Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lewand's BAC Was .21


The police report for Lions president Tom Lewand was released Tuesday. His black SUV exited the parking lot of a Detroit bar called Limberlost. He was weaving on a road near a local high school.

When stopped by officers, Lewand told them he had not had a drink in a year and a half. He went on to say he was the DD for the evening, and he had pulled into Limberlost to pick up a friend as they were headed somewhere else.

He was then asked to step out of the vehicle to undergo all the appropriate sobriety testing that cops do at that time. Lewand was asked if he would submit to a breathalyzer test and he refused.

Lewand failed sobriety tests in the field, and was placed under arrest and transported to a local jail.

Once in jail, Lewand agreed to submit to a breathalyzer- a .21, and then a few minutes later, Lewand’s blood alcohol content was a .20.

Tom Leyden has the rundown, thanks to our friends at WXYZ...

Here's where you can see the police report...

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