Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UPDATED: Packers fan fired over tie at Chicago car dealership....Really?

John Stone/Courtesy: alex garcia/chicago tribune
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Okay, this is going way too freakin' far. Apparently, a salesman at Webb Chevrolet in the Chicago area lost his job Sunday after showing up for work wearing a Green Bay Packers tie.

Yeah, seriously. Apparently his boss told him talk off the tie or he's fired.

The story from the Chicago Tribune RIGHT HERE

What's worse, the boss who fired him, didn't dispute that why he fired him. He says its because the dealership does promotional work with the Bears.

No, sorry dude, that's a really lame excuse. We all get rivalries in sports and we get that people take their sports seriously, albeit sometimes too seriously. But there is not a legitimate excuse in the world for firing someone for freely speaking.

We hope the salesman, John Stone, gets his redemption on the clowns that run the dealership. If you are firing someone strictly on that basis, you got problems. Last we checked, wearing an opponents tie isn't against the law, it's some little bitty thing called...oh...FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

Apparently someone in Chicago does have a heart, and after hearing about Stone's plight, has already offered him a job.

The update from the Tribune RIGHT HERE

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Anonymous said...

What the Hell are you thinking Jerry Roberts! You should be the one fired not a man wearing a GB tie.This will no doubt hurt your sales.and I for one will never buy a chevy from Webb Chevy. As long as Jerry Roberts works for Webb chevy in OAKLAWN.