Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can There Be Two Winners From Sunday...?

You'd like to think so, but some of us at the HQ will remain cynical toward the strides the sport may make after one of the best games the sport has seen in a five-ringed circus venue...

The Canadians think the sport of hockey and winning every event associated with the sport is their birthright. Anything less will be a national catastrophe...

And the maple leaf almost had that happen in the gold medal game Sunday at Canada Hockey Place.

Roberto Luongo had been shaky handling the puck all afternoon, and as the game got later he was even more shaky holding on to any shot put on him.

Team USA goalie Ryan Miller was still stellar in net, but a rebound and a bad turnover by Ryan Whitney created a 2-nothing hole before the Stars and Bars got it in gear. A deflection went under the arm of Luongo to make it 2-1, and two guys who work together normally- Zach Parise and Jamie Langenbrunner- worked it again with the extra attacker to tie the game at 2.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King actually had this on his Twitter feed...
"Anyone else have a feeling Zach Parise's going to make a big play in the last 7 minutes?"

With 24.4 left in regulation, those two tied it and took the air out of an entire country... and the biggest question brought up was who would be the next "Paul Henderson" or "Mike Eruzione" in the history of their sports...???

The HQ knows you're thinking... Paul Henderson...???
Yep, Summit Series... look it up...
((HT: Youtube/hockeybooks/CBC))

If we have to post Eruzione...
Ah, the hell with it...
((HT: ABCSports/USOC/sakicnut))

Turns out it would be Sidney Crosby, the golden child... and the entire host nation can breath once again... fitting, but too much for one individual...

((ed.note- By the way, TBH was not a happy camper. Once the goal was scored, she uttered two words. One was "Well" followed by a bodily function... Crosby scoring made it worse... she digs Ovechkin and Sid's teammate Evgeny Malkin long before Crosby. TBH thinks Sid is the NHL version of Sergio Garcia- too much talent, too much mouth...))

The fact that the "gritty, gutty, underdog" Americans hung with, and knocked off, the Canadians should bode well if they keep the front office together for 2014. Ron Wilson and Brian Burke proved that they can put a team together that can challenge the big kid on the block.

Now, if only the fans in Toronto would see what was done in Vancouver and have the patience for the Leafs...

Will the momentum carry over for America and fans of the NHL...???

Yes, if they can remember the look on a face like Parise's during their medal ceremony. He really was not happy about finishing second- think Tanner Boyle in "The Bad News Bears." Puck Daddy's Twitter feed brings this quote from Number 9: “It sucks. It sucks being that close and then losing in overtime.”

Remember what Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks told Sportsnet's Ian Mendes: "It sucks that we have to wait another four years for an opportunity like this."

Remember what the Kings' Jack Johnson told The Hockey News' Craig Custance: "You win a gold. You win a bronze. You lose a silver."

Ryan Miller, the tourney MVP, wanted to be anywhere but answering questions. Remember what he told Richard Deitsch of SI:

"It feels like shit."

These guys don't want to be treated like a hemispheric little-brother...

So, carry with you one of the best games you'll ever see and one of the funniest Closing Ceremonies you'll ever see- putting the five-ringed circus in its place as they hit the door...

If you don't like what you saw on Sunday afternoon, you'll never like what you see in that sport... and don't think for a minute that The Bettman will get his way in Sochi. If they don't have Ovie on their ice, it WILL be an international incident...

More Georgia Basketball Trick Shots

At the University of Georgia, traditionally Basketball takes a back seat to Football. They've never been incredibly successful at hoops and they for the most part hadn't been entertaining either. That however seems to have changed this past year after the arrival of the newest Head Basketball Coach Mark Fox.

You'll recall if you are a regular OSG reader that we showed you Georgia Football Coach Mark Richt making a behind the back basketball shot before a game not so long ago. It appears that Coach Fox has an unofficial challenge out for trickshots.

With the help of walk-on player Connor Nolte, who shoots and publishes the trickshots on his web-blog, they post the "Trick Shot of the day" on the site.

This most recent shot by Coach Fox is quite impressive. Check it out.

Thanks and The You Tube:

John Smoltz for Congress?

An interesting story this morning coming out of Atlanta politics where U.S Representitive John Linder announced he would not seek re-election yesterday. Today, there is rampant speculation that former Atlanta Braves pitcher and current suburban Atlanta resident John Smoltz is going to be approached about running for Linder's office.

Smoltz is an avowed Republican as is Linder and brings instant recognition in the Metro Atlanta area.

More from's Political Insider Jim Galloway...RIGHT HERE

Right now, Smoltz has been rumored to be looking into pitching for a team this season. After struggling in 2009, his first season away from Atlanta, he's had a hard time getting a Free-Agent deal, even now...with Spring Training in full gear. At 42, with a huge amount of Celebrity, very little baggage and tons of personality and charm....and if you've ever spoken with him...he certainly isn't lacking for opinion, he would be a very, very interesting choice in the largely conservative 7th District of Georgia.

((John Smoltz is happy//Courtesy: David O'Brien's blog/ File))

Check out this Comcast commercial...where Smoltz attempts to ham things up...Thanks You Tube:

**Overnight note** The AJC tracked Smoltz down and spoke with him. He didn't know anything about this and wasn't interested at this time. Though he also didn't rule it out some time in the future either.

Curling equals Comedy Gold

There really isn't much to report on a quiet Sunday morning, so we thought that we might entertain with a very funny clip from Saturday Night Live. They take a look at a sort-of Sport that has gotten tons of airplay during the Olympics...Curling.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brandon Marshall Called To Testify In Darrent Williams Case

((HT: KUSA-TV Denver))

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was called to the witness stand in the Willie Clark murder trial yesterday.

Clark is charged with pulling the trigger in the death of Broncos defensive back Darrent Williams on New Year's Day 2007.

Marshall testified in court that he saw a confrontation in the VIP area of the Shelter nightclub between a group of Williams' friends and two other men. He said he did not see any champagne being sprayed ((as one version of the facts is being reported involving Marshall's cousin who was there as well that evening)). He and teammate Elvis Dumervil tried to make peace with the men. Marshall said he offered to buy the men drinks too.

Attorneys say Marshall never saw Clark or anyone in that group get into a white SUV. Police say the shots that killed Williams were fired from that kind of vehicle.

The defense tried to go after Brandon Marshall's testimony. Marshall described the suspect wearing sunglasses and a hoodie that may have been dark with some purple coloring. Defense attorneys showed a photo of a camouflage jacket connected to the case.

