Monday, January 31, 2011

Eddie House Fined For Big Balls Celebration

Yesterday, as the Miami Heat's Eddie House hit a game-winning three in Oklahoma City, House celebrated as he thought appropriate when the Thunder called time out...

Witness below...
((HT: NBA on ABC/youtube))

The HQ figured after his display that something would happen...
It did... from the NBA their own selves...

Miami Heat guard Eddie House has been fined $25,000 for making an obscene gesture, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

The incident occurred with 22.2 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Heat’s 108-103 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Jan. 30.

Well played, House...

RNC Brings A Lot Of Media Folks To Dallas

((HT: MyFoxDFW))

And a lot of different people come from all over to cover the RNC in Dallas...
Sophia Reza tries to track them down by looking at their credentials...

Super Bowl Draws Media to North Texas:

Jenny The Elephant Picks Her RNC Winner

Since we can't say what the title game for tackle football is really called...
Lest we receive the wrath of The Shield...

Here's her pick...

Broseph's Bits And The Monday Gospel

It's Monday and there is nothing but wounded egos and a boatload of ranked teams licking their wounds. Stunning how many teams lost over the weekend giving us more of a reason to love the sport of college basketball. There aren't even that many upsets in a regular season of the NBA. Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Florida, Texas A&M, BYU, UConn and Wisconsin all lost on Saturday. We almost saw the only undefeated team go down at Northwestern. Sunday we saw Duke dismantled by St. John's and Washington fall at rival Washington State.

These results are great for parity, but bad for those schools in the smaller conferences who desperately want an at-large bid. I had a friend tell me that St. John's wasn't worthy of a bid. You can't say that right now after the way they beat Duke. The Red Storm finished up a stretch of eight straight ranked games winning only three. It's a catch-22 for teams like that. Tons of chances to get good wins, but you have to actually win some of those games. Do you give them the benefit of the doubt because they won only three of eight during that stretch? The team that took the court on Sunday was one of the best 68 teams in the country. The team that lost to Fordham? Not so much. It's the peaks and valleys of this sport. Any team can get up for 40 minutes to knock off a rival or a ranked team.

The game that touched me the most this weekend was Hawaii and Utah State. This game fell completely under the radar mostly because those on the East Coast were well asleep. Being a college basketball geek/degenerate gambler, I threw a little something down on the Rainbows at home. Always a tough trip to go to the islands. I fired up the ESPN Radio Hawaii broadcast and sat in my apartment to listen in. I was treated to one of the best games of the season. Hawaii had a nice lead and blew it. There was an overtime and then another overtime. Unfortunately Hawaii could not pull it out. One of the best stories involving this contest was Jeremiah Ostrowski. The little used guard had played just 68 mins in eight games before Sunday morning. His father passed away suddenly just a few days before the January 30th contest. Miah, as they called him on the broadcast, went out and played inspired basketball scoring 15 points adding six assists and three steals in 38 minutes of work. ((GO HERE AND WATCH- It was a tremendous crowd for a losing team who has struggled the past few seasons.

The ironic thing about sports is that the best headlines/stories don't always come from the best games. Manhattan and Marist played Sunday at noon in a game that combined two teams with seven wins between them. Neither has any sort of aspirations of postseason play, but they were on TV and on the court for a pretty good contest. Michael Alvarado who is one of the Jaspers better players heaved up a shot from half-court at the buzzer to knock off the Red Foxes. The jubilation that the team felt was pretty great to see.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Centenary. The Gentlemen as they are called are 0-23, 0-11 in the Summit Conference. It's almost painful to call up their team page and look at the schedule. This is a team that has played just six home games so far. Their closest loss was by four at home against Missouri Kansas City on January 13th. Their best chance at a win could be February 24th when they host seven win Western Illinois. Somehow Centenary played a home and home with Division II Arkansas-Monticello and lost both games to them. The Boll Weevils led wire-to-wire in both contests. Should be noted that the Centenary women's basketball team is 0-17 as well. The Ladies lost 100-36 at Oakland on Saturday. At least baseball season is coming for them soon. They at least won a game.

Overall, it was a great weekend on the college hardcourt. More weekends like this and we're going to have to find a catchy F phrase to match March Madness in February.

Michelle Beadle may be our new favorite Sports Personality.... AWESOME. ESPN Sports Nation host Michelle Beadle has moved to the top of our list of favorite sports people.

Why you ask? It's not even about the looks, it's about the sense of humor. Check out this spoof of Super Bowl commercials. It's HI-larious. Sure, we know that it is a way to generate online buzz for her show, but if this is what they are doing, we're okay with that.

No, we still aren't big fans of her show. Mostly because Colin Cowherd is on it. But we may have to give it a second chance. Brother Jon has already preached the gospel of the Beadle HERE, the northern office is now joining in.

Check out the video:

Iowa football players released from Hospital

Kirk Ferentz/
We've been following this strange story all week. The last of the 13 University of Iowa football players who were admitted to the hospital last week after over-exerting during a workout, have been released.

There was a ton of concern both in Iowa and nationally after the players were admitted with symptoms of rhabdomyolysis which affected their kidneys. The players, allegedly, had been subject to a weightlifting drill and apparently pushed to the point of exhaustion.

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz caught a lot of heat for not coming back from a recruiting trip when it happened and for the schools seemingly slow response to the issue. Ferentz wouldn't talk about it publicly, until Sunday.

Read the newspaper story from RIGHT HERE

We are still shaking are heads and wondering what the heck is going on up in Iowa. Between this and the rumored...and reported drug problems on the football team, it almost sounds like someone doesn't have control of things. We won't cast aspersions....yet. But someone has some 'splainin' to do. Thus far Ferentz and AD Gary Barta haven't exactly been fountains of information, we'll see if that changes.

Your statement from the school on this past weeks events: (ctsy:

"Getting all 13 student-athletes healthy and out of the hospital has been priority number one all along, so I'm very happy that they all are now back home and resuming their lives," said Kirk Ferentz, the UI's head football coach. "These young men and their families have been through a difficult and trying time. They are under my supervision and watch, and I am truly sorry for what they've experienced. They trained extremely hard and ended up in the hospital, and there is no indication they did anything wrong. So I'm pleased they are progressing well and I look forward to seeing all of them being back to normal." The University's athletics department earlier had confirmed the release of five student-athletes Friday. Six more were discharged on Saturday, and the final two were sent home on Sunday. "Now that these students are out of the hospital and on the road to recovery, we can devote our full attention to determining what happened, and making sure it does not happen again," said Ferentz. "There has been a lot of speculation by those who don't have the facts and it is unfair and inappropriate for anyone to make wild guesses about what happened."

