move. You could almost say a lateral one. However...look at the last name. One might remember the former legendary NC State woman's basketball coach Kay Yow, who passed away from breast cancer.

((Debbie Yow//Courtesy: Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun))

We aren't saying that is the reason, but we are betting its one of them.

Wall to anyone paying attention?

To say that the NBA Draft doesn't quite get the buildup that the NFL does would be a huuuuuggggeeee understatement.

Sure, it's actually somewhat entertaining. There are always trades and this year is no different, there are a lot of teams making deals for guys they've never had play and guys they don't want playing for them. But there is very little drama.

We knew that John Wall was going to be the first pick. There was never a question. He's now part of the Washington Wizards, who we still don't know how ended up with the first pick. There is little question that he'll be a star. No, the only question is how is he going to mesh with our good friend Gilbert. Yes, none other than Agent Zero himself.

More from the New York Times RIGHT HERE

Also to the surprise of no one, Evan Turner of Ohio State went second to Philadelphia and despite their denials, New Jersey took rising sophomore Derrick Favors.

Check out's coverage, with Matt Winer, Kenny Smith and Bill Self breaking down the selection. Thanks, we love that you are blogger friendly.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Thrashers and Blackhawks Involved In Blockbuster, Ramsay To Be Head Coach

((HT: ESPN/LeBrun))

In a trade still pending league approval, the Cup champ Chicago Blackhawks are poised to trade power forward Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel, Ben Eager, and a prospect in exchange for a one, a two, a prospect, and Marty Reasoner.

The Hawks are looking to dump salary while new Thrashers GM Rick Dudley is in a win now-mode while, at the same time, trying to court a new head coach and balance the notion of not being able to know who his owners will be long-term.

This could also be seen as a move by Atlanta Spirit to make an asset look more attractive for the sale previously reported by the New York Post and the HQ...

According to, Byfuglien has one year left on his contract paying him $3 million. Sopel has one year left on his deal at $2 million with a cap hit of $2.3 million. Eager earned $965,000 in 2010, but as an RFA should the Thrashers choose to resign him, it would take that much at a minimum.

The Blackhawks get Reasoner, who has one more year left on his contract at $1.2 million and his cap hit is $1.15 million.

Doing HQ Math, that means the Thrash would have 15 players under contract for a number close to US$33.6M. 10 players would be unrestricted free agents and five more would have restricted status- including Eager. There would be US$29.8-million left under the salary cap. Dudley needs to make decisions on Max Afinogenov, Colby Armstrong, Evgeny Artyukhin, Niclas Bergfors, Eric Boulton, Bryan Little, and Clarke MacArthur, Pavel Kubina, Christoph Schubert, Mark Popovic, Ondrej Pavelec, and Johan Hedberg.

Slava Kozlov and Chris Chelios look to retire...

The Blackhawks save five million and have decisions to make on guys like Antti Niemi, Andrew Ladd, Niklas Hjalmarsson, and John Madden. HQ Math on Chicago has them, currently, at 14 players signed for 2010-2011 for US$58.8M.

Here's what the Thrash are getting in their new power forward...
They hope...
((HT: NHL/NBC Sports))

LeBrun, FOSG Scott Burnside, and ESPNChicago's Jesse Rogers discuss...

1230 UPDATE: To get under the 50-player limit, Dudley sent the expiring contract of Brett Sterling, Mike Versace, and a Seven to San Jose for future considerations.

TSN, among other sources, is saying Craig Ramsay will be named the new Thrashers Head Coach with John Torchetti named as an assistant.

Chris Vivlamore concurs from the AJC...

It will be Ramsay's first full-time head coaching gig, but he has been interim head coach in two other situations. Ramsay will replace John Anderson who lost his locker room during the '09-'10 season.

An official announcement could come as early as Thursday.

So Oklahoma Was Invited To The SEC After All...

((HT: Tulsa World-Klein))

Surprising no one, Oklahoma University president David Boren now says that the Sooners had offers from both the SEC and the Pac-10.

