Friday, February 12, 2010

Pac-Man Fever in Cincinnati?

There have been a few interesting reports popping up in the Cincinnati area about some "Curious" NFL players getting tryouts. The latest is that that the Cincinnati Bengals are testing the waters with one Adam "Pacman" Jones.

Pacman isn't the only Jones the Bengals are interested in, there are also reports that they are in the bidding along with the Tennessee Titans for former Jaguars Wide Receiver Matt Jones, who was suspended last season for a Drug arrest.

More from the Cincinnati Enquirer and their most excellent Beat Writer Joe Reedy RIGHT HERE

((Adam Jones says "Hire Me"//Courtesy:

The Pacman interest is a bit odd, only because the Bengals are very strong in the secondary, particularly at Cornerback with Jonathan Joseph and Leon Hall. The Matt Jones interest makes more sense. The Bengals really struggled for most of the season throwing the ball. Right now the only receiving threat on the team is Chad Ochocinco. They signed Lavernious Coles in the 2008-09 offseason and he really didn't do much. Reedy also mentions that the Bengals may kick the tires of the previously suspended and now available Donte Stallworth too.

It is also worth noting that Ochocinco has been all over Twitter saying he wants the Bengals to go after one Terrell Owens. Though on one level it might be pretty funny,we suspect that might be asking just a bit too much out of the new version of the Oakland Raiders to take that headache on.

Enjoy Adam Jones' theme song. The video kinda sucks. Thanks You Tube:

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