Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Iowa football players Hospitalized allegedly due to workouts

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We aren't 100-percent sure, because the University isn't saying specifically what caused a dozen players to go to the hospital Monday night.

However, the Cedar Rapids Gazette is. According to the paper, the players are suffering from exertional rhabdomyolysis, essentially the result of the muscles being too overworked.

Thankfully, the players are recovering.

Read the Gazette's story RIGHT HERE

The one thing the school will admit to, is that the players were participating in allowable NCAA winter workouts. All good. They might want to consider lightening those workouts a bit.

This has not been the best run of luck for the Hawkeye's. Between the rash of marijuana arrests in December leading up to their bowl game, to Adam Robinson, one of those players trying to get back on the team and now this, they haven't gotten a lot of positive publicity.

Who knows what or why this has all been happening. Up until then, the program generally wasn't in the news very much. Now they are. Could there be a run of questionable recruits up there? Could coach Kirk Ferentz be losing control? Hard to say. Either way, they need to get there act together, fairly quickly, or they are going to be lumped in with other programs in competition for such titles as the dreaded "Fulmer Cup".

Your TV version of this story from our friends at KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids:

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