"We obviously are extremely pleased all of our student-athletes have been released from the hospital and can begin the return to their academic, athletic, and personal lives,"
said Gary Barta, the UI's director of athletics. "We now can focus exclusively on discovering the root cause of this situation, and I'm anxious to work with President Mason's group to this end. We will review every aspect of the workouts and talk with everyone involved. The staff and coaches who work with these young men are highly respected professionals who are dedicated and care deeply about our student-athletes. I hope those who follow our program will respect this process moving forward and refrain from any further unproductive rush to judgment."

Here is a video of the Iowa workout program--which is what started this mess:

Martin Luther King III wants to own the New York Mets--(Watch the video)

Martin Luther King III/Courtesy: Robin Nelson-New York Post
Yeah, that Martin Luther King, his son that is. Mr. King is apparently part of a group that is angling to purchase at least a portion of the New York Mets.

The Mets are now becoming "In Play", due to the huge financial losses that owner Fred Wilpon suffered in the Bernard Madoff scandal. For his part, King wants to be the first black owner in Major League Baseball, a statistic that is alternately scary and strangely not surprising. The other potential owners include money man Larry Meli, former Met Ed Kranepool and Donn Clendenon Jr, who's father played for the Mets in the late 60's.

Read more from the New York Post RIGHT HERE

King's hometown paper, the AJC has more on this RIGHT HERE

We find this a fascinating story for several reasons. One of them is that having lived in Atlanta for many years, we are very familiar with the King family and they have gone to great lengths to profit off the legacy of MLK Jr. We do wonder where the money for this big of an undertaking would be coming from.

What's more scary to us is that Baseball has no minority owners. In some respects, it should be the most diverse of all the professional sports and yet its not. We aren't implying there is a conspiracy afoot, but it really made us raise an eyebrow. There are plenty of minorities in a financial position to be able to afford such a thing, but yet they aren't in. You do have several teams that have become corporately owned (see-Atlanta Braves) and you would think baseball would try and promote individual ownership. You'd think.

Anyway, enough of the soapbox. We'll keep an eye on this story and see how it develops.

Check out this utterly hilarious commercial spoof of the Mets now hiring. Courtesy: GREGandLou:

Did you know the Pro Bowl was played Sunday?

For all the undying love and adulation that the NFL receives, it's always been befuddling as to why nobody watches their All-Star game. The NFL Pro-Bowl, while a nice trip to Hawaii and great honor for those players not in the Super Bowl, is a complete and absolute dud for TV viewers.

In case you were wondering, they played the game on Sunday and the NFC won 55-41 after getting an early 42-0 lead. Your MVP, the insufferable DeAngelo Hall of the Redskins.

We don't know, save one of our friends, who actually watched the game, broadcast by FOX as part of their turn broadcasting the Super Bowl.

In case you missed them...and we're guessing most of you did, here are your highlights:

We question as to whether the NFL should consider scrapping this game. Sure, its a great trip and honor for the participants like we said earlier, but how do you sell it to a mass market? It comes the week before the Super Bowl. And in the case of this year, the Super Bowl may be the last NFL game we see in awhile.

What do you think? Did you watch? Did you care? Why aren't you interested? We want to know...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blake Griffin Continues To Be Unworldly

((HT: NBA/FSWest))

Parts of the HQ are scurrying to find their Clippers gear and wear them with pride again- despite Donald Sterling's perpetual poison as owner...

Blake Griffin is just... plain... foul...

Here's more proof against the Knicks...

But we also like this...
((HT: Youtube/FSWest/NBA))

NHL All-Star Game Plays The Over...

The HQ doesn't quite think that the total in the game in Raleigh was 21, but an 11-10 game was what the NHL All-Star Game usually is...

Very little checking ((none)), very little penalty time ((none)), very few offsides calls ((two)), and a lot of scoring...

Ten different players scored the first ten goals and not even an 11-9 lead was safe for Team Lidstrom going into the final minute...

Here's your highlights...
((HT: NHL/Versus))

The HQ admits that is was cool to see Ron Francis and Rod Brind'Amour show up on ice, and Ovie was Showman Ovie...

We'll just have to get over the production elements...

Syracuse WBB Coach Responds To Allegations

((HT: WSYR-TV Syracuse))

Syracuse women's hoops coach Quentin Hillsman has responded publicly for the first time about allegations of sexual misconduct by one of his former players.

In a USA Today article, both Hillsman and the university address the issue in print- eventhough the university performed their own investigation over the summer months...

Here's the reaction, thanks to our friends at NewsCenter 9...

Upset Saturday In NCAA's... How Many Ranked Teams Fell...???

((HT: KSL-TV))

First off, BYU couldn't keep their momentum after knocking off San Diego State as they lost to New Mexico at The Pit...

Video Courtesy of

Louisville got a hold of UConn, but it took double overtime to do it...

Arkansas, somewhat inexplicably, knocked off Vandy in Nashville, thanks KARK-TV...

Penn State surprised 17th-ranked Wisconsin, thanks WISC-TV in Madison...

Nebraska upsets Texas A&M...

Miss State beat Florida, thanks to MyFoxMemphis

And Marquette upset Syracuse ((but isn't everyone these days)), thanks cbs58...

Super Skills For Ovie And Chara

((HT: NHL/Versus))

The HQ admits to being a big pimp for the puck- even when Zdeno Chara dials up the FM to 105.9 in the fastest shot competition...

And when Ovie dials it up with the butt end of the stick...

Absolutely foul to the nth degree...

Hey, It's More ECHL Fines And Suspensions...

((HT: ECHL/Alaska Aces/youtube))

This time it's Alaska and Bakersfield ((again))...

Here's the fight itself...

Here's the short version of the aftermath...

Bakersfield’s Erick Lizon has been suspended for nine games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Lizon is suspended for seven games as a result of his actions in which he was assessed a game misconduct for leaving the players bench, a fighting major and game misconduct, and a game misconduct under "Abuse of Officials at 20:00 of the third period." He is also suspended two games as a result of his actions in the first period.

Bakersfield’s Vyacheslav Trukhno has been suspended for two games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Trukhno was assessed a game misconduct for leaving the players bench at 20:00 of the third period.

