Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baseball legend Gary Carter dealing with brain tumors

Gary Carter being interviewed by Joe Garagiola in the '80's/Courtesy:

Former baseball player Gary Carter is dealing with a diagnosis of four small brain tumors and will have surgery at Duke University Hospital within the next week.

Carter, a Hall of Fame catcher who played for the Expos and Mets, Giants and Dodgers during his 19-year career currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and is manages the baseball team at Palm Beach Atlantic College.

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Carter doesn't yet know if the tumors or benign or malignent.

We wish Carter the best, he was one of the greatest catchers ever to play the game of baseball and was very well liked.

OSG Sports will keep an eye on this story during the week and let you know when Carter has his surgery.

Here's Carter doing his thing for the Mets in 1985:

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