Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Both Coyotes Bids Rejected

Will this ever end? The Bankruptcy Judge presiding over the curious case of the Phoenix Coyotes decided on Wednesday afternoon to reject bids from Blackberry Gazzllionaire Jim Balsillie and from the NHL to take over the beleaguered franchise.

The story from the Arizona Republic HERE.

One has to wonder when this story will ever end. Or for that matter whither the fate of ye' Coyotes? One of the many things in Judge Redfield Baum's ruling; the NHL was within there rights to deny Mr. Balsillie entrance as an owner.

Okay, that means if they don't want to let him in there club, they don't have to.

He also decided it was more prudent to encourage the league to continue searching for someone, anyone who would be willing to buy the team.

The league, according to Deputy Commisioner Bill Daly maintains “We are reviewing the opinion and considering how we can best address the Court's concerns regarding our offer to purchase the Coyotes. It remains our goal to secure the long-term stability of the Coyotes in Glendale” We will see exactly what that means.

Judge Redfield Baum said in his 31-page decision:
“In hockey parlance, the court is passing the puck to the NHL, who can decide to take another shot at the sale net or it can pass off the puck.”

Here's a link to the decision if you'd like to read the whole thing...

Paul Waldie from the Globe and Mail has more details...

Judge Baum threw out a bid by Jim Balsillie saying it could not succeed because he cannot properly satisfy the NHL’s rights regarding relocation.

The Judge said the NHL’s bid is problematic because it allows the league to select which creditors will be paid in full. Judge Baum left the door open to the NHL to modify its bid to resolve the issues. He said the league “can probably cure the defects in its bid if it elects to make the required amendments”.

Balsillie's bid was denied "with prejudice"- meaning it can not be resurrected in any manner. He said that he would not appeal the ruling.

More when we know more...

The Orlando Jaguars?

The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Wayne Weaver is apparently floating the idea of having his team play a couple of games in Orlando in upcoming seasons. A big reason he is floating the idea; attendance, or lack of it for games in Jacksonville. The Jaguars are having major problems selling out games, sometimes drawing as few as 46,000 people in their 66,000 seat stadium and having their home games blacked out.

More from the Florida Times-Union HERE.

((Wayne Weaver wants fans//Courtesy: Will Dickey/Florida Times-Union))

An interesting discussion. Having lived for a time in Jacksonville, I was actually there when they were awarded the team. The prevailing thought was that they were so football crazed in the River City, they would never have a problem with attendance.

What part of the problem is and nobody has mentioned this; they are now competing with the University of Florida. And quite honestly, people down there are choosing to spend there money in Gainesville. Much like the Atlanta area, North Florida is primarily College Football Territory and as much as they try, unless they have a winning product, people won't come. The Atlanta Falcons for years had the same problem, trying to compete with the University of Georgia. They finally realized they couldn't. They embraced UGA and put a good product on the field...boom...people showed up.

Whether the solution is Orlando...I don't know. I grew up in that area and though the population is big, it is transitory. There aren't a lot of people who live there that are from there. Who knows, maybe they would embrace the Jags, even if it were for just a game or two; my guess is they are just relocating the problem I just talked about. The hardcore football fan in Orlando...also will spend there money with the Gators. Just sayin'.

Locksley's Problems Continue

It seems as though Mike Locksley, the New Mexico Head Football Coach who among other things punched one of his assistants and split his lip is not out of trouble just yet. After A.D Paul Krebs reprimanded Locksley on Monday he took a LOT of heat for letting him get by with the proverbial "Slap on the Wrist".

Well, now comes word that Krebs has forwarded the information to the schools Human Resources Department for further investigation. The investigation, which will look into the incident, including the fact that the assistant JB Gerald filed a complaint with Police, could possibly lead to Locksley being terminated.

More from the ABQ Journal website (which is very odd) HERE.

Albuquerque TV Station KQRE has more in this report:

Considering how bad the Lobos have played this year and all of the trouble that Locksley has brought with him, don't be surprised if they part ways...soon. It's hard to believe that Krebs initially tried to say "Bad Coach" and leave it at that, but at least he got around to following up, though he was probably pressured to do so.

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel Ride Again

Well...last week was certainly interesting. It proves the point that you can't read a whole lot into preseason rankings...because well; they are BIASED!. I've said this over and over again and nobody believes me, but it is true. Heck, I'm even guilty of assuming that certain teams will be good just because of who they are rather than basing it on a body of work. See Penn State and Cal.

I've said it before and will keep saying it. THERE SHOULD BE NO POLLS UNTIL WEEK 4! that I've said it, I will completely ignore my own advice and give you a poll...damn it!

Here is this weeks clip...Courtesy of the You Tube:

And now...on to the show:

This Weeks Dirty Dozen:

1) Florida 4-0 (Now things get interesting. The Tebow got his bell rung, but they get a week for him to recover. After that, they actually play some legitimate teams instead of JV Squads. They need someone else to step up and help, the Tebow can't do it himself. This Week: vs. Bye)
2) Texas 4-0 (They really haven't wowed anyone, but they have taken care of business. At least they played someone legit (Texas Tech). Again, the week off will help, but there are potential minefields ahead. This Week: vs. Bye)
3) Alabama 4-0 (Arguably the best team so far. They certainly may be the deepest. As long as they stay healthy, they will run the table...can anyone else say that? This Week: Alabama 35, Kentucky 10)
4) Boise State 4-0 (Yes, they deserve to be here. And they aren't going anywhere. They are better than the rest of the teams on their schedule. We want them to win out because at least 1 of the 3 teams ahead of them won't. This Week: Boise St. 51, UC Davis 6)
5) LSU 4-0 (They get this by default. They really haven't proven anything. I thought they would be better. They were lucky last week. This week they will need more than luck. This Week: Georgia 34, LSU 31)
6) Va. Tech 3-1 (They proved themselves last week. They still aren't great on offense, but don't have to be with their defense and special teams. They in fact are the best team in the ACC until proven otherwise. This Week: Va. Tech 24, Duke 6)
7) Cincinnati 4-0 (Can you say sleeper? They are better than most people think. Tony Pike and Mardy Gillyard are legit. The defense isn't as bad as thought. They will win the Big East, if they run the table it may make things interesting. This Week: Cincinnati 45, Miami (OH)

8) TCU 4-0 (Another quiet but solid team. They have taken care of the tough part of the schedule...for now. They get this now...let's see if they can keep it. This Week: TCU 27, SMU 17)
9) Ohio State 3-1 (I'm still not sold on these guys. You can argue they aren't the best team in Ohio, much less the 10. But they get this sort of by default. An intriguing game ahead. This Week: Ohio State 27, Indiana 25)
10) Oklahoma 3-1 (They have done pretty well without Sam Bradford, now comes the test. This is a pretty good team that still has its best days ahead. This Week: Oklahoma 23, Miami 17)
11) Houston 4-0 (OK...I didn't think they would be here. I don't think they will stay. I still think they have "Flash in the Pan" written all over them. They will do OK for a bit, but have a couple of potential roadblocks still ahead. This Week: Houston 45, UTEP 17)
12) Iowa 4-0 (I owe them this. I didn't think they were very good after an opening week struggle, but the Penn State win proves me wrong. I still am not convinced they are great on a National Level, but in the 10, they will be very competitive. This Week: Iowa 37, Arkansas St. 10)

