Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Swiss go all Neutral vs. Spain....

Who says that the World Cup can't have unfathomable upsets. Most who follow soccer and in particular the World Cup pegged the team from Spain as the favorites. The guys who in the end would be your World Cup champions.

Well, that might not happen now. You see, the Spanish guys forgot that they needed to take care of business. They got beat. They got Switzerland, 1-0. Yes, that's right. The country known mostly for cheese, Roger Federer and their neutrality.

The only goal of the game. Scored in the 52nd minute by Gelson Fernandes. The Spaniards, they got nothing. No goal. No 2 points. And now no undefeated streak against the Swiss either.

For your game summary, we give you the Miami Herald RIGHT HERE

And for your video highlights, instead of the blathering on ESPN, we give you TECHNO-HIGHLIGHTS. Courtesy of the You Tube:

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