Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh You, Herschel Walker...

((HT: Strikeforce/Showtime))

Herschel Walker stopped Hungarian fighter Greg Nagy in the third round Saturday night to win his mixed-martial arts debut. Walker drove Nagy into the fence early in the third. After a bunch of unanswered punches, referee Troy Waugh called the fight.

"The experience was exciting," Walker said. "This is the hardest thing I've ever done."

Walker wore down the 26-year-old Nagy (1-2). He appeared to be close to the win near the end of the second five-minute round, but Nagy managed to extend the bout.

For those of you who have forgotten, Walker also holds a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has practiced in the kempo discipline as well.

Walker turned his attention to MMA almost three months ago when he moved to San Jose, California, to train at the American Kickboxing Academy. He prepared for his debut by practicing against Jon Fitch and Cain Velasquez.

"They're the ones that got me here," Walker said. "We sparred three days a week to get me ready."

Here's some of the fight, thanks to Strikeforce and Showtime...

UNO Quietly Withdraws From Sun Belt

((HT: WWL-TV))

In what a lot of people thought was an unfortunate inevitability, the University of New Orleans has asked for and was granted a withdrawal from the Division I Sun Belt Conference. It's part of their process to drop from Division I to Division III for the remaining six sports on campus.

"It is unfortunate that UNO finds itself in financial constraints that have necessitated such drastic measures, but there is a time when tough decisions must be made. While we are proud of our past membership in the Sun Belt Conference, the University has to make changes that will allow NCAA sanctioned athletics to continue at the Division III level," said University of New Orleans Chancellor Tim Ryan.

A combination of dwindling student body numbers, the resulting lack of student activity funds available from the 50-percent drop, budget cuts, and the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina forced the decision.

Back in November, the school got serious about investigating the drop and this is the end game. The conference Executive Committee, wisely, dropped the $500,000 early withdrawal fee and let the school go into the sunset on their own.

"The last several years have been unquestionably difficult on the University and the athletics department," said Sun Belt Commissioner Wright Waters. "The University's assessment that has led to its withdrawal from the Sun Belt Conference has assuredly also been another difficult chapter for UNO. UNO is our third longest tenured member and they will be sorely missed. The hard work put in by Chancellor Ryan and numerous other administrators on campus over the last several years of uncertainty is to be commended."

The University originally suspended nine of its 15 sports, and has been operating under a waiver of the NCAA requirement that Division I institutions that do not play football sponsor a minimum of 14 sports. The University is currently sponsoring nine sports.

And that number is pretty generous... it's really six with eight squads- baseball, basketball ((men's and women's)), golf, swimming and diving, tennis ((men's and women's)), and volleyball.

Here's how our friends at WWL-TV looked at the initial idea of dropping to D3.
Bigad Shaban caught up with some folks who were understandably disappointed...

The HQ still doesn't know how the Privateers are going to add three sports to get to the D3 mandated 9. The plan is to elevate the football, softball, and soccer club teams. But the school gets four years to figure out the financing.

WWL's Scott Cody took a look at football on campus during the season past...

The HQ sends its support to UNO, but we're still thinking the long-term prospects are pretty bleak. Support UNO athletes here at their Athletic Foundation website...

They need it...

Leafs Start NHL Trading Frenzy Early, Grab Phaneuf And Giguere...

((HT: TSN, ESPN-Lebrun))

Two teams hemorrhaging in the NHL standings have decided it's time to shake up their rosters before the Winter Olympic break... and Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke ((pictured, knowing he got the better part of the deal, thanks CP)) is already looking like he improved the worst team in the Eastern Conference.

The Calgary Flames broke an 0-6-3 losing skid last night by playing Edmonton and winning 6-1. They sent defenseman Dion Phaneuf, forward Fredrik Sjostrom, and defenseman Keith Aulie to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for forwards Matt Stajan, Niklas Hagman, Jamal Mayers and defenseman Ian White.

Mayers, along with defenseman Garnet Exelby, had asked for moving papers earlier in the week. Leafs GM Brian Burke had said their demand would not effect how the team plays on the ice- and he was right...since Mayers is now no longer with the team.

ESPN's Piere Lebrun reports that the Leafs added the Ducks JS Giguere in goal in exchange for Vesa Toskala- and then some...

Giguere waived his no-trade clause and was sent to Toronto for Vesa Toskala and Jason Blake.

Giguere has one year left on his deal next season at $7 million while Toskala, earning $4 million this year, will be an unrestricted free agent July 1. Blake has two more years left after this season at $3 million per year, although his annual salary cap hit is $4 million.

Kevin McGran's work from The Star is here...
Eric Duhatschek's analysis is here from the Globe and Mail...

Here's Burke talking about his trades...
((HT: LeafsTV))

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Prez Takes Verne and Clark's Job...

((HT: Buster Sports))

The First Play-by-Play Announcer was in attendance at the Duke-Georgetown game and he spent a few minutes with Verne and Clark...

Here's the segment with the President in the middle- a position he's been in a lot these days in Washintgon DC...
((HT: CBSSports/NCAA))

So, the President served notice with Clark that his job is in danger...
No pressure...

Bryant McKinnie Kicked out of Pro Bowl...How does that happen?

If you want even further proof that nobody really cares about the NFL Pro Bowl, we give you the newest case. One Bryant McKinnie of the Minnesota Vikings, who unlike most of his NFL brethren, didn't beg out of the game due to injury. No, he was kicked off of the team for not showing up to practice.

Check out the story from the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel RIGHT HERE
There is more, though we question it from the RIGHT HERE

((Bryant McKinnie, when he plays//

According to McKinnie's Twitter Account, he was at some point at...more than one strip club in Miami the night before his dismissal. According to the StarTrib's story, McKinnie later claimed on Twitter that he left due to injury. We kind of agree with version one.

Julius Peppers had also missed a practice on Friday like McKinnie, though there was not a known Twitter about his whereabouts. Peppers showed up and practiced on Saturday, McKinnie, couldn't bring himself to attend.

Here is another opportunity to bust out the most famous non-practicer in Sports...Thanks You Tube:

Tom Brookshier Passes At 78


Former Philadelphia Eagles star Tom Brookshier has died at 78.

The Eagles said he had cancer and died Friday night.

Brookshier was an All-Pro defensive back who played on the Eagles' 1960 championship team. He had 20 interceptions in seven seasons with the team, earning All-Pro honors in 1959 and 1960.