There are close to 50 other names on the witness list- including both athletes and those involved in the shooting of Darrent Williams.

Here's News9's coverage with TaRhonda Thomas in their newsroom...

McKeever Won't Ski For Canada

((HT: GlobeSports/Maki))

Canada's Brian McKeever ((pictured as he was named to the Canada cross-country team, thanks Reuters/Tood Korol)) is one of the most decorated Paralympic athletes in the history of the games. He has won six medals, four of them gold, during the last two Paralympic Games in cross-country skiing.

At the 2007 cross-country world championships, he raced against able-bodied athletes, placed 21st, and was Canada's top finisher.

He suffers Stargardt's disease and is legally blind. He has just 10-percent of his vision, all of it peripheral. Because of his prowess in the sport, regardless of competition, he was named to the Canadian Olympic team with the plan to ski in only one event, the 50-kilometer team event.

He's even been in a credit card ad- explaining his story...
((HT: VISAGoWorld campaign))

But cross-country coaches left him out of the 50-kilometer event Saturday when they named the four-man team. The showing of the four other athletes in the 30-kilometer event gave team coach Inge Braten something to ponder as they all finished top-16:

Braten spoke to the Canadian Press on Friday and said he had to "...choose the guys who are the best for the 50-km. Normally, sorry to say, all four are faster than Brian. And I think they can fight for a medal, all four of them. And then I have to pick out one who has a medal chance and put in Brian? That's the situation. I don't like it."

Here's what you're missing...
It's a McKeever profile, thanks to our friends at ParalympicSportTV

Now you know what everyone's missing...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jenna Bush Chases "Snow Leopard"

((HT: NBC/"Today Show"))

The unofficially-official support thrown by the HQ during the five-ringed circus goes to the Ghanian ski team and their skiiers: all "one" of them...

Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong is the man with the plan and the coolest gear around...

Jenna Bush got to hang out with him in the athlete's official hang-out place and ask what he's up to these days and how he came to be...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

But you already knew about him before the circus started, didn't you...???
The rest of the world is only catching up with us...

Jeremy Williams "Move That Bus" Update: Donations Needed


"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" says this week the community has given so much to the Williams family, but more is still needed.

The Good News: The Williams family new home will be able to accommodate Jeremy's son, Jacob's, movements throughout the house in his wheelchair – the family still needs a wheelchair-accessible van.

The Better News ((Or the "Better Do It" News))

Extreme is asking each person in the community to give $1.00. To donate, go to and click on the Donate button.

The show hopes to have reached their goal by the time the family gets the keys to their new home on Saturday.

The money will also help the family pay off their current mortgage on their land.

Here's the latest update from the site...

Alvin Robertson Is A Wanted Man

And not for his jumpshot...

He is wanted by law enforcement authorities in connection with a human trafficking case. Robertson is wanted on charges of sexual performance of a child, trafficking of persons under 18 for prostitution, sexual assault of a child, law enforcement officials said.

According to the Bexar County ((TX)) Sheriff's Office, a 14-year-old girl was kidnapped in San Antonio and taken to several locations within the county to have sex with people in exchange for money.

The investigation was conducted by the county's Human Trafficking Task Force and the Immigration Custom Enforcement Human Trafficking Unit.

This doesn't look good on any level for anyone involved...
The HQ is jus' saying...

"The ongoing investigation is an example of the outstanding work that is being done by the Task Force," said Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz.

More when we know more...

Here's some video of Robertson that is, actually, a piece of history...
The first basket in Toronto Raptors history...
((HT: Raptors TV/NBA))

Not a Good Week to be Scott Van Pelt

Kind of like Lloyd Bridges in the 1st Airplane Movie, ESPN Sportscenter Anchor Scott Van Pelt picked a bad week to give up...well a lot of things. His week started badly when he was on the air as the ESPN folks got punked by someone from Howard Stern's radio show who claimed to be Brian Westbrook.

And there's more. Thursday night, Van Pelt had a bigger problem. Unbeknownst to him, his microphone was hot going into a break when he dropped the big F-Bomb.

Check out the video...listen at the end. Thanks The and You Tube:

Apparently, Van Pelt had been suffering from a Sinus Infection and was feeling very poorly during the broadcast. He supposedly was complaining about it when the bad word was spoken.

He...or his bosses felt and apology was in order.

It hasn't been the best of weeks for our friends at the 4-letter. Combine this with the suspension of the Great Cornholio (Tony Kornheiser) and it just kind of makes you wonder...In case you were wondering about the reference at the beginning about Lloyd Bridges and the movie Airplane...Check out this clip...specifically Number 7.

The Canadian Women's Hockey Team Parties On, The IOC Not Happy

Another example as to why the Winter Olympics are to stuff shirt for my taste. After the Canadian Women's Hockey team received their gold medals after defeating the United States 2-0, they had an impromptu party on the ice.

The celebration involved the chugging of beer and cigars on center ice (gotta admire a fine Canadian women who enjoys a fine stogy.)

Hockey Canada quickly issued a statement apologizing for the gold medal celebration.

"The members of Team Canada apologize if their on-ice celebrations, after fans had left the building, have offended anyone,"

"In the excitement of the moment, the celebration left the confines of our dressing room and shouldn't have. The team regrets that its gold-medal celebration may have caused the IOC or COC any embarrassment.

"Our players and team vow to uphold the values of the Olympics moving forward and view this situation as a learning experience."

Steve Keough, a spokesman for the Canadian Olympic Committee told the Canadian media, "We condone celebrations. ... We don't condone actions of irresponsibility," Keough said. "I think Canadians understand it's quite an emotional moment for our team. It was not our intention to go against any IOC protocols."

Then the International Olympic Committee found out from an Associated Press reporter. Here's what Gilbert Felli, the IOC's executive director of the Olympic Games told the Canadian Press.

"If that's the case, that is not good," he said. "It is not what we want to see.

"I don't think it's a good promotion of sport values. If they celebrate in the changing room, that's one thing, but not in public."

There's more controversy with Marie-Philip Poulin, the youngest player on the team at 18, is below the drinking age in British Columbia was in partying with her teammates.

The IOC says they will investigate.

Please, there just a bunch of Canadian women celebrating perhaps the biggest accomplishment of their ice hockey careers. Those of us at the OSG HQ say get over it.

Photo Courtesy: Andre Forget, QMI Agency

One Tar Hell Of A Basketball Season

Little did we know when the College of Charleston defeated North Carolina 82-70 in overtime back on January 4th it would lead to a Carolina collapse. Since then the Tar Heels have lost 10 of 13 games. Sorry Carolina fans, the Heels are in total free fall.

