Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mountain West picking at Big 12's carcass....

It appears as though the Mountain West conference is trying to position itself as the "Best of the rest" conference.

According to several reports, along with adding Boise State yesterday, they have been gauging the interest of the potential Big 12 leftovers. Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri are all having to explore their options since neither the newly expanded Pac 10 and Big 10 aren't very interested.

Check out some more details from the Idaho Statesman RIGHT HERE

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Is there anyone else that thinks this all sucks if you are Kansas? Here they are, one of the best basketball programs in the country and nobody wants them. It speaks volumes about how the NCAA presidents think, doesn't it? The message appears to be Football is everything.

With these teams, the MWC will be pretty good in football. They'll be even better in hoops. No, they still don't have an invite to the "Elite" schools BCS party...yet. It just speaks as to how screwed up and corrupt the whole college sports game has become. (My opinion)

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