"Tom Brookshier represented everything you could want in a teammate and friend," said Chuck Bednarik in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pro Football Hall of Famer who played with Brookshier. "Brookie was one of the best people that I've ever known and I am proud to have remained his friend for so many years. He was always a leader on the field and in the locker room and might have been the toughest defensive back of our era; he was a hitter. We've lost one of the great Eagles of all time."

Here's the legendary pairing of Summerall and Brookshier calling the 1979 NFC Championship between the Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers...

The HQ is proud to say that Brookshier was part of our fabric growing up as well.
He will be missed, but his impact to a lot of broadcasters will always be felt.

Can We Say "Who Dat?" (Please don't sue us NFL)

We sometimes sit here at OSG World HQ and look at some of the marketing/PR decisions made by the largest Sports organization in the world...the NFL and just shake our heads. Prime example of this; the flap over "Who Dat?" (please don't sue us NFL...we have no money).

By now, most who follow the NFL know that the New Orleans Saints will be playing in the Super Bowl. The Saints, for years one of the league's downtrodden, have become obviously, one of the the powerhouse teams in the NFC. Also, most who follow football and especially those who follow the Saints, know that there "Catch Phrase" is "Who Dat?, Who Dat?".

((Who Dat?...the Car//Courtesy: Susan Poag/Times-Picayune))

Well, to move the story ahead...after the Saints beat the Vikings to win the NFC Championship, "Who Dat?" T-Shirts...already popular in New Orleans, started popping up everywhere and on everything. Somewhere along the line, the NFL decided to shut down stores selling the "Who Dat?" gear claiming "Trademark Ownership".

Needless to say, the passionate folks in Louisiana, were not happy. It became a very big story down in the Big Easy. The league stood firm. The stores started backing off. Now, nearly a week after this fight started...the NFL seems to finally be backing off.

Check out the story from RIGHT HERE

We kind of understand why the NFL does things like this. They are "trying to protect there image". However, most of the motivation is financial. In this case they are now saying "You can have your Who Dat?, just don't put the Saints name or logo on the shirt". Legally, we understand that.

The question is this...Why pick a fight with fans now? Would this be an argument had the Saints not made the Super Bowl? No, we don't think so. We also know that since TLB (The Lovely Bride) is a Cajun through that pretty much every Saints fan out there (judging by the TV Ratings...there are a lot) is pissed off at the league for making a big deal about this. In time, this too will pass and by Sunday, it probably will be forgotten if the Saints win and the league doesn't say anything else.

Check out this video of Saints fans in Miami doing the Who Dat!. Thanks You Tube:

Here's how our friends at WWL-TV are tackling the issue...
Bigad Shaban is chasing...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kurt Warner Retires... Is Canton Next...???

Surprising no one, really, Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner hangs it up after being one of the most prolific passers of his era.

Warner took two franchises, the St. Louis rams and the Arizona Cardinals, and put them on the map- picking up a Super Bowl championships along the way.

The biggest question now is: Is the 2-time MVP a Hall of Fame quarterback...?

"Obviously, it's been 12 unbelievable years, some of the best years of my life," Warner said at his press conference. "But I want everybody to know that I'm just as excited about the next 12, that I'm excited about what lies in front of me. I'm excited about spending more time with my family, and seeing what God's going to do next."

Its been a great run for the former Hy-Vee grocery bagger, Iowa Barnstormer, and Amsterdam Admiral.He had been voted to five Pro Bowls and is the second quarterback to throw more than 100 touchdown passes for two NFL franchises.

Here's the presser, thanks to our friends at News12/KPNX-TV

But as a temporary reminder of what Warner can do, here's his story from our friends at the NFL Network...
((HT: NFL Network))

Rey Maualuga gets a Northern Kentucky

Okay, what is it about Kenton County Kentucky that is drawing semi-famous athletes to drink heavily? Yesterday, it was 2 WWE wrestlers arrested for public intoxication, today it is Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker Rey Maualuga getting arrested for DUI...or as they called it on the arrest report...OVI.

More from RIGHT HERE

((Ray-Ray's Mug Shot//Courtesy: Kenton County Jail/

Maualuga was arrested around 3am Friday morning in Covington, Kentucky and was also cited for careless driving. He probably should have been charged with lack of judgement.

A rookie this past year, Maualuga played in all 16 regular season games for the Bengals, fracturing his ankle in the last game of the year. He will be arraigned in the Kenton County court this morning.

We will have more on this story if it is needed.

Here's the noon breaking news element from our friends at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati...

And, no, we have zero interest in posting the pictures of the 18-year-olds in the alleged incident...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wrestlers behaving badly...Jericho and Helms in trouble...

Who knew that the Greg 'TheHurricane" Helms and Chris "Jericho" Irvine were drinking buddies? Both were arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication (public drunkeness) early Wednesday morning after a WWE Smackdown event. The event was in Cinicinnati, the two were arrested, just over the river in Erlanger Kentucky.

The story from the Cincinnati Enquirer RIGHT HERE

((Helms and Jericho Mugs//Courtesy: Kenton County Jail/Cincinnati Enquirer))

Maybe my favorite line from the whole story is after the Ke
nton County Police Spokesman describes what happened and speaks of what happened to the Hurricane after he caused such a big commotion. Everyone else had been struck by Helms, causing no serious injuries, Gilpin said.
Irvine, 39, of Odessa, Fla., who stayed at the scene, was arrested for public drunkenness.

Helms, 35, of Smithfield, N.C., was later located by officers and arrested on the same charge. The second person who fled the cab wasn’t located.

“He disappeared in the wind,” Gilpin said.

Sounds like Helms was staying in character doesn't it?

Take a look at the mug shots and looks like they were still a bit "Under the Weather". They were released from jail after an hour or so after paying a $120 bond. The two are scheduled at this point to appear in Kenton County, Kentucky district court on February 16th.

Enjoy the humor that is Jericho as he spoofs Bill Goldberg from 2007. Thanks You Tube

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Wild West Of Journalism and Blogging... And Where Paul Shirley Fits...

And where do the two really cross...

In the old days, we used to call "blogging" by another name- "writing a column."

We do it here, and it seems as the saying could go these days: Blogs are like a-holes... everybody has one... seemingly, that's true...

Anyone with an IP address, a computer, and an electrical outlet is making opinions and breaking stories because they can. A lot of the "breaking news" we see these days isn't based in fact. It's pinned down to gossip, rumor, innuendo, hearsay, and wishful thinking- sometimes a combination of any and/or all of those...