Here we are some 3 weeks from the start of the NCAA Tournament and the topic of conversation in restaurants along Franklin Street in Chapel Hill isn't whether the Tar Heels will get a number one seed or which region Carolina will be placed, it's whether the Heels can make the NIT. The friekin' NIT!!!!!

Chalk this up as to how much of a difference a year makes. A year ago at this time North Carolina was a fine tuned machine on the way to an NCAA Championship. This year someone put a banana in the exhaust pipe and slashed the tires of that machine.

You want real numbers as to how bad it is for North Carolina? The Tar Heels are 14-14 overall, 3-9 in the ACC and tied for dead last in the league with NC State. North Carolina fans are having Matt Doherty flashbacks. (By the way, Doherty is head coach of the SMU Mustangs who are 13-14 overall, 6-7 in Conference USA, in the middle of the pack in the conference. No shot of making the tournament.)

North Carolina has no shot of making the NCAA Tournament unless the Tar Heels win the ACC Tournament and that ain't happening. Heck the NIT is a long shot, but there's always the College Basketball Invitational. The CBI will take losers and would love to have a gold standard program like North Carolina in their 16 team field.

Something tells me North Carolina feels they are above the CBI. I would love to see that championship banner in the rafters of the Smith Center.
Photos Courtesy: Robert Willett/Raleigh News-Observer

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mark Becker Trial: The Jury Is "Sleeping On It..."


Jurors are in their second day of deliberating the guilt or innocence of Mark Becker, the man who shot and killed Aplington-Parkersburg ((IA)) head football coach Ed Thomas.

Just before 3:30 ((local time)) Thursday afternoon, the jury of eight men and four women submitted a note to the judge that read: "We are at stalemate. Much discussion."

The judge sent them home at that point, but they are to return at 9AM ((local time)) Friday morning.

Court reconvened earlier in the day when the judge received a note that jurors had a question...

They wanted another look at a video and audio recording made during an interrogation.

On the recording Becker is heard to say the words "deep animosity" but the rest of the conversation couldn't be made out. It's not clear as to what the quoted remark is referring to when Becker said during the interrogation.

Dave Franzman got to freeze this time outside for his live shot from the town of Allison...

Memorial Held For Rajaan Bennett


McEachern High School ((GA)) held a memorial service Wednesday for running back Rajaan Bennett.

One of the state's top high school recruits at running back, Bennett was headed for Vanderbilt University when he was found dead at his family's home back on the 18th after officers responded to a 911 call. They arrived around 2:30 in the morning and heard at least four gun shots come from the inside. Powder Springs ((GA)) Major Charles Spann said 39-year-old Clifton Steger shot Bennett and then killed himself.

Steger has been identified now as Bennett's mother, Narjaketha's, ex-boyfriend. Police say that Steger held Bennett, his mother, and other relatives hostages in the house, but started shooting when his mother escaped.

Bennett's funeral will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Trinity Church Chapel of Georgia in Powder Springs.

Here's how WAGA-TV reported the memorial
Julia Harding was at the high school...

The HQ knows people inside the McEachern Community- both inside and alums. We have talked to them and shared just how absolutely senseless this act was by a cowardly man.

They're understandably heart-broken, knowing that Bennett had his head screwed on straight and was headed to better things. His father was killed when Rajaan was 11, and he has a brother who is autistic, so Bennett had to get his priorities in place at an early age.

Head coach Kyle Hockman has let the HQ know that a fund has been set up by the high school to help defray some of the costs of taking care of all that's is going on...

Send a check to:
McEachern Endowment Fund
c/o Bennett Memorial
McEachern High School
2400 New Macland Road
Powder Springs, GA 30101

Jeremy Williams "Move That Bus" : Day 3

((HT: WTVM-TV Columbus))

Not much of a lead-in here...

It's Day 3 of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and their venture into west Georgia to redo the home of Greenville High School ((GA)) head football coach Jeremy Williams.

Looks like the house is done on the outside and they're working on the inside and the reveals set for the weekend...

Here's your update and live shot from WTVM-TV in Columbus...

Mike Milbury Calls Russian Effort "Eurotrash"


The HQ has heard NBC's Mike Milbury go after anyone in his beloved sport of hockey in the past...

To wit... the "pansification" and/or "wussification of hockey" comments on CBC that got him wrist-slapped by a lot of people...

Now, we have him calling out those silly Russians who were outclassed and shell-shocked 7-3 in the five-ringed circus quarterfinals Wednesday night...

The fun starts a little after a minute in...

JR's look was priceless...
And, yes, Milbury went there comrade...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chip Kelly Radio Fight

((HT: Dodds))

In his "Dodds and Ends" column on, Dodds lets us in on a radio fight between University of Oregon head football coach Chip Kelly and Portland sports talk jock/Oregonian columnist John Canzano...

The HQ has chronicled the downs and downs of the University of Oregon football program in recent months...

The interview was on 95.5FM The Game
Listen to the 30 minutes of goodness right here...

It reeks of awesomeness...

But the HQ will give Chip Kelly a boatload of credit for going toe-to-toe with Canzano. There are few coaches these days who will do that...


Mark Becker Trial: With The Jury


Mark Becker's defense is based on a plea of not guilty by insanity to the shooting of Aplington-Parkersburg ((IA)) high school head football coach Ed Thomas.

Prosecutors didn't spend a lot of time on the evidence that Becker shot Thomas in front of 20 witnesses. Instead, both sides focused final arguments on the definition of "sanity."

Prosecutors told jurors that Mark Becker had a choice.
He made the choice to shoot his former coach.

For the state, their best argument against an insanity plea was all the careful preparation Becker made to hunt down the coach that day.

Becker's attorneys claim that responding to irrational impulses and illusions are signs of a mental disease, not pre-meditation of a crime.

"No one made Mark Becker say these things he talks about his plan how he practiced he explained it in an interview you can hear it in his own voice," said Assistant Iowa Attorney General Scott Brown- the lead prosecutor for the case.

"Voices were telling him to do bad things he thought he was under a spell," said his defense attorney, Susan Slander.

Here's noon-time, team coverage from KWWL with both Jamie Grey and Colleen O'Shaughnessy outside the courthouse freezing...

Mosi Tatupu Passes Away...

Former NFL Running Back Mosi Tatupu passed away Tuesday in his home state of Hawaii. Tatupu, one of the early Samoans to make it successfully in the league, had some health issues which led to his passing.

