Friday, January 28, 2011

Jeff Fisher: "I'm Tired..."

((HT: The Tennessean/Wyatt))

Here's fan reaction, thanks again to the Tennessean...
Obviously, reactions can range from "it's about time" to "how can you DO something like this...?"

“I think I'm tired,” former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher said at his 40-minute exit presser Friday. “I need to rest.”

“It’s a very tough day for this franchise. Jeff meant a great deal to this team and I appreciate all that he has done for us," owner Bud Adams said through a speaker-phone in his Houston office. “Unfortunately, organizations and coaches almost always reach a point where it is time for a change and this is where we are."

General Manager Mike Reinfeldt and Executive Vice President Steve Underwood said that they're looking for the next head coach- effective immediately. The HQ is leaning toward current assistant Mike Munchak as the new BMOC.

Reinfeldt talks about it hyah... thanks to our friends at Newschannel5/WTVF

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