It can be a useful tool like Van Leeuwenhoek's movable type, or it can incite riots and make damn sure that there isn't any kind of repercussion for hateful and unsubstantiated speech.

We here at the HQ have made a point to use journalistic tendencies that we were taught when we were growing up- strange as that may seem to a lot of you. We know there are lives and actual people involved. There are reputations, jobs, and future jobs at stake for those who talk and those who are talked about.

The HQ has had plenty of stories come across its desk, but 99-percent of them have sat on the table not moving because of the factors we just discussed.

There are differences between opinion, name calling, and abject hatred.

Unfortunately, that line is being blurred in the wild west of the Internets... but a lot of people still cross it these days...

The latest high-profile example of this is professional basketball Paul Shirley. He had made a bit of a cult following for himself over at the four-letter's Internets hub. He knows music. He knows the life on the road as a basketball vagabond, and he is an extraordinarily talented writer.

But on his personal site on flipcollective, he drew a line he knew he shouldn't have crossed... even admitting as much in his opening paragraph.

He decided he wasn't going to donate to any Haiti relief efforts- his prerogative. The HQ knows people who have no interest in the idea because they feel Louisiana is still twisting in the breeze after Katrina- once again, understandable.


He even used the hurricane as an example as to how the situation should have been addressed after the fact- even if some of his intel is, somewhat, inaccurate:

We were quick to vilify humans who were too slow to respond to the needs of victims, forgetting that the victims had built and maintained a major city below sea level in a known target zone for hurricanes. Our response: Make the same mistake again. Rebuild a doomed city, putting aside logic as we did.

And now, faced with a similar situation, it seems likely that we will do the same.

Shirley makes valid points about developmental tail-chasing in countries after disasters, but in his discourse to any nation who may be faced with this issue in the future he leapt over the line... his sarcasm not playing well at all.

Dear Haitians –

First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded.

As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not re-build your island home in the image of its predecessor? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy shanty- and shack-towns? And could some of you maybe use a condom once in a while?


The Rest of the World

And there's the rub in the diatribe...

While the notion of as Paul puts it "...the tired, knee-jerk cycle of aid/assist/rebuild would be replaced by a new one: Aid/assist/let’s-stop-and-think-before-we-screw-this-up-again..." while somewhat thoughtful and common-sensical is more Pollyanna-ish and unreachable.

We can only encourage case-by-case analysis of these issues, and the process has to be catch-as-catch-can or "If-Then."

Is Haiti in trouble... yep... always has been... government has always been by rule of a gun even though it's the first independent nation in Latin America and the only black-led republic in the world. That action came at the work of a slave rebellion.

But it's not for us to dictate policy as a republic to another republic that wants to find its way and reclaim its place after a horrific disaster of such catastrophic proportion- in whatever form that is...

Odds are, in financial terms, after Haiti gets on its collective feet the investment will be tenuous when it comes to future results. But "we don't know that yet."

Even if we have a gut feeling we already do...

Shirley's final point: "...children are brought into the world by their parents. Those parents have a responsibility – to themselves and to their kids – to provide. They have a responsibility to look around – before an earthquake happens – and say, “I need to improve this situation, because if a catastrophe were to happen, we’d be in bad shape.”

The people of whom I write are adults. Functional, human adults with functional, human adult brains. It is not too much to ask that they behave as such. That they stand up and say, “Yes, we screwed this up the first time. We are forever indebted to you. Now show us how we can do it right. So that, next time, we won’t need your help.”

But if you can't... going in to the game... adjust the mindset of the players or have the lesson plan sink in, the game will forever be flawed...and it's not your game to play. You're just a spectator unless you really want to step in to it...

Had Shirley made that point... and that above point alone... the earlier, careless reference in his open letter would have been unnecessary and moot.

The HQ enjoys Shirley's work. If he wants another roster to dance with, we'd be more than happy to host him.

But, rest assured, it's a zero tolerance policy with an AP style book in tow... the irresponsibly-phrased back seat driving done other places will never be done here...

Arenas Is A Zero For The Rest Of 2010, Javaris, Too...

To recap all the fun we've had with this case...
Washington Wizards scorer extraordinaire Gilbert Arenas ((pictured, trying to be funny, thanks Garrabrant/NBAE-Getty)) pleaded guilty back on January 15th to a felony gun charge after an alleged confrontation with teammate Javaris Crittenton in the Wizards' locker room just before Christmas.

Arenas is scheduled to be sentenced March 26. He's in the second season of a six-year, $111 million contract.

Last week, Crittenton plead guilty to a misdemeanor gun possession charge as part of a plea deal in the case.

But now both individuals careers in the NBA are on the strictest of reviews now that they've met with the Commissioner. Arenas can't flash fake pistols at his laughing teammates for a while. Crittenton can't be a teammate for a while.

Will their contracts be voided...??? That's the next question. The answer should be an easy "yes," but it won't be that easy an answer...

Here's the greatest hits from Commisioner Stern on Arenas and Crittenton...
Thanks to the NBA their ownselves...

“It is not disputed that, following an argument on the team’s flight home from a game in Phoenix, both Mr. Arenas and Mr. Crittenton brought guns to the Verizon Center locker room and – with other players and team personnel present or nearby – displayed them to one another in a continuation of their dispute. The players engaged in this conduct despite a specific rule set forth in the collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the Players Association prohibiting players from possessing a weapon at an NBA facility, and reminders of this prohibition given annually by the NBA to players both in writing and in person.

“The issue here is not about the legal ownership and possession of guns, either in one’s home or elsewhere. It is about possession of guns in the NBA workplace, which will not be tolerated.

“I have met separately with Mr. Arenas and with Mr. Crittenton. Both have expressed remorse for their actions and an understanding of the seriousness of their transgressions. Both have volunteered to engage in community service in order to turn the lessons they have learned into an educational message for others. I accept fully the sincerity of their expressions of regret and intent to create something positive from this incident.

“Nevertheless, there is no justification for their conduct.”

Stern goes on to say both are suspended for the remainder of the season...
Here's coverage for our friends at MyFoxDC...

So You Wanna Be Number One...???

And you run in to Columbia, South Carolina and get upset...

The Leader of the Free World warned UK head coach John Calipari about a game like this one in their phone call earlier in the afternoon, but the home team came up and bit them...

Devan Downey, the SEC's leading scorer, lit up Kentucky for 30 on his own as the Gamecocks beat Kentucky 68-62... no word on if Ashley Judd was in attendance...