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Wash State 1-3 (They haven't earned there way off of here just yet. They still aren't very good and that isn't going to change. They are stuck here. Prove me wrong...I dare ya'! This Week: Oregon 37, Wash. St. 10)
4) Maryland 1-3 (They just aren't very good. Ralph Friedgen is in big trouble and he should be, there isn't an excuse for this kind of suckage. Thank god Virginia is in the ACC or these guys would be the laughing stock. This Week: Clemson 28, Maryland 20)
3) Rice Krispies 0-4 (Thank god they have a good baseball team...usually. Man, they just can't get it together, Vanderbilt smoked them and Vandy has no offense. This Week: Tulsa 44, Rice Patties 10)
2) Ball State 0-4 (Wasn't Bald State a decent team not too long ago? My how things have changed. They bear no resemblence to a good team...or even a mediocre team. They just aren't good and there is nothing David Letterman can do about it. This Week: Toledo 27, Bald St. 10)
1) Virginia 0-3 (Until further notice. They were lucky to escape the bye week without losing. That may be the only victory they have this year. This just isn't a good team, they've gotten worse every year. Al Groh got the dreaded "Vote of Confidence"...hey, good luck with that Al. This Week: North Carolina 27, Virginia 21)

LAST WEEK: 10-5 (I can do better) OVERALL: 33-13 (Not horrible)

Crazy High School Finish

Writing about this story I'm not sure will do it justice. Let's just say it proves why the game or play isn't over until you hear the whistle.

Let's set it up. A game in Vermont between 2 High Schools, Otter Valley and Mount Mansfield. The game was a close one, back and forth. Otter Valley was leading 16-14, when Mt. Mansfield got the ball close enough to try a 46 yard field goal with just over one second to play. It was way short, but for some reason, one of the Otter Valley players caught the kick...ran a little bit with it and spiked the ball. Unfortunately, the play wasn't dead; a Mt. Mansfield player scoops it up and scores a Touchdown, they win.

More on the story from Fanhouse HERE

Here is the story as it aired from WCAX-TV in Burlington, Vt:

There isn't really a whole lot you can say about this.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can Boise State Play In Pasadena For The BCS Title?

OK Boise State fans, your Broncos are 4-0 and 5th in the polls. You have big home win over Oregon that's looking better as the Ducks have righted the ship. Lets not forget you have a nice road win over WAC rival Fresno State. The question is if the Broncos run the table should they get consideration to play in the BCS title game?

Before we answer that question Mr. College Football himself and FOSG Tony Barnhart has answered that question in his column for the and Bronco fans won't like it.

Everyone loves a Cinderella story, especially in sports. We love to see the underdog prevail. It brings us to tears when the little guy beats the big guy.

But having said all that you have to understand that, barring a total collapse of the major conferences, there is no way—at least no logical way–that No. 5 Boise State can play for the national championship.

Boise State fans, you can read the rest here. It will get you hoppin’ mad.

Look college football is like life, it's not fair and Boise State just doesn't have the credentials to qualify. Show me where the quality wins are coming from. Wins over Idaho, New Mexico State and Utah State won't move the needle.

Reaching the 5th spot in the polls is about as good as it will get for Boise State and I'm not convinced they are the BCS buster. For that you might want to look down Houston way. The Cougars have go it going on.

Photo Courtesy:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Calgary's Little Big Man Retires

Theoren Fleury officially retired from the NHL today.
It was a relatively quick ceremony at the Sadledome in Calgary.

It was a final good-bye from an on-ice perspective after he scored four points in four pre-season games.

Commissioner Gary Bettman lifted Fleury's lifetime ban for violating the league's substance abuse policy which allowed Fleury to participate in Flames pre-season camp.

"Do I want to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame? Absolutely. Do I deserve it? I think I do. Four years ago, did I deserve it? No, I didn't," he said, adding that the Hall is incentive to continue his sobriety.

"I'm going to continue to have to live my life the way I've chosen to."

Once critical of the league's substance abuse and behavioral health program, which is designed to address and treat players' drug and alcohol addictions, Fleury now supports it.

"I know I've said things in the past about the program but that's because was in a completely different place," he said. "I was still angry, I was still bitter, I was a lot of things. What it comes down to is nobody likes to face consequences. I had some real consequences I had to face.

"The places I went to and the people I interacted with because of the program got me here today . . . where I'm a solid, functioning human being in society and I can help other people."

Here's some of his good-bye...
((HT: Calgary Herald))

Stafon Johnson Seriously Injured

USC Running Back Stafon Johnson was seriously hurt this afternoon in a weightlifting accident. Johnson was apparently working out, doing bench presses, when the bar somehow fell and landed on his throat.

The injury was severe enough that Johnson was spitting up blood and was rushed to the hospital where he was undergoing surgery.

The story from the LA Times HERE.
More from HERE.

Johnson, one of the Trojans leaders on offense was having a good season for an offense that had been struggling this season. According to reports, the injury wasn't "Life Threatening", but could potentially be "Career Ending".

This story will obviously be updated as more information becomes available.
Here's Derrin Horton's live shot from outside USC's practice facility.
Thanks to our friends at KTLA

Locksley hits Assistant Coach

Mike Locksley just can't seem to avoid trouble. This time, he apparently got into a fight with one of the assistant coaches on the New Mexico Lobos staff, one J.B Gerald splitting the coaches lip. Sadly, this was confirmed today, rather than it being just a rumor. New Mexico's Vice President of Athletics Paul Krebs talked about it in a press conference today saying "In this business it is not uncommon for coaches to have heated discussions," he also said "Having said that, we cannot condone Coach Locksley's actions. You simply cannot put your hand on another coach."

The story from KQRE-TV HERE.

((Mike Locksley tries to coach//Courtesy:

Sadly, this isn't the 1st problem that Locksley has had since taking over New Mexico's football program. Worse, he has produced pretty much no results, the Lobos are already 0-4, coming close only in their last game vs. New Mexico State. He has been reprimanded for the incident and says that Coach Gerald is "welcome back to the program". You really have to wonder here if Locksley may be in over his head. Granted the Lobos haven't exactly been a "National Powerhouse", but if you are trying to build a program, you generally want someone who will stay out of the headlines for his off the field behavior.

