Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wall to anyone paying attention?

To say that the NBA Draft doesn't quite get the buildup that the NFL does would be a huuuuuggggeeee understatement.

Sure, it's actually somewhat entertaining. There are always trades and this year is no different, there are a lot of teams making deals for guys they've never had play and guys they don't want playing for them. But there is very little drama.

We knew that John Wall was going to be the first pick. There was never a question. He's now part of the Washington Wizards, who we still don't know how ended up with the first pick. There is little question that he'll be a star. No, the only question is how is he going to mesh with our good friend Gilbert. Yes, none other than Agent Zero himself.

More from the New York Times RIGHT HERE

Also to the surprise of no one, Evan Turner of Ohio State went second to Philadelphia and despite their denials, New Jersey took rising sophomore Derrick Favors.

Check out's coverage, with Matt Winer, Kenny Smith and Bill Self breaking down the selection. Thanks, we love that you are blogger friendly.

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