Monday, June 14, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Dan Beebe may have saved the Big 12...Texas stays...

It looks like what we speculated earlier today is coming true. Reports are now circulating that yeah, it's true, Texas isn't going anywhere and neither are the other teams left in the Big 12/10.

Pete Thamel of the New York Times breaks it down...RIGHT HERE

What, us and many others speculated as being the turning point appears to have been true. It's all about the TV money. Essentially, not only will Texas share the TV revenue that the 12/10 will bring in, they'll have the opportunity to do what they have wanted to all along...create their own TV network/broadcasting deal.

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One thing that will change, the 12/10 will not have a Championship game any more. This isn't a "surprise" to anyone since there has long been a rule in place that prohibits any team with less than 12 members from having one. It won't have much of an effect on the 12/10, the teams are held in high enough regard that if they are in the Top 5, they'll get their BCS time.

Most, I think are breathing a collective "sigh" of relief that this is going to happen. At least, for now, it should keep a radical realignment from happening. It looks like the 4-letter was wrong...(surprise), though we suspect they won't admit it.

Either way, hopefully things will calm and we can get down to playing games in another 60 days. Let the countdown begin.

1900 UPDATE: According to the Dallas Morning News among others, Pac-10 commish Larry Scott says that Texas is staying in some form of the Big 12/10...

Chuck Carlton's piece has Scott quoted as saying: "We've been informed by University of Texas president Bill Powers that Texas will stay with the Big 12. We have not received definitive details about this decision. It is our understanding that Texas was going to meet the terms that we have proposed."

A source told Carlton that a "Texas Network" plus the projected revenue from a new TV deal with the 12/10 could eventually produce up to $5 million in revenue based on projections- more money than a move to the Pac-10.

The HQ thinks we're not done yet...

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