Thursday, January 27, 2011

You can't stop Jimmer Fredette, you can only hope to contain him...

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Just ask the previously unbeaten and formerly 4th ranked team in the country, San Diego State 71-58. BYUI's Jimmer Fredette did his best Pistol Pete Maravich imitation, dropping 43 points and adding to his ever growing legend.

Fredette, the nations leading scorer has already had a slew of highlight reel plays, showing up almost nightly on YouTube or SportsCenter. He's got his Cougars now 20-1 and ranked 9th in the country, talked about as a serious threat in a season without a dominant team.

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Really, if you haven't had a chance to check in on the exploits of one Jimmer Fredette, it would be well worth your time. He's a guy with an eternal green light to shoot and who's range seems to be almost to half-court. He's a great player who has made his team and teammates better. And he seems to be a really good kid with his head on straight.

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Will he be an NBA Superstar? Who knows? Does it really matter? Every once and awhile a college athlete captivates Sports fans and Sports writers and the frenetic' Fredette seems to be that guy now. He seems to have developed an almost Chuck Norris type of following among writers and the internet types.

Really, right now, as football winds down, we need some good TV Sports. You may have to tune in to an obscure channel like CBS College Sports to find the Jimmer's games, but trust us when we say...if you have the it.

Here's Jimmer talking about beating San Diego State Wednesday night. Thanks

Our friends at CBSSports also give us the story behind the legend that is Jimmer Fredette:

Highlights from the BYU's win over San Diego State. (Thanks KSL-TV, Salt Lake City, UT)

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