More from KRQE-TV and the evening news:

New...but different Arena League

We are really tempted to use the quote "Rumors of the death of the Arena League have been greatly exaggerated" here, but it wouldn't really fit. However, there is a "New" version of the Arena league that has surfaced. It's called "Arena Football 1 or AF1". Supposedly, it is going to consist mainly of AF2 (real minor league Arena Ball) and a few teams from the old Arena League. And it will be based in that noted sports capital of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The story from the Tulsa World HERE.
More from KTUL-TV HERE

According to the Commish, Jerry Kurz, there has been a ton of interest. He already cites commitments from teams currently in the AF2: Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Shreveport, Spokane, Iowa, Tennessee Valley, Kentucky and Arkansas and Tri-Cities. In addition, some original Arena League teams from Orlando, Fresno, Chicago, Utah and Arizona along with newcomers in Milwaukee and Jacksonville. All interesting, the question is, how do they avoid the problems that sunk the original league; escalating salary costs and travel costs? We wish them luck...they are going to need it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Binghamton Coach Broadus Kinda Talks About His Program

((HT: WBNG-TV/Horowitz-O'Reilly))

Binghamton Coach Kevin Broadus still honored his commitment to speak at Saturday morning's Binghamton Basketball Coaches Clinic at the Regency.

Broadus spoke for about an hour on the subject of recruiting and marketing players.

The university has said all players, coaches and administrators will not comment any further on all of the shenanigans going on with the reigning America East champs.

Here's Broadus' non-addressing address of the issue...all two words of it as he's leaving the hotel...
Here's the story dating back to the booting of five other players after Tiki Mayben was arrested last week...

Those of us at OSG HQ would like "Implosions for $500, Alex..."

Joey Logano's Wild Ride

Jimmie Johnson cut in to Mark Martin's lead in the Sprint for the NEXTEL Cup title at Dover Sunday.

But Joey Logano's 7-and-a-quarter roll in Turn 2 took everyone by surprise...
Even Joey...

"It just goes to show how safe these cars are," Logano said.
Uh, yeah...

Life Outside Of The D1

As a lot of you know, those of us at OSG HQ spend our college football season keeping track of everything that moves when it comes to this particular time of year.

That includes the parts of the world where few visit on a Saturday. But their allegiances are just as vital to them as they are to the Division 1 folks and their concrete and steel fortresses that house mid-sized communities on those same afternoons.

Early Saturday was interesting in that:
1) There was an 11:30 central time kickoff for game one of the day- the NAIA tilt between Faulkner and Shorter. The Mid-South Conference has four teams ranked in its Top 11. The University of the Cumberlands, Lambuth, Union, and Shorter are making the statement that the MSC is THE power conference right now.

The MSC will be more than happy to schedule games in the central time zone that will kickoff at 11 or 11:30. On premise, it's a little goofy getting up that early in the morning but if they want it that way, it's their call.

Faulkner has gone through a lot of adversity for a young program. This past April, two players were lost in a traffic accident.

OSG Sports ran the story.
Here's how WNCF-TV in Montgomery broke the news.

There are stickers on the back of every player helmet at Faulkner and no player will wear the 76 or the 67 jersey unless head coach Gregg Baker deems the person worthy of those numbers in the future.

Faulkner is a new program, three-years-old I think, and you can see that the 2009 team is a lot different than the 2008 team. They play their home games at the Cramton Bowl. Yes, that Cramton Bowl- the host of the old Blue/Gray Game from Christmas Day.
((Cramton is pictured, thanks to me))

Shorter was the better team, had the better crowd, but took a while to shake off the bus ride- winning 43-27. They rolled up their veer-standard 521 yards on the ground. Pre-season All-America AJ Cooley ran for 210 yards and three scores.

Faulkner is getting there... just not this week.

2) The Better Half has learned to roll her eyes at me, and be somewhat frightened, when a challenge is issued. The weather in the part of the country where OSG HQ is based has been downright soggy for the last two weeks- save the sunburn we got at Step 1 of the Saturday. I was lacking a hat as I made my way back to Auburn for the nighttime kickoff, so she suggested that (since I was in Montgomery), I should find the AUM campus and grab a hat there on my way.

The campus wasn't easy to find, so I found the next best place- Huntingdon College in the old historic district. It has nice, old-fashioned brick buildings and a very, old-school vibe to it. And TBH didn't know this was part of the plan.

Actually, I didn't either. I just pulled off the interstate and started bloodhounding my way to campus just to see if there was a game or something.

There was... showed up in the third quarter just in time for a 36-yard Cody Stepko field goal. According to the Huntingdon SID release:

Behind a career-high 379 passing yards by senior Justin Ridgeway and career-best 124 yards on the ground by fellow senior Alex Baronich, the Huntingdon football team rebounded from a disappointing loss last week to defeat Louisiana College 34-21 on Saturday at Samford Stadium.

Here's the crowd that braved the downpour at Samford Stadium, pictured, again thanks to me...

3) When the weather finally behaved enough, I made it to the final destination- the Auburn-Ball State game. After the hour delay, I saw instantly that Ball State's losing everybody really showed after the first quarter.

And that everyone on the Plains, loves Trooper Taylor...

The Streak Is Over At 19! Lions Win!!!

Boy, is Jim Zorn really FIRED!!!
The Detroit Lions 19-game losing streak is out, over, done and gone- thanks to the completely ineffective and even more inefficient Washington Redskins.

Matthew Stafford threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to Bryant Johnson in the first quarter and the two connected to draw a key penalty to set up a TD in the fourth quarter.

The Lions (1-2) had not won since Dec. 23, 2007 and their skid matched the second longest in NFL history.

Washington (1-2) pulled within five points on Jason Campbell's second touchdown pass with 2:36 left in the game, but couldn't prevent the Lions from picking up a first down that ran time off the clock and cost it three timeouts.

The Redskins had their last of many chances to win from their 22 with 1:05 left and couldn't get inside the 20 before time expired.

Here's your post-game from Ford Field, thanks to our friends at Fox2
May the Schwartz be with you...
((HT: MyFoxDetroit))

A few Skins fans blamed the presence of actor Tom Cruise, who was at Ford Field Sunday as a guest of coach Dan Snyder.

Those of us at OSG HQ like that idea...
A lot...

Vikes Fans Have Purple 4-Gasm Vs. Niners

((HT: NFL on Fox/NFL))

Yeah, yeah.. we know...
Here it is...

Baylor's Griffin Out For Season

((HT: CBSSports))

An MRI done Sunday revealed that Baylor Sophomore QB Robert Griffin has "an isolated tear" in his ACL. He sustained the injury in the first half of the Bears' 68-13 victory over Northwestern State on Saturday night.

The Bears also lost senior defensive back and return specialist Mikail Baker to a knee injury. An MRI revealed an ACL tear and tears to his medial and lateral meniscus after he was hurt on special teams.

Griffin was injured when his leg bent awkwardly while being stopped for no gain on a fourth-down play the opening series of the game. He remained on the ground for several minutes, the silence broken only when Baylor students started chanting his name before he walked gingerly to the sideline.

Northwestern drove for a touchdown while Griffin was being tended to. He had his knee heavily wrapped. But he didn't miss a snap before halftime, coming back to lead the Bears to a 41-10 halftime lead.

Here's post-game from the game, thanks to our friends at KWTX-TV10 in Waco
Dan Ingham got to do a live shot in the dark for his report...

Ozzie Guillen Is Awesome

This is the guy who should replace Bobby Cox as the manager in Atlanta after the 2010 season...

