Monday, June 21, 2010

Lakers celebrate with a low budget parade....

More money was spent on Michael Jackson's funeral last year.

The LA Lakers got to do what all teams who win their professional championship get to do. They had a parade.

It wasn't quite as extravagant as parades in years gone by. No, this one was relatively spartan. Why you ask? Because the Lakers had to pay for it.

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Sure, the guys were on floats (sort of) and they had about a two mile route with close to a million people around to see it. But gone were the speeches of years gone by. Gone were the bands and dancing cheerleaders.

Fans got to see their favorite players drive by and, well, that was it.

Enjoy your coverage from ABC7 in LA.

If you are a fan and missed getting to here speeches then we have taken it upon ourselves to remind you of a classic LA Laker speech moment. Listen to Mark Madsen go Spanish...back in 2001. Thanks You Tube:

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