Monday, January 24, 2011

UT Hoops Player/Budding rapper may get Vols in more trouble

Renaldo Woolridge/Courtesy:
When it rains, it pours. The beleaguered University of Tennessee basketball program may have another NCAA violation issue to deal with.

The reason. Renaldo Woolridge, a junior on the squad and budding rapper by the name of "Swiperboy", got free use of a portion of a Knoxville restaurant last shoot a rap video.

No, really, it's an NCAA violation.

The story from Andrew Gribble and Grant Ramey of RIGHT HERE

At his weekly media availabiltiy on Monday, Volunteer coach Bruce Pearl, already in trouble because of some rules violations said he hasn't yet met with Woolridge and isn't clear if the infraction is an actual rules violation. It is though, highly unlikely, that you can walk into the New Amsterdam Bar and Grill and get the same freebie.

Here's Pearl addressing the matter on tape...
((HT: Knoxville News-Sentinel))

We've harped on the free pass the Tennessee athletes get in the city of Knoxville before and we'll say it again: "It's great to be supportive, but there comes a point where it's being taken over the top". We do understand there isn't much else of significance in Knoxville to worship. But the fans there need to understand, love 'em or hate 'em, you need to treat your COLLEGE athletes like any other college student.

Here is young Mr. Woolridge a.k.a "Swiperboy" doing an Eric Berry for Heisman video last year. We do wonder how a college student can afford such a highly produced video....Just sayin'. Thanks UTSPORTSoCOM:

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