Boren says the Pac-10 offer was for five Big 12 schools - Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech - to join as a group and create the Big West that the HQ has been talking about. He says the SEC extended offers only to Oklahoma and Texas A&M- remember, they don't need to expand.

Because the SEC offer didn't include Oklahoma State and Texas, he didn't think it was a good idea.

So, now John Klein wants the Big 12/10 to, in his words, "be bold."

In addition to chasing after LSU and Arkansas, he's looking for New Mexico and UNLV.

Las Vegas (42) and Albuquerque (44) are bigger television markets than current Big 12 markets Oklahoma City (45), Austin (49), Tulsa (61), Wichita (69) and Des Moines (71). Omaha (76), the largest market in Nebraska, is tiny compared to Vegas and Albuquerque.

UNLV and UNM, with terrific basketball history and facilities, will need to upgrade football. But that is very possible at both schools. In fact, Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones is from New Mexico, and OU running back DeMarco Murray is from Las Vegas. There is talent in those states, and both schools have the resources to have a regional recruiting base.

Bringing in New Mexico and UNLV could eventually offset the loss of Colorado and Nebraska, but it would not have the impact of when the league lured the four Texas schools into the Big 12.

He also dips his toes into the Louisville, Memphis, Boise, Nevada, Air Force, and UTEP pools for expansion. And while the HQ thinks all these ideas are interesting- knowing most of these schools would jump at the chance to join- would Dan Beebe be that much of a poacher and a forward thinker...???

Doubt it...

As a flashback, here's what OU is missing by not being a member of the Pac-10/12...
Early highlights of the OU-USC game in 1981...
((HT: ABC/AwsiDooger))

LT Indicted By Grand Jury

The original one, not Tomlinson...

Lawrence Taylor has now been indicted by a suburban New York city grand jury on charges of rape, taking part in a criminal sexual act and sexual abuse.

The indictment is from his May 6th arrest at a Holiday Inn in New Jersey. Prosecutors say he paid a 16-year-old girl $300 to have sex with him- a charge Taylor, through his attorney, has vehemently denied.

Taylor was also indicted on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and patronizing a prostitute.

Rockland County ((NJ)) District Attorney Thomas Zugibe says the 16-year-old told investigators that she had been "verbally threatened and physically assaulted." She said she was brought to the hotel room by a pimp who was later arrested by New York City police.

Taylor's attorney says they made a "strategic decision" not to have Taylor testify before the grand jury.

Here's your introduction from our friends at WCBS-TV...

BREAKING NEWS: Longest Tennis Match Ever Not Over Yet...

At the All England Lawn and Tennis Club today, the 23rd seed (and 19th-ranked player in the world) John Isner was taking on French qualifier and 148th-ranked Nicolas Mahut...

And they went a while... and they're not done yet...

In a marathon that has exceeded nine hours and 406 minutes in the fifth set alone, the Isner-Mahut match became the record-holder for most games ever in a set and a match, longest match ever, longest match in Wimbledon history, and the most aces in a match.

Here's the 100th game in the fifth set...
((HT: AELTC/SportRO/RealMadagascar))

Isner was actually scheduled to play men's doubles with Sam Querry, but the match had to be pushed back since the University of Georgia grad was otherwise occupied in the marathon 5th set.

Think about it... if each of the four previous sets went to tiebreakers it would make 52 games total. Isner and Mahut each won more than that in the last set alone.

Here's some stats...not including the bathroom break at 58-all in the fifth, and the fact that both the Court 18 scoreboard and the tournament SlamTracker were broken at 50-plus...

The game carried from the day before because of darkness, and when Mahut called for light and Isner wanted to serve, that was where the players disagreed and the match was suspended at 59-all.

You've got to be kidding me...

Isner has 98 aces and Mahut only 94...
Isner has 333 winners and Mahut only 318...
Mahut has more points won 449 to 428...

Bobby Labonte Leaves TRG Motorsports

NASCAR champion Bobby Labonte has terminated his contract with TRG Motorsports.