Tatupu, whose career in the NFL lasted for 14 years, mostly with the New England Patriots, grew up in the Hawaiian islands and was considered one of the greatest football players to ever come out of their High School Football programs.

((Lofa and Mosi Tatupu//Courtesy: file))

He was an outstanding Special Teams player who also for a period of time had held the NFL recored for most games by a running back at 199.

The story from is RIGHT HERE

After he retired from the league, Tatupu stayed involved with football, coaching his son Lofa, who is now also in the NFL, while Lofa was in High School and spent time coaching at a small college in Massachusetts as well.

Vinsanity Rules..

Before anyone says anything, we know this happened and was posted on several sites yesterday, but it is still too cool to leave alone.

Orlando Magic Guard Vince Carter, seated, throws the basketball towards the hoop...some 86 feet away...the ball arc's and then...nothin' but net. Ironically, just a few days previous, Carter's teammate Dwight Howard had been certified by Guiness (no, not the beer) for hitting a 52 foot shot while seated, calling it a World Record.

My how quickly things change.

Video Courtesy: NBA.comn/Magic

Jeremy Williams "Move That Bus" Update

We're going to post what we can get out of Columbus, Georgia this week as Greenville High School ((GA)) head football coach Jeremy Williams and his family get their house demolished and, then, rebuilt as a modular home by Saturday's big reveal...

The old, moldy house with the bad foundation is now gone and the new, modular house is on its way...

Here's the update from our friends at WTVM-TV...
Barbara Gauthier and Jason Dennis take the lead... with a wonky live shot...

Mark Becker Trial: Heading To The Jury


The only items left on the checklist in the Mark Becker murder trial are closing arguments, deliberation, and a verdict in the murder of Aplington-Parkersburg ((IA)) head football coach Ed Thomas last June.

Tuesday, the last rebuttal witnesses were presented by the prosecution to combat the "expert witness" testimony of the defense.

Psychiatrist Doctor Michael Taylor agreed with every other expert witness- that Mark Becker is a paranoid schizophrenic. But both prosecution experts insist that medical diagnosis falls far short of legal insanity under Iowa law.

"He did have sufficient mental capacity to know and understand the nature and quality of his acts," Taylor said. He based his opinion on Becker thorough attention to detail in the search for a weapon to kill Thomas, and finding out where Thomas was that morning.

The process begins again Wednesday morning...

Jamie Grey got to do a noon live shot outside in the cold...

Here's coverage from KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids as well...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magee Gets 903

((HT: KYW-TV))

Philadelphia University coach Herb Magee has won his 903rd career game, moving past Bobby Knight to become the winningest men's coach in NCAA history.

The 68-year-old ((pictured, thanks got the record with a 76-65 victory over Goldey-Beacom College on Tuesday night. Magee has won all 903 games over a 43-year career with the Division II school.

Knight won 902 games and three national championships in a 42-year career with Army, Indiana and Texas Tech. Northern State coach Don Meyer, chronicled here on the pages of OSG Sports earlier this week, announced his retirement Monday. He has 922 victories coaching in the NAIA and NCAA.

Magee led the program to a national championship in 1970.

Fans started bellowing "903! 903!" over the final minutes and
students stormed the court in celebration.

"I really appreciate all the attention, but I'll be glad when I don't have to see you for 4.5 years from now, and 1,000 wins," he said, laughing at the postgame celebration.

The HQ isn't surprised that students felt like storming the court over the success of other individuals. It's now even reached Division II schools...

Here's a set-up piece Don Bell did before the game Tuesday night

BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Football Out Of Compliance

The NCAA says Tuesday afternoon that University of Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez's program was out of compliance with practice time rules.

Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman was accompanied by incoming athletic director David Brandon and head football coach Rich Rodriguez, at a 1PM press conference.
Brandon said there were no surprises in the NCAA findings. He also says Rodriguez remains the coach.

((Rich Rodriguez today//Courtesy: Andre J. Jackson/Detroit Free-Press))

Michigan has 90 days to respond and will appear at an NCAA hearing on infractions in August. The school is also checking in to how its investigation matches up with the NCAA findings and will consider self-imposed sanctions.

The NCAA began investigating the program following a Detroit Free Press report back in August where current and former players said they were forced to exceed NCAA limits on training and practice hours.

Read the Freep report here...

The report, now released, wasn't pretty. The outlined 5 different major violations in the football program. In fact they correlated the Free Press report from August.

Today's story from the Freep is RIGHT HERE
The laundry list includes:
(1) Exceeding the allowed number of coaches by 5.
(2) Permitting staff to monitor and conduct voluntary summer
workouts outside the season and requiring players to participate in summer conditioning for disciplinary purposes etc.
(3) Graduate Assistant Coach Alex Herron provided "False and
misleading information to the school and enforcement staff: he
lied to them.
(4) Coach Rich Rodriguez didn't monitor any of this.
(5) The Athletic Department also didn't monitor any of this

The school has 90 days to respond to the NCAA and will appear in front of the committee in August to find out their punishment. The scary part of all this is the emphasis by Brandon that Rodriguez will still be the coach at Michigan next year. His regime to this point has been somewhat of a failure with barely a winning record.

Here's RichRod from the presser, thanks to our friends at WXYZ-TV in Detroit

Mark Becker Trial: Defense Rests


On Monday, the defense brought in a psychiatrist from Cleveland, Ohio, who testified that Mark Becker fit the state's definition of insane.

Dr. Phillip Resnick has taken the stand in cases including the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber trial, and the Andrea Yates trial.

Resnick testified Becker meets the definition for legal insanity in Iowa, which includes a person not knowing the difference between right and wrong and not knowing the nature and quality of their acts.

Resnick said Becker's psychiatric history of problems and the video tape following Becker's arrest led him to that conclusion. Resnick also said Becker did not believe he was hurting a "person" when he shot Thomas, but was instead saving children by "killing the devil."

"You do not know the nature and quality of your acts, you don't know that you're taking a human life if you believe that you are killing Satan," Resnick said.

During cross examination, the prosecution brought up that immediately following the shooting, Becker called Thomas, "old man," and also used Thomas' name.

The psychiatrist also testified that despite any planning before a crime, or rational decisions made while carrying out the crime, a person may still be acting on irrational thoughts or delusions.

"It's common for jurors to have the idea that if someone is capable of planning a crime, then they could not be legally insane, but that's simply not accurate," Resnick said.

KWWL-TV's Jamie Grey got to stand outside in the cold again today for a live shot...

