Saturday, January 29, 2011

Houston Law Firm Investigating Ole Miss Player Death

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A Houston-based law firm says it is investigating the death of Ole Miss football player Bennie Abram.

The Lanier Law Firm says it has been hired by Abram's family.

Abram, a 20-year-old junior walk-on, died almost a year ago ((February 19th)) several hours after collapsing during an early morning workout on campus. An autopsy revealed Abram died from complications due to sickle cell trait.

Ole Miss was aware Abram had sickle cell trait, but can occasionally trigger severe problems after strenuous exercise. The university concluded all of its employees acted properly.

See the Ereck Plancher case at UCF if you've forgotten about this...

The NCAA made sickle cell trait testing mandatory for all Division I athletes last year.

Once again, see the Plancher case for any and all references...

Back at Itawamba Community College, the school where Abram played before Ole Miss, head coach Jon Williams talks about the Abram Legacy Award
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Is it just the HQ, or is Ole Miss in a spot of trouble...???

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