Monday, June 28, 2010

Chris Henry Had Early Stages Of Brain Disease....

This will probably get the attention of everyone playing in the NFL and everyone who has played in the NFL.

Chris Henry, a receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, who had died after falling from a truck in a domestic dispute in December of 2009, has been found to already been suffering from a brain issue that doctors are finding more and more frequently in football players.

The disease, CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a progressive brain disease that has been found in quite a few former players, all of whom died young.

Doctors, think, emphasis on think, that the disease is caused from traumatic brain injuries such as helmet to helmet hits. However, the previous cases had been primarily in older players who played more physical positions such as on the line.

Henry however was 26, and he was a wide receiver and not known as being particularly physical.

Much more on the report from the New York Times RIGHT HERE

((Chris Henry//Courtesy: Cincinnati Enquirer))

The NFL and other sports leagues have finally, after years of ignoring the issue of concussions and long term brain injury effects, started to addressing the issue. At this point, they haven't reacted to this finding, though the doctors from West Virginia University who did the forensic exam are going to discuss what they found later in the day on Monday.

Here's Maureen O'Boyle and Jeff Atkinson with the early run down in Charlotte
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