If only for the post-game rants about caring about the game itself...
((HT: ESPN/CSN Chicago))

TWTW: Georgia Escapes 20-17 Over Arizona State

((HT: Online Athens/Weiszer))

If anyone wondered who Georgia WR AJ Green was outside of the southeastern United States, those of us at OSG HQ think very few will need to ask the question after Saturday night's 20-17 win over Arizona State in Athens.

Another close call with too many turnovers...

"If it keeps happening like this we won't complain, but obviously, we don't believe that it's something that can continue," said quarterback Joe Cox, who completed 17 of 31 passes for 241 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions.

"It does get frustrating. I'm glad our defense bailed us out tonight. We left them in a couple of tough spots."

You heard right, Joe Cox said the DEFENSE bailed them out

Georgia now has 12 giveaways - three in each of its four games - but has managed to overcome them to win three straight.

"We did it again," Georgia coach Mark Richt said. "We found a way to win a close one. We found a way to make it close, and then we found a way to win it. I want to give credit to the entire team for just having that body and spirit that no matter how bad things get, they don't fold up."

Green blocked the potential go-ahead ASU field goal, caught a 36-yard pass from Cox that set up Georgia's turn...

Which led to this...
The Blair Walsh Project was a success...
((HT: The Youtube))

Baseball Returns To Richmond

At the expense of Norwich, Commecticut...
The Connecticut Defenders of the Easthern League are headed to play at The Diamond.

"It's somewhat sad seeing that team go," Alan Bergren, Norwich city manager, said.

The Defenders, once the Norwich Navigators, have been in the Rose City since 1995 and many on the staff fought to keep them here.

But after a season ending on high notes - a playoff run and growing attendance - the team is now officially heading to Richmond, VA.

"What does it mean to you and the folks who have worked here? Well, for a lot of folks it means an end of their employment," Charlie Dowd, of the Connecticut Defenders, said.

The staff is closing down Defender operations but keeping the stadium up.

In recent years, the city has spent around $700,000 in renovations at the stadium. Now the hope is that the stadium will become a field of dreams for another team

Here's the report from WTNH-TV in New Haven...
Tina Detelj is tossing to her work from a newsroom...

Anyone know where the HQ can get any Defender gear...???

TWTW: Va Tech Brings Miami Back To Earth 31-7


Jacory Harris planned to play it cool against Virginia Tech.

The 11th-ranked Hokies blew up that plan in about five minutes, harassing the Hurricanes' quarterback and dominating No. 9 Miami 31-7 in a downpour on Saturday.

Miami, ranked in the top 10 for the first since 2005, had a chance to take a commanding lead in the ACC's Coastal Division. Instead, Virginia Tech (3-1, 1-0 Atlantic Coast Conference), Miami's third consecutive ranked opponent, cooled of the Hurricanes.

Miami (2-1, 2-1) had given Harris all kinds of time in beating Florida State and Georgia Tech to start 2-0. The Hurricanes had a lot more trouble keeping the Hokies' pass rush off their star.

After saying this week he looked forward to playing in front of a hostile crowd, he fumbled as he was being sacked on his fifth play, setting up a Hokies touchdown, and his day never got much better.

Harris finished 9-for-25 for 150 yards and was sacked three times.
Here's your highlights thanks to ESPN/ABC and VT Playback
Sean McDonough has the calls...

TWTW: USA Ready For Army Prep, Wins 56-0

((HT: WKRG-TV/Mobile))

In just their second official game, the University of South Alabama scored early and often, beating the Black Knights of Army Prep 56-0 in front of a crowd of 17,000 in a sometimes soggy Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

The Jags set the tone early with as Quarterback Myles Gibbon hooked up with Courtney Smith for a 63 yard touchdown on USA's first play from scrimmage.

Running back Ryan Scott ran for 83 yards and a pair of touchdowns as the Jags racked up 309 yards rushing on the day.

Gibbons completed 6 of 7 passes for 122 yards and 2 scores. Backup QBs Brennan Sim and Nick Owens also saw action.

USA's defense held the Black Knights to just 225 yards of total offense.

In 2 weeks, South Alabama will go for their 3rd win against Georgia Military.
Here's highlights from our friends at WKRG-TV News

TWTW: ODU Suffers First Loss In 69 Years


David Sinisi rushed for 216 yards and two touchdowns and completed a scoring pass on his only throw to help Monmouth (N.J.) hold off Old Dominion 31-28 Saturday night.

Sinisi had a career-high 41 carries for the Hawks (2-2), but did not reach his career high of 247 yards set last year against St. Francis (Pa.).

After Old Dominion (3-1) took a 14-0 lead in the first 2:53, Sinisi tied the score with touchdown runs of 8 yards and 1 yard in the first half.

With Monmouth trailing 21-17 in the third quarter, Sinisi threw a 24-yard touchdown pass to Bobby Giles to give the Hawks the lead for good.

Thomas DeMarco was 16-for-35 for 215 yards for Old Dominion. After a 55-yard touchdown pass to Nick Mayers, Monmouth fumbled the kickoff and DeMarco connected with Carlos Davis for a 7-yard score.

DeMarco also had 42 yards rushing and a 9-yard touchdown.
Here's your highlights from our friends at WAVY-TV

TWTW: Iowa Wins 7th Of Last 8 Against Penn State

((HT: WOI-TV/Des Moines))

Iowa slugged out an ugly win in soggy Happy Valley to upset Penn State for the second straight year.

Adrian Clayborn returned a block punt for a touchdown and the Hawkeyes beat mistake-prone No. 5 Penn State 21-10 on Saturday night.

A year after a stunning 24-23 win knocked the Nittany Lions out of the national title race, the Hawkeyes (4-0, 1-0 Big Ten) took down Penn State (3-1, 0-1) again, this time in a drenching rainstorm.

"It was a team loss. No one person, or one play lost it," Penn State coach Joe Paterno said. "We got licked."

Here's Dave Zawilinski standing in front of a video monitor for some highlights

TWTW: South Freaking Florida...???

((HT: WCTV-TV/Thomasville, Tallahassee))

Redshirt freshman B.J. Daniels ran for 126 yards and threw two touchdown passes in his first collegiate start Saturday to lead undefeated South Florida to a 17-7 win at
No. 18 Florida State in the first meeting between the schools.

Daniels was filling in for senior Matt Grothe, out for the season with a knee injury.

It was the first time since Nebraska's Steve Taylor ran for 139 yards against the Seminoles in 1986 that an opposing quarterback rushed for over 100 yards against them.

Florida State (2-2) lost four fumbles, including a critical one by quarterback Christian Ponder that allowed USF to ice the game.

Daniels, a Tallahassee kid not heavily recruited by Florida State, totaled 341 yards of offense.

Those of us at OSG HQ are wondering when Jimbo Fisher is run out of town on that rail we always hear about...

Highlights from our friends at WCTV Newschannel 6

Here's post-game from our friends at WTVT-TV and MyFoxTampa
It's a fan piece...

