Friday, May 27, 2011

Hedge fund investor buys part of Mets

David Einhorn/
And will keep them, at least for now from turning into the Los Angeles Dodgers under alleged owner Frank McCourt.

Hedge-fund manager David Einhorn has invested roughly $200 million dollars to become a minority owner of the New York Mets. His investment spares beleaguered owner Fred Wilpon of trying to scrape together enough money to pay off the teams debts and cover operating costs.

The story from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

Wilpon, as you'll recall, has essentially lost his shirt, or at least is losing a good part of it due to his association with disgraced pyramid scheme guru Bernard Madoff.

Einhorn, an avowed Mets fan, says he just wants to be involved with running a Major League Baseball team, but not have to make the decisions. The question is, is he going to have dig deeper into his pockets to keep the team afloat.

Here's Einhorn talking investments on Bloomberg TV:

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