Thursday, June 17, 2010

Savannah State doesn't speak highly of Robby Wells....

Last month we told you about the battle of Robert (Robby) Wells versus Savannah State. Wells accused the school of racial discrimination in his firing. Wells claims that though he was the 1st white Head Football coach in the schools history, he was fired because his wife was black.

The school is firing back. According to published reports, the schools interim AD, Claud Flyth called Wells....among other things "A Pathological liar". has a more detailed report including an interview with's RIGHT HERE

Unfortunately, Savannah State has been known more for it's lack of success in pretty much every sport. This further clouds things for them, even as the schools president puts more pressure on the athletic department to win and help generate revenue.

The school is vehemently fighting Wells' claims and believes that ultimately, they will get the case dismissed or at least kicked back out of federal court.

ESPN's very excellent Outside the Lines explored the story and the potential issue with a very in depth report. You should watch it.

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Secret said...

WOW, Marilyn Suggs came across as a dim witted racist and a liar. You would think African Americans from Georgia would understand better than anyone what an awful thing racism is. This blows my mind, I thought this type of blatant racism was only capable by uneducated middle age white men from 1970 on back. What type of example is Ms. Suggs setting for here 4000 plus students. Good luck Coach Wells