Bakersfield’s Joey Ryan has been suspended for two games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Ryan was assessed a game misconduct for leaving the players bench as well as a misconduct for inciting.

Bakersfield’s Joe Rullier has been suspended for three games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Rullier is suspended two games as a result of his actions in which he received an elbowing major at 13:56 of the third period and he is suspended one game as a result of being assessed a fighting major and game misconduct for the fight at the end of the game.

Bakersfield’s Joel Broda has been suspended for one game and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Broda was assessed a fighting major and game misconduct for the fight at the end of the game.

Bakersfield’s Guillaume Lefebvre has been suspended for one game and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Lefebvre was assessed a fighting major and game misconduct for the fight at the end of the game.

Bakersfield coach Marty Raymond has been suspended for one game and has been fined an undisclosed amount.

The Bakersfield organization has been fined an undisclosed amount for the fight at the end of the game.

Now, for the home team...

Alaska’s Alex Dzielski has been suspended for six games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Dzielski was assessed a game misconduct for leaving the players bench as well as a fighting major and game misconduct for the fight at the end of the game.

Alaska’s Scott Burt has been suspended for three games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Burt was assessed a game misconduct for leaving the players bench as well as a fighting major and game misconduct for the fight at the end of the game.

Alaska’s Chris Langkow has been suspended for two games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Langkow was assessed a game misconduct for leaving the players bench.

Alaska coach Brent Thompson has been suspended for one game and has been fined an undisclosed amount.

The Alaska organization has been fined an undisclosed amount for the fight at the end of the game.

The HQ is under the impression that the Condors are trying to Broad Street Bullies their way through the western division.

Herschel Walker wins again....

We still aren't sure which Herschel Walker is fighting in this MMA Bout versus Scott Carson on Saturday night, we just know we wouldn't mess with him. Take a look at the video....Mr. Walker, he's a "Baaaad Man".

Though we are fairly sure he wasn't serious about returning to the NFL, we don't think we'd doubt the man if he tried.

Here are your highlights, the best available short of the 4-letter words highlights from SportsCenter, which we'd prefer to avoid. (don't sweat the shot at the beginning of the clip):

OSG Buzzer Beater: Scott Bamforth Launches From Half Court, Weber State Wins

For a day Weber State's Sam Bamforth is a hero in Ogden, Utah. Bamforth's half court shot at the buzzer won the game for the Wildcats 72-71 over Northern Colorado in a Big Sky Conference match-up.

Here's the highlights. (Thanks WeberStateSports/

How Did They Make The Ice Yellow?

Remember when your parents told you not to eat yellow snow. What about yellow ice? Saturday night the Kalamazoo Wings hosted the Gwinnett Gladiators in an ECHL match-up on yellow ice.

It was the McDonald's Golden Ice game at Wings Stadium and the K-Wings won they game 4-3.

Can't help but wonder how the people at Wings Stadium created yellow ice?

By the way, this is the only picture of the event I could find so we thank the Gwinnett Gladiators for that.

The HQ wants to know if a charging forward or center sprays the goalie does that qualify as a "golden shower." Discuss.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kevin Love Wants To Be An All-Star Really Badly...


He should already be there...

But with videos like this... he should be there on merit alone...

Bettman Addresses Atlanta Spirit Situation, But Doesn't...

((HT: AJC/Vivlamore))

The AJC's Chris Vivlamore was one of the attendees of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman's "State of the State" address at All-Star Weekend in Raleigh.

Bettman ((kind of)) addressed the fiasco that is the current Atlanta Spirit ownership situation which is mired-again- in fighting with an outside party. This time you'll remember, Spirit is suing the law firm, King and Spalding, that represented them in their litigation against Steve Belkin for malpractice.

They thought King and Spalding misrepresented themselves to the tune of roughly US$200-million in losses and Spirit is trying to reclaim that alleged lost revenue...

From Vivlamore:

“My guess is this is another step in the journey for ownership trying to sort things out if they think they’ve been grieved by the lawyers representing them and will prosecute that case and collect any damages they are entitled to if the court finds in their favor,” Bettman said.

Does is sound like he's tired of having to deal with them...???
Bettman did say that the league does not plan to expand or relocate to any Canadian city at present...

The HQ is focusing on the part of "does not plan..." translating that into something more like "until we have to..."
Which, with Spirit acting like petulant children, may come sooner rather than later...

More when we know more...

Sabres Sale Complete, Pegula Announcement Soon

((HT: WGRZ-TV Buffalo))

Looks like the long-anticipated sale of the Buffalo Sabres to Terry Pegula is this/close to being announced as a done deal.

Pierre LeBrun tweeted that the sale price is in the neighborhood of US$189-million and that the announcement could be by the end of next week.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed that Pegula met with the NHL's Executive Committee Saturday when Bettman addressed the sale at his state-of-the-state news conference at All-Star Weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina.

"Terry Pegula who has obviously expressed interest in buying that franchise was interviewed today by the executive committee but this process and this transaction are not yet near being done. No votes were taken this was just a preliminary step."

Adam Benigni catches up with LeBrun...

Two Williams Suspended Three Games In NBA

((HT: NBA their ownselves))

The Atlanta Hawks’ Marvin Williams has been suspended two games without pay for throwing punches and fighting with the
New York Knicks’ Shawne Williams. Shawne Williams has been suspended one game without pay for throwing a punch during the

The incident occurred with 43.7 seconds remaining in the fourth period of the Hawks’ 111-102 win over the Knicks last night.

This would be the altercation in question...
((HT: NBA/youtube))

Neither team questioned the suspension by the league and the sit-downs start immediately...

So, Which Brian Wilson Is Crazier...???

((HT: TBS/"Lopez Tonight"))

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, or the closer of closers...

Brian Wilson of the World Champ San Francisco Giants...???

Open for you to decide...
Seaman, ahoy...

"Isis The Amazon" Almost Takes Out Cleveland TV Anchor

((HT: WJW-TV/Fox 8 Cleveland))

The HQ, admittedly, can't do this segment justice...

You have a 6-foot-9 wrestler being interviewed and it just goes from there...
We commend Wayne Dawson, the smaller of the two, for not having elevator eyes during the segment...

The HQ can't ever say it has made a pass at anyone or anything 6-foot-9, nor do we want to at present, but that is one of the more intimidating things we've seen in quite some time.