((Crowd goes wild after game//Courtesy: Gerry Melendez/

Downey was 9-for-29 from the floor, but was 10-for-11 from the free throw line...

***Late Breaking News***- The University of South Carolina was fined $25k for what you see in the picture. More on that from RIGHT HERE

Here's the wrap from our friends at WKYT-TV in Lexington...
Brandon Fisher was on site...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cormier Plans Appeal Of QMJHL Suspension

((HT: Rogers Sportsnet))

In much like every other proceeding in the modern era, the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies' Patrice Cormier is appealing the season-long suspension regarding his elbows-up hit on the Quebec Remparts Mikael Tam.

The Huskies coach and GM Andre Tourigny said on a conference call that the suspension for the rest of the season and the playoffs was "excessive."

"He could serve up to 48 games, that's too much."

The QMJHL has not received any kind of word on an appeal from the Huskies, Cormier, or any type of Cormier representative. They haven't even gotten any of the appropriate paperwork if there was an interest. And, as a result, there is no word on any kind of appeal-based hearing between the two parties.

Everything rolls downhill in this case where the papers are concerned...
And you can't do anything without the proper papers...

FOSG Martine Gaillard anchors coverage with Louis Jean in Quebec and the HockeyCentral panel in house at the Xanadu studios...

Doug MacLean is right... please, please don't send the kid over to the KHL. That would be a different kind of punishment in and of itself...

Calipari Calls Bucci A "Jagoff..."

But these two go back ten years or so, and know each other from Pittsburgh, so it was a work... pretty funny stuff...

But if you don't know any of this, you think Coach Cal is the one who's a jagoff...
((HT: Buster Sports))

There was this retort on Coach Cal's Twitter account...
John Buccigross & I go back 10 yrs. We're both from Pitt. It's a term of endearment & we went back n forth using that term b4 we went on-air

And this one four minutes later...
John's great @ what he does. I stunned him w/ my Pittsburghese. Come on, John. You're better than that. Watch the haters blow this up (DP)

Still funny, though...

Oregon Kicker Beaten Defending Fellow Kicker In Brawl

((HT: KVAL-TV Eugene))

A Saturday evening brawl in Eugene, Oregon led to a Ducks kicker being taken to intensive care at a local hospital.

When one Ducks kicker came to the aid of another kicker after people thought here was a lull in the action, he ended up getting beaten fairly severely. One ended up with a broken nose and the other had severe internal injuries.

There is a suspect in the case, and he's still on the loose...

Jennifer Winters tosses to her own anchor package...

Burke Not Interested In Kovalchuk

He's into you, he's just not that in to you...

In a discussion today on the "Leaf's Lunch" program on the FAN590 radio in Toronto, Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke was asked if he was in the Kovy-Stakes...

His answer was "no," and it had to do with the sheer numbers of the deal. Burke and Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos disagreed on the terms that they've heard through the grapevine- Burke has heard he's turned down 8 years/US$80M, Kipper has heard 12 years/US$100M...

Here's the interview, thanks to our friends at Sportsnet...

The HQ would have figured that the Leafs wouldn't be interested in Kovalchuk ((or the other way around)), since the Buds are in no condition to make a Cup run this season... or any other season at the moment...

We're still looking at Detroit, Chicago ((as a rental)), Philadelphia, and Boston.

Mark March 3rd on your calendar as Kovy will be trading sweaters with someone else.

We were wrong...Hue Jackson goes to Oakland as OC

Count us among the confused. It appears that after interviewing for three days with the crazed Al Davis to be, we thought either Head Coach or Offensive Coordinator that Hue Jackson will be the second of the two choices. He was scheduled to interview withe the Chicago Bears for their open OC job today but cancelled and multiple reports have him taking the Raiders job.

Check out this report from the Chicago Tribune RIGHT HERE
Also, here is FOXSports' Jay Glazer's story RIGHT HERE

This is only worth reporting for a couple of reasons. One, we speculated that Jackson could end up the Head Coach in that bizarro world known as Oakland. It appears now that we were wrong. Two, it also appears that the thought of working with the underachieving JaMarcus Russell was more appealing than working with Jay Cutler who is developing a rather bad reputation very quickly.

Mike Woodson doesn't like eyebrows...Gotta problem with that?

File this one under the "Strange but True" banner. Last night before the Atlanta Hawks took on the Houston Rockets in Houston, Hawks Coach Mike Woodson showed minus his eyebrows (yeah...we are not making this up).

Apparently it was a move to help his players loosen up and...well it worked. They beat the Rockets last night in Houston for the first time in ten years 102-95.

As for the eyebrow incident. The players were confused as well.

Check out the HawksBlog from RIGHT HERE

((Woody and his eyebrows or lack of them//Courtesy: @HawksPRMan-Arthur Triche))

So Woodson says his "Barber did it on accident". We aren't quite buying that. Having covered Woodson and the Hawks for several years, we know that Woody is a very smart man with a good sense of humor, over the years he has learned how to motivate his team.

We can remember a couple years ago before the Hawks played their first playoff game in years at home against the Boston Celtics and Woody showed up with his head shaved. He had been known for his hair and it floored the whole team when he showed up bald. Said Josh Smith at the time "He looks like Mr. Potato Head". At the time, no he didn't, but since he kept the bald look and then lost the eyebrows (though he put some tape where they used to be for a while), now...he really does look like Mr. Potato Head.

Nancy Kerrigan's Father Found Dead, Brother Charged With Assault For Now...

((HT: MyFoxBoston/WFXT))

We all remember the image of Nancy Kerrigan's father carrying his daughter, Nancy, into the locker room after she was smashed by Shane Stant- with the knowledge of Tonya Harding back in 1994 at the US Nationals.

Now, it's the Kerrigans back in the spotlight as Daniel Kerrigan was found dead after what the local authorities are calling a "violent struggle."

Nancy's brother Mark pleaded not guilty to an assault charge, and family members are claiming the death of Daniel is not related to the alleged assault by Mark over the weekend. The family is claiming a heart attack took their father and not any kind of incident with Mark.

Mark, apparently, had to be subdued with pepper spray when he was taken in for questioning. When Fox 25 cameras caught up with Mark on his walk-of-shame, he was more than happy to tell them to go away- in more colorful terms than those, of course.

Fox25's Alison Bologna is live, probably cold, outside the Kerrigan house...

Mark's folder with his criminal history looks, about, two inches thick in the last ten years. The HQ thinks the assault charge will be upped when the authorities get their facts in order and have taken their depositions-a-plenty.