TWTW: Duck, Duck... Cal Gets Goosed 42-3

((HT: KVAL-TV/Eugene))

The Ducks, wearing their "throw-back" jerseys from the mid 1990's, got a huge boost on offense with the re-emergence of quarterback Jeremiah Masoli. Masoli broke out of an early season slump to complete 21 of 25 passes for 253 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Masoli's favorite target was tight end Ed Dickson. Dickson had a career day, finishing with 11 catches for 148 yards and receiving all three of Masoli's touchdown throws. The Ducks also had a solid day on the ground led by LaMichael James. James, coming off his breakout performance against Utah the week before, had another 100 yard rushing performance, ending up with 118 yards and one touchdown.

Oregon's defense also stepped up to the challenge, especially against Cal's Heisman candidate running back Jahvid Best. Best was held to only 55 yards on 16 carries, as the Ducks seemed to easily break through the Bears' offensive line throughout the day.

Here's KVAL's coverage of the Pac-10 Pantsing...
Nick Krupke sat inside for his anchoring segment

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Down Goes the Tebow...

Maybe Tim Tebow is human after all. It certainly sounds like he hasn't had a very good week. He had to be flown separately to Kentucky because he had a "Respiratory Illness" along with a few of his teammates. There has been a lot of specualtion that he is one of apparently many Florida football players who may be suffering from the Swine Flu. Tonight, while leading the Gators to a rout of Kentucky, he takes a wicked hit in the 3rd Quarter...and had to be removed from the field on a cart. He was seen quite frequently later in the game...shall we say "Expelling projectiles from his personage".

The story from the Lexington Herald-Leader HERE.

Oddly, the Orlando Sentinel saw it a bit differently HERE

((The Tebow Goes Down//Courtesy: Mark Cornelison/Herald-Leader))

Here is the video...hopefully it won't get pulled from the You Tube:

It is interesting to read the difference in reaction from the Florida media, the Kentucky media and the National Media. The Tebow has been pretty much deified by all of them, the impression from the Florida Media is that he'll be fine for the Gators visit to LSU in 2 weeks. The Kentucky Media, since they got blown out seemed more surprised that it actually happened. The National Folks (4-letter word), will treat it as the lead story for the next two weeks.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gary Miller Probably won't call Soccer Games

Admittedly, we are not huge soccer fans here at OSG World HQ, but we respect the game and realize that it has a humongous fanbase internationally and occasionally here in the U.S. That being said, we feel an obligation to pass on this clip from the Dan Patrick Radio the clip, Gary Miller vain to read Soccer Highlights from I guess the day before...and let's just say, he had some trouble with the names.

Enjoy the read, the video isn't much to look at though: Courtesy of the You Tube

Browns Player has a Temper Tantrum

We kind of thought that the Cleveland Browns might be one of those teams that had a bit of tension around them going into week 3, and we now have that confirmed. Apparently early Friday afternoon. Someone tried to play a prank on Browns Rookie Cornerback Coye Francies. In theory, not a big issue because rookies get hazed in NFL Locker rooms all of the time. However this time, Francies was not real happy about it. So not happy about it, that he tried to take it out on the guys who emptied a Gatorade cooler...on his head.

The story from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer HERE

((Coye Francies trying to keep up with Braylon Edwards//Courtesy: Cleveland Plain-Dealer))

Francies threw ice at a few guys an allegedly threw a punch at one of his teammates as well. He was restrained and escorted out of the room by the rather large Shaun Rogers. This happened during open locker room time and yes, there were lots of reporters who saw the whole thing. In the grand scheme of things, probably not a huge deal, but since like all of the beat writers and reporters were there, it is no doubt, front page news in the city by the Lake.

Coyotes Have No Re-Gretz Having A New Coach

Since, apparently, Wayne Gretzky was squeezing the Coyotes for all they were worth at every possible angle- and never even signed his contract that was haggled over for years.

((HT: GlobeSports/Waldie, Shoalts))

Through his long-time lawyer, Ron Fujikawa, Mr. Gretzky wound up with a salary of $8-million (U.S.), far more than any other NHL head coach. That came after years of talks in which hockey’s most famous personality demanded such perks as a veto over any potential buyer, a right of first refusal on any offers, and a requirement that the Coyotes continue to pay his salary if he died.

The contentious negotiations were outlined by Jeff Shumway, former Coyotes chairman and governor, and Earl Scudder, one of team owner Jerry Moyes’s lawyers, in declarations filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Gretzky thinks he's owed about US$9-million and was set to be paid US$14.5-million over the next two seasons. But he never had a formal employment contract, just a "deal memo" that dates back to 2006.

Fujikawa put in a provision that demanded Gretzky be paid his salary even if he died. Grtezky also wanted to put a bid in on the Coyotes two years ago- for US$120-million, but didn't want any other bids looked at without his first look-see.

Thiose of us at OSG HQ would like to politely ask: Who in the blue hell does he think he is...? But we already know the answer...

Here's ABC15's coverage of the whole Gretzky/Tippett swap out...

Bruce Pearl Said What?

By now everyone in the SEC has become use to Bruce Pearl. He's a loose, off the cuff, spontaneous kind of guy who to this point hasn't flat out said anything just plain stupid...until now. Apparently while speaking at a fundraiser Thursday morning he made a joke about the "Different Cultures" of his players. Here's the quote((Courtesy VolsExtra)): "I've got a tough job. I've got to put these guys from different worlds together, right? I've got guys from Chicago, Detroit ... I'm talking about the 'hood! And I've got guys from Grainger County, where they wear the hood.''

((Bruce Pearl Says he's sorry//Courtesy: WVLT-TV))

Here is the rest of the story from HERE.

More from the folks at WVLT-TV HERE.

If you read about and listen to what he said; Pearl at least realized immediately that he should not have said it and has been now apologizing for it since. One of the things that he always needs to remember is that in Knoxville anyone associated with UT athletics is going to have a camera wherever they are, no matter what. For those who have never been to Knoxville, it is pretty much the one and only thing that they...well at least the Media for. They are treated like Hollywood celebrities and they live and die with what ever happens to their beloved Vols. This isn't that big a to do. It was dumb, sure, but not intentional...and Coach Pearl realizes it.

Here is the original speech...Courtesy: WVLT-TV..

And the apology after his speech from WVLT-TV HERE

Steve Moore's Civil Suit Continues

((HT: GlobeSports))

Legal counsel for the Vancouver Canucks, Bertuzzi, Moore and others will be in a Toronto courtroom today to file pretrial motions.

Moore and his legal representative are seeking a court order to question former Canucks head coach Marc Crawford within the next three months, according to court documents.

Here's the suckerpunch in question...

It was in response to this hit Moore administered to the Canucks Markus Naslund three weeks earlier...Crawford, at the time of the incident, was understandably hot.

Moore was left with three fractured vertebrae in his neck, facial cuts and a concussion. He is suing the Canucks, Bertuzzi and Crawford for upward of $38-million.

Earlier this year, Bertuzzi filed court papers claiming Crawford’s negligence contributed to the attack on Moore.

Those papers allege Crawford urged his players to make Moore “pay the price” for the hit on Naslund and that as coach, he “failed to exercise control over and caution his players against physical aggression toward Moore.”

Crawford replied Bertuzzi acted in “direct disobedience” when he refused to come off the ice as ordered by the coaches prior to the attack on Moore.

