Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Owen Hart's Widow Suing WWE

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Martha Hart, the widow of wrestler Owen Hart, is suing World Wrestling Entertainment over the continued use of Owen's likeness within the organization.

Owen Hart died in 1999 when a harness he was in malfunctioned and he fell to his death inside Kemper Arena in Kansas City during a pay-per-view performance.

Here's coverage of the Martha Hart press conference, thanks to our friends at WTNH-TV

Jerry McDevitt, the WWE's longtime attorney, dismissed Hart's lawsuit as "a cheap political stunt" and said it has no merit.

"The circumstances kind of reek a little bit of political orchestration," McDevitt told the Courant. The suit is "at best, a routine intellectual property lawsuit." McDevitt also says that this is the first objection he has heard from Martha Hart, on any level, since their previous lawsuit was settled in 2000.

Here's the "Over The Edge" pay-per-view moment from Kansas City...
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And the news stories associated with the story from Los Angeles...
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