Labonte says he is exploring his opportunties for the remainder of this season in all three of NASCAR's national series.

Labonte says he wants to compete for wins, which he's not been able to do in the Number 71 Chevrolet. Labonte doesn't have a single top-10 finish through 16 races and his highest finish this season is 21st.

Labonte was the 2000 Cup Series champion.
His last victory was in 2003 with Joe Gibbs Racing.

The HQ thinks Labonte can still get wins if given a quality car, but he hasn't been given one of those in quite some time. In this particular economy, it may be a difficult task to accomplish...

Here's Labonte in happier times...
((HT: ESPN/colbert08))

Donovan Goal Saves USA In Group Play

In what would have been a US catastrophe had they not made it out of group play, Landon Donovan temporarily cemented his place as the United States' premier soccer star.

His goal in injury time against Algeria gives the Stars and Bars a game against either Ghana or Serbia in the knockout round for the Soccer World Championships currently being held in South Africa.

((The HQ doesn't know if we can identify the contest by its actual name without drawing the ire of the folks overseas))

As a country collects his collective breath, here's the goal...
((HT: ESPN/FIFA/hineighbor))

Marlins Cut Bait, Fredi Gonzalez Fired As Manager

[HT:, Miami Herald]

We have our first manager's head to roll in the Major League Baseball season. The Florida Marlins fired Fredi Gonzalez as well as two coaches, hitting coach Jim Presley and bench coach Carlos Tosca.

Here's the official release from the club.

"It is never easy to make a change in managers," Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said in a written statement. "Fredi has been with our club for four years. We have become close, and I am extremely fond of Fredi. I, along with all our fans, am grateful for Fredi's contributions. At the same time, we can't let personal feelings get in the way of taking steps that we believe are necessary to improve our ballclub."

Edwin Rodriguez who has managed the New Orleans Zephyrs, the Marlins Triple A franchise, will take over as the interim manager.

In two and a half season with the Gamefish Gonzalez compiled a 276-279 record and winning season in 2008 and 2009.

High expectations were placed on Gonzales by Marlins owner Jeff Loria to produce a winner. The 2010 season has been a headache from the start for the Game fish. First back in May Hanley Ramirez was pulled from a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks for not hustling on a play. Then Ramirez said he lost respect for his manager because he never played the game.

The bullpen has been mess using 17 relievers this season walking 104 batters, fourth worst by a bullpen in the majors.

Then during an 11 inning 9-8 loss to Tampa Bay, the Marlins batted out of order in the ninth inning.

Those of us at the OSG HQ are wondering if the Atlanta Braves are looking toward Fredi Gonzales to replace Bobby Cox following his retirement.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rodney Scott Gets SEC Sportsmanship Award


This one goes into the "well-deserved, slam dunk" category...

Ole Miss player Rodney Scott, who stayed motionless on top of Auburn's Zac Etheridge while Tigers medical staff attended to Etheridge's neck injury, received the SEC's sportsmanship award.

Etheridge collided with Antonio Coleman trying to tackle Scott and would crack a veterbrae and tear neck ligaments. Auburn coach Gene Chizik told Evan Woodbery that, in talking to Scott, higher powers were at play:

"He was just amazing," Chizik said. "He said it was a God thing. He just knew that something was different. It was almost like he couldn't explain it, but he just knew it was different and he just, he laid there. And it was pretty amazing."

Here's Etheridge talking about the injury after it happened last Halloween...
((HT: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/bitros79))

Etheridge hopes to continue playing football if his condition and recovery will allow...

Brooks Conrad's Jersey Helps The Cause

At least he kept the guy to an infield hit...
((HT: MLB/PeachtreeTV/emrysx))

UFL Heading To Norfolk...???

The United Football League says it is adding a team in Norfolk, Virginia.

The team will be the UFL's sixth team and second expansion franchise for the 2011 season, joining one in Omaha. The league says it hopes to eventually expand to up to 14 teams.