Jayson Williams Sentenced To Five Years


Former NBA star Jayson Williams has been sentenced to a minimum 18 months in prison for fatally shooting a hired driver in 2002.

Yes, that's eight years after the fact...

Williams avoided a retrial on a reckless manslaughter count by pleading guilty last month to a fourth-degree aggravated assault charge in the death of Costas Christofi in February of 2002.

"I know there's nothing I can do to bring Mr. Christofi back," Williams said to Christofi's family. "I am deeply deeply sorry... I pray that today brings you some comfort.

"To my family, please forgive me for the pain I've caused you," Williams said. "You deserve a better father, son, brother than I have been."

Williams was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter in 2004, but in only the idea of covering up the shooting.

State Superior Court Judge Edward Coleman sentenced Williams Tuesday to a total of five years on the cover-up counts, which will run concurrent to the assault sentence.

In a letter read to Judge Coleman, Andrea Adams, Christofi's sister, said she endured eight years of watching Williams "partying around" as if her loss was "meaningless."

"Jayson Williams has been treated like a king, and it has been tragic," Adams said. "I believe Jayson Williams is a danger to society and should not be walking the streets.

"Maybe then my brother can rest in peace," she said.

He will be eligible for parole after 18 months.

Witnesses testified Williams snapped a shotgun shut in the bedroom of his New Jersey mansion. The gun went off, killing Christofi.

At sentencing Jayson Williams apologizes to Christofi family

Michael Vick and Playgirl???? WTF

No, we aren't making this story up. Apparently in a story in the magazine Life and Style, the spokesman/person for Playgirl magazine confirmed that they have made an offer to Michael Vick, quarterback and lightning rod to pose naked in their magazine...for $1 million dollars. Well, actually the million wold go to PETA as a donation in Vick's name.

Mentions from the Denver Post RIGHT HERE
Opinion from the LA Times RIGHT HERE

((Mr. Vick himself//Courtesy: BET))

Without going into detail, most know Vick's history with the dogs and why this is kind of a curiosity story. We suspect that it is mostly a chance for Playgirl to get some publicity and sell some magazines, though we could be wrong.

While Vick has been very diligent in his attempts at rehabilitating his image, his celebrity makes him a target for opportunities such as this. We know that he did a reality show on BET, we know he wants a chance to be a starting Quarterback in the NFL. We also know that Michael Vick, version 2.0 has surrounded himself with smarter people this time (we think...or at least hope) and those smart people will keep him away from things such as this.

In the meantime, enjoy the Michael Vick Experience. Thanks You Tube:

Spring Training...The Best Time of the Year

**Repurposed from my personal Blog**

For some reason, this year is a little different than years gone by. Well, I guess last year was too, but I wasn't stuck up in Southern Siberia last year either.

Anyway, today's topic is one of the truly great Sports times of the year. No, I'm not talking about Super Bowl week or the NCAA Tournament, though those are both special times. Really, what has me reminiscing all week is baseball's best time of the year: Spring Training.

((1st day BP//Courtesy: Me))

Growing up in Florida, Spring Training was always special. When I was a kid, most baseball teams trained down there. When I was really young, we had the Yankees and Orioles who at the time were in Ft. Lauderdale. As a teenager, there was the Twins in Orlando, Astros in Kissimmee, the Royals in Haines City and the Reds in Tampa. And when I first started in TV, I got to cover the Red Sox in Winter Haven and later in TV, my favorite, covering the Braves at Disney World.

We always went to games when I was a kid. Usually it was with school, but sometimes I could talk the Chief into taking me. One of my favorite memories was as a teenager. For my 14th birthday, we drove to Tampa and saw the Reds and Pirates play in Spring Training. We sat right behind the dugout and talked to the Pirates catcher Edd Ott for pretty much the whole game. He was very funny and we had a good laugh and thoroughly enjoyed it.

((Mark and I posing//Courtesy: Eric Hager))

My other memories which always make me smile were professional. My 1st TV job was in Lynchburg, Virginia and we had a Red Sox Minor League team in town. My boss, the Sports Director talked his way into he and I taking a week to go down to Florida with them. We had a blast. For those who remember, it was also the week that Wade Boggs was in the news for some to do with his wife and believe it or not, we saw Barbara Walters at a game sitting with the wife, watching Wade play. Funny stuff.

Perhaps my favorite professional memories though were in Atlanta. We got to go down and spend the first few days of Spring Training with the Braves. One, they were my favorite team since I was old enough to follow baseball and two I was getting paid to be with them for 4 days with all the access I could ever use.

The trips were always simple. Intrepid Sports Anchor Mark Harmon and I would load up the Sports Van and drive 6+hours to Orlando. We'd get there the night before the whole team reported. The next morning, we were up and at 'em, at the Ballpark at 8am. We might wander into the locker room to talk to a couple of the guys but usually we just waited in the dugout. Me and Mark, Sam and Kenny from the NBC station, Eric and Chuck or Bill from the ABC and Blaine and Buck from Fox. We'd sit there and laugh, waiting for everyone to roll in. Chuck would bring a box of donuts for everyone and then it was time to get started.

((The gang eagerly awaiting getting to work//Courtesy: Me))

As it got closer to 9, the guys would start filing into the dugout. Some would come over and say hello, most were just joking, laughing like kids on the 1st day of school. At 9am and 9 exactly, with a crowd in the stands, they'd take the field...well, they'd run out of the dugout and take a lap or so around the field.

I could go on for a long, long time about the traditions. Bobby Cox giving his state of the team, he always wanted to talk before BP and get it over with. He retires after the 2010 season, a good man, the ultimate baseball lifer, he will be missed. He presided over the whole scene from a golf cart. Going out to the bullpen, raised over the right field wall and watching the pitchers. Just seeing the fans roll in on a sunny late winter is really hard to describe something so visual.

We had traditions. We would all go out as a group to dinner. The Columbia restaurant in Disney Celebration. Usually 6-8 of us together, laughing. We'd always run into a couple of the Braves players. They'd come by and share a laugh and go on to have their dinner. The best dinner was probably my last, in 2007. Bill Hartman, longtime TV Sports Guy in Atlanta was there for the last time. He sat and told stories, things like interviewing Mohammed Ali and old school Georgia stories, we had such a great time just listening.

As I sit here right now typing away on my computer here in Cincinnati, I can't help but smile a bit thinking about those memories. I know that the rest of the guys are there, right now, today, as I type this and I am not. I really miss that but I also know that the cycle of things works like that. You can't do things like that the rest of your life, as much as you might have wanted to, sometimes things change. Though I'm not real happy with the situation I'm in at the moment, I know that too will change, things always just have to be patient, keep plugging away and moving forward...and eventually the good will come back...I know it will.

