Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sean Avery Instigates Everyone Including Jack Edwards

((HT: NESN))

Those of you who follow the puck on a normal basis know two things:

1) Sean Avery is a worthless piece of garbage when he doesn't play well with others and,
2) When play-by-play guy Jack Edwards is prodded, his comments can be incredibly funny, homeristic, and usually right on- even if embellished...

Today's example is when Avery accidentally-on-purpose hit Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas in the back of the head. Square dancing ensued, and Edwards and color commentator Andy Brickley were, understandably, pissed- broadcastingly speaking...

Enjoy... The weekly Edwards "Soliloquy On The State Of The Game" is at the 3:20 mark...

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