Monday, June 21, 2010

Portugal skunks North Korea...reaction forthcoming....

The only explanation for this is that there was a cell phone tower outage. You'll need to refer to this story we did last week on the North Korean soccer team CLICK understand why we say this.

It's the only logical explanation...isn't it?

Portugal pretty much put North Korea out of their collective misery today, by beating them...7-0 and returning them to the past glory of their 105th ranking.

Here is a brief article (the only one we could find other than the 4-letter) from noted soccer website CLICK HERE

((One of seven celebrations in the game//Courtesy: Oleg Popov/

The barrage took a few minutes. Portugal actually only led 1-0 at the half. That's why we think the cell phone thing is the only explanation. The Portuguese went all Man-o-war on them in the second half, scoring 6 goals, with a crazy goal by star Christiano Ronaldo and two from Tiago (of the one name only Tiago's).

We would say we shudder to think what fearless leader Kim-Jong Il (Al Davis) is going to do to the national team of North Korea after this, but really we don't. Of greater concern is what did the 1000 paid actors playing North Korea fans do for the whole game? As we all know, actors don't sit still very well. Though we guess if we think about this....hmmmm...that would explain why the only story we could find at 9:45am eastern was from a Movie web site. Okay, maybe there is a strange conspiracy here. If the cell phone outage story is true (we hope so...even if we did make it up), then perhaps there was a reason that North Korea forgot there was a second half....

The video here isn't great, but it is as close as we are going to get for highlights of the massacre right now. Hopefully the link will stay up. Watch from darrenmong101 and You Tube:


Sulphur said...

We are sooo screwed with North Korea now. I have a feeling that Portugal will be a nuclear test ground in the near future...

phil cantor said... pretty damn funny!