Friday, January 21, 2011

Chris Simms Shakes Off Plea Deal

Tennessee Titans backup QB Chris Simms turned down a plea deal after being accused of driving while high on marijuana in New York City back in July.

Simms rejected the prosecutors' offer to let him plead guilty to driving while impaired. That's a traffic violation that would've garnered him a $500 fine, five days of community service and a 90-day suspended license.

A judge then set a March 1st trial date. The charges include a misdemeanor that could send Simms to jail for a year if he's convicted.

Simms denies the police department's claim that he admitted smoking marijuana.

To counteract the downer-ness, here's some optimistic highlights from pre-season...
Not last year, though...
((HT: KPIX/Youtube))

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