((Mark and I actually working//Courtesy: Eric Hager))

Here is one of my favorite stories that Mark and I did down there, from 2007. I don't know how it got on the You Tube...but it did. Enjoy it.

Undertaker Burned By Pyro At WWE Event

((HT: InEntertainment-UK))

Last night was one of the monthly World Wrestling Entertainment Pay-Per-Views: The "Elimination Chamber..." Six guys, one ring, one winner, and a lot of steel...

Mark Callaway, aka "The Undertaker," was one of the six and made one of his faster entrances known to mankind ((no, not Mick Foley's character)) down the ramp when one of the WWE pyrotechnic elements went off directly underneath him.

Here's the video, thanks to the Urban News Channel...

Taker wasn't seriously injured, but he did get a first-degree burn out of the deal. The Chamber ended, last night, with HBK entering the device from the crowd. He hits Taker with "Sweet Chin Music" and Chris Jericho gets the pinfall to become your Friday Night Champion. Shawn will not be happy until he gets his wrestling-once-a-year-spectacular showdown with Taker...

That's your update...

Monday, February 22, 2010

WOOOOO!!!! Whoops... Naitch's Wife Charged With Assaulting Naitch...

Police say the wife of pro wrestler Ric Flair has been charged with assaulting him in their North Carolina home.

And this is, apparently, not a work...

In a statement, Flair called the incident an unfortunate disagreement and said he did nothing wrong.

Authorities say officers were called to Flair's home in south Charlotte on Sunday night. Flair said his wife attacked him after they went out for dinner.

Police charged 41-year-old Jacqueline Beems ((pictured, thanks Mecklenburg County Jail)) with simple assault. She was released from jail a few hours after her arrest.

The 60-year-old Flair, known to the rest of the world as Richard Morgan Fliehr, told police that he and the suspect -- who is not named in the police report -- came back from dinner and went to Fliehr's home in Charlotte's Stonecroft neighborhood.

Fliehr/Flair told police officers the suspect assaulted him inside the house following a domestic dispute. According to the police report, Fliehr sustained minor injuries, which were caused by "personal weapons" such as hands, feet and teeth, but he refused to be transported to the hospital.

Fliehr/Flair is married to 41-year-old Jacqueline Baines Beems. According to the Mecklenburg County Jail website, Beems was arrested Monday morning at 4:40 a.m. and charged with assault and battery.

Here's how WBTV in Charlotte quickly handled the story...

And here's some video of Naitch, simply because we can...
((HT: WWE))

No more L.T. Shuffle...Tomlinson Released

Another message that Professional Football Running Backs have a short life-span was confirmed today. The San Diego Chargers released there most popular player, all-time leading rusher and scorer, LaDanian Tomlinson.

Tomlinson, who is now 30 years old and in his 9th season, has seen his productivity and playing time decline over the past couple of seasons was also the highest paid player on the team. He was also apparently due a $2 million dollar bonus come March.

The story from RIGHT HERE

((Tomlinson leaves the Chargers//Courtesy: KC Alfred/San-Diego Union-Tribune))

L.T, a surefire Hall of Famer, now is looking for work. The market place for Free Agents in the NFL will never be more lucrative than it will this season. However, the marketplace for 30+ year old Running Backs may not be quite as high. It's an unfortunate turn of events for someone identified throughout his career with one team. As many who follow the NFL know, when players leave that team at this point in their career, rarely are they as successful as they were earlier on.

Check out this "Behind the Scenes story on Tomlinson...Courtesy: The You Tube

Jeremy Williams: "Move That Bus!"

Those of us here at the HQ have chronicled one of the coolest guys we've ever come across in Greenville High School ((GA)) head football coach Jeremy Williams.

Williams and his wife, Jennifer, are battling ALS. They have two children, Josie and Jacob. Jacob, 6, is battling spina bifida and, probably, will never have life out of a wheelchair.

They just received word that as a part of the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" program, they will be getting a complete redo of their house. The foundation is currently cracking, there are mold issues, and it isn't as handicapped-accessible as the house may need to be as the Williams continue their fight.

This week, the Williams family are spending time at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado. While they're in Colorado, the house gets its redo.

Here are two elements detailing the first days of the change...

One from the Ledger-Enquirer newspaper on the army of local supplies that are heading to the Williams home...

And one from our friends at WTVM-TV in Columbus...

Here's Sonya Sorich's story from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer...

Couldn't happen to a better family...
The reveal is scheduled for Saturday

Jamere Holland dismissed...Oregon Football gets weirder...

File this one under what not to say in Social Media. The very troubled University of Oregon Football team has lost another. Sunday afternoon, Head Coach Chip Kelly dismissed Junior Wide Receiver Jamere Holland after Holland made a rather "Angry, inflammatory post on his Facebook page, not realizing that because of his privacy settings, anyone who wanted to could read it.

Kelly called the problem "A violation of team rules". Holland made the post late Saturday night thinking that Linebacker Kiko Alonso's arrest on DUI charges would result in his dismissal from the team. Among the comments was that the decision (which was never made) to dismiss Alonso was "Weak" and continued with an expletive laden rant about how Holland has been in more trouble but is still there and ended with "Quote Me"....someone did.

The story from is RIGHT HERE

((Jamere Holland runs//Courtesy:

The Winter of discontent in Eugene is continuing. There have been 4 players arrested in the past month. As for Holland, Kelly insisted that it was more than just his "Facebook Post", saying that Holland had problems with "Attitude and Academics".

The other message here is a simple one and one that most athletes, particularly at the College level don't seem to understand. Be it Facebook or Twitter, they need to be somewhat careful as to what they say, you never know who is looking or reading. Facebook more so than Twitter, does have privacy features, so if you don't want just anyone reading it or seeing your photos, you need to do something about it.

Here is the story from KVAL-TV in Eugene:

MONDAY PM UPDATE: Oregon coach Chip Kelly has suspended linebacker Kiko Alonso for the 2010 football season.

Alonso was arrested Saturday on suspicion of DUI. He is the fourth Ducks player to be arrested in the past month.

Alonso played in 12 games as a redshirt freshman last season. The school said Monday he will have two seasons of eligibility remaining after the 2010 season.

Winningest College Hoops Coach...Don retire

It might surprise many of you to know that the guy who has won more college basketball games as a coach in NCAA history is going to retire at the end of this season. No, it isn't Bobby Knight or Jim Boehiem or Dean Smith, the man who leads them all is a man by the name of Don Meyer.

