Monday, May 23, 2011

Jury Begins Deliberation In Kerrigan Case

((HT: MyFoxBoston))

A Massachusetts jury has begun deliberations in the manslaughter trial of the brother of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, Mark, who is charged in the death of his father Daniel back in 2010.

Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Keeley told the jury an "angry, mean, nasty, drunk" ((meaning Mark)) caused his father's death when he allegedly grabbed him around the neck, fracturing cartilage in his larynx and triggering his heart failure.

Kerrigan's defense attorney told the jury that heart disease caused Daniel Kerrigan's death. That's been the defense's story ((and the family's story)) all along and it hasn't changed...

Here's the latest out of Boston and Woburn...

Jury begins deliberations in Kerrigan trial:

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