Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big 12 is done...What's next for the Pac 10?

Now that the Texas Two-Step has ended and the Big 12 is now 10 and chock-full-o-money for Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, what is next for the great realignment dance of 2010?

Well, let's try and figure it out...shall we?

It looks like Colorado jumped to the Pac 10, now 11 and probably soon to be 12, a bit too soon. There is some speculation that they panicked, but according to reports out of Colorado, they are perfectly happy moving West, they see more money in it for them.

Check out the analysis from the Boulder Daily-Camera RIGHT HERE

((That's me, kinda near Ralphie the Buffalo when Colorado was in the Big 12 now 10//Courtesy: Eric Hager))

The next step for the Pac 10, now 11 and looking to be 12....find number 12. The early frontrunner...Utah, from the Mountain West, which by the way just added Boise State.

More from the Deseret News RIGHT HERE

The Salt Lake Tribune opines about what should be next RIGHT HERE

The San Jose Mercury-News all but proclaims Utah a member of the Pac 10-11 and soon to be 12. The story is RIGHT HERE

While we at the OSG think that the Utah scenario will more than likely play out, don't assume it. There are strong arguments to say stay in the Mountain West, an already strong and now upgraded conference in Football with the Boise State addition.

Should they say no, Larry Scott and the Pac 10 that is 11 will have some work ahead. Yes, you can argue that he made a huge, bold move trying to add half of the Big 12 now 10, but it didn't work.

The only way Scott can save some face and add the revenue he is advocating is by having 12 teams and a Championship game. Will that happen? Probably. But it won't be easy. It will be, however, much less hyped which should increase the chances of it getting done.

We think that this song is the only appropriate video we could think of for the winding down of this story. Enjoy Europe. Thanks Vevo/You Tube:

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