Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Star UNLV Player Arrested For Trying To Choke Girlfriend

((HT: KTNV-TV, Las Vegas Review-Journal/Planas))

UNLV star hoopster Tre'Von Willis apparently got into an argument with his 28-year-old girlfriend over text messages, according to a Henderson, Nevada police report.

In Antonio Planas article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the police report says that Willis was upset that Skye Sanders was texting friends instead of "paying attention to him."

He was arrested on charges of felony domestic battery by strangulation, felony grand larceny for stealing Sanders' cell phone, and misdemeanor coercion.

And, it's another 2AM incident, too... technically, 2:30AM...

From Planas:
Sanders told police Willis said he was going out and she replied that she was also going out. Willis then overturned Sanders' purse, dumping its contents looking for her keys. Sanders laughed at Willis because her keys were not in her purse. That's when Willis got physical with Sanders for the first time during their relationship.

"Willis had his thumbs in the center of her throat with his fingers wrapping around the sides of her neck," the report stated. "Sanders stated that while Willis was choking her, Willis kept saying to her, 'Say you're sorry.' "

Sanders told police said she was barely able to say she couldn't breathe while Willis had his hands around her throat.

Here's Blake McCoy's early piece on the arrest, thanks to our friends at KTNV-TV

Willis posted a bond of a little over $18-grand and court appearances are scheduled for July 21 and August 3. Willis initially denied a physical altercation, only admitting to a verbal one with Sanders.

Planas' article also divulges that Sanders' roommate gave a statement to Henderson police, and her statement was consistent with the one Sanders gave.

The HQ thinks Willis needs to figure out what he's talkin' 'bout before late July...

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