Even better, she helped out with the weather...

How's the weather up there...???
Didn't we see that on "Naked Gun" or something...???

Cleveland Anchor Found Not Guilty Of Rape And Kidnapping

((HT: Newsnet5/WEWS-TV Cleveland))

The HQ has reported on the case of now-former Cleveland sports anchor Terry Brooks since he was up on rape and kidnapping charges last August. A grand jury indicted Brooks on four counts of rape, four counts of attempted rape and one count of kidnapping.

The alleged victim told police that she and Brooks met for drinks at a bar back in September of 2009. She then claimed Brooks drove her back to his home and raped her. The woman didn’t report the alleged incident to police, however, until January of 2010.

During the trial, the alleged victim testified that she had three or four drinks and said she felt like she had no control during sexual acts that happened between the two. Brooks’ attorneys, however, argued the sex was consensual.

Here's Mike Waterhouse...

An Energy Drink...??? You're Kidding, Right...???

Memphis Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo believes an "energy drink" he bought at a gas station led to his 10-game suspension.

Mayo spoke about his suspension for the first time Saturday before the Grizzlies' game against the Washington Wizards, saying he didn't know the drink "had any bad substances in it."

The NBA suspended Mayo on Thursday for testing positive for DHEA- which is on the league's list of banned performance-enhancing drugs.

The shooting guard said it wasn't as if he "ordered some supplement off the Internet."

No, but the HQ would believe someone could have done that for Mayo...

"An energy drink..."

Houston Law Firm Investigating Ole Miss Player Death

((HT: MyFoxMemphis))

A Houston-based law firm says it is investigating the death of Ole Miss football player Bennie Abram.

The Lanier Law Firm says it has been hired by Abram's family.

Abram, a 20-year-old junior walk-on, died almost a year ago ((February 19th)) several hours after collapsing during an early morning workout on campus. An autopsy revealed Abram died from complications due to sickle cell trait.

Ole Miss was aware Abram had sickle cell trait, but can occasionally trigger severe problems after strenuous exercise. The university concluded all of its employees acted properly.

See the Ereck Plancher case at UCF if you've forgotten about this...

The NCAA made sickle cell trait testing mandatory for all Division I athletes last year.

Once again, see the Plancher case for any and all references...

Back at Itawamba Community College, the school where Abram played before Ole Miss, head coach Jon Williams talks about the Abram Legacy Award
((HT: ICCSportsNetwork))

Is it just the HQ, or is Ole Miss in a spot of trouble...???

Kim Clijsters Gets Australian

In a hard-fought three-setter against Li Na, the Belgian takes the major crown 6-3 in the final set.

Li became the first Asian player, male or female, to appear in the final of a tennis major and acquitted herself very well.

Clijsters even went as far as to thank her Australian dentist who performed an emergency seal when she chipped a tooth during her tournament run.

Here's the end...
((HT: Eurosport/youtube/Australian Open))

ECHL Hands Out A Bunch Of Fines And Suspensions

From this fight- almost a week ago...
((HT: ECHL/youtube))

The short version...
Reading’s Todd Perry has been suspended for five games and has been fined an undisclosed amount. Perry was assessed a fighting major and game misconduct for leaving the bench during a fight.

Reading’s Ryan Donald has been suspended for two games and has been fined an undisclosed amount for leaving the bench during a fight.

Reading’s Yannick Riendeau has been suspended for one game and has been fined an undisclosed amount

Reading’s Chris Blight and Brett Gallant have each been fined an undisclosed amount

Reading coach Larry Courville has been suspended for one game and has been fined an undisclosed amount

The Reading organization has been fined an undisclosed amount for Leaving the Bench.

Now, the home side...

Florida’s Elgin Reid has been suspended for five games and has been fined an undisclosed amount for leaving the bench during a fight.

Florida’s Mike Egener has been suspended for three games and has been fined an undisclosed amount for a fighting major and game misconduct under "Deliberate Attempt to Injure an Opponent."

Florida’s Ethan Graham, Alex Hutchings, Alexandre Imbeault, Cedric Lalonde-McNicoll, Mike McKenzie and Bobby Raymond have each been fined an undisclosed amount

Florida coach Greg Poss has been suspended for one game and has been fined an undisclosed amount

The Florida organization has been fined an undisclosed amount under "Leaving the Bench."

Most of the suspensions take place this weekend and carry over through February 4th.

Ah, the minors...

Friday, January 28, 2011

DJ Henry's Dad Testifies To Grand Jury

The father and the best friend of a college football player killed by police in New York state testified before a grand jury.

Danroy Henry, Sr. said after his testimony that he did not like having to talk about how his son died... rather how he lived.

Danroy ((DJ)) Henry Jr. was killed back on October 17th when officers fired at his car outside a bar in the New York City suburb of Thornwood. Police had been called because of a disturbance that left the bar and ended up outside.

A Westchester County ((NY)) grand jury is investigating, and there is no word on when their opinion will be returned.

Henry's friend Brandon Cox was in Henry's car, wounded in the shooting, and also testified in front of the grand jury.

Here's your refresher where Henry's lawyer claims DJ was murdered...
((HT: MyFoxBoston))

DEVELOPING: NHRA To Have Tax-Exempt Status Challenged...?

An NHRA member ((translation- either a driver or a member of a racing team)) has filed an anonymous complaint with the Internal Revenue Service, claiming it actually operates as a for-profit business and is in violation of its tax-exempt status.

Filed on January 12th by a Washington, D.C., law firm- Caplin and Drysdale- the complaint contends the NHRA is set up to "benefit its management rather than serve the 80,000-or-so members it represents."

Marcus Owens, the attorney of record, claims that the NHRA is run more like NASCAR and the IHRA which are for-profit enterprises. The release from the law firm also details the idea that there are possibly:

"...questionable governance structures and compensation practices. Though the Association boasts an 80,000 member roster, members do not possess voting rights to elect an independent Board of Directors to approve compensation and other matters pertaining to its Officers and Directors."

The NHRA denied it operates as a for-profit business and complies with federal tax laws as a 501c6 corporation- and has for almost 60 years.

Here's the original letter from Owens... it's an interesting read...

And here's what the NHRA does on a weekly basis... with reported revenue, two years ago, of over US$122-million.
((HT: NHRA/LitbyNoonProductions))

DEVELOPING: Iowa Investigating Invasion Of Privacy As Some Players Discharged

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is saying that medical records for some of the 13 hospitalized Iowa football players may have been viewed by people who didn't have proper authorization.