Asham's "Bitten Finger" Is Fine...

We all know the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins never have liked each other- now with the Peter Laviolette-coached Flyers turning more and more into the Broad Street Bullies ((and winning more games than losing)), there's a bit of a fire under their pants.

Sunday's game against the Pens showed that, and was somewhat personified by the scrum that involved Aaron Asham and Matt Cooke. Asham claims that Cooke used his finger as an appetizer during the brunch time slot.

“I got a couple marks, nothing serious; it hurt at the time,”
Asham said, repeating what he said on Sunday that Cooke was “gutless” for biting him. “It’s no big deal,” Asham said. “I got a couple of good shots in on him.”

As evidenced by the play below... Doc, Edzo, and Pierre have the call...
((HT: NHL on NBC))

Monday, January 25, 2010

Saints Win equals Happy Family

No, I'm not talking about the Chinese Dish "Happy Family", I am talking about mine. My Lovely Bride (heretofore referred to as :TLB), was incredibly anxious pretty much this whole week in anticipation of watching her beloved Saints play in the NFC Championship game.

Why would she be anxious? Well, for starters, she is Louisiana born and bred. She is from Lafayette...about an hour west of Baton Rouge and home of the Ragin' Cajun's. TLB is a "Huge" football fan, particularly if it involves either LSU or the Saints. Which by the way, I don't have any problem with, we all should have wives who love was a pre-requisite for me.

Anyway, we decided earlier in the week that we would watch the game, starting out at Buffalo Wild Wings about a mile or so from the house. We'd watch the first half from there, eating wings...well boneless wings and having a couple of beers. Second half, we'd head home and watch from the comfort of our living room couch. Unfortunately here in Cincinnati, there wasn't a ton of interest in the game. The crowd at Wild Wings had some Saints fan, but the place basically had emptied out after the Indianapolis game ended. That did make it easier to sit down though.

TLB was well behaved at the restaurant, showing restraint and mildly cheering when her beloved Saints did something good and making fun of Brett Favre with me when they didn't. The first half didn't determine much, we paid our check and headed home.

Now, once we got home and the second half was on. TLB was on everything. When the Saints scored...huge high pitched squeals of delight. When they couldn't recover the multiple Vikings fumbles...she shouted "JUST FALL ON IT!!!!!". It was quite a sight and all I could do to keep from laughing.

I actually did something pretty cool during the second half of the game. I had my laptop computer fired up and was on Twitter (follow me at osgphil). I am following a bunch of the National Sports Writers and other Sports Guys and it was really interesting reading there observations...actually in a lot of cases it was pretty damn funny, I highly recommend it. We really enjoyed hearing the commentary about Favre.

So, the yelling and screaming at the TV continued into overtime, though not before I got tackled myself when Favre threw his late game INT. It didn't end until the game did. When it did, that is when I realized just how significant the Saints win was. They are a team that an entire state identifies with. With all that they have been through, all they have suffered and as bad over the years as they have been, the people of Louisiana identify with them. They live with them, they die with them. Good, bad they are always behind them. It really hit me there at the end and made me realize all of this when I looked over at TLB and she was crying.

Check out this video made driving around after the Game on Bourbon Street: Thanks You Tube

Brett Favre: The Viking Nation Are Not Happy Campers With You.

It's day one of the 3rd annual Brett Favre soap opera. Will he play or not? After Favre threw and stupid interception late in the 4th quarter denying Minnesota a game winning field goal attempt do the Vikings and their fans want Favre back?

Judging from the Vikings radio announcers Paul Allen and Pete Bercich it's a pick'em. Here’s how Allen and Bercich called Favre’s boneheaded throw to cost the Vikings a shot at the Super Bowl. (Thanks KFAN Radio/

Do they sound P.O'ed or what.
Photo Courtesy: AP

Crittenton Charged...story ends (well, not really)

The last of the two Washington Wizards involved with the Locker room gun incident has officially been charged. Javaris Crittenton was charged with 2 misdemeanor offenses from his "disagreement" with Gilbert Arenas/Agent Zero at the Verizon Center last month.

The charges, unlawful possession of a firearm and attempting to carry a pistol with out a license carry a maximum sentence of a year in jail. However it is widely known that Crittenton is working on plea deal which wouldn't require him to go to jail.

The story from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

For his part, Arenas/Zero plead guilty to a felony charge last week. He also agreed to a plea arrangement which would ask the prosecutor to go for no more than 6 months of jail time. In the meantime, he is on indefinite suspension from the NBA.

The whole thing is just pretty stupid. We realize that Arenas/Zero is a flake and has done some strange things in his career. Crittenton, we covered in High School and College and really don't know what he was thinking either. He never came across as someone who would be so casual about waving around guns in a locker room or for that matter anywhere else. But, we guess that you never really know somebody know somebody.

Here's coverage from our friends at MyFoxDC and WTTG-TV...
Paul Wagner gets to stand outside court for his live shot...

Cormier Suspended For Remainder Of Season

((HT: TSN/CP))

In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, junior hockey league player Patrice Cormier has been suspended for the remainder of the QMJHL season for his elbows-up hit on Mikael Tam on January 17th.

The chief disciplinarian for the league, Raymond Bolduc, called the hit "dangerous and unacceptable."

Bolduc added on Monday that Cormier would not allowed to play in any leagues under Hockey Canada's jurisdiction, but that he had five days to appeal the suspension if he wished to do so.

Cormier cannot play for the team that drafted him, the New Jersey Devils or their AHL team in Albany, New York until his junior team, the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, is eliminated from the playoffs. There's a chance he could surface in lower-tier professional league.

Mike Liambas, who was suspended for the year from a hit in the Ontario Hockey League earlier in the season, has ended up playing in the International Hockey League as a playing-time substitute...

Here's the press conference from the QMJHL announcing Cormier's fate...

Here's the hit again for those of you who have forgotten how bad it was...
((HT: TSN/HockeyWebcast))

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kelly Kulick bowls better than the Dudes...

Yes, you heard me right. Kelly Kulick became the first woman to win a PBA Bowling Tournament Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas. She won the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tournament of Champions by defeating Chris Barnes in the final...265-195.

Check out the story from RIGHT HERE

Kulick gained entry to the tournament by winning the PBA Women's World Championship, the first PBA Major for women. She was the first woman to earn a tour exemption in 2006 and has been nothing short of successful at every level in which she has competed.

