Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Fed-Ex BCS? Smith wants to buy Memphis an invite....

((ht: parrish))

Never say that you've think that you've heard it all. If a report on is true, then Fed-Ex CEO Fred Smith is going to try and buy the University of Memphis a spot in a BCS Conference for up to $10-million a year.

You should read Gary Parrish's story RIGHT HERE

If this were to happen, it would reinforce everything we've said about the misplaced priorities in College Sports.

Never mind that with all of the conference switcharoo's going on that there are going to be about 100 or so Division 1 schools who will no longer have the opportunity to "EVER" play in a BCS bowl. If Smith buys Memphis' way in, it just proves that there is no "College" involved with this. There is no amateur-ness involved.

Allowing Smith to foot a bill for $10-million a year so that Memphis can be in the Big Ten or the Big East or whatever's left of the BCS conferences is a joke. A bad joke. Though we suppose that it is no more of a joke than the changing landscape of College Football, where if you aren't one of the school's in the "Power Conference's" you might as well play in 1-AA

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