University spokesman Tom Moore says they began investigating the matter after a normal check by the hospital's own IT Department indicated a "possible breach" of confidential information files breaking patient confidentiality accords.

The players, five of whom who have now been released, and their families were notified Friday of the matter. The UIHC is saying that the investigation could take a couple of weeks before they come up with an answer.

KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids has been able to identify one of the 13 felled by the workout.
Freshman linebacker Shane DiBona...

ESPN's Joe Schad and Andy Rittenberg
detail some of the apparent damage done by the workout- the first, apparently, performed by strength and conditioning coaches since the Insight Bowl...

From Schad:
One parent said some players had gained 30 to 50 pounds since entering the hospital because of the amount of fluids that have been forced into their bodies.

The parent said that one player was told he had sustained "20 to 30 percent loss of kidney function and that the damage may or may not be repaired."

More when we know more...

Arena Coach Center Of Hard Core Porn Storm

((HT: WTSP-TV Tampa))

Tampa Bay Storm head football coach Tim Marcum is a legend in the indoor football circles. But now his laptop may be legend for what it allegedly contains...

It's all part of a lawsuit between the owner of the Storm and Marcum- who claims the former owner is delinquent in paying him. During the deposition phase, it was disclosed that Marcum, apparently, had some beyond-racy videos and racist jokes on his hard drive...

Stuff that disparaged the First Family, involved the "n" word, and showed two women using a fish and a funnel for a sex act.

The HQ can't make this stuff up...and we also know there's a joke in there somewhere.

Here's Mike Deeson...

Marcum apparently forwarded the e-mails along and guys like Steve DeBerg, Jevon Kearse, and Tony Siragusa are part of the e-mail chain...


Marcum maintains that only people with access to his office computer would have known about the contents in the first place- and, thus, divulged what was there. And what may be there does not describe the man he claims to be...

Double oops...

Like we said... can't make this stuff up...

KU Hoops Returns From Robinson Funeral

((HT: NBCActionNews/KSHB-TV))

Back on Friday, 43-year-old Lisa Robinson, mother of Kansas Jayhawk Thomas Robinson, died of a heart attack.

Thomas’ 9-year-old sister Jayla broke the news to her brother over the phone, and Thomas chose to play in Saturday’s game against Texas. Head Coach Bill Self then sent Robinson home to Washington D.C. to attend to family matters.

The team’s trip to D.C. was covered by Kansas Athletics.
Lisa Robinson’s funeral was paid for out of the same fund.

Beth Vaughn has the story...

But there are larger issues the HQ has to talk about here...

Robinson is now left to take care of his 9-year-old sister. The NCAA has granted a number of waivers from its bylaws, clearing Kansas Athletics to help Robinson, according to ESPN . Under NCAA rules, Kansas Athletics is allowed to pay for the funeral of Lisa Robinson and pay for Jayla to travel back to Kansas to be with her brother in Lawrence.

But, instead of the NCAA granting verbal okey-dokeys and getting the process moving along at the pace it needed to for the sake of a mourning family, the folks in Indianapolis required a boatload of paperwork and hoops for Robinson and the school to jump through before granting said waivers.

Bill Self, however, took the high road in the Kansas City Star:

“The NCAA has been unbelievable,” Self said. “They are trying to make as many allowances with the rules as they possibly can.

“In this situation, when there is as much hardship as there is, I think the NCAA is definitely looking out for the student-athlete welfare.”

A scholarship fund has been set up for Robinson's younger sister.

Send donations to:
Lisa Robinson Scholarship Fund
c/o SNR Denton
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Jeff Fisher: "I'm Tired..."

((HT: The Tennessean/Wyatt))

Here's fan reaction, thanks again to the Tennessean...
Obviously, reactions can range from "it's about time" to "how can you DO something like this...?"

“I think I'm tired,” former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher said at his 40-minute exit presser Friday. “I need to rest.”

“It’s a very tough day for this franchise. Jeff meant a great deal to this team and I appreciate all that he has done for us," owner Bud Adams said through a speaker-phone in his Houston office. “Unfortunately, organizations and coaches almost always reach a point where it is time for a change and this is where we are."

General Manager Mike Reinfeldt and Executive Vice President Steve Underwood said that they're looking for the next head coach- effective immediately. The HQ is leaning toward current assistant Mike Munchak as the new BMOC.

Reinfeldt talks about it hyah... thanks to our friends at Newschannel5/WTVF

Broseph's Bits And The Weekend Gospel

Another full weekend of college basketball is almost upon us. Time to alert the reader of the games to pay attention to and the potential upset specials.

#23 Louisville @ #5 UConn, Noon -- This one's intriguing because Louisville's got the pieces to make it interesting. Rakeem Buckles will be out for at least three more weeks making the Cardinals a more perimeter oriented team.

#21 Georgetown @ #8 Villanova, Noon -- The Hoyas are such a sketchy team. They are talented with Austin Freeman and Chris Wright but they have struggled from time to time. Last year, Georgetown beat then #2 Villanova 103-90 in DC.

Xavier @ Richmond, Noon -- Atlantic 10 supremacy is at stake in this one. I think the Spiders flex their muscles and defeat the Muskies. Justin Harper and Kevin Anderson are two players you are going to want to know about in March.

#16 Minnesota @ #12 Purdue, 1pm -- I had to include this game even though Big 10 basketball bores me for the most part. Purdue is probably going to win because they are real tough at home.

#9 Syracuse @ Marquette, 3pm -- Can the Orange stop their slide against a Marquette team that plays pretty much all close games against the better competition. They have lost by eight to UConn, five to Notre Dame, one to Louisville, one to Vanderbilt and eight at Pittsburgh.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tracy Morgan Thinks Sarah Palin Is Good For Something...

((HT: NBA on TNT/Awful Announcing))

Yeah, and EJ could not have tried to toss to break any sooner than he did...

Try and follow that one up, Charles...

BREAKING: Fisher And Titans Parting Ways...

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks is reporting that the Titans and Jeff Fisher will part ways. Fisher is, according to FoxSports, getting $8-million to head off into the sunset- $6.5-million in his 2011 salary plus a bonus.

OSG attempted to get some kind of alternate confirmation in this, and we just got it...

The Tennessean's Jim Wyatt has confirmed the report.