Court documents show Crawford was given a list of questions from Moore’s legal counsel earlier this year. Today’s request to query Crawford is an attempt to have many of those questions answered under oath prior to Christmas.

That could help set a trial date for the case.

Those of us at OSG HQ thought the Bertuzzi retalliation was just as bad as this shot Marty McSorley levelled onto Donald Brashear's face from behind.
((HT: NHL/Rogers Sportsnet))

Whether or not Bert did it on orders from Marc Crawford, probably, will never be proven in court. And we all know no one will have the stones to come forward and admit a screw-up. Especially after Bertuzzi plead guilty to assault in 2004 and got a year's probation and a conditional discharge.

He could squawk double jeopardy...

All of it is a shame...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

America East Star Arrested For Selling Drugs

((HT: WTEN-TV/Albany))

Bail for former Troy basketball star Emanuel "Tiki" Mayben is now set at $30,000 on charges he had cocaine and tried to sell drugs.

Police say on June 29th, Mayben tried selling drugs to two people. After an investigation, they arrested him Wednesday night, and police say he had three grams of cocaine on him.

Mayben's lawyer Greg Cholakis says his client has no criminal history and was in Troy visiting family, who were giving him a car as a gift for being a good son and student.

Cholakis says, "In a lot of ways this is not your stereotypical case of this nature, of a drug nature. This is an intact family that is very tight. Exactly what you wouldn't expect to see here."

About a dozen family and friends showed their support in court Thursday, but no one wanted to speak with the media about the case.

Mayben was headed into his senior season at SUNY Binghamton. He led the Bearcats to their first America East league title last year.

Here's what Mayben was partially responsible for: The Bearcats entry in the 2009 NCAA tournament with a win over UMBC
((HT: ESPN/America East Conference))

Gretzky Steps Down As Coyotes Coach

((HT: GlobeSports/Duhatschek))

Wayne Gretzky ((pictured, thanks Reuters)) said he was able to read the writing on the wall, noting that “since both remaining bidders made it clear that I don’t fit into their future plans, I approached Don Maloney and suggested he begin looking for someone to replace me as coach.

“Don has worked hard and explored many options. I think he has made an excellent choice, and so now, it’s time for me to step aside.”

Indications are that Coyotes general manager Don Maloney will name a permanent head coaching replacement for Gretzky as soon as this afternoon, when they've scheduled a news conference. The leading candidate is believed to be Dave Tippett, the former Dallas Stars’ coach, who also has a previous association with King through Hockey Canada’s defunct national team program in the 1980s. Tippett would be familiar with the Coyotes, given that his team played against them six times last season.

Two Gretzky-era coaches will stay- Ulf Samuelsson and Dave Sulliman. It looks like Sean Burke and Dave King are your other two assistants.

Practice and access to the Coyotes were both closed off to the media today.

Here's Gretzky's statement, thanks to the Globe and Mail...

When asked, Don Cherry says he doesn't understand why Wayne Gretzky is walking away from the Phoenix Coyotes.

Cherry says Gretzky should be on the ice with players, and forget about any financial concerns.

Cherry was in Winnipeg, Manitoba pumping them up for the new hockey season...

McNair Skeleton shows Lack of Taste

You knew that somebody would go there, it was just a matter of who, where and when. The where and who that we refer to, a display at the Kings Island Amusement park just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. The when is for a Halloween display. The there is using a skeletal image of former Tennessee Titan Quarterback Steve McNair, who died a couple of months ago after being shot by his girlfriend. Yeah, a they had a skeletal image of her there too.

The story from WLWT-TV HERE.

More from HERE.

WLWT also has a story before the uproar talking about everything in the exhibit HERE

((Steve McNair Skeleton photo//Courtesy: WLWT-TV))

The exhibit, part of the parks "Halloween Haunt" at least initially didn't stop there, they have scattered amongst the displays, depictions of other celebrities who have died over the past year or so. Another issue that might not sit so well with animals and a depiction of a slaughterhouse.

Of course, all of these have now been yanked from the exhibit. The Cincinnati Media were given a pre-show behind the scenes tour and that is where these images came from. While we understand that the Kings Island folks were trying to garner some attention for themselves, this may not have been the best way to do it. It's a little odd to read the differences in the stories that we posted here, in the last one, the spokesman was eager to talk about all of it, by the time you get to the Fanhouse piece, he is in full retreat mode.


OK...we had to post this, if for no other reason than we are a total mark for Professional Wrestler Ric Flair. Somewhere along the line, the folks at the North Carolina Lottery Commission decided that the "Nature Boy" was worthy of having his own lottery scratch off game.

Watch and enjoy the awesomeness that is Ric Flair: Courtesy of the You Tube:

"Glee" Takes On Beyonce... And Football...???

All at the same time...
Now if only other schools would enlist this ploy to go for late touchdowns, the highlights we show might be more entertaining...

So, McKinley High got one... and the kicker can die a legend...
((HT: Fox Network Television))

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 43-Year-Old Tight End

Get your head out of the gutter, fool...

Clark Atlanta University is a Division 2 school and is part of the HBCU family of schools.

Ken Sugiura of the AJC introduces us to a man trying to put his life back together and the coach who is giving him the chance...

In February 2008, Jeff Chaskin was pulled over by Duluth police. He said he was charged with possession of cocaine, which was a violation of his probation for an earlier cocaine possession conviction.

He was married with eight children. He had a lawn-care business that he started when he moved to metro Atlanta from Michigan in 1995, he said. He had been hooked on alcohol and drugs since 1984. Then, it cost him a spot on the Wayne State University football team in Detroit. Now, it was about to cost him his marriage. He had been arrested several times.

He spent eight months in jail and decided that part of putting his life back together was playing football. CAU Head Coach Ted Bahhur, who is 42, initially thought Chaskin was nuts.

Now, Chaskin is the back-up tight end for the Panthers.

"I just want to make [family and friends] proud one day," he said. "That's all."

Evander "The Real Deal" Solarfield...???

David Markiewicz of the AJC truly has us scared...

The heavyweight champ ((his spread is pictured, thanks AJC/John Spink)) has some flighty plans for his spread south of Atlanta...

Generating solar power...
Yep... solar power...

He says he plans to build a solar energy farm on 40 acres of his property in Fayette County. The project, which is in the preliminary stages, would generate solar power for commercial sale, and would take six to nine months to complete.

Holyfield says he wants to help combat global warming...

“I think it would be fantastic news,” said Walter Brown, chairman of the Georgia Solar Energy Association. The amount of power a project of that size would produce, he said, would be significant.

All the above story does is give us the excuse to post the video below, which we think generated plenty of heat on its own...
((HT: ABC Entertainment))

Your Late '80s Hoops Flashback

A few of the followers of OSG Sports alerted us to this particular intro that WHIO-TV in Dayton used for their 1988 college basketball coverage...

This is scary, but you can't turn away, either...
((HT: DaytonFlyersVideo))

We can't embed it since it locks up our computer every time, but click here...

Balsillie Will Keep Coyotes In Phoenix For '09

((HT: GlobeSports/Shoalts))

This was the day that judge Redfield Baum called the meeting between the parties involved in the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy proceeding.

