Saturday, June 19, 2010

Terrell Owens is unemployed and now a defendant in a lawsuit....

Tough times for "The Player" these days. Terrell Owens, he of the big talent and even bigger ego has not had a very good 2010.

He is having oh such a hard time convincing anyone in the NFL to sign him to a contract, despite being only 35-years old and still having at least some of the skills that made him one of the leagues best.

He's also now a defendant in a Birmingham, Alabama lawsuit. He and his cousin apparently bailed out of a lease agreement on a bar that they were going to open in the city. It never actually happened.

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((Mr. T.O. in his Dallas days//Courtesy:

Granted, the $26 million reasons to live and other paydays for Mr. T.O would probably mean the amount specified in the lawsuit is trivial to him. You know, roughly the cost of a missed practice or Organized team activity...but oh...then again, that isn't an issue right now either.

Owens is still looking for some NFL work and whether he realizes it or not, most teams are probably a bit more concerned with his baggage as opposed to his skill. Might want to think about that one....

Owens says it's really's really unfair...back in 2008, when talking about another quarterback he threw under the bus. Thanks You Tube:

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