Saturday, June 19, 2010

Manute Bol moves on....

The NBA's 1st Dinka warrior, Manute Bol, all 7-7 of him, passed away Saturday at the age of 47. He died at the University of Virginia's Medical center

Bol, from the Sudan, had contracted Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a skin disease, while in Africa.

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There were very few characters in NBA history like Bol, who, played for Washington, Golden State, Philadelphia and Miami in his 9 year NBA career and was perhaps the most friendly big man to ever play.

((Manute Bol in action//Courtesy:

Though extraordinarily tall, he was a pretty good athlete and was an amazing shot blocker. He tried, albeit humorously to re-invent himself as a potential "3-point" threat while at Golden State, playing for Don Nelson.

He was beloved everywhere he played and by everyone he played with, perhaps in some ways because he struggled to learn english and what he learned was mostly the "Trash Talk" of basketball.

To give you an idea of how much fun his teammates and friends had being around him, check out this prank that Charles Barkley pulled on him from years ago. Thanks You Tube:

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