Sunday, June 20, 2010

The French Soccer team....Insert joke here....

For those of you following the World Cup, you may have heard about the bit of "Internal" strife that has overtaken France's soccer team.

Not that the land of fine food and fine wine has played very well, they haven't. But....they are making a name for themselves, not for their fine "vino", rather there "Whine". In no short order, they've dismissed their best player, the captain had to be restrained from the coach and the team themselves boycotted practice on Sunday.

More on the rolling over of the soccer team from the Wall Street Journal RIGHT HERE

((Your 2010 French National Team//Courtesy: AFP/Getty Images))

The amount of jokes generated by their refusal to practice and arguing with the coach has even NBA Basketball players laughing. No, there isn't any truth to the rumor that Allen Iverson's comeback will be with the French either.

Maybe on the good side, they are almost through with the opening round matches and the team can go home. Heck, they'll have 4 more years to get it right. Sadly, at one time, they were one of the better international soccer teams. Now, just wait until Monday, when Jon Stewart, David Letterman and all the other comedians on TV get a hold of them.

Here they are losing to Mexico a few days ago. Enjoy the narration. Thanks You Tube:

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