Sunday, May 29, 2011

2 FIFA Suspensions, But Not Blatter...

((HT: CNN))

The HQ knows what you're thinking... soccer and corruption...???
You're shocked... we know...

FIFA suspended two executive committee members in a vote-buying scandal in the current presidential election campaign. FIFA president Sepp Blatter was cleared in the same prelimary investigation where he was accused by one of those same committee members of ignoring the bribes in the first place.

The accused: Qatar's Mohamed bin Hammam and CONCACAF Head Jack Warner will now face a full FIFA inquiry. If found guilty, they could be expelled from FIFA and banned from all international soccer activity of any kind.

The ethics commission said there was evidence to investigate the allegations that bin Hammam and Warner offered $40,000 bribes to as many as 25 delegates of something called the "Caribbean Football Union" at a Caribbean soccer association meeting in Trinidad back in May.

The payments were allegedly made to secure votes for bin Hammam in his campaign to unseat Blatter as the head of FIFA.

Bin Hammam had asked the ethics panel to investigate Blatter instead claiming that he ((meaning Blatter)) knew of alleged bribes and didn't do anything about it. The panel said there was no evidence to take action against Blatter, who is now running unopposed for president for his fourth term since Bin Hammam has since withdrawn.

Here's UEFA Head Michel Platini addressing the Final and FIFA's recent shenanigans...

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