From Wyatt:
Titans owner Bud Adams had no comment and seemed surprised by the report.

“Where did you hear that? I better check on that. I can’t talk about it now. I have to talk to my people there,’’ Adams said. “I haven’t talked to them today. I really can’t talk about it now because I don’t know what’s been said. I want to see what is going on.’’

More when we know more...

Until then, here's an interview Fisher did with Steve Mariucci about his future plans from this past season...
((HT: NFLNetwork/Youtube))

Wyatt continues, through his Twitter feed, that the Titans front office was frustrated over his lack of plans for next season and was tired of what they thought was him dragging his feet after firing two coaches last week- one of them being one of his best friends, Chuck Cecil.

Fisher wasn't a fan of coaching with one year left on a contract without a long-term renewal and saw, what he thought was, the writing on that proverbial wall we all talk about in situations like this...

Thus, the divorce...

Here's coverage from our friends at WTVF-TV/Newschannel5 in Nashville...
FOSG Hope Hines stands in front of a big monitor...

DEVELOPING: OJ Mayo Gets 10-Game Suspension

((HT: NBA))

From the NBA their own selves...

O.J. Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies has been suspended without pay for 10 games for violating the terms of the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program. His violation of the program
involved a positive test for dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Mayo’s suspension will begin with tomorrow night’s game between the
Grizzlies and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Mayo said in a statement quote:
"I'm extremely disappointed that I'm going to miss the next 10 games, particularly as our team is making a push for the playoffs. I had no idea that the over-the-counter supplement that I took was a substance banned by the NBA. It was an honest mistake, but I take full responsibility for my actions. I apologize to my fans, teammates and the Grizzlies organization for regrettably not doing the necessary research about what supplements I can put in my body."

More when we know more...

In the meantime, here's a story ESPN's E;60 unit did on him before all his stardom...
((HT: ESPN/youtube))

Iowa Promises Probe Of Hospitalized Players

((HT: WHO-TV Des Moines))

The University of Iowa is ordering an investigation into what caused 13 football players to be hospitalized with a muscle disorder during offseason workouts.

Board of Regents President David Miles and school President Sally Mason call the case "a cause for grave concern."

The school will take the next three months to complete an investigation. The results will be presented to the Board of Regents.

The players have been diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition that involves the release of muscle fiber into the bloodstream and can cause liver damage. It can be
caused by physical exertion...

Which sounds really creepy...

WHO-TV raises an interesting question...

The Board of Regents released a statement on their own...
Here it is, thanks to our friends at KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids...

Gary Curtis, over at, says that the tests of the players for illegal drugs came back negative, but that doesn't rule out the idea of the above WHO-TV story.

Head Coach Kirk Ferentz met with pissed off parents Wednesday night and is looking to return to the hospital tomorrow.

From Curtis:
“Kirk took a lot of (stuff),” the source said. “But he stood there and took it all. He’s been incredibly remorseful about the whole thing.”

Oke State Remembers The Ten

Here's is the half-time ceremony from last night's Oklahoma State-Texas game where the fans at Gallagher-Iba Arena got to hear from Andre Williams, Doug Gottlieb, Eddie Sutton, and Desmond Mason...

It was a time to remember, reminisce, and recall all that was good of those that were lost...
((HT: OSUAthletics))

Texas won 61-46...

Here's coverage from our friends at KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City where the number ten was retired as part of the ceremony...
Marika Lorraine was in Stillwater...

“Very emotional night,” said State coach Travis Ford. “Great night to honor and celebrate people who loved and honored this university.

“I'm disappointed we didn't play better for our fans.”

Read more:

Broseph's Bits And The Thursday Gospel

There will be a ton of articles and posts about the performance Jimmer Fredette had last night. It was a spectacular showing by BYU in what could be their biggest game of the least until they play at San Diego State in February. The atmosphere in that building was electric and it made me think about why it's so much easier to accept the cinderella in college basketball then in it's college counterpart football. All of the talking heads told people to watch this game tonight and have alerted the fans about the Butlers and Gonzagas of the world. We embraced George Mason during their run to the Final Four adopting them as our team of choice for that season. We all remember where we were when Bryce Drew hit that shot for Valpo. I was at school watching the game with a few others who were rooting for the other team.

Let's contrast that to college football who had their own version of cinderella in TCU and Boise State. Now the Horned Frogs got the royal treatment especially after they knocked off Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. The problem was that everyone tried to cut them down beforehand pointing out that they couldn't play with the big boys because of their weak schedule. Boise State got even worse treatment from the fans and many of the pundits who said that they couldn't handle the spotlight either. Putting these two against each other in the bowl games was an injustice. The BCS officials said that we should be happy that they were even in a BCS bowl game. They didn't want us to see Boise knock off another Oklahoma. Fast forward to this season and the HUGE sigh of relief that came up when Kyle Brotzman missed those kicks.
I don't think there are those sigh's of relief in college basketball. Sure there are those who say every conference shouldn't have a representative in the field of 68. Those people are quickly quieted down by the mere mention of the Butlers, George Masons and Hampton who knocked off Iowa State. I really wonder why college football can't embrace their cinderellas. You don't see Coach K complaining that they have to play Butler in the title game. This is another reason the NCAA Tournament is the most pure sporting event in America. One and done is the way to go. I don't need a five or seven game series to determine who is good enough to win the championship.

The gospel went 1-1 yesterday with the La Salle game being postponed to Thursday. La Salle is still a pick especially if they are at 3.5 again. For those who need their reasons, please see my column before this.

Furman -2 -- The Paladins hit the road to take on Western Carolina on Thursday. Furman is 15-5, 7-2 in the Southern Conference. They have won four straight and five of their last six games entering this one. They score 72.9 points per game while allowing a mere 64.5. The Paladins are led by Amu Saaka (17.2 ppg), Jordan Miller (12 ppg) and Noah States (11.9 ppg). Western Carolina is 8-12, 4-4 in the conference. They are scoring only 67.5 points per game while allowing just under 70 per game. The Catamounts are led by Mike Williams (14.7 ppg) and Trey Sumler (11.5 ppg). They got waxed by Charleston and Citadel last week losing by a combined 51 points to those two teams. Furman is 7-1 ATS as a favorite this season and 14-4 ATS the past three seasons. They are a covering machine this season and will do so once again.

