Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never let your Pierogi post on Facebook...The Pittsburgh Pirates might not like it.

((ht:pittsburgh post-gazette))

This was too funny to pass up. One of the people who dresses up as a Pierogi at the Pittsburgh Pirates home games was apparently fired for slamming his team on his Facebook page.

Andrew Kurtz took shots at the teams entire management team, he was fired very shortly thereafter.

More from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette RIGHT HERE

Mr. Kurtz wasn't totally off-base with what he said, but the Pirates didn't seem to look at it that way saying that Kurtz was allegedly already in trouble for doing something in violation of company policy.

Awww...guess he'll have to do without those $25 dollar checks every few weeks. We'll try and refrain from making any Pittsburgh related jokes at this time due to the fact the we know some people who live there and from what they say, the people in Pittsburgh don't really have a good sense of humor about stuff like this.

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