The UFL approved Virginia businessman Jim Speros as the provisional owner of the team, and former Washington Redskins quarterback Doug Williams as the general manager.

Speros was the founding owner of the Baltimore Colts/Baltimore CFL team that played in the Canadian Football League in the mid-1990's.

The league's charter teams are located in Orlando, Hartford, Connecticut, Las Vegas, and Sacramento, California.

Here's Bruce Rader explaining the process with a hell of a long reader, thanks to our friends at WAVY-TV...

And Katie Colletta does her indoor package for the WAVY-TV morning show...

Pam Shriver Talks During James Blake Match

And, apparently, keeps talking during points...
Points that Blake lost and got on Shriver about...

Here's the exchange...
((HT: ESPN/AEL&TC/nickrock2323))


Owen Hart's Widow Suing WWE

((HT: Hartford Courant-Altimari/Haar))

Martha Hart, the widow of wrestler Owen Hart, is suing World Wrestling Entertainment over the continued use of Owen's likeness within the organization.

Owen Hart died in 1999 when a harness he was in malfunctioned and he fell to his death inside Kemper Arena in Kansas City during a pay-per-view performance.

Here's coverage of the Martha Hart press conference, thanks to our friends at WTNH-TV

Jerry McDevitt, the WWE's longtime attorney, dismissed Hart's lawsuit as "a cheap political stunt" and said it has no merit.

"The circumstances kind of reek a little bit of political orchestration," McDevitt told the Courant. The suit is "at best, a routine intellectual property lawsuit." McDevitt also says that this is the first objection he has heard from Martha Hart, on any level, since their previous lawsuit was settled in 2000.

Here's the "Over The Edge" pay-per-view moment from Kansas City...
((HT: WWE/SkySports/massori))

And the news stories associated with the story from Los Angeles...
((HT: WWF/wwfstory818))

French soccer has tail between legs...

The misery that is French soccer is over...for now.

The team that refused to practice on Sunday and had one of its best players sent home and its captain sitting on the bench, bowed out of the World Cup 2010, after losing to your gracious hosts from South Africa, 2-1.

It gets better.

After becoming not just a national, but an international punchline in the past few days, they had to fly back to the coach.

Yeah, you heard me, coach.

Apparently they were on a no-frills charter, heading home shortly after today's defeat. Yahoo Sports has more RIGHT HERE
((Pants on the ground....Dijbril Cisse's pants on the ground//Courtesy: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images))

We can only imagine the indignities that they will suffer upon their arrival home, the only question is who's going to be the first one thrown under the bus. Our money goes on coach Raymond Domenech, though several of his players probably won't be far behind.

We think we have found the absolute best video that summarizes our thoughts on this right here. Enjoy its awesomeness!!!!
Thanks You Tube:

But then, of course, is the directness of what happened...
Bob Ley was interviewing L'Equipe's reporter for the ESPN Programming of the World Cup and we got a direct quotation of the Anelka-Domenech confrontation...
Expletives included...
((HT: Fanhouse-Brinson))

Ah, you gotta love the French...

Tampa Bay Turf War beginning to develop...

An interesting battle is brewing in the Tampa Bay region over where to locate their baseball team.

Right now the Rays play at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. The Trop isn't exactly a baseball friendly stadium and it isn't particularly close to Tampa. That may have a hand in the team not drawing as well as they probably should.

Now, it comes to light that (a) The owner of the Rays wants out of St. Pete (b) St. Pete wants them to stay and (c) Tampa thinks they would be a better fit on the other side of the bay..

Check out the story from RIGHT HERE

((Tampa Bay Rays Logo//Courtesy:

Having grown up in Florida and having spent a decent amount of time on the gulf coast, Tampa has a legit argument here. We get the whole "play nice with your neighbor" thing, but business is business.

St. Pete isn't exactly someplace that people clamor to go to, to say the demographics there skew old...would be a huge understatement. It is one of the city's that Florida gets it's "Retirement Haven" moniker.