Idaho -2 -- We're going back to the Vandals even though they let us down in the Boise State game. Idaho hits the road where they've won five straight games to take on woeful Louisiana Tech. The Vandals had a six game win streak snapped in a three point home loss to Boise State. Idaho has been mighty impressive though especially for a team that was picked to finish towards the bottom of the WAC standings in the preseason. They are led by Kyle Barone (11.2 ppg), Jeff Ledbetter (10.2 ppg), Deremy Geiger (10.1 ppg), Luiz Toledo (9.8 ppg) and Shawn Henderson (9.7 ppg). Louisiana Tech is still looking for their first conference win. The team struggles to score putting up only 66.6 points per contest. They are led by DeAndre Brown (16 ppg) and Olu Ashaolu (14.5 ppg). The first time these two teams played this season, the Vandals won 77-47. La Tech lost three straight home conference games to Fresno State, San Jose State and Hawaii from 1/6 to 1/15. The Bulldogs are shooting 38.2 percent in conference play. This has Idaho win written all over it.

Nevada -6.5 -- The Fresno State Bulldogs hope their last outing awakened a terrible offense. Fresno scored 39, 57 and 52 points in three straight conference losses before putting up 86 at home against Seattle. Fresno is at Nevada on Thursday. The two teams played a close in in Fresno on January 3rd with the Bulldogs winning 80-74. The Dogs have put up just 65.1 points per game this season which is 128th overall. Greg Smith (10.7 ppg) and Kevin Olekaibe (10.6 ppg) lead the way. Nevada is 7-13, 4-3 in the WAC. They put up almost 70 points per game, but allow 71.4. The team has multiple options on offense with Olek Czyz (13.8 ppg), Deonte Burton (13.4 ppg), Malik Story (13.4 ppg) and Dario Hunt (13.2 ppg) doing most of the grunt work. The Wolf Pack has won four of their last five at home winning the first two games of the homestand by 19 and eight points. They have won three straight overall and are playing better basketball then the last time these two met.

OSG Buzzer Beater: Peyton Siva's Shot Boosts Louisville Over West Virginia

Louisville point guard Peyton Siva is 5'11" but with the game on the line that didn't stop him in challenging West Virginia bigs 6 foot 8 Kevin Jones and John Flowers whose 6-7. Siva just flipped the ball up, hit the top of the backboard and went through the net and Louisville was a winner 55-54.

Here's the highlights including Siva's shot. (Thanks WHAS-TV Louisville, KY)

"Peyton made a great play." Louisville head coach Rick Pitino said in a press conference after the game.

"I was hoping," Siva said. "I looked up and I fell down and I just saw it fall through."

You can't stop Jimmer Fredette, you can only hope to contain him...

Jimmer Fredette/Courtesy:
Just ask the previously unbeaten and formerly 4th ranked team in the country, San Diego State 71-58. BYUI's Jimmer Fredette did his best Pistol Pete Maravich imitation, dropping 43 points and adding to his ever growing legend.

Fredette, the nations leading scorer has already had a slew of highlight reel plays, showing up almost nightly on YouTube or SportsCenter. He's got his Cougars now 20-1 and ranked 9th in the country, talked about as a serious threat in a season without a dominant team.

Read more about BYU's win last night from RIGHT HERE

Really, if you haven't had a chance to check in on the exploits of one Jimmer Fredette, it would be well worth your time. He's a guy with an eternal green light to shoot and who's range seems to be almost to half-court. He's a great player who has made his team and teammates better. And he seems to be a really good kid with his head on straight.

Read this account of the adventures of Jimmer from RIGHT HERE

Will he be an NBA Superstar? Who knows? Does it really matter? Every once and awhile a college athlete captivates Sports fans and Sports writers and the frenetic' Fredette seems to be that guy now. He seems to have developed an almost Chuck Norris type of following among writers and the internet types.

Really, right now, as football winds down, we need some good TV Sports. You may have to tune in to an obscure channel like CBS College Sports to find the Jimmer's games, but trust us when we say...if you have the it.

Here's Jimmer talking about beating San Diego State Wednesday night. Thanks

Our friends at CBSSports also give us the story behind the legend that is Jimmer Fredette:

Highlights from the BYU's win over San Diego State. (Thanks KSL-TV, Salt Lake City, UT)

Video Courtesy of

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ed Reed Speaks Out After Brother's Body Found

((HT: WWL-TV New Orleans))

Local parish authorities say a body recovered from the Mississippi River in the New Orleans area has been tentatively identified as the long-missing brother of Baltimore Ravens' safety Ed Reed.

St. Charles Parish ((LA) Sheriff Greg Champagne said tattoos on the body match those
belonging to Brian Reed. More tests are planned and an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

Ed Reed attended the news conference and addressed his brother's disappearance after he was found to be driving another family member's car without permission back on January 7th.

Scott Satchfield was there for WWL...

"We're just hopeful the Reed family can have some peace now," Champagne said.

Hockey Player Sues Anaheim Ducks Over Anti-Semitic Claim

A Jewish hockey player is suing the Anaheim Ducks alleging that his coaches made anti-Semitic remarks and discriminated against him because he is Jewish.

Attorneys for Jason Bailey, who was traded to the Ottawa Senators in 2009, filed the lawsuit in Orange County ((CA)) Superior Court.

The suit alleges that coaches for the Bakersfield Condors, an ECHL affiliate of the Ducks at the time, made anti-Semitic remarks towards him and denied him ice time because he is Jewish.

Bailey was assigned to play for the Condors under the contract he signed with the Ducks back in 2008. He played there for 35 games before finishing his 2008-2009 season with the AHL's Iowa Chops. He has since played for the AHL affiliate of the Senators in Binghamton, New York since the trade.

The lawsuit says Bailey complained but management did not do enough when it came to addressing the allegations.

Here's a feature that ran on Bailey when he first surfaced with the Ottawa 67's back in the 2006-2007 season on "OHL Primetime..."
((HT: Youtube/RogersTV))

Vik Jolly's piece in the Orange County Register has part of the complaint:

Plaintiff "...was subject to severe and/or pervasive harassment on the basis of religion by being forced to endure a barrage of anti-Semitic, offensive and degrading verbal attacks regarding his Jewish faith"

The suit also claims then-Condors head coach Marty Raymond allegedly claimed that Jewish people "only cared about money and who's who." Both Raymond and an assistant that is to have allegedly harassed Bailey wrote letters of apology and were briefly suspended back in 2008, but Bailey's attorney tells Jolly that is not enough.