And we have a change in one of the bids... Jim Balsillie's

Balsillie’s ((pictured, thanks Reuters)) lawyers introduced three changes to his $242.5-million (all currency U.S.) offer, one of which was presented to Glendale city council on Tuesday night. Balsillie also conceded he is willing to keep the Coyotes in suburban Glendale for the coming NHL season.

Point 1: Balsillie's group has pushed back their demand for a sale deadline to the end of the calendar year so they can find a possible buyer that will keep a team in Glendale. If one is found, Balsillie will walk away.

Point 2: Half of the $50-million Balsillie wants to pay the City of Glendale will be paid the second he is approved for a sale. The city can keep the $25-million even if the NHL wins on appeal.

Judge Baum liked that one... “to an old bankruptcy judge, $25-million in cash no matter what happens seems like a big change.”

Point 3: Balsillie agreed to posting a bond for the creditors, and agreeing to a stay of the sale if the NHL appealed a Balsillie-positive ruling.

The plot thickens... again...
Oh... and there looks like any idea of mediation among Balsillie, Jerry Moyes, and the NHL isn't very likely...


Javier Soto's morning live shot in front of the courthouse is here...
Thanks to our friends at AZ3 and

David Givens Suing Titans

((HT: WTVF/Nashville))

Former wide receiver David Givens has filed a lawsuit against the Tennessee Titans, alleging the team played him without telling him about a horribly damaged knee.

In week 10 of the 2006 season, Givens was injured on a play that he said changed his life and ended his career. The play came against the Baltimore Ravens early in the 4th quarter. Givens ran 7 yards off the line-of-scrimmage, moved to change direction on his left leg and collapsed.

Doctors carted Givens off the field, and he never returned.

The lawsuit claims the injury could have been prevented.

"His knee just exploded on him. He's had multiple surgeries, and it can't be fixed so that he can play football again,"
said attorney Dan Warlick.

Warlick has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit on behalf of Givens against the Titans.

Here's the story as it ran on WKRN-TV/News 2
Chris Bungard and Joe Dubin have team coverage that ends with a very pissed off Jeff Fisher. Fisher addresses the idea that WTVF-TV ran a soundbite out of context from 2006 when initially reporting the story back then...

NAIA Football Poll ((Week of September 21st))

1) University of Sioux Falls (S.D.) (18)
2) Carroll College (Mont.) (1)
3) Lindenwood University (Mo.)
4) University of Saint Francis (Ind.)
5) Morningside College (Iowa)
6) University of the Cumberlands (Ky.)
7) MidAmerica Nazarene University (Kan.)
8) Langston University (Okla.)
9) Lambuth University (Tenn.)
10) Union College (Ky.)
11) Shorter College (Ga.)
12) Saint Xavier University (Ill.)
13) Ottawa University (Kan.)
14) Saint Ambrose University (Iowa)
15) Missouri Valley College
16) McKendree University (Ill.)
17) Friends University (Kan.)
18) Northwestern College (Iowa)
19) Hastings College (Neb.)
20) McPherson College (Kan.)
21) Malone University (Ohio)
22) Sterling College (Kan.)
23) Eastern Oregon University
T24) Walsh University (Ohio)
T24) Minot State University (N.D.)

Division III Poll ((Week of September 21st))

1. Mount Union Purple Raiders (39) 2-0 999 1
2. Wisc-Whitewater Warhawks (1) 2-0 947 2
3. Mary Hardin-Baylor Crusaders 2-0 905 3
4. Wheaton Thunder 2-0 852 4
5. Wesley Wolverines 3-0 808 12
6. St Johns Johnnies 3-0 768 NR
7. Washington & Jefferson Presidents 3-0 700 10
8. SUNY Cortland Red Dragons 2-0 693 8
9. Wabash Little Giants 2-0 575 14
10. Case Western Reserve Spartans 3-0 560 18
11. Central Dutch 3-0 501 NR
12. Linfield Wildcats 2-0 498 NR
13. Monmouth Fighting Scots 3-0 484 15
14. Ohio Northern Polar Bears 1-1 363 NR
15. Otterbein Cardinals 2-0 328 21
16. North Central Cardinals 1-1 324 6
17. St Thomas Tommies 2-0 305 NR
18. Trinity (TX) Tigers 3-0 293 NR
19. Wisc-Stevens Point Pointers 1-1 247 16
20. Trine Thunder 2-0 182 19
21. Wisc-La Crosse Eagles 2-0 174 NR
22. Ithaca Bombers 2-1 172 22
23. Alfred Saxons 3-0 112 NR
24. Thomas More Saints 2-0 109 NR
25. Willamette Bearcats

Division II Poll ((Week of September 21st))

1. Grand Valley State Lakers (24) 4-0 624 1
2. Abilene Christian Wildcats 4-0 593 2
3. North Alabama Lions (1) 4-0 577 3
4. Bloomsburg Huskies 4-0 542 4
5. Central Washington Wildcats 4-0 508 5
6. Northwest Missouri State Bearcats 3-1 484 6
7. Minnesota State-Mankato Mavericks 4-0 464 7
8. Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs 3-1 443 8
9. Delta State Statesmen 2-1 423 9
10. Texas A&M-Kingsville Javelinas 4-0 413 10
11. Central Missouri State Mules 4-0 378 12
12. Albany State Golden Rams 3-0 327 13
13. Catawba Indians 3-0 319 14
14. Tarleton State Texans 4-0 269 19
15. Ashland Eagles 3-1 258 18
16. Tuskegee Golden Tigers 3-1 223 17
17. Midwestern State Mustangs 4-0 210 24
18. Missouri Western Griffons 4-0 203 NR
19. Saginaw Valley State Cardinals 3-1 175 23
20. Charleston (WV) Golden Eagles 4-0 148 NR
21. Ouachita Baptist Tigers 3-0 116 NR
22. Wayne State (NE) Wildcats 3-1 75 20
23. Pittsburg State Gorillas 2-2 67 11
24. Edinboro Fighting Scots 3-1 56 NR
25. Winona State Warriors

Division I-AA Poll ((Week of September 21st))

1) Richmond (132)
2) Villanova (6)
3) Northern Iowa (5)
4) Montana
5) William and Mary (2)
6) James Madison
7) New Hampshire
8) McNeese State
9) Southern Illinois
10) Appalachian State
11) Weber State
12) Central Arkansas
13) Elon
14) SC State
15) UMass
16) Cal Poly
17) South Dakota State
18) Wofford
19) Eastern Washington
20) Eastern Kentucky
21) Holy Cross
22) Jacksonville State
23) Texas State
24) Eastern Illinois
25) Liberty

Bobby Cox's Career Draws to a Close

***BREAKING NEWS****...Well sort of. Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves have come to an agreement today that the 2010 season will be the soon to be Hall of Famer's last as manager of the Braves. The contract also says that Cox will stay on with the Braves as a "Special Consultant" thru the 2015 season.

The story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution HERE.

