Sunday, February 28, 2010

John Smoltz for Congress?

An interesting story this morning coming out of Atlanta politics where U.S Representitive John Linder announced he would not seek re-election yesterday. Today, there is rampant speculation that former Atlanta Braves pitcher and current suburban Atlanta resident John Smoltz is going to be approached about running for Linder's office.

Smoltz is an avowed Republican as is Linder and brings instant recognition in the Metro Atlanta area.

More from's Political Insider Jim Galloway...RIGHT HERE

Right now, Smoltz has been rumored to be looking into pitching for a team this season. After struggling in 2009, his first season away from Atlanta, he's had a hard time getting a Free-Agent deal, even now...with Spring Training in full gear. At 42, with a huge amount of Celebrity, very little baggage and tons of personality and charm....and if you've ever spoken with him...he certainly isn't lacking for opinion, he would be a very, very interesting choice in the largely conservative 7th District of Georgia.

((John Smoltz is happy//Courtesy: David O'Brien's blog/ File))

Check out this Comcast commercial...where Smoltz attempts to ham things up...Thanks You Tube:

**Overnight note** The AJC tracked Smoltz down and spoke with him. He didn't know anything about this and wasn't interested at this time. Though he also didn't rule it out some time in the future either.

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