Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rodney Scott Gets SEC Sportsmanship Award

((HT: al.com/Woodbery))

This one goes into the "well-deserved, slam dunk" category...

Ole Miss player Rodney Scott, who stayed motionless on top of Auburn's Zac Etheridge while Tigers medical staff attended to Etheridge's neck injury, received the SEC's sportsmanship award.

Etheridge collided with Antonio Coleman trying to tackle Scott and would crack a veterbrae and tear neck ligaments. Auburn coach Gene Chizik told Evan Woodbery that, in talking to Scott, higher powers were at play:

"He was just amazing," Chizik said. "He said it was a God thing. He just knew that something was different. It was almost like he couldn't explain it, but he just knew it was different and he just, he laid there. And it was pretty amazing."

Here's Etheridge talking about the injury after it happened last Halloween...
((HT: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/bitros79))

Etheridge hopes to continue playing football if his condition and recovery will allow...

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