Monday, June 14, 2010

The Texas Two-Step Continues....


We are increasingly finding ourselves checking out the various places reporting on the conference realignment dance...because the rumors, facts and circumstances seem to be changing...pretty much daily.

The latest update as of 10:15am Eastern Time is a story that is circulating from Chip Brown and

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In that story, Brown says that Texas apparently isn't going anywhere, that they are okay with the Big 12 being 10...even if the Big 10 will have 12 along with the Pac 10 which may be 12. Does that make sense?

Check out Chip's most excellent reporting RIGHT HERE

The next play that will probably happen is Texas A&M. Their story was chronicled by Brother Wilkie in the previous story on the OSG Website. They are seriously think about trying to jump to the SEC, though we aren't totally sure why they would if the Big 12 stays together. However, we think that Oklahoma is the bigger play. Unless they are on board with the 12 and Commissioner Dan Beebe's plan...Texas won't stay without them.

We are still hearing that Oklahoma may be in play with the SEC, which would be the better option for them geographically and on a few other levels. If they go that way, don't count out Texas either. But we'd be shocked if A&M went without at least one of the "Big Boys".

This unfortunately is all speculation. Quite honestly, there may not be any more "Re-alignment". Nobody knows for sure right now. We suspect though, by the end of this week, the dust should be settled and we'll know whom will be where.

***UPDATE***at 10:40am- The 4-letter (ESPN)'s Joe Schad is reporting that 4 of the Big 12 schools, Texas, Texas Tech and the 2 Oklahoma schools are on the verge of heading to the Pac 10. The story RIGHT HERE

Now the question is...Who do you believe? The mighty 4-Letter or

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