Saturday, June 26, 2010

Semi-Pro FB Player Pleads Guilty In Assault

((HT: WHAM-TV Rochester))

Leon Woods took a plea deal on the second day of his assault trial, as testimony was set to begin in the assault of a football referee in Woods' semi-pro league.

Woods is accused of smashing referee Pete McCabe in the face with a football helmet after a game last fall.

The prosecution says the victim has metal plates throughout his face and lost his sense of smell. In exchange for a guilty plea, Woods gets sentenced to ten years in prison and five years "post-release supervision."

He is out on his own recognizance until his sentencing. Woods admitted in court that he intentionally hit McCabe in the face, but said he did not intend serious injury.

The HQ would like to know the difference therein...
Just axin'...

Here's coverage from our friends at WHAM-TV complete with courthouse-like live shot

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