ESPN finally lifted their embargo...
Dave Pedersen talks to Kulick about the significance of today...
Watch it here...

Kesler Calls Ladd "A Coward..."

((HT: Youtube/CanucksHD/TSN))

The Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler doesn't think too much of the Chicago Blackhawks Andrew Ladd- so much so that Kesler called Ladd a coward after last night's game between the two teams at GM Place in Vancouver.

Kesler said in a postgame interview that the heat between the two has been there for quite some time, and last night's battle was just a carry-over of that. It was "revenge" for a hit from behind in last season's second-round post-season loss to the Hawks.

"It started last year in the playoffs," Kesler said. "He hit me (and) cross-checked me in the face when I wasn't looking.

"At least he was man enough to hit me when I was looking this time."

And he hit him pretty good, too...

Here's their scrum from last night's game...
Hughson and Simpson have the call...

The two teams hook up again on March 5th...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mark Richt calls his shot!

Stumbled across this video mention from our friends on courtesy of their Twitter feed. Well, actually, they got it from Georgia Basketball Coach Mark Fox.

It's pretty cool. Head Football Coach Mark Richt goes trick shot this afternoon before the Georgia/Tennessee basketball game. Not bad and apparently his first try.

Oh...and make sure to check us out on Twitter too, me-OSGPhil, Jon-OSGJon, Wilkie...well we are still waiting on him. Not sure about J-Dub me guys.

Check out the video...from and the You Tube:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tam And Cormier Speak Before Sentencing

((HT: TSN/CP))

Separately, not to each other...

Mikael Tam came forth today to hold a press conference with the Quebec Remparts personnel in Quebec City. It's the frst time he's discussed the elbow to the head from Patrice Cormier over the weekend.

"Today I am not sure how long I will be away from the game," Tam admitted. "I have suffered a traumatic brain injury, I have lost a few teeth and I feel very tired. With the help of the medical staff, my goal is to return to the ice at some point."

FOSG John Lu was there to hear Tam's side of what he actually does remember...
((HT: TSN))

Cormier granted one interview before the sentencing to RDS and the S30 program...
But, we warn you... it's all in French...
((HT: RDS))

Basically, the gist is that Cormier said it was a "reflex."

Helluva reflex there, kid...

It's Not Good To Be A Directional Georgia School Right Now...

((HT: WTOC-TV Savannah))

The AJC's Rhonda Cook lets us know that the University of West Georgia used 119 ineligible athletes in multiple sports and has been put on four years probation by the NCAA.

Not one sport for four years, but the whole f'n program. AD Daryl Dickey doesn't know how many losses he'll have to forfeit, yet. The school gave itself a one-year postseason ban.

This one was a doozy.

You had ineligible athletes- whether it was from lack of hours, lack of amateur status, or unsatisfactory transfer requirements. The former volleyball coach, Regan Adams, used frequent flier miles to send an athlete home, and other "impermissible benefits." Adams and ex-AD Ed Murphy have been given "show-cause" penalties- meaning any school that wants to employ them has to explain why they should be employed.

This is what we refer to as the "lack of institutional control" we've always heard about.

Pair this with the two years probation Georgia Southern's men's basketball team was placed on... and sources close to the situation in Statesboro wonder why the school wasn't placed on the death penalty.

You've got academic fraud, providing false and misleading information, and a "failure to monitor" charge. One of former head coach Jeff Price's assistant coaches gets a 5-year "show cause" penalty. The former director of basketball operations will have a similar 2-year period of show-cause. The charge is that the former assistant took tests on student-athlete's behalf ((among other lovely acts)).

Here's the interview WTOC-TV did with GSU AD Sam Baker after the verdict came down...

Will Hue Jackson end up the Head Coach in Oakland?

There is quite a bit of circumstantial evidence piling up that it may acutally be true. Jackson, the Quarterbacks Coach for the Baltimore Ravens has also been an Offensive Coordinator for the Bengals and Falcons. He's been in Oakland meeting with the demented Al Davis for now going on three days. The premise was, he's there to interview for the offensive coordinator job. However, the current Head Coach, Tom Cable, was not involved with the all. We can't actually confirm this story, but we will provide all of the evidence that we have found so you can decide for yourself.

((Hue Jackson with Former Falcons QB Joey Harrington//Courtesy:

Here is one story on the subject, from the Carroll County Times RIGHT HERE
The Baltimore Sun has the same information RIGHT HERE
Also, has a mention of the same thing, the link: RIGHT HERE

This is what we are reading between the lines. The Raiders in their normal, bizarre way of doing business have been denying everything regarding their coaching situation. There are numerous reports out there saying Tom Cable is done. There have also been rumors that several people have been offered the job, but wisely, none of them have taken it. The Raiders will neither confirm or deny any of this. The questions are these: If Jackson is going to be the OC, then why has he been there for 3 days and not spoken to the current coach? If he's going to be the guy...then why all the secrecy?

Gut feeling tells us, that Jackson, who is a total class act and will probably be an excellent head coach, is going to get the job. It's just unfortunate that the job is with the Raiders. They are far, far removed from their days of glory and without a total roster and ownership overhaul, probably won't be much better than they currently are. However, it would be a great opportunity for Jackson to get his feet wet and if he has any success, he could parlay it into a much better job.

We think that Tom Cable will be losing his job in the next couple of days and Jackson will be the successor. Again, this is somewhat speculative right now. We are just trying to read between the lines. Let's see if we are correct.

In the meantime, check out this "Sort of" tribute video to the Raiders we found on the You Tube....Enjoy!

Mike Danton Wants You To Cut Him Some Slack

((HT: Halifax Chronicle Herald/Mosher))

Mike Danton ((pictured looking like a college student, Christian Laforce/Chronicle Herald)) apologized out of the gate for not dressing up for his own press conference Thursday. He had Sociology class at 11:15 and didn't want to wear a suit.

He tried to explain himself to the local media and tell them why he should be given a second chance, why he should be given a wide berth, and why he should play COLLEGIATE hockey at the age of 29... long after he played PROFESSIONAL hockey.

You know... in that NHL thing...

“You’re asking if somebody offers me something am I going to split town and the answer is no. Do I love the game of hockey? Yes, of course. Do I want to play at the professional level again? Of course, just like every single one of the guys on the hockey team. That hasn’t left my dreams and aspirations. But what I do understand now is that in order for me to be successful in hockey I need to be successful in school. I’m not allowed to play hockey if I don’t succeed in school. I’m a student-athlete and not an athlete-student.”