Tampa is a larger, more diverse town with a lot more going for it. It's only 30 miles from St. Pete which is great for those few Rays fans who actually live there.

Yes, there are a lot more hurdles and details to go through if the Rays want to stay in the Tampa Bay area. The stadium is going to be expensive; really expensive for an area still trying to recover from the recession.

We'll keep an eye on this story, it should be interesting.

Here is the TV version of the story from ABC Action News:

Monday, June 21, 2010

OSU Recruit Upgraded To Stable After Shooting

((HT: Columbus Dispatch-Gordon/WFMJ-TV Youngstown))

Looks like Ohio State football recruit Jamel Turner will survive multiple gunshot wounds suffered early Saturday. He was upgraded to critical but stable condition Sunday morning. As in the case with most shootings, the first 24 hours were critical for Turner's survival, and it looks like he's stable for now.

Turner's family now has requested that no more information be given out- which is understandable...

Matt Stone has your basics from Youngstown...

"I'm so sad to hear of Jamel's misfortune," said Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, in a statement released on Saturday night. "I have not communicated with Jamel, but am certainly praying for him at this time."

Turner was also shot back in April but recovered from his injuries. Youngstown police are not linking the two shootings as of the present time...

Lakers celebrate with a low budget parade....

More money was spent on Michael Jackson's funeral last year.

The LA Lakers got to do what all teams who win their professional championship get to do. They had a parade.

It wasn't quite as extravagant as parades in years gone by. No, this one was relatively spartan. Why you ask? Because the Lakers had to pay for it.

More from NBC Los Angeles RIGHT HERE

((Laker Parade//Courtesy:

Sure, the guys were on floats (sort of) and they had about a two mile route with close to a million people around to see it. But gone were the speeches of years gone by. Gone were the bands and dancing cheerleaders.

Fans got to see their favorite players drive by and, well, that was it.

Enjoy your coverage from ABC7 in LA.

If you are a fan and missed getting to here speeches then we have taken it upon ourselves to remind you of a classic LA Laker speech moment. Listen to Mark Madsen go Spanish...back in 2001. Thanks You Tube:

Steve Smith has arm issues

Good thing that Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Steve Smith doesn't play baseball. He wouldn't have much left.

Smith apparently managed to break his arm playing flag football at his Youth Football Camp. He somehow fell and tried to brace his fall with his left forearm, the same one that he had injured last season.

More from WSOC-TV in Charlotte RIGHT HERE

((Steve Smith//Courtesy: Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer))

He'll miss most of the Panthers training camp, which for a veteran like him, isn't the worst that could happen. The feeling is that he'll be good to go by the time the season starts in September.

We hope that the timeline is right, but the Panthers probably should be concerned. The fact that it was near a similar injury is a bit disconcerting. Playing in the NFL is a bit more jarring and stressful on the bones than flag football. Smith is one of the better players in the league and certainly a leader for the Panthers, we'd hate to see this be the end of his career.

Your New Border War, Nebraska vs Iowa

Nebraska won't join the Big Ten Conference until next year but the Husker nation is already fanning the flames toward their new rival, the Iowa Hawkeyes, or vice versa.

Here's an editorial from Cooter Ray Cornhowler.

(Thanks WHO-TV)

Those of us at the OSG HQ are in pain from laughing too hard. Great stuff.

Billings (MT) Arena Damaged By Tornado

Sunday afternoon a tornado ripped through Billings, Montana damaging property and some businesses before hovering for fifteen minutes over the 10,000-seat Rimrock Auto Arena.

Here's the video of the twister. (Thanks KTVQ)

The arena is the home of the Billings Outlaws of the Indoor Football League, The Outlaws were scheduled to host a playoff game this coming Sunday afternoon against the Tri-Cities Fever

Here's a statement from Outlaws general manager Adam Steadman released by the team:

"At this time, we know that the damage to MetraPark is substantial. I haven't been in contact with MetraPark administration and don't expect that I will be able to talk with them this evening. All we can do right now is to let emergency crews do their jobs while MetraPark officials continue their assessments as well."