The story from the 4-letter's Buster Olney (who we thought was the baseball guy) RIGHT HERE

((Don Meyer after his 903rd win//Courtesy:

Meyer who stayed away from the "Big Time D-1" schools, has won 922 games in the past 38 seasons, coaching at Hamline University, David Lipscomb and Northern State (SD). He is going to stay on at Northern State to help with fund raising and other projects within the athletic department.

He has had health issues since being involved in a traffic accident in 2008 that almost killed him. He lost most of his left leg in the wreck and while being operated on, it was discovered that he had a carcinoid cancer. He coached last season in a wheelchair and this year has been getting around with a prosthetic leg.

Meyer may not be known on the public, national stage, but those inside the coaching community often came to see him for advice and strategy.

Enjoy a fantastic feature story on Meyer, done by the folks at ESPN's E:60 Unit:

30 Years Later, Another Big Upset On Ice

It wasn't quite 1980 and the whole "Miracle on Ice" thing playing the Soviet Union, but this qualifies in a lot of circles as the third-largest hockey upset in the history of USA Hockey.

The irony of Vancouver Canucks winger Ryan Kesler not withstanding, Ryan Miller stood on his head saving 42 of 45 Canadian shots and Team USA knocks off the hosts 5-3 at "Canada Hockey Place" Sunday night. Normally, the building would have its automotive sponsor during the rest of the time, but it doesn't apply during the five-ringed circus.

Brian Rafalski of the Detroit Red Wings scored twice ((running his streak to four consecutive at the time)), Jamie Langenbrunner screened teammate Martin Brodeur for one, and Chris Drury scored the fifth goal.

"We were a little jumpy with things," Team Canada captain Scott Niedermayer said. "We settled that down, had some dominant stretches, but did everything but score.

"There are things we can do better,"
Niedermayer said. "Just go out and lay it all on the line."

Team Canada is going to have to do that. They now have to win four games for a gold medal instead of the three the US has to win- the Stars and Stripes earning the day off winning their group.

It comes on the heels of this, from thirty years ago...
Which, obviously, is number one...
((HT: ABC Sports/USOC/IOC/Youtube-al5u4x))

Happy Anniversary, America...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fan Killed By Flying Tire At NHRA Event In Arizona

A woman was killed Sunday at the NHRA Lucas Slick Mist Nationals outside Phoenix when she was struck by debris from an accident involving Top Fuel driver Antron Brown.

Brown was racing Troy Buff when, apparently, Brown lost a cylinder coming out of the start. The left-rear wheel and tire came off. The car then flipped onto its right side, slid across the track and hit and climbed the left-lane retaining wall. There was a flash of flame from spilled fuel as the car came to a stop.

There was also a danger of oil from Brown's car creating an additional spark if it was to add to the gasoline, but luckily, that did not occur.

According to a witness, the woman was watching video monitors of the event when the tire hit her.

“I saw the fire come down into the stands,” said Anthony Bailey. “I saw some other parts come into the stands, too. After that, it was a lot of panic. There were a lot people running around, not knowing what to do.”The NHRA said Brown was uninjured in the accident.

"We're racers and we race and I'm ok," Brown said in a statement released by his team, Don Schumacher Racing. "It all happened so quickly and I want to thank the NHRA Safety Safari for being there so quickly to help get me out of the car and also the track medical team for tending to me so quickly."

The release said Brown went to Chandler Regional Hospital for further observation.

Here's KTVK's coverage of the event in Chandler

Here's coverage from ABC15 in Phoenix with Eric English...

Here's the release from the NHRA...

A woman who was struck by a tire earlier today at the NHRA Arizona Nationals at Firebird International Raceway was pronounced dead at Good Samaritan Hospital this evening. The tire became detached from Antron Brown's dragster following an incident during the first round of eliminations. Brown was not injured.

NHRA is investigating the incident. The entire NHRA community is deeply saddened by today's incident and sends its thoughts and prayers to the woman's family and friends.

Georgia HS Basketballer Shatters Backboard

((HT: AJC/Carvell and

FOSG Michael Carvell lets us know that Elbert County’s Rod Rucker has channeled Lovetron and Jerome Lane.

The 6-4 double-double machine shattered one of his school's backboards in the first round of the region tournament against Mountain View High School in Elberton at ECCHS's arena- "The Inferno"- last week.

The HQ loves that nickname, by the way...

"Rod Rucker, our big man, he got a steal… fast break. He threw it down with two hands, and it just shattered. The glass just shattered. It came down.” Elbert County Assistant Coach Jeff Bennum explained to WSGC Radio in Elberton.

”[The crowd] went crazy… just went berserk.” Bennum said. “Some fans came down on the court. It was crazy. It’s just something you don’t see very often, you know.”

Play was stopped for an hour, according to WSGC, and the game resumed over at the middle school. Elbert County won 81-54...

Here's the dunk...
((HT: Youtube/CarvellAJC))

Here's the video from the high school news program on campus...
Their version is a little longer, and they played with the speed of "real time."

And all the above story does is let us show you again when Bill Raftery asked Pitt's Jerome Lane to do a certain act... 1/25/88 at the venerable Fitzgerald Fieldhouse
((HT: ESPN))

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Georgian Luger Buried In Home Town

((HT: Reuters/Ivanishvili))

Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was buried before thousands of mourners in his hometown Saturday.

The open coffin bearing the 21-year-old ((pictured, thanks Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili)), wrapped in the red-and-white Georgian flag, was walked down streets in the town of Bakuriani. He was buried in the grounds of the local church a week after he lost control of his sled and slammed into a steel pillar at 90 miles per hour at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

Mourners, including Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili wearing his white Georgian Olympic team jacket, were present for the procession.

"He died for Georgia, he died for this sport,"
Kumaritashvili's distraught father David, himself a former luger, told reporters.

The International Olympic Committee has offered to help with government plans to construct a luge track in Bakuriani in honor of Kumaritashvili.

"It's very difficult for such a small country as Georgia to overcome such a tragedy," Saakashvili's wife Sandra told reporters at the funeral.

Here's video of the procession, thanks to EuroNews and NoCommentTV

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mark Becker Trial Day 7: A-P Students Called To Stand


The defense continued its case in the Mark Becker murder trial on Friday with Aplington-Parkersburg High School students called to the stand.

The defense called three Aplington-Parkersburg student-athletes to testify. All were outside the weight room when Becker fatally shot head football coach Ed Thomas. They all had just pulled up to the school's weight room as the shooting happened.