Cox is one of the last "Old-School" managers in baseball and I can tell you from experience is one of a kind. The stories that you hear about the respect and love his players have for him is true. I've seen it first hand. He really does treat each of the players as a professional and expects them to act that way. Cox will be happy to sit and tell old baseball stories in the dugout during batting practice to pretty much anyone who will listen.

It's our guess that Cox wanted to at least have a season with the next crop of "Baby Braves" on the way up. Much like in the past, their farm system is stocked with guys like Jason Heyward and Freddy Freeman plus the big club has good mix of young players with Tommy Hanson, Brian McCann, Yunel Escobar and others. Don't be surprised if there is a movement for a Bobby Cox "retirement tour", he won't have any part of's not in his makeup and believe's a good thing.

Here's legacy coverage from our friends at WAGA-TV/MyFoxAtlanta
FOSG Buck Lanford takes the lead...

The Russian is the NBA

Well, it looks like the story we reported last week about Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov buying the New Jersey Nets...or as they may now be know, the Nyets, had some truth to it. The Nets and Prokhorov announced today that they've agreed on a deal that would allow Prokhorov to become the primary owner and contributor to the arena that the team wants built in Brooklyn.

More from the New York Times HERE.

((Mikhail Prokhorov//Courtesy: Alexander Zemlianichenko/Bloomberg News))

Apparently, according to the terms of the deal, Prokhorov, for $200 million, gets 80 percent of the Nets, 45 percent of the arena and takes over the teams debts. Not bad for the man that the Russian version of Forbes magazine says is the richest man in all of Russia. Bruce Ratner, former primary owner will retain a minority share in the team.

It will be interesting to see how he acclimates to running an NBA basketball team. There had been some thought that the Nyets might make a run at LeBron James after this season, now that there is a new "Sheriff" in town, we will see just what kind of impact he makes.

Athlete Fight...Athlete Fight!!!!

Nobody ever said that college athletes thought before they did things. That thought is especially true at the University of Kansas where basketball player Tyshawn Taylor is now nursing a dislocated finger after a "scuffle" broke out Tuesday between players from the Football team and players from the Basketball Team.

The story from HERE .

((Tyshon Taylor//Courtesy: University Daily Kansan))

Not only was there 1 fight, there apparently were 2. There were plenty of people who saw the whole thing but oddly enough (note: sarcasm), nobody wanted to press charges. The first was the one Tuesday where Taylor got hurt, there apparently was a follow-up sometime Wednesday morning. In the second incident, nobody would identify participants.

Confused Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins issued a statement:

"We are aware of an incident that occurred last evening that involved members of the football and men's basketball teams. I am disappointed that some of our student-athletes put themselves in this position, and it's something that I am taking very seriously.

"I continue to gather facts about this incident, and I plan to address this issue personally with both teams. I also know that Bill Self and Mark Mangino are working together to address it, and I am confident that they will handle the situation appropriately with their teams.

"We will handle any discipline regarding this incident internally, and we will have no further comment about it."

It will be kind of interesting to see what exactly they come up with...Oh...wait, they won't talk about it any more. Maybe if they close their eyes and say "There's no place like home", it will all go away.

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel (the eh...edition)

Well, last week was kind of a let down now, wasn't it? There were a lot of expectations dashed a lot of optimism turned to pessimism and just general disappointment. Let's put a dose of reality in here folks..."THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE PRE SEASON POLLS!" They create unreasonable expectations for teams that nobody knows how good they'll be until they start playing. There...I'm off my horse again.

Watch this clip from the movie...fitting this week as we need to re-learn some things about this season. Courtesy of the You Tube:

And now...on to our countdown:

This Weeks Dozen:

1) Florida 3-0 (They get to stay here until they lose, which if they keep playing like last week, might actually happen. This week: Florida 31, Kentucky 13)
2) Texas 3-0 (They also will stay here until they lose or Florida does. Again, they weren't overly impressive against Texas Tech...we'll keep monitoring. This week: Texas 51, Texas El-Paso 6)
3) Alabama 3-0 (They may actually be your best team, though they haven't really played anyone good. That changes now. This Week: Alabama 23, Ole Miss 16)
4) Penn State 3-0 (Again, they haven't dominated anyone. They've looked OK...I think they are for real though...mostly because they are in a weak conference. This Week: Penn St. 27, Iowa 5) Boise State 3-0 (You can pretty much pencil them in for a BCS spot this year. They've played the toughest part of their schedule. Unless they goof up...they're fine. This Week: Boise St. 38, Bowling Green 7pins)
6) California 3-0 (Again, the national guys are already proclaiming their greatness. Yeah, Jahvid Best is pretty good, but they always fade late...prove to me that they won't. This Week: Cal 37, Oregon 34)
7) Miami 3-0 (They may be the most underrated team in the country so far. Again, they have something to prove...they haven't been here in a good while. This Week: Miami 17, Va. Tech 13)
8) LSU 3-0 (Another team that has quietly gone about their business. I can't wait to see them play Florida in Baton Rouge, that should be a great game. This Week: LSU 27, Miss. St. 13)
9) Oklahoma 2-1 (Give them credit, they have bounced back from a tough start with injuries. They still have some hurdles to clear however. They'll work here for now. This Week: BYE)
10) Ole Miss 2-0 (Again, I'm not sure they are as good as they "Big Time" pollsters think they are. Not a bad team, but not a great one either. They get tested on Thursday. This Week: Ole Miss 24, S.Carolina 21)
11) TCU 3-0 (Only because they may not be back for a while. They have gotten off to a good start, but why did they play Texas State-San Marco? That shouldn't count. This Week: Clemson 27, TCU 25)
12) Cincinnati 3-0 (The pride of the Not so big East. This wasn't picked by too many folks, but give Brian Kelly credit, he knows how to coach. This Week: Cincinnati 41, Fresno St. 28)

Where have you gone USC...and Ohio State? Could the phrase "Overrated" be used with you?

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Washington St. 1-2 (They almost move off because they won a game...but it was against SMU, so it doesn't really count. Beat USC...and they are off the list. This Week: USC 38, Wash. St. 10)
4) Rice 0-3 (Yawn. Should they change their nickname to the Patties? How funny would that be? Think of the marketing tie-ins? Or even the Cakes would work? Just sayin'....This Week: Vanderbilt 21, Cakes 7)
3) Ball State 0-3 (Just because we like saying "Ball State"....yeah...we said it! Heh..heh..heh...There really isn't much to say here other than basketball season isn't far away. This Week: Auburn 41, Ball State 10)
2) Western Kentucky 0-3 (There really isn't much to say here other than "Why leave 1-AA to be everyone's sacrificial lamb?". Is it that much fun? Your lucky there is 1 team worse than you. This Week: Navy 48, WKY 3)
1) VIRGINIA 0-3 (There is NO excuse for a supposed major conference team to be here. Are you listening Al Groh? I would avoid your Athletic Director if he comes to your office and says "We need to talk". That's a sure sign your getting fired. This Week: Bye Week 14, Virginia 3)

LAST WEEK: 12-5, 23-8 Overall. Not bad for a week rife with upsets. You've seen my picks, what about yours?