Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:Chipper Jones may be done....((with update))

((update at the bottom))

It looks like sure-fire Hall of Famer and career Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones may be hanging it up after the season.

Check out the details from ajc.com and their excellent Braves Blog RIGHT HERE

Chipper had gone on record saying that after his struggles in 2009, he'd hang 'em up if 2010 wasn't any better. So far, it hasn't been.

He's struggled with minor injuries and the inability to hit the pitches he drilled in previous years. Always a somewhat streaky hitter, it's been going on 2-seasons since he was in one of his "Zones".

((Chipper Jones//Courtesy: redsoxgirl46.mlblogs.com))

The HQ and in particular, me, are sad to see this happen. He is one of the last of the "Throwback", old school type of ball players. A guy who worked at his craft and played the game the traditional way, the way it was supposed to be played. And most importantly, he stayed with and loyal to the Braves throughout his career. There are oh so few players with that kind of loyalty in baseball or in professional sports period anymore.

I can remember covering him as far back as 1990-91 when he was a rising senior at the Bolles school in Jacksonville, Florida. He was the prototypical kid from the deep south who wanted nothing more than to play baseball, hunt, fish and golf. Really, he hasn't changed much from that nor would I ever expect him to.

He's taken some heat on and off for the past 10-years with Braves fans and a lot of them got to see him grow into a strong leader and more importantly a strong man. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the guy, he was always a professional in and out of the locker room when our paths crossed. If he said that he would do an interview, he did it. If he had to do something else first, he always came back and found you. How can you not respect that?

According to today's report, he's going to meet with Manager Bobby Cox, who is also retiring after the season and the teams GM, Frank Wren. Afterwards, he is supposed to either do a formal press conference or his usual holding court on the picnic table in the middle of the Braves locker room and announce that he's done after this season.

((Updated 1:20pm//Per MLB.com's Braves writer Mark Bowman's Twitter feed/"After talking to Braves management, Chipper does not plan to address the media. Believes it is premature to talk about his potential retirement))

All well and good, but the question we have is how do you avoid it? He's not going to hide form the next 100 games. Someone will ask.))

Here is some video of Chip going yard earlier this season. Thanks You Tube:

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