Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iowa Promises Probe Of Hospitalized Players

((HT: WHO-TV Des Moines))

The University of Iowa is ordering an investigation into what caused 13 football players to be hospitalized with a muscle disorder during offseason workouts.

Board of Regents President David Miles and school President Sally Mason call the case "a cause for grave concern."

The school will take the next three months to complete an investigation. The results will be presented to the Board of Regents.

The players have been diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition that involves the release of muscle fiber into the bloodstream and can cause liver damage. It can be
caused by physical exertion...

Which sounds really creepy...

WHO-TV raises an interesting question...

The Board of Regents released a statement on their own...
Here it is, thanks to our friends at KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids...

Gary Curtis, over at, says that the tests of the players for illegal drugs came back negative, but that doesn't rule out the idea of the above WHO-TV story.

Head Coach Kirk Ferentz met with pissed off parents Wednesday night and is looking to return to the hospital tomorrow.

From Curtis:
“Kirk took a lot of (stuff),” the source said. “But he stood there and took it all. He’s been incredibly remorseful about the whole thing.”

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