Baron Davis Vs. Rick Carlisle

The HQ will call it a draw, but we do like it when two people you least expect go at it after one throws a forearm at a third party...

Which leaves the HQ to ask...

Here's your answer...
((HT: NBA/FSSW/Youtube))

"He basically thought I took a cheap shot on Barea," Davis said, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Barea was flopping the whole night and he flopped on that play. So when Carlisle looked at me, 'That was a dirty play.'

"I was like, 'No it wasn't. This dude is flopping.' I guess he felt like he was protecting his player. So I told him to ... "

"He started cussing me out," Davis said. "I told him, 'Go have some lunch.'"

Or something like that...
How awesome is that...???

DEVELOPING: Former UGA AD Evans Gets 12 Months Probation

An attorney for former UGA athletic director Damon Evans says that he has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and was sentenced to a year of probation, a $750 fine and community service.

Evans resigned last July four days after he was pulled over by a Georgia state trooper in Atlanta, literally minutes before his new contract was to kick in that would have paid him over half-a-million dollars a year. Evans' attorney, Steve Weiner, said his client appeared in Atlanta Municipal Court back on January 19th, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to what we talked about in Paragraph 1.

Weiner says Evans was ordered to undergo an alcohol and drug evaluation and participate in a panel for MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Here's your refresher of the resignation, thanks to our friends at MyFoxAtlanta...
FOSG Buck Lanford was in Athens...

Damon Evans Resigns As UGA Athletic Director:

Read the arrest report if you choose...

BREAKING: Coyotes Public Bond Issue Fails

((HT: Sportsnet Radio/Fan 590 Toronto))

Sportsnet Radio THE FAN 590's Bob McCown is reporting that sources close to the Phoenix Coyotes situation are telling him that the public bond issue involving the team in the city of Glendale has failed.

Once again, this puts the long-term viability of the team in the suburban Phoenix area in doubt. Matthew Hulsizer was in line to purchase the team from the National Hockey League with subsidies thrown in by the city of Glendale itself totaling an asking price of US$142-million.

Now, apparently, everything is back a few steps in the process...

More when we know more...

Here's the last Coyotes game on ice as a distraction...
Edmonton's win over the Desert Dogs last night...
((HT: NHL Video/FSCoyotes))

Justine Henin Retires After Australian

Former women's Number 1 Justine Henin has retired from tennis for a second time, citing a lingering elbow injury.

Henin says on her website that "my elbow is too fragile and hurt so that my passion and my profession at high level cannot continue to exist."

Henin made the announcement five days after losing to Svetlana Kuznetsova 6-4, 7-6 (8) in the third round of the Australian Open, and retires with seven Grand Slams singles titles.

She was ranked the top-ranked player in the world when she announced her first retirement back in 2008. She returned 20 months later and made it to last year's
Australian Open final.

She partially tore a ligament in her right elbow in a fall at Wimbledon last year.

Here's highlights from that match down under...
((HT: Eurosport/Australian Open/Youtube))

Broseph's Bits And The Wednesday Gospel

The gospel went 1-0 yesterday picking up a close victory in Toledo by Bowling Green. I had my "pushes are like kissing your sister" blog post ready, but the Falcons made their FT's and made me stash that away for another day. We don't have picks in the best games of the evening. I know I'll be watching San Diego State - Brigham Young. I think it'll be an outstanding test for the Aztecs and if they somehow pull thru this, then they may finish the regular season undefeated.

Anyways, here's Wednesday's winners.

Ohio -10.5 -- The Bobcats host Eastern Michigan on Wednesday. EMU has struggled this season going 5-13, 2-3 in the MAC. They are scoring a woeful 61.7 points per game and have been unable to crack the 55 point mark in their last three contests. Outside of a road win at equally woeful Toledo, EMU has lost by 30 at Michigan State, 20 at Canisius, 15 at Idaho and 17 at Western Michigan. The Eagles lean heavily on Brandon Bowdry (20.3 ppg) and Derek Thompson (10.5 ppg) for their offense. Ohio is struggling this season as well going only 8-11, 1-4 in the MAC. They are scoring 73.8 points per game this season. D.J. Cooper (18 ppg), Tommy Freeman (11.1 ppg), DeVaughn Washington (11 ppg) and Ivo Baltic (9.1 ppg) are Ohio's biggest threats. The Bobcats have lost three straight, but will enjoy being home. They have feasted on weaker foes beating each of them by at least 10 points.

La Salle -4 -- It's a battle of Philadelphia schools on Wednesday when La Salle takes on St. Joseph's at the Palestra. The Hawks are mired in a terrible season going 5-14, 0-5 in the Atlantic 10 and are coming off a loss to Penn just a few days ago. They are scoring just 64.3 points per game while giving up over 70. The Hawks have scored over 70 just once since December 21st when they put up 79 in a loss to Boston University. Carl Jones (17.5 ppg) and Langston Galloway (11.3 ppg) lead the team in scoring. The Explorers aren't doing much better, but they have a lot more weapons and are putting up a lot more points. La Salle averages 77.5 points per contest getting a lot of contributions from Aaric Murray (15.1 ppg), Jerrell Williams (14.8 ppg) and Ruben Guillandeaux (13.1 ppg). The team is coming off a one point win at Rhode Island and has put up at least 70 in four straight contests. If La Salle ever learned to play defense, they'd be real dangerous.

TCU/New Mexico Over 141 -- New Mexico can snap their three game losing streak on Wednesday when they host TCU. The Lobos have a potent offense as evidenced by the fact they put up over 70 in two of those three losses. The problem was that their defense let them down especially in Utah where they gave up 82 to the Utes. New Mexico has scored less then 70 just twice this season at home. Four players average at least 10 points per contest with Dairese Gary (13.8 ppg) and Kendall Williams (11.6 ppg) leading the way. The other two scorers are Drew Gordon (11.4 ppg) and Philip McDonald (11.4 ppg). TCU's defensive struggles place them 107th overall giving up 70.3 points per contest. Luckily for them, they are able to put up 70.9. Ronnie Moss (15.7 ppg) and Garlon Green (11.7 ppg) lead the way for the Horned Frogs. They also get help from Hank Thorns (9.6 ppg) and Sammy Yeager (9.3 ppg). TCU has given up at least 75 points in four of their last five games and are allowing teams to shoot 50.8% in conference games this season. New Mexico has gone over in four of their seven games against teams with losing records.