Danton also said that he hasn't heard a bad word about him during his time on the St. Mary's University campus.

Here's the greatest hits from the presser, thanks to our friends again at the Chronicle Herald...

He says he's not getting any extra kind of financial aid to go through this round of schooling. Which is cool, we get that. The HQ wouldn't mind this whole thing so much if Danton was pursuing a life in another sport other than hockey- a sport he's already done a tour in as a paid individual.

We're just wired that way... we hope the education turns into something positive- other than another shot at an NHL contract. We think he's still taking away a chance from another kid ten years his junior in all this.

The Canadian university system should look at policies like this one and seal any loophole like the one Danton used.

But we're not holding our breath in this one, either...

Zack Kassian Gets 20-Game Suspension

((HT: TV Cogeco))

In what, probably, is a precursor to the upcoming decision on Patrice Cormier's shot to the head of Mikael Tam in the QMJHL, Windsor Spitfires forward Zack Kassian got a 20-game suspension for this hit on the Barrie Colts Matt Kennedy back on the 14th.

Kassian left his feet, led with his forearm and laid Kennedy out.
No debate here...
Pretty classless...

"I don't remember getting hit. I couldn't tell you what happened," Matt Kennedy told the Toronto Star at the time. "I kind of blacked out."

Ontario Hockey League president David Branch issued a statement:
"While the League is persuaded that player Zack Kassian did not leave his feet prior to contact with the Barrie player, It is the position of the League that player Zack Kassian checked the unsuspecting Barrie player while such player was in a vulnerable position without having been in the possession of the puck. Players must understand that they shall be held accountable for their actions and we must continue to work to improve the level of respect players have towards opposing players."

And such...

Kassian is a first-round pick of the Buffalo Sabres, and he's lucky he didn't get what Cormier is going to get come Monday... the HQ thinks that'll be pretty severe...

Your John Tortorella Media Exchange Of The Week

((HT: Hockey Webcast))

The HQ has had to deal with New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella on a few occasions when we've covered his old team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. He's not the kind of coach that will deal with shenanigans or stupid questions.

If you don't know hockey, or haven't been paying attention, he'll let you have it.
And we totally dig that...

In the Rangers 2-0 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers, his star scorer Marian Gaborik dropped gloves with Daniel Carcillo- who has been known to drop with anyone short of his own mother if he needs to... and Carcillo got the best of the fight with seven straight rights...


Carcillo is a Flyer for one reason, but Gaborik is a Ranger who doesn't fight...
Torts wasn't happy with the Flyers bench, either... the whole thing was a mess. The HQ is of the mind that Torts was well within his rights to kvetch on this one.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post has evolved into one of Tort's un-favorites...
As evidenced by the postgame scrum...
((HT: MSG/NHL again))

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ruffin McNeill lands at East Carolina


It appears that former Texas Tech assistant coach and former interim coach, Ruffin McNeill will be named the head coach at East Carolina University.

According to a report on RIGHT HERE

McNeill found himself out of a job after taking over Texas Tech for their bowl game this season after the Head Coach Mike Leach was fired. He had been a popular candidate among the Red Raider players to remain and take over the program, but that wasn't to be. Tech hired Tommy Tuberville to take over the program.

McNeill is an actual ECU alm and is expected to be confirmed at a 5pm Board of Trustees Meeting at the Greenville, North Carolina school

Strangely, All-White Hoops League Not Going Over Well...

((HT: WJBF-TV Augusta))

There's something called the "American Basketball Alliance" out there, brought to you by a wrestling promoter named Don "Moose" Lewis. He wants only white players, who he now claims are in the minority, to play sound, fundamental basketball.

Only US citizens, both parents of whom have to be white, can play in Moose's sandbox. He's looking for 12 investors to put up $10,000 each for franchoses in American cities- Augusta, Georgia was one of the ones he's mentioned.

We've also heard he's looking to add Albany, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee- among other cities.

Sufficed to say, the idea still isn't going over well...

WJBF-TV's Fraendy Clervaud got to talk to Augusta folks- who all look like they were trying to stifle laughter on-camera...

WAGA-TV's Justin Gray caught up with "Moose" who still thinks this is a good idea...

It's a "niche...?" And "Moose" runs an antique store...???
The HQ will grant the irony here... Moose's mind-set certainly is that...

Whose ACC IS This...???

It was a bad night in the Research Triangle as both North Carolina and Duke lost to Wake and NC State, respectively. It marks the first time that the Tarheels have lost three in a row under Roy Williams' tutelage...

82-69 we get... that happens in the ACC. But in Chapel Hill...? Losing by 13...?
What is your major malfunction...???

The Tarheels were without Ed Davis and Tyler Zeller due to injuries and it showed. Wake shot fifty percent form the floor while UNC shot just under 37-percent. Carolina was only 6-for-26 from three point. Ish Smith had 20 points and Al-Farouq Aminu had 13 for the winners.

Carolina is now 12-7. What's up with that...???

Williams was asked about his "confidence level":
“My confidence level is 'I want to go to work,'” Williams said. “I’m going to coach my rear end off tomorrow. And it’s up to them to come along with me.”

Here's Roy Williams who was still, understandably not-pleased...

The Wolfpack's Tracy Smith celebrated his 22nd birthday by scoring 23 points- going 10 of 12 from the field as State won 88-74 over the 7th-ranked Blue Devils. This was the same NC State team that couldn't hold leads against Florida and Virginia, but kept Duke to 39-percent from the floor.

Here's Coach K talking about how well his team didn't play, either...

The Heels Are Hurtin'

What a difference a year makes Tar Heel fans. 9 months ago North Carolina was cutting the nets are Ford Field in Detroit celebrating NCAA Title number 5, the 2nd under Roy Williams' watch.

Now it's mid-January 2010 and the Heels are in a world of hurt. North Carolina has lost 3 in a row in the ACC, 4 of the last 5. Are Tar Heel fans having Matt Doherty flashbacks?

Who knew that a loss to College of Charleston would start a Carolina collapse. Wednesday night's 82-69 loss to Wake Forest at the Smith Center was a cold splash of reality, the Heels just aren't that good.

"We're extremely disappointed, and we're extremely frustrated." North Carolina head coach Roy Williams said after the game. "It's something we haven't been through, something we're not enjoying going through."

Last place is something Tar Heel fans don't like either but look at the ACC Standings. North Carolina is next to last a half game ahead of Miami.

