Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blackhawks Signings Now With NHLPA

((HT: TSN/Dreger))

The National Hockey League has concluded its portion of an investigation into the Chicago Blackhawks mishandling of a number of qualifying offers made last week.

At the request of the Players Association, the league has forwarded its findings to NHLPA and now awaits reaction to determine what happens next.

Unless the NHLPA chooses to grieve the situation, the issue could be dead.

Last week, sources with hands on knowledge of how qualifying offers have to be filed told TSN that some restricted free agents on the Blackhawks didn't receive proper notification from the team.

Blackhawks stars Kris Versteeg ((pictured, thanks Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty)) and Cam Barker are among that group.

Dale Tallon told TSN he believed all of the qualifying offers were post marked for June 29th and didn't sound concerned when the matter was discussed on Friday.

Tallon acknowledged there was a mistake made and wondered if the July 1st holiday may have interfered with the players and player agents receiving the qualifying offers via mail, on time.

Multiple sources say it's clearly stated in the collective bargaining agreement, qualifying offers, or QO's, as they're commonly referred to, are not supposed to be mailed, but rather faxed or delivered by courier.

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