They described hearing "loud cracks" or "firecracker sounds," later learning the sounds were gun shots.

Then they each said they saw students leaving the building, and Becker coming out of the door. One of the athletes said Becker started walking in circles and looked frustrated and angry.

Jamie Grey got to do her package on tape for Friday...

Cormier Suspension Upheld On Appeal


Atlanta Thrashers prospect Patrice Cormier has lost his appeal of a suspension for the remainder of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League season and playoffs for his elbow on the Quebec Remparts' Mikael Tam back on January 25th.

Cormier, selected in the second round of the 2008 draft by New Jersey and traded to the Thrashers in the Ilya Kovalchuk deal earlier this month, has been under suspension by the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League since the hit.

Tam spent two days in the hospital because the injuries.

Cormier appealed the penalty in a hearing before league commissioner Gilles Courteau on February 11. Courteau announced his final decision today.

Cormier's junior team, the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, can still appeal the ruling to an independent arbitor, or Cormier can petition to play in an independent league for the remainder of the 2010 season.

To review, here's the hit that got Cormier in trouble and causes the Thrashers not to have him as a body in their minor league system.

Ole Miss Player Dies After Workout

((HT: Jackson Clarion-Ledger/Brandt))

Bennie Abram, a walk-on safety at Ole Miss, died this afternoon after collapsing during the first day of conditioning workouts on campus.

The reason behind the death is still being investigated by the Lafayette County Coroner's ((MS)) Officer and could take up to several months to conclude.

Abram, 20, played at Itawamba Community College in the 2009 season.
He joined Ole Miss this spring as a non-scholarship player.

Abram ((Pictured, thanks Jackson Clarion-Ledger/ICC)) was responsible for 45 tackles his sophomore season at ICC with four sacks. He was a starting safety and an academic All-American last year.

"Bennie was one of the highest character kids we've ever had here at ICC,” said Jon Williams to the Clarion-Ledger's David Brandt. Williams is the ICC head coach, and was an assistant when Abrams there.

“... (Abram was a) gifted athlete but also a gifted person. The main thing we need to know is everyone should rest knowing where Bennie is today because he had a strong faith and he exhibited that on a daily basis."

Ole Miss, in a press release, had the following on the Abram death:

"Abram, a junior from Southaven, was taken to the hospital by ambulance after collapsing during the first day of the football team's routine conditioning. The session began early this morning, before classes started. About 15 minutes into the conditioning portion of the session, trainers noticed that Abram was experiencing some difficulty, began administering aid and called 911. Abram died at 12:11 p.m., several hours later.

An exercise science major, Abram was enrolled in UM's School of Applied Sciences.

"We are deeply saddened over the loss of this young man. Our hearts go out to his parents and the entire Abrams family, and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers throughout the days ahead." - UM Chancellor Dan Jones

"This is a tragic loss for the Abram family and the Ole Miss family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. I am thankful to our athletics training staff and the hospital staff for their professional response." - UM Athletics Director Pete Boone

"Bennie was a fine young man and a hard worker. He was a great person to be around and his loss is so tragic. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and all who knew Bennie." - Head Football Coach Houston Nutt."

More when we know more...

Thrashers To Winnipeg: Friday Update

Some new blah-blah has come out on any kind of a move of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg... ((or any other franchise to Winnipeg for that matter))

Let's retrace some steps and fill in some possible holes...

4/12/09- Winnipeg Free Press/Paul Wiecek

Gary Bettman at the Global Summit...
"While we play to 93 to 94 per cent capacity, we'd like to play to 100 per cent capacity," Bettman said. "A 15,000-16,000 seat arena might work better in some markets than a 19,000-seat arena."

A 15,000- to 16,000-seat arena? Funny thing -- Winnipeg just happens to have one of those sitting on Portage Avenue, a shiny new building with loads of luxury boxes and precisely 15,002 seats for hockey.

Actually, the HQ thought it was 15,015...

Word of mouth stuff in Winnipeg that has no real verifiable source...

- the Moose have canceled orders for all new Moose merchandise

- contractors were reported to be at MTS Centre looking into possible expansion

- an employee apparently in the know reports that the MTS Centre was NOT made to be expanded and that the easiest way would be to add boxes at the top as Boston has done

- an employee at MTS Centre said that 41 new dates were booked for the MTS Centre

- a new state of the art 4 rink hockey training, development and practice facility,currently under construction is said to be being built because True North was told by the NHL that for a team to work in Winnipeg the city would need a practice facility for the home & away teams to use.

The HQ thinks that's an interesting point in the last bullet, considering that Chipman just recently vested himself of his lending business for C$130M.

Thursday's Toronto Sun/Chris Stevenson-QMI on the Phoenix situation...

When asked if Ice/Edge was working on financing or trying to recruit more owners into the group, Daly replied:

“There are a couple of things that are more specific I can’t go into … the structure of the transaction needs to be defined a little more. I know they’re working hard and they’ve made some progress.”

While rumours of a transfer of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg have sprung up this week (without much foundation, apparently), don’t discount Winnipeg coming up as a possible destination if the Phoenix deal falls apart and a relocation scenario needs to be considered.

Although, Ice Edge has made it clear, already, that Saskatoon is an outlet for a handful of home regular-season and playoff games to offset any lack of attendance in Glendale. Whether that was negotiated as part of the new lease deal is currently unclear...

The Globe and Mail's James Mirtle thinks it may be an give-and-go with Phoenix through his Twitter account: That Winnipeg rumour is everywhere lately for some reason... if anything, a non-sale in Phoenix could lead there perhaps

So, now our weekend supposition deals with two possible franchises in a match race to Winnipeg. Notice that Kansas City has been left out of the discussion for relocation for the Thrashers and Coyotes- the Islanders have been left out of the talk of other markets.

The dance continues...

Steve Belkin Needs Two Million Dollars

((HT: AJC/Swartz))

Or he risks losing his stake in Atlanta Spirit, LLC... according to Kristi Swartz's piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Montgomery County ((MD)) Circuit Court documents reveal that of the US$25.8-million that represents his 30-percent share, he's lacking in that amount to satisfy cash calls and/or capital calls since the court case started back in 2005.

Gee... something else to argue over...

To fill space, the HQ figures it should show you one of the best theme songs dealing with the Atlanta Hawks from 1987- one of the properties Atlanta Spirit would grab fifteen years later...

"The Atlanta Air Force" from Tom Grose and The Varsity...
((HT: Youtube/hotlantahawks))

Harry The Hawk never ages, you realize that...???