Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The True Story of the Texas Two-Step...

Wow. We knew that there were some conflicting stories and a lot of mis-information over the past week about the attempt at realigning the college football landscape. What we didn't know were the details and what it took to keep everything from changing.

The leader in this story, the guy who was ahead of everyone else, knew the back room maneuvering and what was at stake was a guy by the name of Chip Brown.

((Texas Football Tunnel//Courtesy:

Chip, a former UT beat writer for the Dallas Morning News, writes and co-owns a Texas based and Texas driven website called Over the past week, they went from a fringe, small-subscription based site devoted to the University of Texas to being a nationally regarded powerhouse of information.

FOLLOW THIS LINK and read about what Chip was able to gleam and cobble together about the wooing of the schools of the Big 12 by a variety of people. It's utterly fascinating and very in depth. And it shows just how close we came to having a Pac 16 and no Big 12 who are 10.

Mr. Brown, should you have the opportunity to read what we at OSG Sports, ourselves a bit of a small player in the blogosphere have to say; sir, we tip our hat to you. Great job, great reporting and what online journalism should be. Not only did you beat the "Big Guys" at the 4-letter (ESPN) to the punch, you established and made a name for yourselves on the national stage. Many Props to you sir.

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