Heading into the toughest road grind of the season at this low point is really bad timing for North Carolina. The Tar Heels take the short drive to Raleigh Saturday to battle NC State where the RBC Center will be rocking. Did you see the Wolfpack's upset of Duke the same night.

Then the biggest surprise in the ACC, Virginia, comes to the Smith Center and I wouldn't be shock if the Cavaliers won that one.

After that it's road trips to Virginia Tech (not looking good) and Maryland (looking even worse.)

Blue Heaven isn't such a wonderful place.

Photo Courtesy: Robert Willett/Raleigh News Observer

Carey Price is right on Cam Janssen

Easily the best hockey hit/fight of Wednesday night. Check out Montreal Canadiens Goalie Carey Price who skates out of the Goalie crease to level St. Louis Blues Winger Cam Janssen as he skates towards the puck along the boards. Price crushes him (though the poster says Janssen won the battle) with a hip check and this being Hockey...a pier sixer ensues....

Enjoy the highlight...Thanks FSN Blues/You Tube:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Glove Is Off... Niederreiter Scores...

When it comes to shootout goals, the guy with the puck has to figure out different ways to get it past the guy trying to stop you...

So, we go to the CHL skills competition in Windsor, Ontario...

Portland Winterhawks forward Nino Niederreiter thinks the idea of jettisoning clothing is the way to distract the goalie...

It worked... he never stopped moving and the puck never stopped motion...

Here you go, it happens pretty fast...

This is cool! Fiesta Bowl Time Lapse

This really isn't relevant to a whole lot of things it is just kind of cool if you like looking at Time Lapse videos. This particular one is a 2 day span between the Cardinals/Packers NFC Playoff game and the Fiesta Bowl the next day.

Much props to a dgklee who posted this on the You Tube, just passing it on: (Note, there isn't any audio, but it's still cool to look at)

Carlton Fisk Goes Off Mark McGwire

Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk hasn't played a baseball game in over 15 years. Fisk spent over 20 years in the majors as a catcher and he was one of the best. Most people know Fisk from his walk off home run that ended game 6 of the 1975 World Series. It's played over and over again on MLB Network.

What I loved about Fisk is that he spoke his mind and didn't care who he ticked off. When the Chicago Tribune asked Fisk about Mark McGwire's steroid admission, the gloves came off.

"I didn't just find this out," Fisk told the Tribune Tuesday from Florida. "I worked hard in the gym to look like I did and feel like I felt. (Catching) took a toll on me, too. A lot of people knew. Nobody wanted to really address the issue."

"(McGwire) says, 'Well, it doesn't help eye-and-hand coordination.' Well, of course it does. It allows you more acuity physically and mentally and optically. You are going to be stronger and you are going to be better," Fisk added.

If you watched the interview Bob Costas conducted with McGwire on MLB Network McGwire said he used steroids to stay in the line-up because of injuries. That comment made Fisk's blood boil.

"Try having your knees operated on and catching for 30 years," Fisk said. "Do you think you feel good when you go out there? (McGwire) had to stand around and play first base. So excuuuuuse me."

Read the rest of the Chicago Tribune article here. It's a good read. Fisk also goes off on Roger Clemens.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Steele stays at Clemson...thanks but no thanks...

It appears the reports of Clemson Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele heading to Tennessee to join Derek Dooley's staff were a bit premature.

All the indicators and several published reports said Tuesday it would be happening and there would be an "Official" announcement today. We should know better. How many times did that happen in the Head Coaching search at UT? More than we can count.

Check out the story from The State RIGHT HERE
A more detailed report from RIGHT HERE

((Kevin Steele likes Clemson//Courtesy: Clemson University))

According to reports, Steele, a former Vol player was considering UT's offer when Clemson made a counter offer and after talking to the team, Steele decided to turn down Tennessee's offer and stay at Clemson.

Though a financial incentive was offered, we respect Steele for staying true and not just jumping ship because he could. While we respect the Derek Dooley hire at Tennessee, it looks like he'll have to go elsewhere to help round out his staff

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UF Announcer Facing Child Porn Charges

This one gets told straight...

And, technically, Steve Babik is now a "former" UF broadcaster... he had held the gig since 1987.

He's facing federal charges of having child pornography on his home computer. The university feels his services are no longer needed after you read the following paragraphs.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says Babik ((pictured, in happier times, thanks UF SID)) is charged with one count of receipt and distribution of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography.

His attorney, Larry Turner, says Babik pleaded not guilty and was released with restrictions. Turner gave no further comment...

Gainesville Sun coverage continues here...

If Babik is convicted on the distribution charge, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, lifelong probation and a $250,000 fine. The possession charge carries a maximum sentence, upon conviction, of 10 years in prison, lifelong probation and a $250,000 fine.

The trial is set for March 1 and the Gainesville Police Department, Alachua County Sheriff's Office, the FBI, and the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force were all involved in the investigation.

Yikes... allegedly...

New Meaning To "Failure To Maintain Lane..."


You all know about the first one... that already happened at the University of Tennessee. But we like this one. It's funny and strangely typical of the whole dynamic...

Lane Kiffin wrecked a leased Lexus while he was Vols head coach.

"For the past 15 years, Lexus of Knoxville has been a proud sponsor of the Tennessee Fund and the coach's vehicle program at the University of Tennessee for the men's and women's athletic programs," the statement reads. "Former University of Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin was involved in a single car accident in one of our vehicles. The proper authorities were contacted and the vehicle was towed to our location. Coach Kiffin's insurance was contacted and promptly paid the claim.

UT spokeswoman Tiffany Carpenter elaborated, but didn't know exactly when this happened:

"He'd been staying in the office for 11 nights and was going home to see his family," she said. "He slid off the road."

Kiffin told the sports Web site in August that he fell asleep behind the wheel "after the 10th or 11th day of camp."

"I was driving home and was about a half mile from home, nodded off and slipped off the side of the road into the ditch," he told the Web site. "So they joke around here that I am not allowed to drive anymore."

Which leads us to last night's WWE's "Monday Night Raw" which was in Knoxville. They're recently using the ploy of the "celebrity guest host," and last night gave us Don Johnson and Jon Heder.

Yeah, we know... cheap date...

Heder went "uneducated heel..."
((HT: WWE/Sky Sports))

And, oh by the way according to WATE-TV in Knoxville, it looks like Kevin Steele may be leaving Clemson to join the Derek Dooley staff as Defensive Coordinator... good hire if Steele decides to pull the trigger... the final decision is set for Wednesday.